Sneak Peek Look: American Idol 2015 Premiere [PICS]

* UPDATE: Read our full recap of the American Idol Season 14 premiere and watch the first round of audition videos!

Tonight when American Idol returns for its Season 14 debut we’ll see a rush of auditions before the returning Judges panel that we’re already anxious to see back in action.

American Idol 2015 Hopefuls prepare for auditions
American Idol 2015 Hopefuls prepare for auditions – Source: FOX

FOX has released an early look at tonight’s show with a behind-the-scenes take on what’s going on with those auditions as what seems to be an effort to pull back the curtain and show off more of the American Idol process.

Check out the photos below from this week’s episodes of American Idol 2015 and then get ready to join us for the launch of the brand new season!

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Images courtesy of FOX / American Idol