American Idol 2015 Winner: What We Want To See In Season 14

American Idol 2015 Starts January 7, 2015

Kelly. Carrie.

Those are the two of 13 American Idol winners that can be classified as superstars. You could almost add Phillip to that list, but whether or not he’ll have staying power is yet to be seen. Those two names alone, drive our final installment of What We Want To See In Season 14. We want to see a new superstar win American Idol 2015. It’s that simple.

Before I get into this season, I’m going to have to back up and defend my statement that only two of the 13 winners are superstars. Yes, I know that other winners have had great hits. And Fantasia has done great things. And Taylor has the Soul Patrol. And when I can remember she exists, I guess Jordin Sparks has done a few good things. But you have to admit, none of them are currently superstars. Phillip Phillips definitely has potential, but I don’t know if it’ll really be a thing that happens.

And sure we’ve had other contestants make it big: Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry. And that’s great. But those three people probably should have won their season. So that brings me to my major point about what we want to see out of the Season 14 winner…

Don’t get it wrong, America.

After the auditions and Hollywood Week, you’re the judge. You have one job. So don’t muck it up. Pay attention to the vocals. Pay attention to how they carry themselves and whether or not they have the confidence of a superstar. Just vote wisely. Let’s find the next superstar.

That being said, I don’t want a person that’s superstar-ready. I want someone WHO CAN SING and who just never knew how to make it work. I want someone with a guitar or a piano to become a superstar before our eyes. Just like Kelly and Carrie did. I don’t want to see a bunch of people who had three recording contracts that fell through. I don’t want to see someone who is going to need auto tuning but might look great on a stage.

So far the checklist is a good singer and an everyday person with the right spark. What else? How about someone with some charisma. No offense to any Candice Glover or Lee DeWyze fans out there, but they displayed almost no personality on their seasons and they still won. Let’s look for someone with a strong personality. Someone that will be good in interviews and good with audience banter. A superstar has to possess all of those things. We need to look for the complete package. Let’s just hope producers and the judges give us a proper batch to sort through.

American Idol 2015 premieres tonight on Fox. What do you want to see in season 14?





  1. it all boils down to talent and personality. you don’t need a gimmick. an adorable face helps, that doesn’t define SUPERSTAR. a brilliant singer with command of the stage should win. the problem with idol is that the cute little boy (with or without guitar) wins the hearts of the 15 year olds. there will NEVER be another adam, but maybe this year we can come close. ps-welcome back!!

    • I totally have to agree with you!!!!! I love Idol but it’s just not the same as it was back in the day (especially Adam’s season). I think it was right after Adam lost that Idol started to go downhill!! I like Phillip Phillips but he’s no Adam or Chris!!!!

      • hey, namesake! happy, healthy new year. season 9 was the beginning of the end. I liked caleb until he turned out to be a conceited idiot. only going to watch when you know who is sitting at the judge’s table. speaking of you know who, did you get to see him with queen this past summer?? amazing just does not define how great that concert was. hoping they come back to the good ol’ u.s. of a. really soon.

  2. Superstar is kinda what someone thinks heaven is- in the mind of the beholder. Just below someone mentioned Adam lambert. Others like Chris Daughtry-but they weren’t winners. Does it have to be a winner like Kelly or Carrie? I think a singer with work hard ethics like Jena Irene is what you want more than just a supreme vocalist-like Candice Glover or X Factors Melanie Amaro.

  3. The judges are sometimes a distraction and their often invalid opinions influence voters, Sam Wolfe, for example. Cute kid, mediocre in most ways and total fail in charisma or stage presence. Again, cue the 15 year old girls! The road is tough after Idol, easier if you go country music route, and contestants need to be prepared. Is it fair that a lot depends on how you handle the media and fans? No! But it’s a fact of life. And should I even mention “luck?” Right place, right time, a break like P2 and first song. Not taking away from him, but it’s the truth. Each person must carve out a career, maybe Top 10 VH1, maybe another route. Play an instrument or don’t. Write your own music or don’t. No recipe for success. My Idol did it his way and is reaping the benefits of success, admiration, financial security. For that, I will always be grateful to American Idol.

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