American Idol Songs That Need to Be Retired For Good!

The American Idol 2014 premiere is only a couple weeks away, so we’re going to start hearing audition and performance songs. And we know we’ll hear all the standards and some new hits as well.

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But as someone who watches all the performances shows, including Idol year after year, I think it’s time to actually write a post — an open letter if you will — asking for certain songs to be retired.

I’m breaking them down into two categories: singing show staples and current hits that need to stop hitting.

Singing show staples that should be canned

  • “Hallelujah.” Every singing show. Almost every season. It’s a great song, but it’s time to give it a rest.
  • “Feeling Good.” Yes, the Nina Simone song is fantastic, but I won’t be feeling good if I hear it performed on American Idol one more time.
  • “I Have Nothing.” First of all, Whitney Houston should be avoided no matter what. But if you’re going to do Whitney, stop with this one. It’s so, so overdone now.
  • “Alone.” I thought we were finally done with this staple by Heart, but it popped up on The X Factor this past season. Let’s hope it doesn’t show back up on American Idol. No one has done that justice since Carrie Underwood.
  • “Summertime.” STOP. STOP. STOP. Fantasia Barrino did it perfectly so stop trying.

Current hits to avoid

  • Anything by Adele. Just don’t. Not only have we heard enough, but you can’t beat Adele.
  • “Blurred Lines.” The Voice and The X Factor did it. You don’t want to get sloppy thirds, Idol.
  • “Wrecking Ball.” I just know this Miley Cyrus song is going to show up. Please don’t let it.
  • Anything by Lady Gaga. See the Adele entry. Just stop.
  • “Roar” by Katy Perry. The Voice and The X Factor both did this song also during their recent seasons. And it was not-so-good both times. Let’s not have a three-peat, Idol.

What songs do you think American Idol needs to retire from the songbook?




  1. Add somewhere over the rainbow and I believe I can fly to the list.. please not again

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