Top 7 Perform Live Tonight On American Idol 2013

Top 7 finalists on American Idol 2013

The Top 7 perform live tonight on American Idol 2013. Just seven finalists remain in the Season 12 competition and they’ll be fighting for your votes as their numbers dwindle and another singer prepares for elimination.

Starting at 8PM on FOX the Hopefuls will take the stage and deliver Classic Rock songs, this week’s theme for American Idol. Most importantly, the finalists are not allowed to perform any ballads so no soft moments tonight. We’re gonna rock ‘n roll all night!

Read the details on what songs have been recommended for tonight’s performers to tackle and then share your thoughts on what each should do.

It’s a busy week up ahead and not much time left in the competition as the American Idol 2013 winner will be crowned in mid-May at the season finale. With just two guys left in the race it looks more and more like we could have a top five of all ladies. That’s an interesting change of pace from recent years and something producers have been salivating over for some time.

Join us tonight for a live recap of the American Idol Top 7 performances.




  1. I’m just so glad to see Angie Miller is still in the group. She is AMAZING!!!

  2. Matt, I think the producers are going to get their wish….It should definitely be a Top 5 girls this season. If any of those girls go before Lazaro or Burnell, I think we will see a save!!! JMHO

    • I agree that the girls are good, but at least a guy can be in top 5..I mean sooner or later a girl has to be eliminated even if she is saved or not

  3. I give up.Who are you voting for on Idol?Lazaro is awful,but gets sympathy vote.How unfair.I think Burnell will go.

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