The Top 8 Revealed Tonight On American Idol 2013 Results Show

American Idol 2013 host Ryan Seacrest

Later today the American Idol 2013 will discard its final nine in exchange for the Top 8 contestants reveal when Ryan Seacrest dims the lights and announces the news. We are ready to report those details live through tonight’s show right here.

Speculation abounds over who will be cut and while it remains that mystery there is little doubt it’ll be a guy going home when the show comes to a conclusion.

Based on our polling we continue to see the male performers trail the girls with Paul and Burnell tied for last place. Those numbers introduce a slight shift as one of the girls has now dropped to that bottom rung with the two guys. Amber Holcomb, who despite her strong showings, continues to struggle with audiences and their votes.

Should Amber be the one cut tonight on American Idol then I would not be surprise to see the 2013 judges panel put their Save in to action. If it’s a guy in the bottom spot then I think he’ll slip through the competition’s cracks and be gone until the summer tour.

What do you expect to happen on tonight’s Season 12 results event? Let’s hear your predictions and expectations.

Do not forget that we will also see Jessica Sanchez return to her favorite stage when she appears with Ne-Yo to perform “Tonight.” I’m sure there are a lot of fans out there clamoring to hear her new single that’s been kept under lock and key for too long now.




  1. I’d be surprised to see a save given for Amber. I’m sure Randy knows that a save must be kept for either Candice, Angie or Kree.

    • I think they’d be tempted if it meant giving any girl another try the next week so America could send home a guy instead. But yeah, any of those three would be a better use than Amber, even though I think she’s great.

    • Add to that that some very good female singers need to go before the final I agree with your 3 names above. Though I don’t think Amber goes tonight.
      Lazlo was the worst but has a big fan base. That leaves Paul and Devin. I thought only Burnell was better than Devin for the boys. But last week Devin wouldn’t have been in my bottom 2 either.
      Safe are Angie, Candice, Kree, Janelle and Burnell IMHO. Janelle had her best week in 4. Best performance and starting to appear as the front runner for best voice is Candace. I think she’ll end up like Jordan Sparks. Not win Idol but have a terrific career. I’m a Kree fan and to me she was a touch better than Angie who also had a great night.

  2. Performanceswise:

    TOP 3: Angie (1st), Kree (2nd) and Candice (3rd)

    SAFE 3: Janelle (4th), Devin (5th) and Burnell (6th)

    BOTTOM 3: Amber (7th), Lazaro (8th) and Paul (ELIMINATED)

    Probably how America will vote:

    BOTTOM 3: Paul, Lazaro and Devin.
    ELIMINATED: either Paul or Devin

    • Oh Daniel, don’t be silly. We both know that America loves Lazaro and his stutter and will vote him into the finale. That’s just plain stupid, Lazaro in the bottom 3. America never eliminates the worst singer when they should, especially when they have that kind of a backstory.

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