Trent Harmon American Idol Top 24: ‘What Are You Listening To’ [VIDEO]

American Idol 2016 contestant Trent Harmon may still be recovering from mono, but you wouldn’t know it from his terrific performance in the Top 24 on Wednesday night! He gave the American Idol judges a beautiful rendition of “What Are You Listening To” by Chris Stapleton that could very well earn him a spot in the Top 14.

Trent Harmon American Idol Top 24 (FOX)
Trent Harmon American Idol Top 24 (FOX)

Jennifer Lopez told Trent Harmon she just really loves him and his voice goes straight to her heart. Harry Connick Jr. said Trent is one of the best vocalists in the competition, but it did not keep him on the edge of his seat this time. Keith Urban, however, thought it was a great song choice and he sang it very well indeed!

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