Jenn Blosil American Idol Top 24: ‘Sorry’ by Justin Bieber [VIDEO]

American Idol 2016 contestant Jenn Blosil once again proved Wednesday night why she is one of our favorites among this year’s crop of young singers. Her quirky personality and unique voice make her stand out, but it is her emotive performance like her rendition of “Sorry” by Justin Bieber on Wednesday night that make her a true force to be reckoned with.

Jenn Blosil American Idol Top 24 (FOX)
Jenn Blosil American Idol Top 24 (FOX)

Where Manny Torres may have been criticized for his Top 24 performance not connecting with the audience enough, Jenn Blosil grabs the viewers with her piercing blue eyes and just doesn’t let go. However, American Idol judge Harry Connick Jr. was quick to pounce on Jenn for being “extremely out of tune.” The audience, however, didn’t seem to care about any pitch issues at all, booing him very loudly for his criticism!

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