Will Ryan Seacrest Return For American Idol 2014?

Ryan Seacrest on American Idol

With all the pending firings and departures from American Idol by judges and production it’s worth asking, “will Ryan Seacrest be back next year on American Idol 2014?” According to his contract with FOX, yes he will.

This year host Ryan Seacrest signed a two-year, 30 million dollar deal that locks him in to appearing on the Idol stage through at least the 2014 season. Where things go from there is yet to be decided, but as producers have indicated, American Idol just wouldn’t be the same without him.

Next year Season 13 will bring about a lot of format and casting changes that hope to revitalize the aging series, but at least for now we know we can expect to see host Ryan Seacrest for at least one more year with American Idol 2014.

Are you glad to hear Ryan will be back as host next season? Would the show be the same without him or should it even go on if that familiar face didn’t greet us each week at the start of the show? Share your thoughts!




  1. I thought this year Ryan was better than the last couple of years. He was the host and did not try to get into mentoring or critiquing. He kept the show moving and provided support for the contestants. He’s the last of the original Idol people. Would be good to keep one reminder of the Golden Days of Idol.

  2. Ryan is the best host and I would miss hearing him say, “THIS… is American Idol!!!”

    • Ryan was born to be a tv/radio host. If he was replaced it would have to be by someone so insanely popular that AI wouldnt be able to afford them anyway. Ryans not going anywhere if the producers can help it.

  3. Ryan Seacrest is great host , don’t want to loose him … As for revamping judges only one should go that is Mariah Carey she has no idea on judging the singers…. By time she has had her word in at end you can’t understand what she said? nicki i think has been good least she is honest and i don’t know why you are getting rid of Keith Urban he brings character and style to show…… I think since loosing Simon Cowell the show has gone down hill anyway to many changes with judges …..

  4. I will put it this way. If he were to leave, I would probably not watch the show anymore.

    If anyone from the original Idol could leave, I would say Randy… not the other R in the show.

    He could go to X-Factor though lol…

  5. Yes, he is wonderful. Ryan is intiuitive and very intune with the contestants and judges. He has a heart and cares. I think he makes AI worthy of watching. If only they could recapture the magic and chemistry of the AI golden years with Paula, Simon, Randy and Ryan the dream team. X Factor USA blew by ousting Paula.

  6. Ryan is a wonderful host for AI. He is great hosting New Years Rockin’ Eve. This is the job he was born to do. If he goes, there is no AI. I truly hope that Ryan stays with the show for the duration of AI.

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