American Idol 2014 To Feature Sweeping Changes

American Idol season 12 judges

Say goodbye to this panel of judges. Sources report to E! News that FOX is set to fire all four judges with an announcement expect this Monday during the 2013-2014 line-up presentation by FOX. Not only that, but there will be big changes to the entire show, though that news is likely to come much later.

We previously shared the news that Mariah Carey was fired and Randy Jackson quit (after 12 seasons I’d presume they let him quit rather than be fired), but now we know Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban will also be out next year. Take note that FOX spent a reported $30 million collectively to put Nicki and Mariah on this season’s panel.

Not only are the judges reported to be leaving, but rumor has it that longtime executive producer Nigel Lythgoe will also be canned as FOX looks for a near-complete makeover of the aging (and rates falling) reality competition show.

As for the format changes, reports:

The show’s format will also change. Its look will be redesigned and the dated tribute nights will be a thing of the past. But the show’s trademark audition episodes will continue.

Yeah, we’ve heard that one before. “No more cheesy theme nights” we’ve been told time after time and yet this season we still ended up with Burt Bacharach night. Burt Bacharach, people! *Shakes head* So I’ll believe it when I see it, but if they’re paying attention to The Voice then yes, maybe it’ll finally happen.

What do you think of all these proposed changes? Are you glad to see this season’s judges gone? What do you think we need to see in American Idol 2014 to make it a hit again?




  1. I honestly like the current panel, except for the feud between Minaj and Mariah. I was hoping they would get along after the Diva theme week. Unfortunately Mariah is too insecure and can’t take a joke. Minaj is rude but she’s got an opinion, other than just praising everyone. Keith is also nice, and even Randy – at times useless – is ok, after all he is the ‘soul’ of Idol. Sad to see them go.

  2. We usually watch American Idol until this year when you brought on Nikki ! Love Keith Urban, but Randy Jackson ( dude ) as he calls everyone, is getting kinda sickening? The show just isn’t what it use to be! Didn’t watch it this year at all after I saw the new panel of judges! Keith Urban can stay as he is very like able but the rest can go!!!! Why can’t you scan your contestants instead of putting idiots on the show??? American Idol will never be the same and I for one will not watch it as I am hooked on “The Voice” which has you beat by a milestone!

  3. The judges are taking the blame for Season 12, but we don’t know what they were told to do by people at the top. The show, above all, needs to be honest. The viewers don’t like being manipulated and can see through a lot of it. This year seemed so obvious. I want the show to be fair to all contestants. The Voice has more rules to control the voting. Idol should not go for bragging rights for votes at the expense of the integrity of the show. Idol goes for contestants who have little formal training and some with limited experience, and that is good. That separates it from The Voice. The Voice has more experienced contestants, but not all of them are. Idol should NOT try to be like The Voice. I’d like to see better mentoring of the contestants. I’m not sure they are getting much help in improving their performances. And, don’t go into the personal background of the contestants at first. At first it should be about singing, not sympathy. Have some rules about judging like not telling us who to vote for or who won the night. NONE OF THIS STUFF SHOULD HAPPEN UNTIL THE SEASON IS OVER!

  4. So So So Glad to see that they are getting rid of Nikki. Can’t stand to even look at her let alone listen to her babbling. I am anxious to see who they will choose to take their places. I just hope they don’t pick someone like Lady GaGa cause if they do I still won’t watch it next year.

  5. get all new judges then but kind of strange why randy and keith woulndt stay but oh well get steven tyler back he was grerat get better ones not stupid ones like nicky no more that kind. get al l new ones

  6. Actually I was Pleasantly Surprise with Nikki. Fromt he Start she really made sense her comment were right on and entertaining. and I l LOVE Keith Thought he was right on and brought fresh air. Took Mariah long time to get her momenteum going. Randy its ok its been 12 yrs or move in a different position and still be part of. Wish Keith and Nikki could stay. One of the only reason I watch again after allthe years. fromt he start I said I like Keith and Nikki took I though oh no oh no on Nikki. Then thought WOW… just dont let the Mariah/Nikki thing get in the way of seeing Nikki know what she is doing. … We need some one like KEITH real Geniune

  7. I think there are many changes that Fox needs to make this year but to me there are three very important ones. The first is to change the judging panel (except Keith Urban because I think he deserves to stay – he gave the most constructive criticism imo.) I don’t think it is necessary (in fact it is ridiculous) to pay the amounts they have paid both this year and the in the past to certain artists, managers, etc. The second is to get rid of theme nights. Let the contestants sing songs in the genre they want their careers to be in. And finally, Fox needs to limit the voting (like The Voice and The X Factor.) This would stop the teenyboppers and/or others who vote nonstop for their favorite. There is nothing wrong with voting for your favorite but it should stop at a certain number. Of course this is just my opinion and there are probably other changes that need to be and should be made but this would be a great start.

    • Yes, the voting is an issue. They allowed multiple votes just so they could say “Out of 30 million votes cast….”. I really do not need to know how many votes there were…I think 1 vote per voter is enough. I think they are right to get popular artists on the judging panel and this will cost them to do so. I just think the judges should play a larger role and actually coach and groom the contestants. I enjoy theme nights so long as they are for a specific decade and not tied to a specific artist. If an artist contestant is devoted to Country or Pop or Rock….they should not be required to perform outside of their comfort zone because this is what they will be after Idol and the voters should realize this.

  8. I think Idol needs an overhaul for sure but I hope that every top 5 contestant during the history of the show will not be forgotten, it is because of them people have tuned into the show regardless of what judge was setting at the table.

  9. KEEP Keth ,he’s the best judge the show has had in a good while. I don’t know if I’d change things to much new isn’t better allt the time. The ratings went down this year because they were not fair to the guys a lot of people were counting on Johnny Keyser to be on it, he was good enough to make it to the top. And, no matter who wins this year it’s kind of sour because if the guys that could sing the best had been given a fair chance one might have been in the top two.

  10. Idol needs to move forward not backwards. what the show really needs to do is get songwriters and
    producers from publishing companies like Ole publishing.famous
    celebrities are only their to help themselves,they do not care one bit
    about the contestants or their futures.Songwriters and producers would
    love to help a rising star and they would give honest,constructive
    criticism,instead of telling them they need to wear new shoes lol

  11. This is the first year since the show started that I haven’t watch but about 4 shows and that was TIVO so I could fast forward Nicki, Maria and Randy. Keith was about the only good judge there. Bring back JLo and Steven and maybe Harry Conick Jr.. If The Voice doesn’t keep Usher, he would be fantastic.. Let’s try and get some class on there for the younger ones Nicki is not a roll model for anyone!! I used to like Randy, but it gets old when he call everyone “dawg”…even the women and lose the “she’s in it to win it”. That’s old too. It’s sad that you lost so many of us because of your choice of judges especially the two women who never go along. You want to see judges that have fun, class AND get along?? Look at The Voice.. That’s my new AMERICAN Idol… SAD :0(

  12. What was wrong with Nikki she spoke her mind and told the truth just like Simon did and not many of you Yanks liked him because he spoke the truth, many of you yanks cannot bare to hear many times, you live in a dream bubble where you think USA is great, well it ain’t great and you will not be the number 1 country in the world soon China will be.

    As for the judging panel well it depends who Fox wants to please the viewer or themselves? You lot in a country where ratings is all so important. What is the program to find raw talent, teach,educate and promote raw hidden talent to become stars, then ones that have no hope, then they get eliminated along with way. But to have a judge that says yes you are good when you are clearly not because some teenybopper at home doesn’t like it is tough shit.Live in the real world not one made up of peanut butter and waffles.

    It depends who Fox brings into the panel, someone from the music industry is vital, some one who is a record producer, perhaps a passed contestant would not be a hard choice someone who can guide them through where they need to improve on, but to pay big bucks to stars who were once has been’s, or to the so called pretty people then you may as well, go and get the muppet’s to sit on there. Ans they were intelligent because they worked by real people.
    Yes Mariah was wrong, so is JLO.
    What about Mick Jagger, David Bowie,Harry Connick Jr,Diana Ross, and another 2 women

    What does Fox want?

    And yes I am a Pom, if you don’t what that is look it up!!!

  13. I had to quit watching because the judges had become nauseating. They forget what the show’s about; amateurs not them.

  14. Thousands of us told you after you chose Nikki as a judge we would not watch if she was. Well you didn’t believe us and your ratings suffered. My friends and family didn’t watch this season for the first time since you started. I hope your plans aren’t a little to late. We have really ejoyed watching The Voice instead.

  15. Keep Kieth, more country judges, more country contestants. Stop trying to engineer the results!!

  16. Does anybody involved with this show even listen to the radio? Certainly not the judges or the producers. Nothing that they ask these contestants to do sounds anything like TODAY’S music industry. Therefor, nobody can relate to it, become bored, and change the chanel… and that’s only if they bothered to tune in to begin with! Simple formula… entertain us = get ratings.

  17. Keep Mariah in AI season 14. Shes just learning and if you saw how she gave her critique now, than in the beginning, its a big difference. No one can argue with Mariah, shes been there from the beginning in the longevity of her career in the judges panel. Please see the brighter side of everything. If it were not because of the feud…everything will be fine. Hope this would reach the producers and management of American Idol

  18. They need to do something about the producers at the auditions. Instead of putting people through with freaky images or clown suits that would be seen as funny on tv they should take more of an interest in the voices.

  19. i think the show is finished regardless of who fox puts at the judges table. there are so many talent shows now that the market is saturated. it may be the original (well, not quite) but it will be missed

  20. I think Nicki Minaj is the one that should be removed from the judging panel. Keith, Randy and Mariah should remain. They have the knowledge and experience in the industry that makes them good judges. Bring on someone else with as much experience and understanding of the industry to join the judging panel. But remember, the show isn’t about the judges, it’s about the contestants.

  21. Get all the current judges gone! now!, I know a lot of people that will not watch next season with the same panel, including myself. Randy is getting old, with the same old phrases of “yo dawg”, “this girl is in to win” New blood please!! Keith is boring, and also repetitive, with his “effortlessly” Nicki is rude and obnoxious and down right getto sometimes.

  22. please get rid of Nicki M …she is the most disrespectful young nobody on a great show..How can u even think to treat Mariah like that and think the world will like u!!
    I wish u never sell a record again and u had no talent anyway..just a jumping joke! get lost..and the bad influence u have on youth to disrespect people that achieved so much in life that u can never even achieve ur entire life or even in ur second life!!

    omg what a disgrace!!

  23. They should select Judges from different genres and they should Coach the singers as well (similar to The Voice). Harry Connick or Buble would be a great addition and would also make good coaches. Get someone like Reba or Garth from the Country side. Smokey Robinson would be great….also, a Rocker like Frampton maybe. Perhaps someone young like Michelle Branch…or younger like Bieber. Whoever they choose should be more interactive with the contestants and participate with the coaching and development of the singers.

  24. What do I say? YAY!!!!!!! Happy they are all going including Nigel. I do believe the show is on its way out, The Voice is so much better. Idol is old news.

  25. I would like to see Keith Urban remain and perhaps add another country female like Faith Hill, who is a lady! I’d like to see Harry Condiff (SP?) come in as a judge, he understands music! Three judges are enough. They kill so much time showing recaps. Maybe they should revamp the format and let us see some of the real stuff instead of following a candidate from the get to the go, we could see more tryouts and perhaps some earlier in the week footage instead of a tryout? Nikki almost killed American Idol! Don’t repeat that joke!!

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