Who Is Going To Win American Idol 2013?

Kree or Candice

It’s Kree Harrison or Candice Glover. One of them will be crowned the next American Idol this Thursday when American Idol 2013 ends its tumultuous 11th season.

And after this kind of crazy season, it could really go either way. I think for the first time in American Idol history, the decision could come down to who has the best songs and performances this week. Usually, the winner is already so far ahead of his or her (who am I kidding? his) opponents, it’s been easier to guess who will win. That’s not the case this season. So I’m just going to go with my gut.

Who Is Going To Win American Idol 2013?

Kree Harrison. I think based on American Idol’s previous voting patterns and the fact that a large portion of American Idol fans are county music fans, Kree will win. Also, if you look back at the results records, Kree and Candice have both been in the bottom once, but Kree has been in the top one two more times than Candice. So as long as Kree has the right performances this week and a good coronation song, she will win.

Who Should Win American Idol 2013?

Candice Glover. I think Candice has had an overall stronger showing and is more versatile than Kree. If Candice performs “I Who Have Nothing” or “Somewhere” (even though that one might be too soon) as her sing-it-again song, and has a good coronation song, then she COULD be pushed ahead of Kree. And I think this should happen. I want Candice to win. For any of our readers who have found my unbias/bias flip-flopping confusing, let me spell it out. I think Candice should win.

Who do you think will win/should win? They can be two different thoughts, just like my own above.




  1. I’ll be happy either way, tho I’d rather have Angie on that top 1 spot. As long as she performs You Set Me Free in the finale, it’s all good 🙂

  2. The singing styles are different. I like both of them, and at this moment I don’t have a preference. I think what you said about song choice and song performance is correct. This time it really could make the difference. Candice needs to be careful not to over-sing, and Kree needs to really get into her songs. Based on what happened with the judges, will they even critique? Maybe there will be more information on that as the week progresses.

  3. Kree will win, she has been the most consistant singer of the two. she can sing any genre but candice can’t..

    • Not. Even. Close.

      Candice Glover has likely delivered more consistently excellent performances than any contestant in American Idol history, whereas Kree’s were barely passable in the Top 4, 5 and 6 rounds, and it was during this stint that it appeared she wanted to get eliminated with her detached/lackluster efforts.

  4. Kree is the better vocalist of the 2 finalist! Candice screams too much when she sings and besides is too old fashion with her song pics. I can’t see Candice in the radio with a pop top 40 single. On the other hand Kree is an incredible country singer and shines in her genre. Kree will win if she is smart and chooses “not” to sing any Carrie Underwood song so she doesn’t get compared. My two cents!

  5. I have allways felt there is “show” mentality on Idol, you know – mostly for ratings – so the producers can do whatever they want to – maybe America’s votes mean nothing. The winner is who the producers feels will make a more shocking show. It is all about the shock. Candice and Kree are talented yes, but last show they were both screechy and screamy. This will follow the history of winners on A.I. who have done nothing because they were not really chosen by America – just ck out the history of the winners – Duh? Cook? Steuben? on and on. No surprise here. I don’t know why I get hooked on the show – stupid show!

  6. CANDICE should win it & must win it even though Kree is GREAT, because it is a singing Competition and Candice has the voice and musicality, etc. Also American Idol should change their voting system and like other reality shows limits the number of times people vote.because even though I like Candice and I want to vote for her but I am not going to sit for hours and vote and compete with teens, some of us over 25 have life and do not have that kind of time. and for this reason some times the one deserves to win loses.

  7. I think because the country music fan base is so big, kree is most likely to win. However I personally like candice better and I think she is very deserving

  8. Candice and Kree are both good, but there is only one of them that deserves to win and that is Candice. She has the best voice and the most vocal talent. She can sing any song and make it sound great. All along, I have been voting for both of them, throughout the season. Now I stop voting for Kree because I helped her pass up Angie to make the finale show. Now I vote for the person who I believe is the most talented and should win American Idol. I like both of them, as I said before, but justice demands that I vote for someone who has the most talent and I don’t care what she sings this week. She has already proven herself, in my book. She does not need to prove herself any longer. Good luck to both of them and may the best, and most talented Idol win this year, Candice! Go Candice!

  9. Candice Glover will win the American Idol. She will go on to make classical music from the heart. Kree will be her runner up and she too will go on to make country music.

  10. I think Candice should win! She is more versatile than Kree. She is more comfortable on stage than Kree.And most of all she can sing anything and be comfortable with it!

  11. Both are great but I’m pulling for Kree. I look forward to hearing her music on the radio.

  12. I am pulling for Candice .She is incredible . Kree is great too , but I know Nashville will be waiting in the wings to snap her up . SO let’s support CANDICE to WIN !

  13. There is no way Jimmy Iovine is going to let America “us”, chose an artist to go on his label. They might look at the votes, but its up to him and the creators of the show that gets that final say. Jimmy knows who can sell records. They just need the right songs..Kree is a better choice because she can sing anything. Candice is good as well but only at slow songs…old fashioned songs.


  15. What’s the point in voting The winner is already picked and its Candice –She was picked from day one and according to an article is taking “personality” training. I think the show should be cancelled because it’s not giving true talent a fair shake anymore.

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