Winning American Idol Is No Guarantee For Success – A Look At Past Seasons

Tonight we learn who will win American Idol 2011, but does it really matter? Based on recent seasons there’s a chance the season’s big winner won’t be the one wearing the crown when it comes down to debut album sales.

Going all the way back to season two you can see the winner, Studdard, being eclipsed by his challenger, Clay Aiken, though both had excellent sales numbers (1.7M and 2.7M, respectively). This scenario peaked in season 5 when Daughtry went on to sell almost five million albums while Taylor Hicks sold 705,000. But take a look at last season when winner Lee DeWyze became the absolute worst commercially performing Idol winner evah with just 136,000 debut albums sold. More people visited this site yesterday than bought Lee’s album since its release. Runner-up, Crystal Bowersox, outperformed DeWyze but still sold under 200,000 albums.

Can that trend end tonight? If Lauren wins tonight American Idol’s sales could be in serious trouble with a repeat of DeWyze’s sales-bomb. IdolHeadEd has an interesting breakdown of this season’s iTunes Idol Top 25 commercial sales to date and Lauren Alaina has just two entries: 19th and 25th. Meanwhile Scotty McCreery has 4th, 9th, and 24th. Those McCreery numbers aren’t the most inspiring either. Haley Reinhart fans can take solace knowing she holds the top 3 iTunes sale spots along with #10 and James Durbin earned spots 5th, 6th, and 7th.

I know American Idol producers have been fighting tooth and nail to finally get a female winner after three seasons, but Lauren Alaina looks positioned to be more Lee DeWyze than Carrie Underwood and the producers will have to learn the hard way to keep their fingers out of the pie. If they wanted the big bucks, and I think we all know that’s what this show is really about, then they should have stuck with Haley Reinhart rather than railroading her in to oblivion.

Perhaps the more important question, if Idol’s ratings continue to trend downward since 2006 but still win the season, why are the album sales doing so poorly compared to the multi-million unit sales of the early seasons?

Past season winners’ and challengers’ debut album sales:

Season Winner Debut Sales Challenger Debut Sales
#9 – 2010 Lee DeWyze – 136,000 Crystal Bowersox – 184,000
#8 – 2009 Kris Allen – 327,000 Adam Lambert – 811,000
#7 – 2008 David Cook – 1,300,000 David Archuleta – 765,000
#6 – 2007 Jordin Sparks – 1,000,000 Blake Lewis – 309,000
#5 – 2006 Taylor Hicks – 705,000 Chris Daughtry – 4,700,000
#4 – 2005 Carrie Underwood – 7,000,000 Bo Bice – 673,000
#3 – 2004 Fantasia Barrino – 1,800,000 Jennifer Hudson – 839,000
#2 – 2003 Ruben Studdard – 1,700,000 Clay Aiken – 2,700,000
#1 – 2002 Kelly Clarkson – 2,700,000 Justin Guarini – 146,000

Sales #’s source: Washington Post




  1. The show set Scotty up to come up short with the producers choice song.In the past both finalists sang the same song.If he had sung the song about Mommy, he would have clobbered Lauren.I smell a rat.

    • I think you’ve hit the nail on the head! It was painfully obvious that the show’s producers were pushing Lauren. All we can hope for is that Scotty’s fans outvoted Lauren’s and that they don’t tamper with the results.

      • I agree with you both. Scotty got the raw end of the stick last night. Even the song George Strait chose for him was a loser for Scotty. says that he is the winner though.

      • ITA. George Strait would have been kinder by picking “You Look So Good In Love” or “The Chair” for Scotty. This show was so flagrantly tilted toward Lauren it bordered on criminal.

    • I agree. I really think no matter what happens Scotty will be a bigger success!! I could listen to him all day long …

    • Did the judges and producers railroad your guy? You were the ones who trash talked the others especially Haley. Did I hear anyone complaining about the judges and producers then? I guess it’s time for someone else to suck it up.

    • That is total BS. The two finalists have not always sang the same song. The truth is, Lauren is just a better singer. She deserves to win, but I think Scotty is going to. He is just so damn cheesy, and is not as good as other male country singers. This was really apparent when he sang with Josh Turner. Lauren always outsings Scotty during their duets. She outsung and out performed him last night, but I think he will win. 🙁

      • When did the idolists stop singing the same song? I also remember both singers singing the same song.

      • your wrong scotty is the better singer. he was great with josh turner. i think idol wants lauren to win because they want a girl to win this year. also if jennifer had not made that plea weeks ago about not voting off any more girls we would have had all guys in the top three. idol also wants lauren to win because they can more easily mold her.

      • Let us stop complaining, a good artist can make any song their own, unfortunately Scotty is just country and nothing else; however, Lauren can make any song hers.Let us see the facts and stop blaming other things.

    • When Ryan announced Lauren had throat problems and the doctor came out on the stage, I knew at that point that the fix was in!!

    • Actually I don’t favor either of them. Pretty sure there’s nothing up that in the article that favors Scotty other than he has less potential to be DeWyze 2.0.

  2. the best is not always number one as the numbers attest. longevity is the key. who will be making records twenty years from now and ending up in the hall of fame?? from this season’s crop of finalists i can think of three. possibly four, one being in the final two and male. i think those voted out will probably do better than the final two.

    • i give scotty 2 records , lauren 3, Haley a lifetime , james 1, Paul 2, Pia 3, jacob 1, stefano 1 then hell join glee, thia will do all disney songs, naima a demo, karen 1, and that first one to get booted maybe a demo. Haley is the david cook/daughtry of females shell do great. Not a carrie underwood but she will hold her ground for a long time.

  3. I have absolutely no doubt that whether Scotty wins or not, his debut album will out sell Lauren’s by a wide margin. That’s not bias, just fact!

    • I agree with all of you, SCOTTY will win. What he was given last night will not effect his voting. WE are crazy about him!! GO SCOTTY!!

    • I agree with you…but maybe Lauren will stick around longer. It’s hard to say…it all depends on who gets radio time . There are lots and lots of amazing country singers (even legends) who cannot get air time. I miss the country music of old before the advent of the Keith Urbins and Kenny Chesney’s whose music is basically countrified pop.

  4. I’ve had a week to sit back and think about the whole AI concept. I faithfully watched until this week and my interest in this year faded to almost nothing. Am now waiting for next season. But although my favorite is not in the running, I realize that I discovered her, and her music, by watching this show. Regardless of who “wins”, thousands of people outside of Wheeling know who Haley is, and thousands of people know who James Durbin, Casey Abrahms, Pia, etc. are. So that makes them all WINNERS. They have opportunities that they would not have had otherwise, and we have discovered artists and music that we did not know existed before AI.

    We should all be happy – regardless of who our favorite was.

  5. I didn’t watch last night. James was the winner to me. I’m just not interested any more but James will outdo them all in album sales and concert tickets.

    • I don’t think so, give him a year, at the very most 2, and James Durbin will go the way of the Dodo Bird.

    • I agree 100%. Unfortunately the ones of us that buy the music don’t sit on the computer and vote for 2 hours straight. Those kids that voted are gonna need mommies money to buy those CD’s

  6. Hey Matt….do you think it has anything to do with the way Idol markets these artists? First they send them into obscurity by having them tour for a year. The albums are put out when the artist is basically forgotten already. I think in Carrie Underwood’s case …she came out with such a killer country song that she captivated the country audience (Jesus take the Wheel) from the get go. I think the country music scene was expecting more middle of the road stuff but that was straight up country. I remember being amazed and happy that she chose to actually DO country music. Of course…then she followed with her killer crossover song (Before He Cheats)….slam dunk. I hope Haley does well …only time will tell. But hey ya think these kids could get some promotion? As far as these two…I think they will sell records. Country music folks are ….I hate to say less discriminant …but let me just say Darius Rucker.

    • Good questions. I think the Idol machine does everything it can to promote these kids because they want to sell, sell, sell. But they meddle with the audience and then allow such ridiculous voting methods that it’s no surprise the winners end up a dud.

      Those free votes come in hard and heavy for the “bad boy” of recent seasons but then those little texting hands have to get their parents to drive them to the store. Voters and Buyers aren’t the same for Idol these days.

      • Yes you are definitely right. The 4 year olds at my sister’s daycare that are in love with Scotty don’t have any money…but their mommies do.

  7. Haley is probably the best one to have a future succesful career, with James second. Would Pia be relevant after 2 months out of the scene? maybe.
    I know little of the country market, but I guess Scotty may have a better chance than Lauren.
    I have bought all Haley’s itunes, and plan to buy her new single for sure. Her voice and everything else works for me, I like her and it looks like her fan base is much more loyal than the other ones (we LOVE her). Haley has the potential to be the big winner of this season (I hope so).

    • I’d bet anything, Haley is in it for life. Her whole life until now has been music, and it will continue long after Idol. I’m just happy the show allowed us the chance to fall in love with her voice. She has a real shot at being a star now with her timeless vocals.

  8. Well last night was a really good show I really want Scotty to win tonight but I think it might be Lauren I dont think it was fair to give them two diffrent songs it was more fair when they used to sing the same song

  9. To me i guess lauren would stay longer in this biz than scotty regardless if she wins or not,because most people are attracted facial looks like scotty,but someday people will find someone better lookin and probably move on.whereas lauren,her voice can sharpen and may become a huge artist.just sayin 🙂

  10. Their first singles were riduculously wrong!i mean what were they thinking about?there used to be times when they produced songs that suits a winner like ‘a moment like this’ ‘i believe’ ‘this is my now’ whats with the producers nowadays?

    • producers have always been idiots sure sometimes they make some really good choices but alot of the time they make stupid choices

    • Good songs are hard to come by. Otherwise we could all be in the top 10 instead of the top billion! Just because someone can sing doesn’t guarantee anything. The most successful artists are singer/songwriters.

  11. I don’t think that Lauren debut album will be in serious trouble…
    With the RIGHT SONG to produce, and teeny catchy like songs, i think lauren will be more successful than scotty.
    Lauren has a weak i-tunes sales because of her song choices in the competition, but if lauren can make a good country single for her debut album, she might be the future contender of taylor swift….

    About scotty, whether he wins or not, he’ll have a great sales on his debut album..
    On this batch i think, pia and james will also have great record deals and can daughtry and jeniffer hudson alike in the future.

  12. I also think I smell a rat. Th judges should not say you will be the winner. cant stand tyler. j lo kept a low profile for that very reason. they want a girl winner. case closed. scotty and james were the very best. they sound professional. the only thing the judges did right, was to send them to hollywood.

    • I smell a rat also – A VERY BIG ONE! I have never been more disappointed and disgusted than at the fiasco of a “finale” AI put on last night. They might just as well have pinned a big sign on Lauren that says “The judges and producers have demanded you vote for Lauren”. Scotty was treated so unfairly. They did everything in their power to try to make him look bad up to and including picking a song for him that didn’t even compare to what they gave Lauren. I will not believe or respect AI again. Talk about a fixed show, they rank #1 for that.

  13. Matt I loved your post 🙂
    It is very sad to see how the “experienced” producers handle the whole thing and then complain about they are not making money. The thing is they decided in advance who will win no matter the votes and they care less for the people´s opinion. They have been wrong again and again. The whole concept of the show should be changed and I mean the voting sucks, the judges should help and encourage the contestants, should mentor them not put them down.
    The producers should step out of the game and really let the people choose. At the end of the day the contestant with more fans and the one that really deserves to win should get the title.
    I cant understand how they don´t learn their lesson. Season after season they just disregard the public and decide by themselves who will win. They also have those judges with a huge salary to sit there and say what a script is in front of them until slowly the great and talented are gone and the one they want remains to win. I find this an absolute disrespect to the American people that give their time and money to vote.
    What is the point to have enormous successful judges with huge salaries if they cant do their job? Status? to say American Idol is the best?
    I think that is the reason Simon got fed up and left. The format of X Factor is the right one. The judges really mentor the guys and the people get to chose their favorites and most of all the voting is fair. Not zillion votes I think one is allowed to vote 10 times period.
    As long as American Idol production don´t wake up is going to be eaten by the new formats that are coming. The Voice will be a success and will put aside American Idol slowly. The X Factor will put American Idol in a very bad position too.
    As far as I am concerned this is a fixed show and makes me sad to watch people get so involved and then so disappointed about the outcomes.
    The talent this year was the best I ever seen in all seasons. It was very hard to pick who was on the bottom 3. If the producers were straight and let the people speak I am positive the final would have been very different.
    In any case this season is over. They spent millions and millions paying the judges salaries not to mention the host, instead of giving the public what they really wanted. If money talks they have to rethink what they are doing because I am sure their numbers are in red.

  14. I forgot too mention, if scotty had sung two songs by Kenny Rogers, You decorated my life and Lady, he would definitely locked it up.

    • i liked scotts producer picked song, but i think george strait could have picked a better song for him. wished they would have had garth pick for him. he could have killed ‘friends in low places’.

  15. Last nights show was an insult to the viewers and fans of both of these talented and classy kids. The judges and producers should be ashamed of the way they attempted to manipulate the audience into voting for Lauren. Are you kidding having her sing a song to her mother and then going into the audience to embrace her. She will get millions of votes for that gesture rather than her singing talent. I believe that the producers and judges should allow the voters to choose the winner without this nonsense. Trying to manipulate the voters is not fair to any of the singers. PS Lauren is a talented singer and did not need that contrived attempt to sway the audience.

  16. I’ve said this before and I still believe that iTunes sales should play a roll in deciding who moves on and who goes home. This is about creating music idols and that means who makes the most money, who sells the most records. You may love something about a contestant but if they can’t sell an album then they will not be around long. Idols last forever, there albums sell even after they are long gone. The 2 finalist should be the top 2 in iTune sales throughout the season. If they are not selling songs during the show how does the powers to be expect them to sell anything after the spotlight is off of them?

  17. My wife brought up something interesting this morning, if it’s true about Laurens vocal cords last night isn’t that like a race horse injuring it’s leg and that is marketablility dramatically decreases.

  18. Completely rigged! I think the record executives literally sat down with the Judges and told them to sway the public to vote for Lauren, it was SO obvious. And then when she sang that mushy, horrible song to her mother, great Kodak moment there Idol, genius in fact! Why, because Scotty is a dork, and Lauren is a million times more marketable. The industry is counting on the public listening to them and voting for Lauren, but if IDOL history repeats itself, SCOTTY will win, as the public votes for WHO they want to win, especially since we have 6 to 14 year-old lovesick girls voting. If this show was actually based on something called TALENT, and NOT a popularity contest, the top four should and would have been: PIA, JAMES, CASEY & HAILEY.. Good luck IDOL if you make it next year, SIMON MUST BE LAUGHING HIS ASS OFF, and I DO NOT BLAME HIM!

    • Luvjuliette, I think you’re right about the rigging. What you may not have noticed is that every show has been rigged all season. It’s the only thing that explains the crack-addled rubbish the judges have been spilling since field was narrowed to 13. I would bet you money that the judges comments were prepared by someone else before each show. The producers tried to forcefully “manage” the outcome every step of the way.

    • wow,interesting comment.but you got it all wrong when you said history will repeat itself there..the thing is scotty is the one loved THROUGHOUT the season,he’s never been in the bottom 3.and the fact that youre saying lauren is a gimmick is so rich,you shouldve watch closely!SCOTTY will win with votes that dont count by voice just like the prev winner kris allen,and adam lambert end up being a runner up for the season but become a major rockstar!scotty can get the title but he aint going anywhere with it,so please stop criticising lauren,rude much 🙂

    • at luvjuliette..That would have been an AWESOME final 4..great choices…to bad we didn’t get them it would have been amazing

  19. If past history has anything to say…..Scotty will win tonight….The last three seasons, the judges predicted on the finale night the winners and it never happened…..David A. was said to be the winner by Simon but David C. won, same with Adam and Kris and Crystal and Lee…..It seems that whoever the judges push its the other idol that wins….Same thing with the season, everytime they praised someone they got voted off….Pia, James and then Haley…..The judges are the kiss of death…..

    • LOL…Good point, Phyllis …but I still think Scotty will win in the end. People already had their minds made up before last night’s show. It was pretty much irrelevant at that point. Whoever coached or prompted Scotty to do that ridiculous thing with his arms every time the catchphrase was sung should be hung…not fired. Silly! To me Lauren took the night…but I stopped voting when Haley left…so I cannot complain about the winner.

  20. I’d much rather go out with being number 2 than number 1. If you win Idol you have to follow alot of rules. So who ever wins the other one will move ahead faster in making it big. That’s the way it goes.

  21. It is done. We all had our favorites that did or didn’t make it. We vented, but really they all have talent and if they win or not the show has shown in the past if they are meant to make it they will. Good job to all of them! Let’s be happy whatever the outcome. (and those of you who have been watching this site know I had my favorite that is not one of the final 2, but I know he will go far, as I believe a few of these other kids will as well)

  22. People should shutup! Lauren and Scotty were both treated fairly last night. Scotty doesn’t even need to be treated fairly with all the over praised comments he got through out the season. The judges never said one bad thing about scotty all season, lauren deserved the praise she got last night. If scotty wanted to go up to his mom while performing he could have but NO he wanted to stay in the same spot.. just because lauren walked up to her mother who was crying doesn’t mean she’s trying to get sympathy votes..

    • no maybe not but what a time to get a backbone she was scared to death to move all season. The fear in her face all season did it for me she is not a entertainer her fear shows to much. The best 3 of the season is Scotty, Haley and James. At least they know how to entertain.

    • they are know what they are did,judge hi did not say any thing about sccoty n lauren, because, they are will be in final either good voice

  23. LOL!! you people are ridiculous scotty got good comments and criticism all season long! now when scotty finally gets what he deserves alot of people are pissed?? how do you guys think haley felt when the judges singled her out? scotty deserves every disadvantage possible! he got an easy ride to the final 2 he could go up on stage and fart and he’d still be safe! what goes around comes around twice as harder! I hope scotty loses.. Lauren deserves it

    • I hate both of them! Some good artists like Haley and James were voted out because the teens are ruling this game. They are the ones voting. I hope Lauren loses! I don’t think she has a marketable style.

    • We almost know the result before the show run. There’s nothing keep us watching the show but famous artist and other contestants. Love James, Haley, Pia,…I enjoy all the show but 10 last minutes. Guess what my feeling when Ryan claimed Scotty win. Nothing. This season is the worst season because the winner look like don’t give too much. Just using the outside look & ability of singing. Top 13 had a great talent but no one can reach to the top.

  24. Sorry for Scotty and Lauren but it was the worst and most boring finale ever. The season started very promising but ended very flat. The worst: THE JUDGES; can we vote them off?

    • I agree with you – terrible show – nothing special – Love Scotty’s voice but come on – dress up a bit – even country guys have cool clothes.Scotty will be picked up no matter what – he is a winner – great voice and sincere person

    • CAN’T AGREE MORE !!!

      But, not only the judges, the producers, had to be voted off, too. They spoilt a good show.

      I didn’t watch the Top 2 performance show though with my TV right in front. Never had I done before to other seasons.

      Lauren’d been my most favourite ‘female’ contestant in the beginning but she hasn’t done her best. She can only be the winner of the Grade B group contest.

      This season gives me a strong unjust feeling ! Is it in fact a ‘one-vote’ contest ?!

      My winner for this season is still James Durbin. Scotty is alright if he can sing more types of songs. Casey is my top 3 if he sings sincerely without adding all unnecessary stuff. Haley, disliked her in the beginning, but will consider buying her album now, she’s tried with her every might.

      Miss Adam Lambert, Simon & Paula !!!

    • So agree. I have never watched any AI show from this year or any other year that was more boring and anti-climatic . The biased BS pimping by the judges all year for their favorites was a joke. Critiquing needs to be honestly done on all AI contestants performances, not to tear them down, but to try and help them to improve for future songs. They never said anything badly about Lauren all year long, and instead of improving, she is honestly worse than when she first started. She still has breathing and phrasing problems that the judges never addressed, and doesn’t have the confidence needed to survive in this business. It seems like AI and the judges wanted safe and boring finalists and last nights show was of course safe and boring. Why would you expect anything different

      • Ageee….the judges ruined this season!!!

        Only could they have shaped the finale to be the two most boring contestants. It should have been a Haley/James finale. It will be redemption when Haley’s record sells the most.

        I saw Randy in an interview today and he said, ‘I knew Scotty and Lauren would be in the finale at the beginning of the season.’
        He obviously shaped his comments to how he wanted the finale to be. Real objective!
        Please FIRE Randy! What kind of judge says the same three lines all season?
        Im looking forward to the Xfactor and I never thought I would say that…

      • Couldn’t agree with you more. I literally thought that I had wrote that and forgot about it. This season of American Idol was one of the biggest disgraces to music I’ve ever seen.

    • ya his good guy n good voice n good performance n not arrogant ,* idol 2011

  25. First of all, I thought Scotty did terrific.

    Second, cheap shot Lauren singing to her Mom. I’m sure Scotty would have liked that opportunity.

    Third, I saw the vocal cord issue as a way to garner sympathy.

    Finally, I think they both will have successful careers.

  26. Not watching tonight, and the main reason is all the ‘tween girls in the US voting for their “crush” instead of the better singer. Sickening…

  27. A boring final, very boring, sorry I was so hooked but the producers or whoever made ​​this final spoil the season

  28. Putting everything into perspective the following is the dumbest question I have read in my entire life!!!!!

    “Perhaps the more important question, if Idol’s ratings continue to trend downward since 2006 but still win the season, why are the album sales doing so poorly compared to the multi-million unit sales of the early seasons?”

  29. American Idol died when James with the most talent,
    was booted off the show.Ever since it happened the judges even lost excitement.

    I kept thinking that Scottie was going to bring the little chubby singer back that he and the group was so hard on eariler in the season.
    It would have been a real crowed pleaser.

  30. I think this year’s top two will make it big, whoever wins. Just because they are country singers does not matter. Look at Carrie Underwood. And I think Lauren will be as good as Carrie U. And Scotty will have a great career.

    • I’m a big fan of Carrie. I love country songs and artist. I just felt down with the ending. I still love the moment when Ryan claimed David Cook is the winner. That moment was so special. We were not sure about everything. I had great experience on that show. And this year show??? Boringgggggggggggg!

  31. I am really so sick of everyone hating on Lauren. Everyone is forgetting that she is only 15. Of course, some of the older contestants are more seasoned and have more creativity. At 15, you all would freak out and lose confidence with yourself when u hit that big stage. I personally think her audition was more amazing then what we have seen on the show, but that just says she has what it takes she’s just young. I think she should be proud and everyone should stop saying ugly things about last nights performance. I thought it was class to go and to her mother not a sympathy thing. I believe Scotty will win regardless of what any of us think but lauren’s last song will go on to make more money than any other contestants other singles.

    • done think because lauren she girl ,either is good,but 4 really voice song sccoty is nice more than lauren he ,has special deep voice, that way every body ,he like his voice.i believe sccoty the 1 american idol this year 2011

  32. I don’t think Idols country fans will ever be satisfied, not even if Scotty and Lauren would tie. all they do is complain,bitch,moan and groan,as you can see they don’t even support there contestant by buying their the way I see it, if your not going to support your Idol contestant, quit complaining about other peoples choices that do. This is a competition and strategy plays a major roll along with ability,talent quit complaining about Laurens ability to outsmart her competitor.

  33. well for me it ended last week when they voted off Haley! Wow! What a crock! She should have been in the finale not Lauren! Would have been VERY INTERESTING to say the least! Lauren a star??? NOT!! sorry but AI stinks.. I think Jlo had a say in Haley disappearing! I’m a Haley fan all the way and yes I will be glad to buy her songs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Allow me to answer your last question: “Perhaps the more important question, if Idol’s ratings continue to trend downward since 2006 but still win the season, why are the album sales doing so poorly compared to the multi-million unit sales of the early seasons?”

    The answer is simple – The meteoric rise of bit-torrent downloads. Fewer and fewer people are buying music these days and the trend is not about to change anytime soon.

  35. I loved Lauren and think she will do great in the future but I have a feeling that Scotty will make it.
    I will buy both albums in either case but only a REAL physical album NOT an Itunes version. I don’t like all the DRM stuff on it. I always support my favorite artists and never pirate any of their music!
    I just LOVE Taylor Swift as you can see from my name but have actually bought 6 of her latest albums in various configurations.
    When Lauren comes out with a physical album I will buy at least one and possibly more depending on content. Hopefully it will have some great songs on it and not filler with only one good song.
    I think Scotty will have mostly good songs on his first album and I sure hope for Laurens sake she puts some good content on her first album.
    Lauren is such a cutie and truly a Southern Belle!

    Long Live Lauren!!

    • I think everyone has the right have like who they like but I think it’s horrible to say something negative about someone else that they didn’t like. These people are all brave and have the right to be proud of themselves………

  36. based on iTunes sale, HALEY REINHART is going to outperform both finalists when her album comes out.. James Durbin as well.. no one made such a noise on Twitter and Youtube than Haley and her videos are the only one who ever reach the mark of one million in a short time (not counting those uploaded months ago from Hollywood week or top 24 of course)

  37. I think this season Idol was very good. I also think that they were all great, but I am pleased with the final two. The finale was quite entertaining and good. Also the one I voted for was the winner..Yea!


  39. well, scotty is still the best…. he deserves to be the winner….good voice and good looks…he has the star factor plus the talent… would be better if Thia was in the final…among all contestants, she is the only one has the golden voice…

  40. i love sccoty american idol this year 2011.go go go seccoty ,you the one

  41. I thought the final 13 was a good group of singers. Some better then others. FOr all those complaining. i dont see any of US on that stage…
    As for the finale. I voted for Lauren because she does have a good voice. You could see her mature from the first show to the last.

  42. Its unusual for me to discover something on the internet that is as entertaining and intriguing as what youve got here. Your page is lovely, your graphics are outstanding, and whats more, you use reference that are relevant to what you are talking about. You are certainly one in a million, great job!

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