American Idol 2011 Finale Show Performances

Tonight is the very last episode of the American Idol 2011 season and in an effort to make up for last night’s snoozefest we should be getting one heck of a finale show in true Idol fashion, but without last season’s winner…

While FOX has been fairly tight-lipped about who will be on the show (because we all know interest and anticipation are the last thing you want for your big show, right??) there have been lots of leaks and tips. Considering last night’s 7% drop in ratings over last year’s finale show (the very same “last year” that produced the worst sales ever with its winner…) they should be doing everything they can to promote the show.

Here’s what we know so far for finale show performances, allegedly of course as FOX won’t confirm bookings:

Carrie Underwood returns to sing alongside Lauren Alaina while Scotty will duet with Tim McGraw. Lady Gaga will perform “Edge of Glory.” Bono and The Edge will be doing some of their songs from the Spider-Man Broadway show.

Pia Toscano will have a duet with Charice while, I’ll be pleasantly surprised if true, Jack Black teams up with Casey Abrams. Haley Reinhart’s parents let slip a rumor that she may end up doing a performance on tonight’s finale to debut her first single, but others report it’ll be a duet with Tony Bennett. Even James Durbin gets a power performance. He’ll join forces with Judas Priest. No word on that Steven Tyler and James Durbin duet discussed earlier in the season.

The Top 13’s girls will team up with Beyonce while the Top 13’s guys will join forces with Tom Jones… Wait, what? Sure, Jones is worthy of the finale but no one semi-modern was available? Anyway…

Then there’s the judges table who will offer up a rendition of “Dream On” by Steven Tyler minus Aerosmith and JLo may have a duet with her husband Skeletor Marc Anthony.

Oh, I can confirm who will not be performing tonight. Lee DeWyze was most definitely not invited to perform on this season’s finale show. DeWyze confirmed the news while his album sales predicted it.

So yeah, lots going on with tonight’s show. Hopefully most of those are true and there’s even more we don’t know about just yet.

Which guest performer are you most excited to see on tonight’s American Idol finale?

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  1. Whoa, no Lee. Doesn’t the reigning Idol usually perform or am I making that up? Not that I’m surprised. He is the worst winner since Taylor Hicks. Was he even invited to sit in the audience? haha.

    • No Lee indeed. While his sales have been terrible I’m surprised Idol is acknowledging their disappointment in his commercial performance by not having him on at the very least to try and give him a bump.

      While I’m no Hicks fan it was Kris Allen who was the first Idol winner to not have his debut album go Gold. Lots of disappointing winners when it comes to sales.

    • Then you will find out how bad she truly sings up against a voice like Nicks….

      Haley should have been gone in week two… her album will sell worse than Lees or Chris’s.

  2. Haley and Tony Bennett? I’m not sure if I’m thrilled, intrigued or disappointed.

    • Yeah, that’s a weird one. Sure, Tony Bennett is huge, but this almost feels to me like yet another producer slap to Haley (read: stick Haley with the 84 year old dude to suggest that she isn’t relevant?). It’s not like I don’t have ample reason to be suspicious of their motives.

      • I”ll take it, but it does seem like it’s yet another biased move. I just seriously hope the underhanded pimping of Lauren doesn’t work, and that we will not have to endure seeing her as the idol.

        I’m just so happy Haley is back on stage, along with James and Casey of course.

  3. I’m so excited to see Haley perform again. I’m also pretty excited about Casey and Jack Black and James. It will be a welcome change from last night!!

  4. What about James? I’d like to see him do song with Steven Tyler. That would be fun.

  5. James will be singing tonight. He is who I most look forward to and Casey. Least looking forward to even seeing is Naima.

      • I found her extremely annoying. I didn’t need her culture rammed down my throat every time she was on either.

  6. I’m so thoroughly disgusted with last night’s manipulative moves, I won’t be watching it. A snake oil salesman would be more subtle.

    • I was waiting for Idol to “accidentally” show Lauren’s voting #’s during Scotty’s performances. Things definitely got out of hand.

      • I am glad people recognized this. It’s been painful to watch how desperately the producers and judges want Lauren to win. I am convinced that the votes DON’T matter if the outcome isn’t what they want.

      • I agree. The bias was so obvious it was pitiful. But not Lauren’s fault–these judges have been ridiculous all year.

    • I agree. Lauren is good, but I think Scotty is better… he is more well-rounded and more of a performer

  7. Can’t wait to see James this evening. I’ll certainly watch to see that. Haley too! Wasn’t any reason to watch since James was voted off. Now THAT’s exciting.

    • I stopped watching when James left. I am only watching tonight to see James again. I saw him perform with Judas Priest on line and can’t wait to see him at 8PM.

  8. Matt….Jack Black confirmed it on Regis & Kelly yesteday that he will be singing with Casey……Can’t wait to see this finale….Still hoping that James get to sing with Steven T. but I’ll take Judas Priest…..I’ll take James singing alone!!!!!!! Haley with Tony Bennett????? Whats up with that??????

  9. Anything that Casey performs tonight will be better than the performances from last night. Casey, Haley, or James should have been in the Finale. Performances went into sleep mode after they were voted off. Maybe we can get another amazing duet from Casey and Haley tonight, they are quite a pair. I still don’t see how people think that Casey can’t sing, his growling is what makes him unique and not one of those “cookie-cutter” singers that just fits the perfect mold. His studio recordings on iTunes are the best out of ANY of the American Idol contestants, especially “Your Song” and “Harder to Breathe”.

  10. People should shutup! Lauren and Scotty were both treated fairly last night. Scotty doesn’t even need to be treated fairly with all the over praised comments he got through out the season. The judges never said one bad thing about scotty all season, lauren deserved the praise she got last night. If scotty wanted to go up to his mom while performing he could have but NO he wanted to stay in the same spot.. just because lauren walked up to her mother who was crying doesn’t mean she’s trying to get sympathy votes..

    • the song that was picked by Iovine was even biased… you know what the songs do for the people.. but oh well

  11. Matt, Branden and Ashli Rae…..I just want to take the time to Thank You three for a great season….Your reporting is always fun and informative…..Looking forward to your Big Brother and The Voice blogs now that Idol is coming to an end….THANKS AGAIN!!!

  12. yeaaaaaahhh… PIA!!!!!! please release ur album… and HALEY!!!!! please sing the single, not a duet… 😀

    • Don’t believe that will happen unless they let all the other finalist showcase theirs also.

  13. AI is still on??!! I quit watching after James was voted off. I guess I’ll DVR it tonight so I can fast forward to James. And, btw, I liked Lee DeWyze! talor Hicks and Kris Allen were the worst for me! Sine I don’t like country music, I don’t really care who wins this year!

  14. Not watching the finale for the first time ever. This show has little resemblence to the show I used to enjoy. Nigel made it his own little ego-stroking machine. Too much emphasis on the judges in my opinion – must we watch another judge pimp their music, thought this was about the contestants. Which brings me to these very nice teenagers. I don’t think there is anyway they could be prepared for the crap coming their way. I’m sure TPTB are already plotting how to make next year “the most talented group ever” (heard that a time or two). By the way – very uncool to treat the reigning champ like crap.

  15. Looking forward to seeing Carrie Underwood. I think this year’s final two are very weak choices, personally. Even though I love Carrie (she can rock it) not much of a country fan as a whole.

  16. Does it really matter who is declared the winner tonight? Who will have a real and lasting career in the future is what matters. Yes, the judging was horrible all season long and very biased generally for that week’s favorite but this is, in the end, just entertainment. I think that Lauren is a cute young girl with a nice voice but she definitely lacks the maturity needed to succeed in the business. Perhaps with three to five years of further seasoning she will be ready but not today. Scotty appears a lot closer to being ready but he also is very young and he too would benefit from much more “paying of his dues” in the business before being turned loose. Only time will tell…..

  17. Off topic…I guess.

    I really enjoy the wit and dry humor in your reviews.

  18. you know things are desperate when you’re looking forward to seeing lady gaga!!

  19. The sabotage crew will probably have Haley sing an Alanis Morrisette song with Tony Bennett. If she sang her single it would make it too obvious that she should be in the finals instead. I’ll be tuning in to see just about everything but the ever boring Scotty and Lauren.

  20. Hi, I am a 73 year old grandma and I have been
    voting for Scottie all along, his votes I believe have been on the top all thru except for one time in bottem 3, never in bottem 2, he is kind, gracious and respectful and even gave lauren his spot to go first if she so chose. Go young man, you deserve it. Thanks you all form Lebanon, Pa.

    • Scotty was never in the bottom 3. The week he was on stage as what appeared to be “the bottom” Ryan make it clear that they were doing things different that week and they were not the bottom 3, but one of the 3 was going home. I think it was too obvious that week who was being voted off so they tried to make it look exciting.

    • Although I respect yr view, Dear Helen…You mentioned that Scotty is kind, gracious and respectful…yes I fully agree. However, this is a singing contest. You should vote him in for his vocal talents rather than taking all his character traits into consideration. I mean, yes, he can see, but I wont say that he is that fantastic. Other better singers had been voted off earlier. Sincerely hope you understand what I am trying to bring across here. This is a singing contest not a job interview…Thank you

  21. Knowing alot about the medical profession, generally speaking steriods are often the meds of choice for a disorder of Lauren’s kind.

    However, objectively speaking, it does give one a distinct advantage over one w/o. It falls under the category of “Performance Enchancement” drug, which can rapidly improve ones range to the point of allowing an individual to perform totally out out of their range.

    It definately is an advantage even though it should not be a practice of doing so.

    That is why athletics get disqualified from competitions when the use of steriods in involved.

    How does American Idol justify this to be legal and fair to the American public, by bringing a physician on stage to declare this a form of treatment.

    I smell a rat in the woodpile and it seems to me to be the Idol production. If this is the case, the rumors I have been reading about, time for a female to be the winner, then I feel that it is time for Idol to be done away with or policed for fairness to the American people, why bother to have America vote. Just let the judges pick them.

    • I don’t know what all they did medically. No one does, cause they were as vague as always. I do however know that Lauren was NOT singing beyond her natural capabilities. She cut short or held back EVERY big note. I’m fairly certain she was in pain, discomfort, or both throughout the entire show. She only performed slightly better than Scotty vocally, when she has very superior vocal abilities.
      The whole thing seemed like the early days of the NFL when guys would get powerful pain killers to play with bad injuries, which were, of course made worse.
      Though it is obvious they do strange outrageous things to affect public perception and therefore votes, I never know exactly what their goal is. They certainly seem to want Lauren to win, but you never know for sure. Whatever happened last night though, Lauren’s voice wasn’t right, she knew something was very off, but she knew this was her only chance to perform in the finale. All the comments by the judges about everything sounding “fine” now were pure BS! IF Idol helped her sing through injury, even when it wasn’t safe, just for the drama, that’s a new low even for them. I hope she is ok.
      PS In case you think this is a biased conspiracy, I have never voted for Lauren. I think Haley was SO much better! Anyway, I just know a lot about voices and powerful singing, cause I have a lot of training and experience with both.

  22. OMG! I realy hope the Pia Toscano and CHARICE duet is true. For this rumor I am watching American Idol for the first time since Adam Lambert got robbed! It will even be a getter promo for them if they got Davi Foster to play the piano while these two super talented ladies sing! OMG, I cant wait. I hope it’s true!

  23. I really enjoyed Lee DeWyze last season and was for him all the way. I also bought his album bacause I like his voice very much, and I believe one reason the sales were down was because of the economy. Take a look at the posted list of sales from the 1st and 2nd place winners for each season. It shows a constant over-all decline in record sales as the economy declined. Also, for most of that time, there was “Limewire” where the songs could be downloaded free and copied to CD at home. (Limewire has now been shut down.)Perhaps with it gone, record sales will go back up. One more comment about Lee… Although he has a great voice, his song choices have not been so good. I found the songs on his album to be a little boring, although he sang them well. My favorite from him was “The Boxer.” I am sure he would have a hit it he could get the right song.

  24. The 7% drop in viewers should be laid at the feet of whoever decided to move the performances to Tuesday for the first time all season. Whatever the reason, it was wrong.

    • No it was directly related to the all Hee Haw barn dance finale created by all the children voters.

  25. Should have asked Adam Lambert to perform. This would have boost the falling ratings for this show!!

  26. You know I love how I read this and have people saying I haven’t watched AI since Adam Lambert didn’t win, Then why do you care and why are you even reading the post on this website! You need a life! GOODNESS! LAUREN ALAINA FOR THE WIN!

  27. Haley with Tony Bennet??? Hmmmm, that might be a cool pairing for her blusy, jazzy vibe. James with Judas Priest sounds like a good match up as well. Missed last night’s show but sounds like I didn’t miss much. Just imagine how different the final would have been if it had been between James and Haley.89Certainly wouldn’t be a yawner.

    • James and Judas Priest was great. I am on the west coast and could not wait that long. I watched it online and will watch again when 8 rolls around.

  28. who ever wins AI this year will be well deserved because the are young talented singers who gave their all this year. it is not easy standing on stage week after week sing to countless millions of people. i was really hoping scotty would have sang Randy Travis’ Forever and Ever Amen but oh well. would also like to see James duet with Steven Tyler as well.

    • congratulations Scotty it was a well deserved win you were great all year and i am really happy for you. i wish you all teh best for the future. Lauren you were great as well and i am looking forward to your first CD.

  29. Im excited bout James’ performance with Judas Priest!! Maybe they’ll perform Youve Got Another Thing Comin’ and hope he’ll perform with Steven Tyler!

    • The performance was great. I thought I did not like metal, I wonder why.

    • I wish both of them would Haley had more talent than these to hillbillies combined.

  30. let’s get it right here. its all about money. poor idol. Don’t get me wrong I love IDOL!But What is that production company putting out for that’s girls clothes?tutu and cowboy boots. heres Scotty , its what your kids where. How many prom dresses. Its the music, yopu won’t see the clothes when you listen to the music. We don’t need to be told who to listen too. Go Scotty. This grandma will buy your music legally.

  31. Still have not forgiven scotty for his Hollywood scandal, throwing that 15 year old under the bus, so he can get in a better group. B4 that, he made others audition for him to see if ‘they’ were worthy of being on ‘his’ team.

    He had a chance to step up, but he did not. That is a character flaw. His performance flaws (weird stage presence and leery eyes) is another thing. He sings the same tone and has no range. In the country world, he is a dime a dozen and nothing special. He will be the Leif Garrett of country once those tweenies out grow him.

    2 cents of truth

  32. THIS SHOW … is…. AMAZING! So much better than the whole season combined

  33. OMG what a blast, Love Scottie and Lauren but to have TOM JONES on the finale was the best surprise ever!!I’ve been a fan since the 60’s. Good Luck Scottie and Lauren and God Bless!! You both have a BIG carreer ahead of you!!

  34. This years show was the best ever in the history of American Idol. Loved the judges and the talent was awesome. However, please don’t have Lady GaGa on again. It is a disgrace to watch her perform half naked and making moves that are totally not appropriate for young teenage audiences.

    • I totally agree with you about Lady GaGa.. She could have been left out of the show…CP

  35. After watching the final show I now know why the public voted 2 Country singers through to the finals. The majority of the groups that were supposed to be entertainment sucked. I now know why I listen to country and 60s and 70s rock.

  36. I had to play a gig tonight so I couldn’t watch. did Stefano sing any solos/duets tonight or did he get aced out?

    • He was featured in the front on the first male group number–and did really well. That was about it for him as far as featured bits.

  37. scotty sucks………………………….. Lauren you rock cant wait for your album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Scotty Definitely deserved winning.. He had the looks and the voice… But Lauren did an excellent job as well.. They both will have a BIG career in country music….

      • I knew he was goign to win tooo. and im happy. and i knew haley would never win she was not good at all. she sucked yeh for scotty. lauren and scotty should do some songs together they are good singing together

  38. With 2 country contestants left standing, I thought the last few blogs here would be filled with the soft chirping of birds, sweetness and light. So many people without self-control or civility–and so ready to spew hatred. It’s no wonder the human race is always at war somewhere.

  39. Well out of the top 2 Scott deserved it, lauren wasn’t there but I liked her. Still think Pia had it in the bag but she’ll just outsell the rest of this season put together. That lil Italian hottie can do well in anything she wants. Playboy, actress, singer. Anything she sells I’m buyin.

  40. wel l everyone i told yah so scotty would be the winner halye is gone and scotty was the winner. and scotty and lauren were good togetehr in singing songs together too and i hope they both will put out a few songs with both of them together singing on a album would make my day. scotty won yeh for scotty. cant wait till jan 22nd next years american idol and this time it has to be a girl that will win

  41. Both Scotty & Lauren were fabulous. Scotty will represent American Idol very professionally. But that performance or whatever you would call that disrepectful display by that GaGa person, this was totally unacceptable and not at all the type caliber of American Idol. They should choose their guest performances more carefully. Children watch and imitate this show. Anyone agree?

  42. Jennifer Lopez You are not the best American Idol Judge. The final show proves that you are Jealous immature and let’s faced YOU ARE NOT THE BIGEST STAR ON THE PLANET. From the beginning to the end your performance was “Look at me people look at me”.

  43. I totally agree with Jee, I am very happy for Scotty and Laura and wish all the other idols everything of the very best. My only negative remark is “Lady” Gagga’s performance (everything but a “lady”). If it was her idea to shock people out of their socks, she succeeded! We can only pray for her.

  44. Wrong 2 were in finale! 2 county singers– plaah… The best was James and 2nd Haley!!!

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