American Idol 2009 Top 8 Elimination Results – April 8, 2009

Tonight on American Idol 2009, the elimination results for this season’s Top 8 will be revealed. Stay tuned…

So far this week’s bottom three are: 1 – Anoop, 2 – Scott, 3 – Lil

Ryan says that Lil Rounds is safe this week. Either Anoop or Scott will have to sing for his life. Ryan announces it is Scott and he’s singing for his Idol-life. Will the judges save him? Nope. Scott has been eliminated.

American Idol 2009 Top 8 Elimination Results:

  • Scott MacIntyre

What do you think? Should Scott have been eliminated? He’s got a great spirit, but he just wasn’t Idol material for me. What about you? Let’s hear your comments.