American Idol 2009 Top 9 – The Week Ahead

Last week on American Idol 2009, Michael Sarver was eliminated with the fewest votes. Since then he’s told us he’ll never go back to working on the oil rigs and hopes for a big future in music. Sarver wasn’t one of my favorites, but he must have had enough fans to survive the first few weeks and if nothing else he’ll at least have the summer Idol Tour to help him along.

This week the remaining American Idol 2009 Top 9 will take to the stage and perform songs from the “top downloads list” which I’m guessing they mean iTunes downloads. That should make for a popular night since they’ll be songs we’ll know! Keep in mind the performance show has moved back to its regular Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, former Idol David Cook will return to perform one of his new singles, “Come Back to Me.” The other guest star will be Lady Gaga which I’m guessing means she’ll also be the mentor on Tuesday night’s performance show. Lady Gaga will be performing her song “Poker Face.”

Let’s start hearing some predictions for the week!