American Idol 2009 Top 10 Becomes Top 9 – Official List

Last night on American Idol 2009 the elimination results were revealed to show that Michael Sarver had earned the fewest votes from America. Matt Giraud and Scott McIntyre joined Sarver to make up the Bottom 3 with Giraud being the second lowest vote earner. I was surprised as I thought Giraud’s stock had been climbing quickly on the show.

Meanwhile, the pretty but pretty-bad Megan Corkrey skated through another week. Do you think that was fair or is America not paying attention with its votes?

Here is your official list of the season’s Top 9 performers. Which remaining American Idol finalist stands out to you as the one to win it all?

American Idol 2009 Top 9:

  • Danny Gokey
  • Kris Allen
  • Allison Iraheta
  • Adam Lambert
  • Lil Rounds
  • Scott McIntyre
  • Megan Corkrey
  • Matt Giraud
  • Anoop Desai

One of these 9 singers is your next American Idol!




  1. Just wanna say the talent that’s coming through this year is awesome. My personal choices are Adam & Lil – in that order. I just love what Adam can do to make his own “stamp” on the songs he picks to sing each time. I absolutely LOVED his version of the Johnny Cash song… Ring of Fire. Very unique & I’d buy it now if it was available (hope he gets to record/release it). Randy got it right when he said it was “young & up to the minute”. Keep up the good work !!! As to everyone guessing about sexual preferences…hey, it’s not what this show is about…let him keep his private life as his own. Adam’s an incredibly talented young man and his past & present hard work, means he has a bright future ahead of him in this field. I loved Lil’s version of Independance Day too…brilliant!!!
    GOOD LUCK to Adam & Lil – from Sue in New Zealand.

  2. I think that Megan needs to go home. OTher than that, I think this year’s talent pool is definitely the deepest. Although Sue – there’s no guessing about Adam’s sexual preferences. He’s pretty openly gay.

  3. There are people there who know their time has elapsed,its only the votes on something else besides Talent.
    Either way my money is on Danny,Kris and Lil!

  4. Yep – Adam is openly gay. The producers tone it down a bunch for the studio, but he is not shy about it in other interviews. I know someone who works for AI, and they said off camera, it’s very obvious. But also say he’s a nice guy. Megan needs to go home…but “vote for the worst” is carrying her through. I actually thought Scott did very well, and I’d like to see him stick around a while longer.

  5. I have never liked Megan. She’s beautiful, but this isn’t a fashion show. I like Adam, Matt,Scot and Lil. In that order. It’s going to be tough when the show gets down to them.In my opinion they are already stars. Ihope everyone who likes Matt votes next week. he had an outstanding performance last week,

  6. I feel sad for Michael, as he seems to be a genuinely sweet guy, besides knowing how to sing, and now knowing he writes songs. well! I think he should give up the rigs, and go for a singing and song writing career. Megan will be out next and then Scott. Talking about Adam- gay or not, who cares, he’s fantastic, and can’t wait to hear him perform a Michael Jackson song.

  7. Sad thing Michael had to go home. I strongly believe that Danny, lil, Adam & Matt will ‘ROCK’ this year’s idol. Talent is what this show is about. Private life-sexual preferences-are not of importance. But I do fancy Adam alot though. Straight or not hez ‘rocking’ the mic.

  8. Megan has a unique sound, like a mix between Nora Jones and Vonda Shephard perhaps. It is sultry, quirky, and fun sounding. I believe she is the dark horse, who will blow the others away when permitted to sing in her style genre.

  9. Adam is the stand out star. He is undoubtedly the most talented vocally, creatively, and has an innate ease in stage presence. I even liked his version of Ring of Fire. How creative was that?

  10. i think matt is awesome and is the only one that has turned in a good performance every week

  11. I agree with Linda, Matt has continually did good each week. Come on everyone we need to vote for Matt. he needs to stay in this competition…..GO MATT>>>>>

  12. Matt should have not been in the bottom 3. Im from Kalamazoo and I could not get through to vote for matt I heard it from several people. I think the phone line was not working properly.

  13. I sure hopor Megan goes this week. She’s terrible and she acts like a two year old with the faces and “citsey” (I suppose). She’s prety but who wants to listen to her grating voice! There is something REALLY wrong if she returns next week!

  14. Linda, Tina,Nan,
    I agree with you. Matt is really talented and he should not have been bottom three. If the phone line didn’t work,that’s just wrong. Why can’t we vote online anymore?

  15. Adam blew everyone out tonite…….He is a very talented person….
    Megan needs to go home and get out of herself..
    Then we can go onto next week and go from there. She’s holding things up, and wasting our time.
    There was asinger from the 1970’s that had a voice just like her……she was a “One hit Wonder” forget her name…but MEGAN is not a singer..I couldn’t stand to listen to her sing for two hours…….SEND HER HOME!!!!!!!

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