American Idol 2009 Top 9 – The Week Ahead

Last week on American Idol 2009, Michael Sarver was eliminated with the fewest votes. Since then he’s told us he’ll never go back to working on the oil rigs and hopes for a big future in music. Sarver wasn’t one of my favorites, but he must have had enough fans to survive the first few weeks and if nothing else he’ll at least have the summer Idol Tour to help him along.

This week the remaining American Idol 2009 Top 9 will take to the stage and perform songs from the “top downloads list” which I’m guessing they mean iTunes downloads. That should make for a popular night since they’ll be songs we’ll know! Keep in mind the performance show has moved back to its regular Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, former Idol David Cook will return to perform one of his new singles, “Come Back to Me.” The other guest star will be Lady Gaga which I’m guessing means she’ll also be the mentor on Tuesday night’s performance show. Lady Gaga will be performing her song “Poker Face.”

Let’s start hearing some predictions for the week!




  1. OK…if Tattoo girl doesn’t go this week I am going to die….well, ok…that’s a HUGE exaggeration !!! BUT..she STILL must go !!!! I think Danny & Matt will do the best tomorrow…my 2 faves BTW !!!!

  2. Laurie,
    Adam is terrible and Sue Miller Megan Joy Corkery is an Amazing Vocalist but you are right the tatoo defines her image but if you like Allison,Lil,Alexis,or Jasmine chances are you probably will elimanate Adam
    Get the picture?

  3. OK, Look! I totally have hated Adam’s twist on the “Ring of Fire” but liked last weeks.

    This week should be interesting…I think that Megan should go and also Allison.

  4. From the very start, there was no question that the conpetition is between adorable Danny and theatrical Adam. I still feel that way. All of the contestants can sing, that’s a given. Who stands out among the group, who will we remember for a long time? Whose cd do we want to buy right now? Danny or Adam? That’s a personal preference. They are equally talented and entertaining.
    My vote is for Danny Gokey hands down!

  5. In my opinion, Adam’s version of “Ring of Fire” was probably the most fantastic performance on American Idol!!
    They were told to make the songs “Their own” and that’s just what Adam did. I have enjoyed that song since it was originally sung, however, Adam made it his own and well done!!!

  6. I believe after tonite Adam is an outstanding performer and singer…….Danny is also right up there…….Megan needs to GO!!!! and go from there….Many excellent singers……

  7. Danny is the best, Matt has surprised me the last 2 weeks I liked the Fray song he picked and thought he did a great job he doesn’t need to go home yet. Sorry Megan it is time, I liked her at first but what is with the little shimmy between lines are we the only ones noticing why haven’t the judges noticed? the judges mock everything else!

  8. After last night’s performance’s I think Chris stands right up there with Adam and Danny. His overall performance last night was better than both of them and they are two of my favorites. Well Megan, it’s time to pack your bags.

  9. Adam, is by far the best male singer, and he’ll be the next American Idol! But, Danny is on his way to the top, too! It looks like Adam and Danny will be in the season finale. I’m so glad that Megan has been eliminated from the competition. Maybe Alison or Matt are on their way out next week. Only the fans will make that deliberation by voting for their favorites. As for Lady Gaga, I enjoyed her stage presence with lots of powerful rendition of ‘Poker Face’, the number 1 hit on the billboard charts!

  10. i think you have it right: danny and adam will be the final 2 competitors. i wish they’d make a rule though, that excludes professional singers. i’d like to see who could get through as an undiscovered amateur! but i love the show anyway!

  11. Adam especially, Danny, Allison, Matt And Lil( though she gave not so good performance the last 2 weeks) that i can say is the best on idol! Anoop, i think will go home next week cause people are very confussed with his From Zero To Hero Week, one moment he can’t sing the next moment he can sings that very good like this week.

  12. I hope Adam will perform and sing the song Come to Me, Bend to me from his performance in Brigadoon. I like the way he delivers any song. No doubt he can make it to the finale.

  13. Adam should win South Africa, love him he is so different brings out and changes the music to his own . His apperance is also good, different, not like the every day kinda look Keep it up Adam we love you

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