American Idol 2009’s Michael Sarver Says ‘No More Oil Rigs’

michael_sarver_01Despite being voted off of American Idol 2009 during the Top 10 week, Michael Sarver says he has big plans for the future and those plans do not involve returning to an oil rig anytime soon:

“I will not be going back to the oil rig”, Sarver told reporters in a conference call the morning after he was voted off the TV talent show.

“There is something that America does not know about me. I am a serious writer. I have written over 890 songs since the age of 14. There is a lot of stories, a lot of life, a hard-lived life and a good-lived life…and I’m going to share it.”

“I plan to record, I plan to get my music out there… I believe that because I’ve made it so far in the competition, it shows me there are people who respect and appreciate what I have, and I’m going to give them even more.”

Wow. 890 is a lot of songs to write! Do you think Michael Sarver has a chance to make it with a solo career after he wraps up his American Idol 2009 summer tour with the rest of the Top 10 singers? Even if he never makes it BIG big I’d still expect him to be able to make a go of it if he strikes while the iron is hot.

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  1. Michael is a very good singer,and a good family
    man. He will do well. Hope I get to hear some
    of his own songs.

  2. It is always the best thing to improve on your God-given talent. Carry on, Michael! That’s the spirit!

  3. Michael may not have been one of the best singers in the group but he made up for it with his energy, personality and charisma. More power to you, Michael.

  4. I was glad when Michael left. My heart broke when his tiny daughter asked “Why don’t you want to be with me anymore, Daddy?”

    I hope he takes care of his family above all else. If he is “destined” to be a star it will happen without him sacrificing his family.

  5. Michael is a sweet gentle man and he deserves a good life. He seems to love his family and wants only the best for them. I hope all those songs he’s written have a few gems lying within so that he can make it big. It would be a heck of a nice story!

  6. I just loved Michael, I was really sad to see him leave. Others could have left before him definitely as some of them really suck, I won’t name any names…. I know he will do well and hope somebody does something for him, you don’t get to be in the Top 10 for NOTHING! Good luck Michael, I wish you the best!

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