American Idol 2010: Let’s Hear it for the Girls

Finally, the girls bring it on American Idol Season 9 with only a couple of exceptions.  I was happily surprised so no one start accusing me of being full of hate and telling me to take midol.  I told you I call it like I see it and this time, it rocked!

However, not for the first performance.  Katie Steven’s did poorly with her song “Break Away” by Kelly Clarkson.  Even though the judges did compliment her for taking their advice, I don’t think it will be enough to save her this week.  I’m afraid the young singer will not make it into the Top 12.

Siobhan Mangus blew me away with her a cappella beginning to “House of the Rising Sun”.  I wish she had sang the whole song that way.  It was beautiful and she captivated the audience right from the start.  Simon didn’t seem as impressed as the rest of us but then again, he never is.

I was so worried for Lacey Brown that I drank a glass of wine before the show even began but she nailed Brandy Carlile’s “The Story”.  Who would have thought she was going to get it together and give her best performance to date.

Kaitlyn Epperly wasn’t so great.  Her song “I Feel the Earth Move” was karaoke and terrible song choice.  She didn’t try to change it up and make it modern.  I felt like I was out with my girlfriends and one of them was singing in the car.  It didn’t work.

So happy for Didi Benami who sang “Rhiannon”.  I knew if she didn’t nail the song tonight she would be gone.  I love her voice and even though people think she sounds the same all the time, I really like her.  I think she has just enough of a unique voice to have a great career.

Poor Paige.  I felt so bad for her because I think she has a pretty voice but has never connected with the viewers or a song.  It really is a shame because I can see now why Simon said that she had the best voice of all the girls.  I don’t think she will be back next week.

And the award for best performance of the night once again goes to Crystal Bowersox.  This girl knows what to sing and how to perform.  She is the one to beat and Simon stated on the Jay Leno Show that she was his favorite.  I loved the electric guitar and I could totally see her making an album with songs like Tracy Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason” like she sang tonight.

Lilly Scott was just ok for me.  I wasn’t impressed with the Patsy Cline rendition and thought it wasn’t near as good as last week.  Don’t get me wrong, she has dynamic vocals but it was the wrong song choice.  I hope she picks a better one next week.

Who were your favorites tonight and who is in danger of going home?