American Idol 2010: Let’s Hear it for the Girls

Finally, the girls bring it on American Idol Season 9 with only a couple of exceptions.  I was happily surprised so no one start accusing me of being full of hate and telling me to take midol.  I told you I call it like I see it and this time, it rocked!

However, not for the first performance.  Katie Steven’s did poorly with her song “Break Away” by Kelly Clarkson.  Even though the judges did compliment her for taking their advice, I don’t think it will be enough to save her this week.  I’m afraid the young singer will not make it into the Top 12.

Siobhan Mangus blew me away with her a cappella beginning to “House of the Rising Sun”.  I wish she had sang the whole song that way.  It was beautiful and she captivated the audience right from the start.  Simon didn’t seem as impressed as the rest of us but then again, he never is.

I was so worried for Lacey Brown that I drank a glass of wine before the show even began but she nailed Brandy Carlile’s “The Story”.  Who would have thought she was going to get it together and give her best performance to date.

Kaitlyn Epperly wasn’t so great.  Her song “I Feel the Earth Move” was karaoke and terrible song choice.  She didn’t try to change it up and make it modern.  I felt like I was out with my girlfriends and one of them was singing in the car.  It didn’t work.

So happy for Didi Benami who sang “Rhiannon”.  I knew if she didn’t nail the song tonight she would be gone.  I love her voice and even though people think she sounds the same all the time, I really like her.  I think she has just enough of a unique voice to have a great career.

Poor Paige.  I felt so bad for her because I think she has a pretty voice but has never connected with the viewers or a song.  It really is a shame because I can see now why Simon said that she had the best voice of all the girls.  I don’t think she will be back next week.

And the award for best performance of the night once again goes to Crystal Bowersox.  This girl knows what to sing and how to perform.  She is the one to beat and Simon stated on the Jay Leno Show that she was his favorite.  I loved the electric guitar and I could totally see her making an album with songs like Tracy Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason” like she sang tonight.

Lilly Scott was just ok for me.  I wasn’t impressed with the Patsy Cline rendition and thought it wasn’t near as good as last week.  Don’t get me wrong, she has dynamic vocals but it was the wrong song choice.  I hope she picks a better one next week.

Who were your favorites tonight and who is in danger of going home?




  1. Loved the acapella start to Shioban’s House of the Rising Sun – first mild “Adam” feeling this year!

  2. I finally figured it out. There are only four strong voices amongst the girls and Simon is trying to ensure that only the weak ones go up against Crystal. Dont’get me wrong: Crystal is awesome but Simon is trying to affect the outcome. He criticized Siobhan– who is almost as good as Crystal– as if viewers are too stupid to realize how talented Siobhan is. Paige and Katelyn are the other really talented girls but they both messed up. If Katelyn and Paige leaves, it’ll be boring and non-competitive (except for Siobhan). Pitting the other girls against Crystal’s talent would be like pitting Dolly Parton against Whitney Houston. Dolly is a talented songwriter but admits her vocals aren’t strong. Although the weak voices gave good performances tonight, AI is useless if it can’t find extraordinary vocalists and almost everyone I know can sing as well as most of the female contestants this year. Yeah– they’re all better than the sweet young lady who was eliminated last week but that’s not saying much.

  3. One thing I didn’t write in the blog is that I wish the contestants would sing more upbeat songs. Even though the vocals were good the show as a whole was pretty boring and insignificant.


  5. HEY LACY BROWN!!!! Have you ever thought of trying a song by Cindy Lauper? I think a good song choice for you would be “All Through The Night”. You sorta have Cindi Lauper sounding vocals, but not at all annoying like her’s. We are rooting for you!

  6. Unless one of the guys comes up huge its Crystal by a mile. This looked to be a very talented class……but going into the week of 12, fox will have to struggle to inject a sense of drama.

    Key the coronation.

  7. HEY LACE! Thought of another one… “Time After Time” another great song by Cindi Lauper.

  8. I also like Crystal. What is very interesting about her is that she just rocks down to her sole with pure vocal talent! Can’t wait see what she will be bringing to the table next week! I’m sure she’ll own it too.

  9. Katie Stevens – Breakaway (Kelly Clarkson)
    She has a good voice but I think she just needs more practise and training.
    She was very out of pitch and overall I think it was not good enough. I can’t see her going much further. I think she will go this week.

    Siobhan Magnus – House of the rising sun (the animals)
    Great control. Great range. Absolutely perfect. I agree with Simon though that she didn’t do anything with the song and didn’t have any “moments” although I still think it was great.
    I’d buy it if she released it as a single. I love this girl!!!

    Lacey Brown – The Story (Brandy Carlisle)
    Cute and unusual voice and I love what she does with it. I didn’t know the song but I liked the song and I really liked the way she sang it. I think she held her own tonight and although it wasn’t anything exceptional I think it was good enough to keep her safe for another week.

    Katelyn Epperley – I feel the earth move (Carol King)
    Didn’t do much for me. There was nothing particularly bad about it but I just didn’t get it.
    I agree with Randy and Ellen – she just didn’t seem to connect with the song and it just wasn’t enough.

    Didi Benami – Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac)
    She has such a unique voice and I love it. I would have liked her to rock it up a bit but she did do a great job of singing it. For me there was no “wow” but as Simon said he thought the overall performance was “wow”. I wouldn’t go that far but I liked it and I hope she sticks around

    Paige Miles – Smile (Charlie Chaplin).
    I thought this sucked. I was bored shitless. Goodbye Paige – please!!!

    Crystal Bowersox – Give me one reason (Tracy Chapman)
    Well she stuck to her tried and tested style of song. I’m a huge fan and this music really suits her but I don’t think this was her best performance by a long shot.
    I didn’t like the ending at all and I found myself disagreeing with the judges tonight but I’m still a fan and she’ll go top 3 (at least) in my opinion.

    Lilly Scott – I fall to pieces (Patsy Cline)
    Well another of my favourites not really living up to their previous performances. I absolutely love her, I love her voice and I love her style but it just didn’t seem to have that “wow” – exactly as Simon says. Please stick around Lilly.

    I still think Crysal, Lilly and Siobhan will be the top 3 with Didi and Lacey rounding out the top 5.

  10. My top 4 in last night’s show – Siobhan, Crystal, Didi, Lacey. I would also like to see them sing more upbeat songs. Agree with previous comment about Lacey – would be great to hear her doing Cindy Lauper song.

  11. I still see Crystal, Lilly, Siobhan, and Didi as the top four girls, in that order. I almost wish that Crystal wouldn’t win, so she is bound by contract to be American Idol’s bitch. I think all four of those girls have very unique voices. The other girls didn’t pick wowing songs and it showed. I could see Katelyn, Katie, or Paige going home this week. Lacey did nail her song, even though I’m still annoyed by her voice in general.

  12. american idol, the show i once loved, died last night. it died when i could no longer deny after watching these performances that no one, not even bowersox, was able to bring a measure of energy, of excitement, a fire to their performances that would signal that they really wanted to win, and that they wanted to give an entertaining performance.

    these contestants are starting to look and sound exactly alike – there is nothing making any of them stand out in the crowd, or provide that one ”wow” moment that let’s you know they are a contender, and that they really belong there. i’m even wondering if the casting for s9 is a joke, done to deliberately sabotage idol to make way for simon’s ”x” factor. idol has lost its magic, that mojo surrounding it and the contestants – that something special quality that, regardless if your fave won or not, made you want to tune in each week. clarkson, underwood, aiken, studdard, fantasia, daughtry, hicks, doolittle, archuleta – just a few alums who had performances that lit up the show, created watercooler moments that are lacking in this season, and compelled the viewer to want to watch.

    idol’s fast descent to the bottom began last year in s8, and last night was evidence of idol scraping it, and scraping it hard. the show is a shell of its former self. the party’s over for idol, and this former idol lover, i’m turning out the light as i leave.

  13. Crystal, Lilly and Di Di!!! I have never watched this program, now, because of crystal, I have to watch this stupid show every week, all tv’s in the house. I dont beleve that they need American Idol to be famous. They already are great musicians, singers and songwriters and I cannot wait to buy there cd, go to there concerts and buy merchandise. Simon needs to invite a more better band to play on his show,because Crystal sings her hind end off and Lilly and DiDi too. Where can I get a T-shirt?

  14. I am astonished to read some comments on several sites and makes me very sad and very upset to read that the telephone lines are somehow “blocked” to vote for some of the contestants, specifically for Siobhan who is by the way my favorite. I cant vote, I don’t live in the US but seems to me very unfair and most manipulative the fact that people cant vote because the lines are NOT OPEN. I thought, I swear, that this contest was honest. Seems it is not, seems it is arranged already and makes me feel so annoyed and upset. All this crap about America VOTED is b..t producers have already the winner and we are just watching a “show”. What a pity really and how dissapointing. In my opinion Siobhan nailed the song, she didn’t deserve a bad comment from Simon. I know she wont win, Crystal will which is fair enough too she is amazing, but to CUT the chances for someone so talented makes me sick. Boo for that producers!!! (Sorry if I have grammar mistakes, english is not my language) Just to finish, GO Siobhan!! you rock!


  16. Well i had all 4 correct last week and i probly have all 4 correct this week so here goes for the girls: The ones that wil be leaving are Katelyn althought she came close with Lacey and the second one wil be Paige, that doesnt need any arguement, was just terrible!

  17. Absolutely LOVED Siobhan’s performance last night; FINALLY I was moved enough to actually vote for someone this year. That takes confidence to come out and begin with a pitch perfect a capella–it was gorgeous. Also liked Didi, Crystal, and Lilly–her sound is very unique and I just enjoy her as a performer. I think that Paige and Katie will go home this week.

  18. Overall – I am not getting it this year. Maybe it is still too early and this group just needs more help than previous years. I have to say, for me, Siobhan is top with Crystal very close behind. Any of the others could be sent packing after last nights performances. I think it will be Paige and Katelyn tho. Happy Idoling!

  19. Hope the guys step up tonight! They need too or we will have a top 3 of all ladies (which is okay too!). I wasn’t overly impressed with any of the gals last night. Think Didi has the best voice – she did not rock last night. Want to see her do more tho. I liked Lacey last night – but haven’t in the past, she picked the right song for a change. Going home = Katie and Katelyn.

  20. What it all comes down to is the songs they are picking and the rang of their voice. At this point I would pick Crystal in the top 5, Paige, Siobhan, Lacey, and Didi. There will be less guys in the top 5 but I am not sure until tonight.

  21. What a huge disappointment. Watched every show the last two years but so far this year, it doesn’t even matter if I miss. 90% of the contestants are boring and although they have good voices, they are dental chair music to me and all pretty much sound the same (the ladies at least). Like Adam Lambert or not (I adored him for the entertainmnet factor, the element of surprise and also thought the man could sing!) at least he made the show worth watching. Seems that all are ok, but no break through artist in this group.

  22. I LOVE Lacey Brown. Talk about a voice that is unique and stylized . . . she keeps coming more and more into her own! Go Lacey!

  23. I really respect Crystal. She reminds me of the old style song writer, singer, who has lived thru difficult times. It makes a difference in how she is able to interpret the music. It is not fake,a search on u-tube of her previous life makes it very clear that she has spent lots of time preparing her craft at a real grass roots level. I hope that she gets good guidance going forward.

  24. Good Night Dyneri. Tough year, but hey – could be worse – like without Simon next year?? Ohhh.

  25. Closed my eyes and heard Linda Ronstadt. That’s how spot on Siobhan was last night. Crystal is excellent, but will her style become fatiguing as the weeks go on. My vote is for Siobhan for her fresh, unpredictable style and dynamic style. Her next “moment” will happen next week. She’s got “it.”

  26. the best girls are.
    1.siobhan,the purest best voice right now.
    2.crystal,talent,plus she has simon.
    3.didi.cute,and can sing a little.
    4.lily.different sound,and look.

    1.lee,needs to watch pitch problems still.
    2.alex.great sound ,but lacks experience.
    3.andrew,wowed them at hollywood,but hasnt yet
    4.mike,came thru tonight.


  27. Crystal and Siobhan are the only women with exceptional voices. I can’t yet decide who I like the best. You have to admire Crystal for getting up there and delivering when she is really not well. Whatever her medical condition is (out of control diabetes?), it is zapping her of strength – but you wouldn’t know it. Big Mike is bigtime awesome. He is the only guy with a shot at the top three. Simon wants the show to die so he can get his new show off the ground next year with better ratings than idol. Overall, this is the worst bunch since I started watching in season two.

  28. Yo, get this.
    Every cat is all over Crystal and Im like, whats up wit dat? What happened to her teeth? and she acts like she got all beat up all the time. I hope shes not it pain.
    But yall know, Siobhan is da bomb, right? This gal has rockets strapped to her heals and everyone is so blind? maybe not. Simon acts like an ole stubborn geezer about her. Seems Strange he thinks she is strange. Wierd!, freaky, but true.
    Didi’s got to go. Can you put up with that pouty crybaby face for one more night?! What? Where’s that stage hook?!
    Face it, Lacy Brown is goin down. TaTa Warbly.
    What haps with Paige? She was thinkin about somethin else it seems. Goner.
    Lilly… amazonian singer. Monkeys would approve if she bribed them with bananas. Her days are numbered.
    Kaity. Yes, a bit corny. But corn is good. She’ll make it to the top 8.

  29. Not as good as I expected but Didi was finally singing well. I really like her voice.
    After these three weeks I think the best singer of the girls is Siobhan, and she’s way better than Crystal.

    Going home:
    Katie, Lacey – simply terrible
    Kaitlyn, Paige – wrong songs, deadly boring performances
    We’ll see.

  30. I agree that Siobhan is one of the top contenders. She can sing the phone book. I see her and Crystal as the two top performers. What people are forgetting is that in order for them to become the next AI they have to be as good as Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson. I agree that the contestants need to step it up and tear the house down with their next song choices. AI is becoming a “snooze fest”.

  31. You can’t eliminate someone for one bad week’s performance. You need to look ahead to see who is really able to change up songs and sing different styles of songs to see who is really talented. Some people are saying how bad the contestants are this year but normally you can’t tell how talented they are until they are singing songs selected by other artists and then the contestants are more comfortable and get better each week. People wouldn’t have picked most winners from previous seasons at this stage in the contest. The judges must read the blogs or someone tells them because they were a lot more forgiving this week !

  32. Well the guys did not step it up! Gonna be a ladies year I believe. None of the guys are super safe! Think it will be Todrick and any one of the others leaving tonite. The gals have a few that I believe are super safe – Siobhan and Crystal.
    (oh and Kara – the tears – please – you are not Paula! That was pathetic!)

  33. Marta;
    I’m for Katelyn and Siobhan. If Katelyn gets eliminated I’ll vote for Siobhan for me and you too. Katelyn is from my hometown and I hope she gets through tonight and Siobhan has a beautiful voice. Is it on your television or do you watch it on the Net ?

  34. Janb – I agree. Wished the judges would make up their minds. One week they want them to take a risk, so they do – then they get told they do not know what kind of an artist they want or should be. Has to be so frustrating for the singers. If they change a song up- it is too much or not enough or a song that was too perfect why change it, and so on and so on.
    Thus one bad performance and they could be gone.

  35. Siobhan is HORRIBLE why do people like her?!?!?! She hd that annoying nasaly sound like LeAnn Rimes….But at least LeeAnn sounds good on some songs!!! Enough of this chick. People need to form their own opinions and stop listening to the worthless judges response. pitchy, pitchy, pitchy!!!

  36. Here is the thing. There are 5 girls that can outsing style wise all the guys there. Sad but true. There is the emotional componet that is not being said. It is unspeaken but alluded to in the promos. The top girls appear to be emotionally dammaged. Their lives are not what you would call normal. Does this give them an edge? Yes! At the same time will the pressure
    end up with a burn out?

  37. At least the judges don’t make total idiots of themselves when critiquing the girls. I don’t love any of the female contestants, but if I have to vote, I’ll say Crystal. All the others sound kind of alike to me. If I close my eyes and listen, I can’t tell the difference.

  38. Ellen running up on stage to hug the kid? Simon telling Kara that is enough? Kara crying like an idiot? (trying to imitate Paula?) Not total idiots – just close. I agree with you on the girls tho – as well as the guys! Not much to oh and ah about.

  39. Simon is going to do everything in his power to diminish Siobhan, and yet she can sing. The two girls that are tops are Crystal and Siobhan. I thought the picks this year were the worst I have ever seen on American Idol. I think Cara and Simon need to stop flirting with one another – it is annoying. The word “pitch” is getting to me. I think American Idol will be off the air within two or three years. Once Simon leaves, it will not be the same. He is very annoying – yet people tune in to hear him smear everyone.

  40. I don’t know what to think about american idol anymore..the talent this year has not been as good as in the past to me…tonight i was quite surprised with the ones that were sent home….Crystal and Siobhan are my favorite of the girls…I think a couple of the contestants should have stayed..but watch out next week it may just be their turn to go home

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