American Idol 2010 Top 8 Guys Performances & Phone Numbers

Tonight will be the last chance for the remaining American Idol 2010 Top 8 guys to win your votes and make it in to the season’s Top 12. Last night the girls really improved their performances, though it was a bit slow and sleepy. Let’s hope the guys can be just as impressive but with a bit more energy!

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American Idol Top 8 Guys Performances:

  • Lee DeWyze – Fireflies – 1-866-436-5701
  • Alex Lambert – Trouble – 1-866-436-5702
  • Tim Urban – Hallelujah – 1-866-436-5703
  • Andrew Garcia – Genie In A Bottle – 1-866-436-5704
  • Casey James – You’ll Think Of Me – 1-866-436-5705
  • Aaron Kelly – I’m Already There – 1-866-436-5706
  • Todrick Hall – Somebody To Love – 1-866-436-5707
  • Michael Lynche – This Woman’s Work – 1-866-436-5708

The bottom two guys vote-getters will be eliminated on Thursday so vote wisely! Then don’t forget to vote in our unofficial poll below for who was the best male singer this week.

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

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  1. hey micheal i am a fan of urs.i thought that your performance tonight was awesome and off the hook.keep up the good work.god bless your baby girl.

  2. I think that michael’s was the best of the night, my three favorite guys (not necessarily the ones that did best tonight) are andrew, michael, and alex. I like their voices the best.

  3. I want to Gag -Michael Lynche was soooo bad – sucked is too mild. Idol is pushing him no matter what. He was bad and not pudhing by Idol judges and management can make him good. Soooooooooooooo Badddddddddddddddddd.

  4. I’m not understanding why so many are saying Mike was good tonight. I thought he had terrible pitch problems and the last note was painful.
    I don’t think any of them were outstanding tonight.

  5. I love the way Andrew Garcia sings no matter who says what!! He is original and is the Best. You go Andrew!!

  6. no matter what people said, Lee Dewyze is still the best singer with the best voice to me. I like when he sings our popular current song Fireflies. He should be in Top 5 then!!!

  7. My rating for the Top 8 guys:

    Lee Dewyze- His version of the song was the best, he’s gets better every week, I’m a fan!

    Alex Lambert- He is better last week than this week.

    Tim Urban- Surprisingly better than last week but still not I don’t like him.

    Andrew Garcia- The performance isn’t that bad, even though the judges didn’t like it I can see him really trying..

    Casey James- Good but not great.

    Aaron Kelly- Oh.. I feel bad for him, but he had the worst performance of the night.

    Todrick Hall- Better than his previous performance, think he has a chance of getting through.

    Michael Lynche- Although I’m a Lee fan I think Michael had the best perfomance this week.

    The people whom I think will get through:

    Michael Lynche
    Lee Dewyze
    Casey James
    Alex Lambert
    Andrew Garcia

    On the danger zone

    Todrick Hall(i think his fan base isn’t that big)
    Aaron Kelly(He had the worst performance of the night)
    Tim Urban(He don’t deserve to be in the top 12)

  8. I have to say this is the weirdest season of all. The guys were awful last night I thought. I did like Mike’s performance. It certainly did not make me cry. That was so weird when Kara was weeping. The girls have way more talent than the guys in my opinion. I think this is the last year for American Idol.

  9. March 10, 2010
    We got to see the first 2 guys sing then our local fox 4 channel got hit by lightning which wipe out a 2 state viewing area from seeing the rest of the program. The voting may be off because of this. Seems unfair.

  10. I think that Todrick and Aaron will go home tonight. Simon is correct that Todrick might make it as a Broadway performer, but he does not have it as a recording artist. Aaron has such a small voice and a flat performance style, I’m just really bored with him. I also do not understand the judges’ fascination with Alex; his voice is undistinguished and quite odd, makes me hold my breath waiting for something awful to happen every time I hear him sing. I cringed when it was announced that Tim would sing Hallelujah, as I remembered Jason Castro’s beautiful version of that, but Tim stepped up last night and it was very nicely performed.
    Big Mike was by far the star of the evening–but that said, the girls still have it all over the guys.

  11. I think Todrick is gone. Made Queen look horrible. Andrew and Tim or on the bubble and no one gives the 16 yr old a chance but that kid can sing and is a whole lot better already than the so called famous young guns like Beaver and Taylor swift. But ultimatly i think it is Caseys or Lees to lose on the mens side and Bowersox is miles ahead in the womens.

  12. I really liked Big Mike…think Todrick is going home, he is great, but as an actor, not a recording artist, also Andrew Garcia, I do not see him doing anything special…question..why is so wonderful to get in the top 12 when it is only the top ten who go on tour? Why don’t the top 12 go on tour? Anyone know the answer to that???

  13. Sooo sick of Michael Lynche. What happened to him getting disqualified for breaking the American Idol rules??! Anyway, Go Andrew Garcia! Don’t listen to the judges and try to out-do the Paula cover. Just do your thing!!! 🙂

  14. This is the most boring Idol I have ever seen the guys until Michael Lynche came on put me to sleep they are so boring they all sound the same

  15. I loved the guys last night. I hate to see any of them go. I would rather ditch 4 girls. With the exception of 3, the girls continue to bore me.

  16. tim ur ba your performance this week was really great. keep it up more power.
    you really have an amazing voice.

  17. tim urban your performance this week was really great. keep it up more power.
    you really have an amazing voice.

  18. Aaron kelly i am big fans of yours…You got a powerful voice.You will be popular like David Archuleta.Sing with full of confidence ok

  19. WOW!!! Somebody needed to love TODD!!! He was great and Ryan tried to save him. Maybe Ryan should replace Simon (as if anyone really could be his replacement but Ryan is good.) Yes, we like the others they just aren’t Simon. At any rate, wish I had the $ to invest in Todd. He is going to be selling records for a long time. He reminds me of Pickler who the public sent home and I knew she was going to make it although that was a great year for Idol contestants and a hard one to pick all the winners. This one is good too but … should have kept Todd. I guess it is now GO TEXAS.

  20. Go alex lambert and tim urban 😀 tim urban –> getting a lot better :). alex lambert—> always AMAZING !!

  21. I personally can’t believe that no one has posted a comment on Casey James. It is true this is a singing competition. There are a few really good singers. But, this is AMERICAN IDOL. Idol being the opptive word.
    Casey had the looks, swagger, voice and persona of a IDOL.
    Besides Crystal Bowersox (Not a good stage name, but awesome performer) Casey James is the only one I can really see selling tickets for anything. Yes, Mike has a voice, but I am sorry, he is not an idol, and will fade into the past very quickly.

    Casey James has every componet to be a star.

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