American Idol 2010 Top 11: Reader’s Beware I have nothing good to say

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I started out writing my usual recap of the contestants and their song choices but this is one night when I just can’t do it.  The entire two hours was only bearable for me because of all the people in the chat room.  It really makes an otherwise horrible experience much more tolerable.  This whole season is such a let down.  I love American Idol but can’t take much more of the disappointment. 

The worst of the night was by far Paige Miles.  I mean the girl can’t stay on key to save her life.  How she is still in this competition is beyond me and even more so, how did she even make the top 24? 

And that brings me to Tim Urban.  What a mess!  Idol has sunk to an all new low this season bringing him back.  Did he really think he could pull off Queen??

I know you all love Crystal but is it because she is the only who can stay on pitch and is true to herself?  Would you really go out and buy her albums?  I think she is getting so much great publicity because the others are so bad that she looks even better.  I mean you all know I love Casey James but in the big scheme of things and with that I mean the music industry, he is just one in a million. 

The most improved by far is Lee Dewyze.  If he keeps utilizing what the judges tell him than he could be ok and quite possibly our next idol.  He is the front runner for the guys as Crystal is for the girls.  I’m not even going to mention the screeching by Siobhan because it just grates my nerves.

I saved the best gripe for last lol.  What business did the producers have in bringing Miley Cyrus in as a mentor?  I could understand it if it were a contest for 10 year olds but for this group?  No way!  I will admit that Katie and Aaron were star struck but come on, how much help could she have been?  Obviously not a lot because this was the worst week yet.

Any guesses on who is going home tomorrow night?