American Idol 2010 Top 11 Elimination Results Tonight


The votes have been cast and the results are in. Tonight on American Idol we’ll find out who is eliminated and who moves on to this season’s Top 10. Tonight’s elimination is especially important for those intent on seeing their favorites this summer for the American Idol Live Tour which only includes the Top 10.

To help fill the hour long show Miley Cyrus will return to sing along with performances by Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato. If they’re not your thing then feel free to join us in the chat room while we tear apart the live show!

While we wait to see who got the least votes before sure to share your American Idol predictions on who is going home and then vote in this week’s poll.

Don’t forget to join us tonight when we post the big results live at 9PM ET!

Update: Snark Food is throwing their support behind Crystal for this week’s best.




  1. I think Paige will be going off tonight. I really like her, but I agreed with the critique she received from the judges. It’s unfortunate that she continues to pick the wrong song because she really can sing. If not her, then Andrew or Tim will definitely being leaving the show tonight.

  2. I think Andrew and Paige both delivered horribly last night and it wasn’t the first time for Paige. She’s really, really not top ten, twelve or even twenty material.

  3. I agree that Paige will be going home tonight.
    Dont get the love affair with Siobhan, she is a screamer and thats about it. Screaming is not singing. Crystal is in a league of her own.

  4. I like Paige as a person and wish her the best. I sort of wish that Tim Urban was out over her – but I think his nauseating panderfest to the Squeee Gurls of America in love with his dimples kept him safe. And Andrew is as lost as Paige.
    But Paige was horrific last night, and ought to go.

    Miley’s mentoring gambit was a success for both Miley and AI, and for 5 contestents. Miley showed herself as a non-Brittney. Likable, sharp. Got a fine 2-day intro to a non-Hanna audience of some 170 million that watch American Idol globally.
    AI got a gargantuan wheelbarrow full of Miley fans that will stick around in the millions for contestants Miley just intro’d them to.

    5 contestants that got boosts in confidence or new votes were led by Katie and Aaron who I think were buoyed up by seeing IT IS POSSIBLE for someone their age to do great – and both delivered great performances last night and are cute. Siobhan – remember that the premise of Hanna Montana is a sweet, awkward shy girl who somehow blossoms as a secret rock star at night. And Siobhan is a real life manifestation of that character. Big Mike Lynche gave us the full “I’m a big, non-threatening black male cuddle bear” routine. And then lamely sung his whole love song that night to jailbait Miley instead of the sourpuss looking wife he “gifted with life” – sitting in the audience. And Crystal – who if you knew wasn’t going to listen to a scrap of advice some 17-year old punk was giving was at least respectful on the surface and asked Miley to sign her guitar as a “powerful woman”(faintly nauseating suckup).

    And it could be six- but I hate to think the abysmal Tim Urban’s panderfest to the 5-15 age group female demographic kept him safe. But, I’m afraid it did….

    And, oh please Siobhan – I root for you and hope you were helped by Miley’s fans as much as I think you were – but do yourself a favor and stop with the now-routine screaming.
    The biggest favor the AI producers could do for you is tell you that you are now Rationed to Just One More Scream the rest of the season, and only one-scream per show on the summer tour.

  5. Crystal needs to not listen to the judges and just stay exactly as she is. Different. We have same ole same ole every season. She is a breath of fresh air. She is cool! Love her voice and her look. No, she shouldn’t come on smiling from ear to ear. That’s not her style. Please, judges, leave her alone.

  6. It’s unfortunate that those with pure talent wont win. Many have left that shouldn’t have (Alex, Lacey, Lilly). Too many have stayed that shouldn’t have (Tim, Paige, Andrew!) Oh yes let’s vote for Tim cuz he’s cute – gimme a break girls! He can’t sing.

    I was disappointed in the judges critique of Didi. I thought she did great – what were they listening too?

    Judges went too far with their cruel comments for most contestants. No need for that.


  8. Didi did great! I too was wondering what the judges heard? She did better than the rest last night imo. Siobhan has been my fav – well up until last night – oh that screaming!! She will be safe for sure – but wow. I agree with most – Andrew, Paige or Tim (he will probably be safe tho – they brought him back as a top 24 and have been saving him so far!) Top 3, Didi, Crystal and Lee.

  9. Results show could be shortened to 15 minutes. I don’t usually watch except when there are commercials on Whatever show /I watch.

  10. My Ranking for the top 11!
    On Top:
    1.Crystal Bowersox
    2.Lee Dewyze
    3.Aaron Kelly
    4.Siobhan Magnus
    Middle Pack:
    5.Katie Stevens
    6.Didi Benami
    7.Casey James
    8.Michael Lynche
    Danger Zone:
    9.Andrew Garcia- Everything was wrong about the perfornmance, the song was wrong specially the arrangement and the vocals were wrong.
    10.Tim Urban- It was a combination of a mess and boring! all in all it was terrible!
    11.Paige Miles- Her version of walk away was bad, then her version of smile was worse, now her version Against all odds is worst… what could I say! terrible! awful! dissapointing! she should go home!!

  11. Crystal is boring…she also continue to sing with her own style with same kind… one the other hand, Sionhen is singing with her own style..hitting high notes..and screaming is a kind of art.. and nothings wrong…but those people barking on her are wrong..cos those people need to act as Humenbeing..don’t be dogs

  12. Oh and Paige will be staying for Top 10…. Sorry that ANDREW is leaving …We say GOOD BYE to ANDREW …was not enought to be in top 10

  13. yes Didi sang the good song..nothing wrong with song choice….the judges are like that..once they don’t like..they just don’t like….they choose one favourite already..its not good..thats what made me dislike Crystal…cos if people don’t like judges..they will against their favourite..thats it

  14. Paige has such a powerhouse voice when she picks that kind of song. Maybe it was her laryngitis that made her choose a softer one last night. Crystal makes me jump up and cheer at home each and every time she performs.

  15. Siobhan Magnus is still the one to beat even though Simon’s favorite is Crystal.Let’s face it, most of them are not good at all. I think this should be the last year for Idol. Simon is disenchanted with the talent this year.

    My pick for the top 5 are as follows: Siobhan, Big Mike, Crystal, Lee and Aaron, not necessarily in that order.

  16. NO ANDREW WILL NOT GO HOME! I believe he is a wonderful artist, who is trying to follow the leads of the judges when they tell him to drop the guitar, change up the outfits etc. I think Andrew needs to go back to the basics! And i do believe that if he stays another week, HE WILL shock us all and show us why he is here!

  17. Based on it could be anyone but Crystal going home… And Paige, Lee and Tim are in the bottom three. Siobhan was 4th worst in those rankings too. I think Paige deserves to go home, but Wouldn’t be surprised if Tim , Lee or even Siobhan goes home. We might be in for a judge’s save tonight too!

  18. I really liked Andrew Garcia, both on his audition and in the Hollywood round…. it’s a shame that he’s been sucking freakin ice lately.

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  20. I am still an idol fan (love the auditions). Okay, moving on…….Andrew whom i think is a good singer as well as Paige both did horrible lastnight and definitely deserve to be part of the bottom two. In my opinion the young kid (can’t remember his name) and Katie did well lastnight. Well, i am looking forward to seeing the results tonight…..

  21. When the judges ask,”What were you thinking?? How do you feel about your performance?” They answered, “I was just having fun.”
    Don´t these children realize that the purpose is not to have fun. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity toperform in front of millions upon millions of viewers. They should be singing their hearts out!!!
    I certainly did not get that impression last night

  22. The contestants seem confused about their performances because their are nervous, having problems with song selections and comments from the judge Cara. Her comments are confusing, not a genuine thought of her own and is irritating to listen to. She seems to like the attention rather than helping the contestants in providing constructive criticism. Randy, Ellen and Simon are right on.

  23. Paige will definitely be the one going home tonight, however, Tim, Andrew, & Didi might as well pack their bags in preparation. All of the judges rave about Crystal, but girl come out of the 60’s. Wash that ratty hair, take the post out of your lip, get rid of the guitar, dress in this century’s style at least, and do something current. yes she was great on the Joplin song, because she has that voice. i could never watch her at a concert, and she has absolutely no personality and is not marketable. Even Simon would have a problem marketing her.

  24. There were three last night that stunk like rotten eggs. Crystal you totally rocked it! Young one, you were very cute with your crush on Miley, I would love to see Andrew go. I would also love to see the judges stop being so wishy washy. They all have talent, they are getting told one thing one week and the next the opposite.

  25. Paige and Tim should both be leaving. Have not heard a decent song from them in a while. Katie is medium last few weekd have loved Siobahn but last night the best performance was Cyrstal. Which is too bad with that ratty hair and yellow teeth I do not want her to win.

  26. crystal is a bit too boring for me. siobhan sings well, but her screaming at the end leaves a bad taste in my mouth – it worked once, but since then it has been out of place and irritating. mike is boring, but his voice is outstanding, as is his personality. didi wasnt awful yesterday, but she was far from special. aaron is very good. paige has an excellent voice, but she was absolutely hurrendous last night. she was good when she sang “walk away,” but the judges didnt like it, so she started singing bad songs. tim wasnt great last night, but hes done worse – i see nothing wrong with him running around the stage like that. i thought andrew did well in the semis, but the last two weeks have been dismal for him. katie is very underrated. casey is very good, but needs to hold some of his notes for a little longer. lee is my favorite – i love his voice and style. he can make any song sound good. he is one outstanding performance away from being up there with crystal, etc.

  27. Didi did great????? What the heck were you guys SMOKING??? I didn’t think ANYONE could be worse than Paige last night, but lo and behold, Didi proved me wrong. She was agonizingly and excruciatingly painful to listen to! Two bottom vote getters? Didi and Paige. Andrew will also be gone soon (he just can’t find the right song), and Tim??? I think he just may be our new Sanjaya.

  28. aaron did amazing….i hope he will make it…i’m a little bored everytime crystal sings….the same style everytime she perform…didi has an annoying voice…it’s a kind of a voice you can’t stand it after long hour

  29. dewyze lee is my favorite sing very well is the best and mike lynche although my favorite was todrick alex lambert hall and are the best american idol

  30. I agree with Amanda, fortunately for Andrew, he has a large fanbase and will NOT be going home. He is very lost though. I’m happy the judges finally whipped him into shape. He said tonight “I know who I am and I love my acoustic”. FINALLY. I don’t care if people say that with his acoustic, he’s a “one-trick pony”. It’s who he is as an artist.

  31. Adding to that… Andrew did have a pretty embarrassing performance last night. I was embarrassed for him. I hope he just goes back to the acoustic. He’s gotta do a soft Jason Mraz or Maroon 5 type song.

  32. I like aaron kelly. he is great and tallented.I agree if Paige Miles will be going home,,,

  33. Send Miley C HOME – she was far worse than any of them!! Paige – you rock and rolled compared to this chick! WOW – and she was a mentor? No wonder they all sucked eggs this week!

  34. i felt sorry for paige. I DO NOT LIKE TIM URBAN
    he act so cocky and dont care about the guy he got off i think his name is chris gokely(sp?)

  35. Unfortunately I think Paige was still healing from being sick and it showed in her performance. Sorry Tim but its past time for you to go! seems like a nice guy but not ready for this. Crystal & Siobhan are the top 2 as far as I am concerned.
    Ellen is doing great job I think but what is up with “I’m just not feeeeling it Kara”.
    I think the judges forgot that this is about FINDING “NEW” TALENT not seasoned performers.

  36. My ratings for top 9!
    1. Siobhan Magnus!! She can SING!!
    2. Lee Dewyze
    3. Crystal Bowersox
    4. Casey James
    5. Aaron Kelly
    6. Katie Stevens
    7. Andrew Garcia
    8. Big Mike
    9. Tim Urban 🙁

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