American Idol 2010 Top 11: Reader’s Beware I have nothing good to say

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I started out writing my usual recap of the contestants and their song choices but this is one night when I just can’t do it.  The entire two hours was only bearable for me because of all the people in the chat room.  It really makes an otherwise horrible experience much more tolerable.  This whole season is such a let down.  I love American Idol but can’t take much more of the disappointment. 

The worst of the night was by far Paige Miles.  I mean the girl can’t stay on key to save her life.  How she is still in this competition is beyond me and even more so, how did she even make the top 24? 

And that brings me to Tim Urban.  What a mess!  Idol has sunk to an all new low this season bringing him back.  Did he really think he could pull off Queen??

I know you all love Crystal but is it because she is the only who can stay on pitch and is true to herself?  Would you really go out and buy her albums?  I think she is getting so much great publicity because the others are so bad that she looks even better.  I mean you all know I love Casey James but in the big scheme of things and with that I mean the music industry, he is just one in a million. 

The most improved by far is Lee Dewyze.  If he keeps utilizing what the judges tell him than he could be ok and quite possibly our next idol.  He is the front runner for the guys as Crystal is for the girls.  I’m not even going to mention the screeching by Siobhan because it just grates my nerves.

I saved the best gripe for last lol.  What business did the producers have in bringing Miley Cyrus in as a mentor?  I could understand it if it were a contest for 10 year olds but for this group?  No way!  I will admit that Katie and Aaron were star struck but come on, how much help could she have been?  Obviously not a lot because this was the worst week yet.

Any guesses on who is going home tomorrow night?




  1. It was by far the worst show I have seen since AI began. It really looked like a bad high school talent show tonight. Crystal, Aaron, & Lee are definitely safe. Either Paige or Andrew should go home, it was obvious to me they did not care about their performance tonight.

    And come on, Miley Cirus as a mentor? What were they thinking????

  2. People don’t really give Miley Cyrus the credit she deserves but after tonight I have to admit it, she must have been a great mentor because everyone’s performance have had huge improvements. In fact they all sounded more like recording artist for once. For the most part everyone was pretty good. Tim Urban really has redeemed himself tonight. I’d say only Paige seemed a bit weak.

    If you haven’t already make sure you check out their official public opinion polls on Baduku, the Idols can really use all your support and words of advice, especially Siobhan who’s clearly a favorite but isn’t getting the fan support she deserves online.

  3. I beg the differ abot Paige—-somehow she has withstood every critical statement from the judges on what song sh should choose nd how to sing it—she’s be criticzed badly when other contestants present have sounded awful with an “awf” but were praise for whatever—let me see any of you stand against that kind of pressure and still understand the judges point-of-view and still smile—-they said the same thing about Jennifer Hudson–or have you forgotten???

  4. I can not believe all the black women and men in America and A.I. puts on the four that can not hold a note. I’m thinking they are afraid that powerhouse singers are hard to beat, and are afraid to put them up against caucasian singers.This show is becoming a JOKE, to say that black people can not sing, is what they did this season , and even last season(although I did like Adam)

  5. My guess to a bad season is the judges. We all miss Paula. Simon is cool but can he cover up the mess the other two girls have made? I say not so far. Randy is falling from o.k. to help me Simon. Better judges next season or I say I’m watching Lost. I can’t even beg some one to watch Idol with me because of the girl judges. wow

  6. Oh my this season is sooooooooo pitchy, Crystal and Lee are the best. Siobhan is way to screamy, vs pure talent of singing. Kara has become a judge I would send home.

  7. I really hope Aaron Kelly goes home. Enough is enough. I can’t stand his style.

  8. What a horrible night lol Amazing that at this point of the competition the contestants were so bad in their song choices. I am a Siobhan fan but I didnt like her tonight. As much as pains me to admit for me Lee and Aaron were the most consistent and both sounded the best of all.

    I am fed up with Kara. I just cant stand her anymore. Her comments are as she says to the contestants “all over the place”, same as her hands for Simon’s chicks haha

    At the end of the day the bottom 3 will be Page, Tim and Andrew, hopefully Andrew pulls it up because he really is in danger.

  9. all this talk about who sucks and who dosn’t. It’s true alot of the singers sucked tonight, but not all! However: this Ashley person should be the first to go. It is obvious you have a very limited tast in music and the singers on your playlist. Lee Dewyze?? Really… why don’t you take a look at a few of the polls from tonight, and then take yourself out of the BS you right. The bottom line is good is good whether or not it sutes your personal tast.

  10. Ok umm….are you people for real? C’mon. For starters….Miley was a great mentor. She has accomplished more in her life than most will and is a superstar and about to get a whole lot bigger. She knows the business and she knows how to perform. She also has had a billboard number 1 which is why they brought her on for the theme. Paige was not good tonight but Tim wasn’t either. They should and probably will be the next two off. I agree Kara is terrible. But Ellen is hilarious. And there are definitely some stars in the making. Lee, Big Mike, Crystal all have got the potential to win and be huge stars. Nobody thought Kris Allen was really a winner potential last year and then he found “it” and now he is an idol with plenty of great songs. Idol has not lost anything even though it should have been Kara to get the boot not Paula but Idol is still the biggest show on television and will continue to be. At least until Simon leaves. Then things might change. But till then enjoy the show. It is still very good. And don’t be hating on Miley. Her new movie is going to blow people away now that she is going to be leaving the Disney Channel aspect of Hollywood. She is a young star who is getting better and better as time goes on. AI is still great. And if you don’t like it then why are you bickering and talking about it so much? That is all I have to say.

  11. When is there going to be a wow moment with this group this seasn. This night was embarrassing. . I had to mute the tv at some points. There were two mildy engaging numbers from Crystal and Mike and that was it. Most if not all of them had a deer in the headlights look and walked around like they had a stick up their ass. Oh and is there a number one song that they could have picked from say 1990 or later. Jeez. They all looked like they had something to lose instead of something to win Is it too late to start over.

  12. This is the first year since Idol began that I have watched past the auditions. I have been a Casey fan ever since “Heaven”. I agree that the majority of the contestants stunk. My picks for Bottom 3 are:
    1. Andrew
    2. Paige
    3. Mike

    I think the judges are pretty right on with their criticisms, but Kara is really beginning to grate on my nerves. They should drop her on her ass and bring Paula back. For as ditzy as she was at times, Paula knew real talent when she heard it.

  13. “Any guesses on who is going home tomorrow night? ”

    Paige received a gift reprieve last week, but if shes not the one leaving the contest, the judging is as bad as the singing.

    Aaron is moving towards the top teir, with Crystal, Big mike and Siobhan.

    Wherever fame takes Crystal, who knows, But she is JJ reincarnate.

  14. My apologies for chiming in a 2nd time. But after reading some other comments, my fear is this years AI might be a set of coffin nails. New people tuning in won’t stay, and unless theres a series of miracles, old fans are going to begin leaving.

    I’ve watched every performance since year 1, and this years class (except for crystal, mike and siobhan……possibly aaron) just flat sucks.

    In past years there were 5, 6 or 7 performers who you could root for, and who week to week would out do one another. This year its 2 or 3 who are bored because there are 6+ below them, and therefore no drama. At least not for 5 or 6 weeks when those with talent will finally be working without a net.

    Last, its the judges fault. If they were honest (Simon, who is known for honesty) they’d look into the camera and apologize.

  15. From the beginning, Crystal seemed to me like a Janis Joplin retread or imitator. Then she goes and proves it and sings a Joplin song. Sure, she does what she does well enough, but how marketable is a young singer sounding like a 60’s folk star in today’s music world? I just don’t get it. And for me, she still comes across as cocky and unconnected. Did anyone notice she sat down again after the performance? They did a good job distracting the fact with the whole carpet routine, but still I stay something is still off with this girl.

    Andrew and Paige were by far the worst performances of the night. How Paige ever made it this far is beyond me.

    I still think Siobhan is the most talented and marketable of the bunch. She’s young, cute, quirky. Her voice is amazing. She just needs a little experience and coaching to channel her talent a bit for those who don’t like the “screaming” notes but you have to admit, the girl’s voice has a lot of range. That being said, Stevie Wonder was a horrible song choice for her. I would have liked for her to do something more modern. Still, it was good enough for another week and I’m looking forward to hearing more from her.

  16. DO have something good to say!! That post ROCKED! My favorite one yet!! Except for the comments about Siobhan, I agree whole hardheartedly! You’re DEAD ON with the Miley comments…this little girl’s success is is cuz of her fan’s parent’s wallets…bottom line! You rock Ashley!

    b4real…I’d suggest you take some advice from your name and BE FOR REAL! You’re not gonna find many people to back ya on the Paige thing…she sucks, period! Everyone else seems to manage to take criticism too, so she’s not some big person for taking heat! BTW, I think Jennifer Hudson sucks about that?? LOL

    Jackie…yeah that’s nice, when all else fails, let’s make a racial issue out of it! People have been sent home every week and color has nothing to do with it…geez

    Jake, you got a lot of nerve coming at Ashley like that! 1st of all, Ashley ISN’T on the show! So how could she be the 1st to go? You were trying to be witty and funny, and naa..not funny bro! 2nd, it’s WRITE not right…take your little teeny bopper butt back to school and don’t worry about AI, cuz you got bigger problems! And HELL NO, good isn’t good! What’s good to me isn’t good for the next guy…Music IS Opinion! Most people are stuck on that “basic music” vibe…that’s where you fit in…and hey, you wanna mention polls? Take a look at every poll that says, “American Idol is sucking this year!” Don’t bash Ash, unless you’re ready for some back!

    Ralph, yes we ARE for real…Miley is on top cuz she has tons of little kiddies, with their parents that buy her stuff! She’s got talent but her ego is already way outta control! 16-17 doing love story movies is whack too, but we’ll stick with last night…yeah real nice mentor…her responses and advice were so basic and really offered no help! I mean you could fill in your own blank when she’s like, “If so and so brings _________ to the stage, they’ll be fine”…yeah that’s really good advice, how fake! We’ll see where she’s at in 10 years, when the teeny thing wears off..and AI still great? I don’t know if it was EVER great, but this season sucks for sure, you just don’t realize it yet, but it’s over! Simon’s gone after this year, they’re ALREADY on a downswing, and it’s not gonna do much better going up against X Factor! Ellen hilarious? Come on now… Ellen’s horrible! She adds NOTHING to the show…anyone can sit up there and say what they liked/disliked about a song…it gives a false impression that anyone can be a music producer! And we’re bickering about it cuz this is an AI site, and we don’t like it! Maybe in Miley’s world, everyone sits around and says nothing when they don’t like something, but not in OURS! YOU ROCK ASHLEY!!

    Iandoz…right on! I totally agree about Crystal..I’m not down with that 60’s hippy thing…if she had a hot tub time machine and could go back to woodstock maybe..I don’t see her selling many records after neither..most people don’t have a clue…that’s the problem with this show, everyone thinks they’re a producer in the business now…when the REAL people in the business, laugh at this show and don’t take it seriously at all!
    2nd, I’m with ya on Siobhan! She’s an artist…she’s got talent and with or without the show, she’ll be involved in music! Great post!

    And btw, if some of you haters didn’t like what Ashley said, you’ll HATE what I got to say on my blog about it…check it out

  17. I don’t get the judges’ love affair with Crystal and Michael. Crystal is starting to come across as very cocky and acting like she’s won this thing (for example her proclamation about the “big things” she’s going to do next week) and I’m sorry, but Michael is good, but not great and looks like he should be in the WWE, not singing. I just have a hard time watching him. And would the producers PLEASE tell the guy to STOP PICKING PEOPLE UP when he hugs them!!!! The guy has no boundaries. It’s a covertly dominant thing to do and comes across very bad, IMHO.

  18. This season is in serious need of being rescued. Time for some new AI “rules.” I suggest CASTING off the bottom two from top eleven and bringing back LILLY SCOTT and Alex Lambert. This could be done with a new rule called a RESCUE! Seriously, AI needs to be rescued from this poor cast of characters that is costing the show big time,

  19. I think that you have quite a few diverse singers who will appeal to different segments of the buying public, the world of music is not just pop.
    AS for the judges, they really need Simon or someone of his calibre

  20. I have always been a big fan of AI but- this year boooo.. I blame the judges!! right from the beginning they were totally confusing and contradicted themselves from week to week. I would watch and actually get angry week to week saying “last week you told him/her to do that, now youre dissing them about it”. I can’t stand Kara which has been my feeling since day one with Paula the boot was the biggest mistake they could have made.. They should have just stuck with the original 3 judges -they fed off each other very well and it worked. I blame this awful season completely on the judges.. As for Crystal, well yea she has a good voice but is she an American Idol NO.. she is way to old school with her music — I’m betting on Lee to come out on top.. and as for Siobon I mute the TV when she comes on – can’t stand her look and the screaming omg..

  21. Ok I had to leave early last night but I went back on Youtube and watched the performances. All I can say is that it is true that this is the weakest group I have ever seen on the show. I think things will start to improve and the cream will rise to the top when we get down to the final six. Give it a chance. I picked Siobhan from the start and I am sticking with her. I think she fell into the trap that Simon set for her the previous two weeks though. I think it was done very cleverly on his part. He told her she didn’t have “that moment” when she sang House of the Rising Sun. She did a great job with that song. Then she brought the screaming back and it worked for Paint it Black. Then he told her “It’s almost like you are going to have to scream at the end of every song now.” She took the bait and instead of just trying to perform the song she tried to incorporate the scream. She was mislead. But other than that, I think it was the second best performance of the night. Crystal was better because she was back in her comfort zone. But Siobhan has much much more potential than Crystal because she has a wider vocal range. But she needs to stop paying so much attention to what Simon says and do what she knows how to do and that is vocalize! You can say what you want about Siobhan but so far this season she is the only one who really fills up that stage and looks completely comfortable up there. It is where she belongs and she knows it. And before you ask; no I don’t know her personally but she is just a beautiful person imo. They all keep saying she is different but I think she is just normal. And they are right, normal would be different in this world we live in today.

  22. I think in my opinion, Andrew and Tim were okay. They do NOT deserve to leave. Paige does, fo sure. Andrew tried his best and so did Tim. Tim chose a good song, Andrew
    did quite well. If anyone, it should be Paige or Aaron

  23. WOW folks-out of hundreds of thousands of tryouts, this is it???? Not Good. Don’t think any of them can wow people nor would they sell gold albums! Bottom Three – Paige, Tim, Andrew. Could not vote for Siobhan-too much screaming. Top Three – Didi, Crystal, Lee.
    Any of them could go home tho and I would not a bat an eye.

  24. This season is very poor to the other seasons it seems to be who can be the worse on the night not the best. I agree with the coments on Crystal I dont know why they rave over her Siobhan stands out better for the women In the men I like Casey but he seems like he is only coasting and not putting 100% into it.At this moment for the men I would put Aaron first,then Lee,Big Mike and Casey but it can all change I think Aaron could give the women a run for the winning spot. What makes this year different is the fact that there is too many poor singers so the top 5 dont feel threatened so they give a medium performance they need a shake up

  25. Wow – last night was rough! I think the judges went too far with some of their comments. They were just down right cruel. No need for that. Tim, Paige and Andrew are bottom three. I think Didi sounded great – did I hear something different than the judges? I was quite confused. This will be my last season watching AI for sure.

  26. This is the worst season ever. I have to blame the judges. They should be critized and penalized not the contestants. Even if you looked at the top 24, there was still only 4 decent singers.

  27. I agree that Crystal, Big mike and Siobhan are the top 3 but add Casey to the top 4. But regargind Crystal: WOW. You all wanted to sing Bobby Magee and she did and did she knock it out of the park. I can’t wait to buy her albums. She is definitely the next American Idol followed by Siobhan, Casey and Big Mike. AND Kara & Simon? Way too negative. Can’t wait to see Simon go and I hope Kara also.

  28. Who the heck are you to criticize who can be a mentor? In fact, who are you to criticize anything? The web is great, and terrible because it allows anyone to spout their opinion and because it allows anyone to spout their opinion. I cannot imagine why anyone would want to hang out in a chat room while bitching about a show they’re watching on TV. Totally crazy behavior.

  29. Oh #31 – Too Funny! You are just another opinionated, criticizing participant in this chat room! Feel Better now? Have a great day –

  30. okay i think you all are insane … yes lastnight was not the greatest performances by the group this season. but i do not think that this is the worst season of American Idol …
    i love Crystal , i think her voice and her vib is AMAZING.. Aaron is by far my favourite, that boy has an amazing voice for only being 16.. i think he is going to make it far in this competition.. i most deff think i will be hearing him in the near future on my country channel 🙂 ..

    as for Lee, i must say, i did not like him at all through this whole season.. but lastnight i may have changed my mind. he is actually pretty good. I also am a fan of Big Mike, i think he has a smooth voice, which deff gives me the chills. lastnight i dont think his performance was the best though ..

    all in all , i think andrew or Didi should be going home, i dont think that either of them are as good as the rest..

    i have watched every season of American Idol since it started.. i think E is awsome on this show she brings in some humour which is well needed ..

  31. Felt like the judges bashed Tim so bad in a desperate attempt to encourage America to vote him off. He’s awful!!!get rid of him. To bad they cant just get rid of all of the bottom three tonight. I don’t think I will waste time watching it for a few weeks until its in the top 4 or 5. Bad season and now Simon is leaving. Why are people bashing Kara so much? how do you think she should act and what should she say??? Ellen is good for the show, she replaces the soft side Paula had for the contestants.

  32. #25.. are we watching the same show ???
    Aaron to go home ?? really ?? … he can sing better then almost all of those contestance put together..

  33. I have to agree with most of the comments. This year AI is very weak and the talent that does remain is not being used to it’s fullest. The way they acted like there was so much good talent in the beginning of the show surely isn’t showing at this point.
    I disagree on the whole Crystal thing, but then again I am a old hippie at heart so I would love to hear what kind of originals she has. I think she is appealing because she is so comfortable on stage, a true musician at heart. I love her! However with that being said (lol) she really needs to find something to wow the crowd and bridge the gap.
    Siobhan is probably my next favorite, the screaming can stop now as we all know she is capable of hitting the notes.
    I think my biggest problem this year is song choice. What do they not give these people anything new to pick from??? I would love to hear some of the guys(Andrew for sure) do some Jack Johnson. Do they not have rights to his songs or what??? I just feel with all the new music out there it could be more current.
    I can not sing at all but I love all kinds of music, should that make me a judge???
    Which leaves me with the judges!!!!! I am in total agreement with you all! Something has to give. I love Ellen but not as a AI judge. She really gets to me.
    Lets face it all these people can sing, I can’t take that from any of them. I think my disappoint this year is the fact that last year the kids came out took songs made them their own, original, and shook it up. I am just not seeing anything artistic this season. Other than the straight-up and that really only hurt Andrew as he has not been able to live up to that performance again. I’m sure he has it in him but he needs to find it real soon or he too will be going home.

  34. didi benami if she wins american idol singing good popular songs will make it big in the music industry. but others win it , they will just as forgetting like fantasia, taylor (worst idol winner), adam lambert (most over rated) . we are waiting for the next carrie underwood who can sell millions of records

  35. it will be between paige and tim urban. Predictions Final 4: Didi, Katie, Crystal and Magnus

  36. I think they slammed DiDi too harshly last night. Remember Syesha from Season 7? She did a couple of songs jazzed up and sexy and they like it. I think all the judges except Ellen are not into it and just like to put down the contestants and give them conflicting advice week to week. Yes, a few of the performances were bad as well as the song choices for several of them. I think they heard one good song in Hollywood week and put the person through on that merit. Michelle, Caitlyn and Lily all should have made it further as well as Tyler Grady IMO.

  37. Just my opinion. I would buy an album by Crystal (and, yes, I love Janis Joplin). I enjoy Siobhan a whole lot. I think Big Mike is good and Aaron (who I didn’t like at the beginning) is getting better. I also liked Didi last night, very sultry.

  38. Oh, what a great bunch of talented kids last years group was. I cannot imagine myself wanting to see anyone perform from this group of 11. Who cares who makes it into the top 10? I’m afraid Adam Lambert has ruined AI forever, but he was surrounded by a bunch of talent. Any of the top 5 of last year could have been the winner this year. But, blame the judges, this is the talent they picked. I don’t think they are vested in it. Maybe, Adam ruined it for them too.

  39. I’m not a frequent watcher of AI but I know what sounds good and what doesn’t. Last night’s show was pretty much a train wreck all the way around. With the exceptions of Siobahn Magnus and Crystal Bowersox, every one else sounded pitchy or off-key.

    If I had to guess who was going to be voted off this week it would undoubtedly be Paige. That girl can’t carry a tune in a bucket! I agree with the astonishment of at least one other poster on this forum that she made the top 24 in the first place.

    Personally, I was not impressed with Crystal Bowersox. She’s good, but I think the best singer on the show right now is Siobhan Magnus…if only she’d turn that screech down a few decibels. She’s fearless and takes on new and unfamiliar songs with gusto. Honorable mention to Aaron Kelly, who did a real good job despite having a case of laryngitis.

  40. The only explanation for bringing in Miley Cyrus is that the AI ratings are waaaaay down. And the producer’s know it. No one picks good songs anymore. And no one seems to try and “take risks”. In my opinion, season 5 was the best. Elliott Yamin, Katharine McPhee, Taylor Hicks and Chris Daughtry? best top 4 ever.

  41. I agree in that this season is disappointing. Used to be we set the timer for AI – this year…not so much. I believe that Tim or Paige will be gone tonight. I also think that Kara is one of the most annoying judges up there and she is getting more annoying each show! I think she is fake and “forced” in her behaviour, and I don’t know why they brought her in to begin with. I like Ellen – she adds a “lighter” side with most of her comments, but – should she be an AI judge? No. I also agree that the critiques have been conflicting. It’s becoming confusing to the viewers – not just the contestants, I think! Why they brought Miley Cyrus for a mentor – I will never know. She is a teeny bopper star – her advice was pointless, her life experience on the stage minimal. To see her throughout the show sitting there – chewing her gum like her life depended on it….ridiculous! Would you take advice from her?? I will watch the rest of the season – I think! But next year – I dunno….!!

  42. Who picks the songs this year? do they realize it is 2010? If they are going to do 70-80’s.. what about some top hits? What about U2 or pearl jam..or 3 doors down… or Billy joel..
    Every year it has been so easy to pick the top 5 or the potential winner. This group is tough.. no standouts that are record worthy.
    Big Mike should try some Barry white or Marvin,
    Miss Cape cod should drop the screaming and stick to signing..Crystal should try some more popular singer song writers..this is the first year I truely agree with all simon’s comments

  43. Worst season of American Idol ever. I agree with the poster who said it’s all the judges’ fault. They picked the talent and sent the even better talent home. Randy just says the same tired old things, Ellen is afraid to hurt anyone’s feelings, Kara is way over confident in her opinions and Simon doesn’t seem to care anymore. He goes on at length and says nothing. Best singers, Crystal, Siobhan, Aaron, Big Mike. The rest can go home now, I don’t want to hear them anymore. I can not believe Paige was even allowed past the 3 room eliminations. If I never hear her sing again it will be too soon. While I don’t like Tim, he sounded like Ricky Nelson last night and I think the little girls will vote him through. DeDe is a lounge singer, of the sultry variety. She belongs on a TV show cast as – A Lounge Singer! – Casey can really play that guitar. If he could sing with the enthusiasm he plays, he could really go somewhere. His first week on the stage was his best, but he has’t lived up to that since then. Adam Lambert and the rest of last year’s gang have spoiled the show for everyone else. If we can’t have at least that level of talent, we are not going to watch. I think this is the AI death throes we are witnessing.

  44. i thought miley did a great job last night on can tell she was into it.she was very positive,and gave good advice.i also could tell she had her own favorite was siobhan magnus.after siobhans performance i noticed miley giving siobhan the thumbs well as she stood up and clapped after siobhan finished singing her goes to show she knows talent,and i mean real talent as in siobhan.this silly,funny girl brings it all the time,and she just owns the stage as well.i see her as the winner,or 2ng place but nothing lower.she will have a career in the music business mark my words on that.

  45. This is the worst year EVER!!!! The judges are confused, and so are the contestants, Mike needs to go home his voice is something you hear in church on Sundays, nothing special. Andrew needs help from the wardrobe dept and a voice coach. just give it to Crystal and end it now, she wont be famous but she is the best ther is, and get better jugges next year after Simon leaves.

  46. Next year, after Simon leaves, there won’t be an American Idol. Everything that made American Idol what it was will be gone, and we will only have our fond memories and our season discs and videos. We will have to watch XFactor to see Simon and with any luck, Paula too.

  47. Over the last 2-3 years the “bad song choice” has become the comment da jour. Why don’t the judges spare us poor viewers and offer some song suggestions before the fact. Singers option, to go along or not. But it would eliminate much of the after the fact bs.

    The real competition won’t start until there are 4 or 5 singers left. And Crystal, Siobhan, Mike and maybe Aaron will be 4 of the 5 finalists. With 1 joker, to be determined. My guess…..the 5th entree will be casey, katie or lee, whoever comes up big in the weeks to come.

    Next to go….Andrew, Didi and Tim. Then Casey, Lee or Katie.

    Which brings us to final 4.

    casey or lee or katie winner

    I don’t know singing, but I do know betting………and I’d be stunned if this isn’t how it shakes out.

  48. was a real fan of AI season 8…even when adam lambert only came in second.

    this season needs serious rescuing. i like ellen but she should stick to her talk show. randy seems ‘tentative’ at best. kara..everybody has eyes so don’t have to say much. and what is happening to ryan..he seems to be trying to hard. i love simon. when he leaves after this season…time to stop watching AI!

  49. I am really disappointed in this years final 12. I do like Lee and Michael and feel that they do have a great chance to make it to the Top 5. However, Paige and Tim need to go. Paige had a great voice at the beginning but lost it. Andrew has got to go as well. He just doesn’t have “it”. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mike, Lee, Siobhan, Crystal and Casey in the Final 5…I for one will pull for Mike and Lee.

  50. When are the judges going to take responsibility for this year’s AI disaster? We can not believe how many weak singers there are in the top 11. So many can go and wouldn’t be missed. After all the auditions, I do not blame the singers only the judges!

  51. taymaro..I didn`t watch the show last night..but I do agree on your comments about Siobhan..she is a true natural!!!and has an amazing voice!! CRYSTAL IS ALWAYS ON HER CONFORT ZONE…SOOOOO predictable. And on

  52. And Simon..well he just doesn`t care any more, it`s so obvious that he is as bored as us.

  53. The judges did a good job being color blind in selecting the 24 semi-finalists, but contestants of color have been at a disadvantage since the voting started. In the semis, eight singers of color were eliminated compared to 4 whites. And now there are only two left.

    Mike is becoming a stronger singer since he entered the singer’s boot camp 5 weeks ago. He’s developed a bright, strong point to his voice. He couldn’t have sung “When a Man Loves a Woman” five weeks ago.

    Andrew Garcia looks like a biker teddy bear at this point: it’s ludicrous. He should establish his base, an intimate little ballad, then branch out and show whatever versatility he has.

    We should have known what was coming when 17 year old Miley Cyrus is mentoring people who are mostly older than she is. Miley is the 21st Century’s Annette Funicello. Based, on her performance last night, I doubt that she could have made the semi-finals. Her intonation was off, as was her enunciation. (Randy – that means that she was a little pitchy at lot, and that I couldn’t understand what she was singing.)

    I’m looking forward to hearing Crystal, Siobhan, and Mike sing next week. I see hope for the Casey, Tim, and Lee if they continue to improve. I could care less about the rest.

  54. It will be interesting next week for sure- I have been racking my brain trying to figure out which contestatnt aside from Mike will be able to truly pull off an Usher song..those are powerful pipes to fill…

  55. I am big fan of Aaron kelly.You are cute and handsome.Keep up the good work.You got a powerful voice eventhough you got tonsils.I hope and pray that Aaron will recover very soon .I know you can do much much better.You are always my forever idol.As for Tim you need to brush up your voice.

  56. I knew that life after Adam Lambert’s ever astonishingly fine performances would be most likely disappointing….but dear God, how on earth did these off key kiddies get through, save a couple? I am not the least bit interested in Idol. Last season I was glued to the set and can still watch Lambert over and over.

  57. lol at the person who said this season is so pitchy….then go on to say that lee is the best. lee is only vocally better than Tim urban for the guys. and he looks so nervy on stage

  58. Did anyone notice how R. Seacrest didn’t even bother telling us how many people voted? I mean really, who wastes a text message on this group of losers.

    LOL at Paige using her high blood pressure and her asthma as an excuse for that lousy song. She obviously isn’t ready for the prime time. That being said, no one on this show is.

    I agree, Crystal is considered good because well the others are just awful. The judges really picked a bunch of losers this year.

  59. I like AARON KELLY he is amazing, also CRYSTAL, SOBHIAN and BIG MIKE…. those are the best 4 i think .. 😀

  60. Simon leaving? Oh well. We’re going to miss his professional comments which are always true. I hope whoever comes in is just as good as Simon. Maybe a hermaphrodite? Anyways, I think the top 5 are Siobhan, Lee, Crystal, Aaron and Casey. But this can all change because we haven’t yet seen most of their performances. Andrew just needs to be coached more. And why is Tim still in the competition? Terrible selection of contestants from the judges. But the show is also about personality and not only on vocals. Lee Dewyze and Siobhan Magnus, YOU ROCK!

  61. Hi i love to hear Aaron kelly sings.His voice is so powerful.He will have a bright future.At such a young age and he is so talented.Your voice touches my heart.You will be the best top 5 in American Idol.Hopefully you will be the American Idol this year.You can go very very far boy……I am your big fan boy…….

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