American Idol 2010 Top 11 Performances & Phone Numbers

American Idol 2010 rolls on tonight when the season’s Top 11 singers hit the stage and compete for your votes. The theme this week is songs from Billboard #1’s which is great for giving the singers lots of room to pick. Miley Cyrus will be along for the ride as this week’s mentor. Not everyone is thrilled about that. What do you think?

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American Idol Top 11 Performances:

  • Lee DeWyze – The Letter – 1-866-436-5701
  • Paige Miles – Against All Odds – 1-866-436-5702
  • Tim Urban – This Crazy Little Thing Called Love – 1-866-436-5703
  • Aaron Kelly – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – 1-866-436-5704
  • Crystal Bowersox – Bobby McGee – 1-866-436-5705
  • Michael Lynche – When A Man Loves A Woman – 1-866-436-5706
  • Andrew Garcia – Heard It Through The Grapevine – 1-866-436-5707
  • Katie Stevens – Big Girls Don’t Cry – 1-866-436-5708
  • Casey James – The Power of Love – 1-866-436-5709
  • Didi Benami – You’re No Good – 1-866-436-5710
  • Siobhan Magnus – Superstition – 1-866-436-5711

Tomorrow night we’ll find out who got the least votes and that singer will be sent home so vote wisely and be sure to share your thoughts in our Idol poll below!

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

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  1. Paige was just aweful. I could have done better..she is a going home for sure unless Timmy grew some talent overnight.

  2. Ok so I don’t know much about singing because I kinda like Tim’s performance.

  3. What is the problem with Kara DioGuardi and Simon. She walks out on the stage all over him and she acts like she is in heat with him. She doesn’t lean over and talk with Ellen who is the best thing that has happened to American Idol since it has started. Ellen brings the best out in the show. Kara is acting just like Paula use to act, flirting with the male contestants, silly, waving her hands around like Paula use to when they sang, Kara did not act like that last season. PLEASE GET RID OF HER!!!!!

  4. Paige Miles has a great voice but the genres aren’t in her favor—Siobhan only hits the high notes (flatly) at the end of each song—she should be a gonner—

  5. What makes me laugh is how the judges dislike these contestants, yet THEY are the ones that picked them ?? ! As for me, cancel this season.

  6. I agree brandi.
    This is really the worst year ever, I think.
    Seasons 1 – 8 were good. This year evrything is fallen apart on idol.

  7. Kara has got to go……………she mauls all over Simon and it is disgusting……she is trying to be Paula (which i could not tolerate)……Kara is worse yet……….I shiver when she opens her mouth……….she makes me sick……….what does Simon’s girlfriend think about the way she mauls over him???? It is sick……..I love Ellen and I love Randy………Randy is the best……..people do not like change, but it is like Ellen has been there from day one…………Kara ruins the show……she is so phoney and I simply cannot tolerate the way she mauls all over Siomon……..she is sick and ruins the show…………..Kara has got to go…………please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Yeah agree. ..KARA is disguesting..she is just a slut…and too much action..she looks so awful..please American Idol..can you find someone better ? Appreciate

  9. Crystal Bowersox, This was byfar your best. I love your voice its so diffrent. I do think you do sound a little like jewel. I would like to see you sing something of hers.

  10. I do agree with Brandi and Joy…..this is the worse year ever………..I have watched this show every year and enjoyed it……..there is not one contestant that stands out to me……..not one……..I just cannot get into it this year… is the worse year ever and I will not be watching it again……….but, could you please get rid of disgusting Kara………..please………Kara is worse than the contestants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Crystal did awesome tonight.! &+ Casey James Also. They are my favorite.

    As for Kara half the things she said tonight were completly wrong.! She annoys me.!

  12. Too much contradiction! We all know who sounds good to us! Some of this is preference and subjective! It’s obvious when three say basically positive things and one says another! If Simon went first then the whole panel would change! It is a talent contest and singing contest but for Simon who personally signs most of those he thinks are marketable, its about money! His opinion is the one that counts! If Simon likes you you will go places! The rest are window dressing! Think about it! Even the judges fear Simon because their future is about money! They could care less who actually wins! Feelings vs. thoughts vs. money! Again, we all know who sounds good!

  13. I think they sent the best singers home this season the only competition is between Crystal and Mike. The others are just there.

  14. Ok, Well…The Judges are 1/2 the show, thats what makes the show. Ellen is getting better,
    Simon is just Simon, Randy is ok, but he gets a little pitchy,(lol), and now for Kara, Kara is the biggest flirt ever. She just got married not long ago, and Simon is getting married, and she is all over him. She is trying to take Paula’s place and be someone she is not. Paula is a Great person all the way around. This year sucks. We need to find a replacement for Simon, and now for Kara…

  15. The whole night was BAD. Didi and Katie always look like their in pain when their singing. Getting tired of Siohban screaming at the end of each song (like Adam last year) Casey is by far the best, atleast he can sing and hold a tune.

  16. Crystal, Casey, & Lee are my favorite ones now. All the rest are actually getting old, and boring. My opinion!

  17. I absolutley loved Crystal. I knew she would do good singing that song. I can’t wait until she puts an album out, it will be the first time I’ve bought an album in 15 years. I don’t care about her hair but for all those who have bashed it in the past you all have to admit she looked beautiful tonight!
    As for Kara, I have to agree I am sick of seeing her hanging all over Simon and she seems to never know what she is talking about. I wish they would replace her with Rosie Odonel lol, Or Maybe even Dr. Phil but Kara acts discusting and ruins the show. Crystal you rock awesome!

  18. I have to say,… I think all of us here are really trying to say something…
    We are all trying to say to REPLACE KARA at the same time you replace Simon…
    Idol needs to be a whole new show. Different, ya know…I have so many ideas, that they would just LOVE. I guess if someone from the show see’s and reads these, and they are interested in my ideas they will contact me.
    LOL…Like they would do that…LoL..
    come on lol a little people…lighten up…
    I’m just trying to be a Joy to have around…:)

  19. I just agree with everybody here so far.
    I like Simon’s new show the “X-FACTOR”.
    It’s just like AI, with 4 judges, but…I don’t think there is a age limit. I saw pretty much all the shows so far. Check out the
    X FACTOR on youtube.

  20. I just love Lee, I think he’s getting better week after week, and I would seriously buy his record cuz his voice is so unique and commercial, just like Crystal. I used to be a fan of Siobhan but she is starting to freak me out cuz all she does is screaming in the end of every performance… pretty annoying.
    About the judges, I can’t STAND kara, they need to get rid of her and bring Paula back.

  21. I simply do not like Crystal’s voice, the voice doesn’t grasp me in at all. I have not seen a good country singer since Carrie Underwood. And since that season I have only watched several episodes due to show going down the hill. I just believe that the show does not have any potential anymore to bring great singers anymore. Though watching the Idol for first time in several years I do like Siobhan Magnus.

  22. It is posted on AI website that Paula has in progress a show of getting her own dance show.
    Paula has also already done shows with Simon on the X Factor show.

  23. i think…
    last week is better than this week…
    don’t know why…
    but i always chance my mind…
    like this week my favorite is Siobhan and then next week my favorite is Crystal and then i chance my mind for another week….
    can explain to me why…???

  24. upset with phone lines, can’t get through even on the computer. What is up with the lines?

  25. Well Edo, I think that is because some do better then other times. When they know a song they may do good with it, and if they don’t really know a song that well or at all, they need to practice it. So you see, they all have their good days and bad days…
    Did this help any?:)

  26. My top five pick is:
    Big Mike
    TOP Two will be:
    Casey and Crystal
    and my pick for the winner is : Casey

  27. Can’t vote on phone…..all circuits busy & have been for almost 2 hrs now. What’s up? Can’t vote on-line either. 🙁

  28. Sandy—i’m getting the samething—can’t get votes to go through online—I agree, —what’s up??

  29. Paige really had a problem with her voice, she wasn´t 100% even today we could see that again she was really bad, but someone has to go and regarding all Paige was the one bad. Crystal is really good, but i am a fan of Katie Stevens and today she really show us what she is and which kind of singer she is. Keep doing every week what you did today girl , the best and you will go far .VOTE 4 KATIE STEVENS SHE IS GOOD PEOPLE VOTE , VOTEEEEEEE.

  30. Ugh Aaron is SO annoying and ugly and acts very feminine. Just the way he portrays himself onstage drives me crazy… and not in the good way.

    Tim’s face is the biggest freaking turnoff and he sucks at singing. His hair is the only thing that can compensate…Barely

    Andrew is so OBNOXIOUS. His voice makes me want to cut off my fingers with a rusty spoon. And he’s fugly.

    There are so many crappy “idols” this season who (in my humble and reserved opinion) don’t deserve to be there. Not saying they don’t work as hard as the castoffs but some of the castoffs were much better technically and knew what they were made for. While now there’s a bunch of every day joes who are mediocre and don’t know what the fudge they’re doing.

    That’s my rant for the day

  31. I do think Kara gives good advice at times to the contestents but I think it’s totally rediculous and nausiating her hanging all over Simon. I’m sure the producers set it up that way so maybe people wouldn’t miss Paula but it was stupid when Paula did it. I read on Paula’s web sight that she would not be doing THE X-FACTOR because she could not reach an agreement concerning MONEY. With Simon on the X-FACTOR it’s most likely going to be a hit so I don’t uderstand why Paula would do that. She turned down five million on idol. So many pro players in sports value they’re self worth by the money they make and to me thats what it looks like Paula is doing. In the type of business that Paula is in you have to let that go expecially when you have a good opportunity like the X-FACTOR. Paula, if you let your pride get in the way you could end up not making hardly any money, plus the longer you’re out of the public eye the less money you are going to get offered. As you get older it makes it harder as well. On IDOl my top picks are Crystal, Aaron, and Michael.

  32. Main thing is theat America gets it right when they should…at Grand Final time.Last year they definately got it wrong and the proof is in the pudding already.

  33. For me this season is fixed as is Simon’s last. He said it in an interview underlined. Why make a good show stay if I am going to have a new one? Everything is very well thought, even not to be able to reach the phone to vote. Votes are irrelevant people, this season is the very worse because that is how you sink a boat to make another new one to float 🙂
    By the way I was the first one posting Kara’s attitude haha im happy people are noticing now what I saw months ago. She is just annoying and if the purpose is to makes us sick Man!! she succeeded big time

  34. You want the Top 5..(not based on this week but overall)
    …. oh’ I’m almost always right!

  35. Didi was DEFINITELY the best performance tonight. The judges got it ALL wrong. The song was perfect for her. I couldn’t fault that performance in any way.

  36. I agree with Kim about DiDi that the judges were wrong. Her song choice was ok. I think her performance was good and it was entertaining, but not the best performance of the night. Paige was definitely the worst of the night. Hopefully next week Tim or Andrew will go. They just don’t have it!

  37. kasey james will win simon as usall is a bit to critcle (miley cyrus stinks) GO KASEY JAMES I MEAN IT

  38. I think the judges are horrible. They never get it right. All four of them are cruel and they suck the confidence right out of all of the contestants. They all have potential.
    They could give constructive critizing instead of critical, harmful and down right demeaning. They should be ashamed of thierselves…they chose these contestants, deal with them with respect even if you think they should go home.

  39. Im not a Tim basher, I like Tim’s voice.
    GO TIM! I like his song choice. The judges should be ashamed of the way they all treated him. It wasnt his fault he was called back to the show. There is always an alternate and he got his chance after the other guy couldn make it. Hang in their Tim. Obvious folks vote for you or you would not be there.

  40. This season is in serious need of being rescued. Time for some new AI “rules.” I suggest CASTING OFF the bottom TWO from top eleven and bringing back LILLY SCOTT and Alex Lambert. This could be done with a new rule called a RESCUE! Seriously, AI needs to be rescued from this poor cast of characters that is costing the show big time

  41. This will probably be the LAST season I watch AI. People cast their vote based on popularity and looks, instead of talent. I wonder how Susan Boyle ever won in the UK… maybe the Brits can distinguish the difference between popularity and talent!

  42. Okay – everyone but Crystal and Casey sucked out loud last night. I am so over Siobhan – the screaming thing was like ok at first- now im over it. I honestly do not know how Paige,DiDi, Aaron,Lee and Tim ever even made it this far. Really, I have friends who sing better Karaoke!

  43. In my opinion; Siobhan is Awesome and extremely talented… over-all, she and Crystal both are consistently the best. They know who they are and they always leave you wanting more!! The unbelievable high notes that Siobhan delivers, are Amazing!! And have been appropriate for the songs chosen! Does she need to choose that route every time? No!
    The next in line are – Katie & Aaron, they’re very young and gaining experience…both have great talent and will succeed!! Michael, Kasey and Didi have great voices and
    have the ability to succeed, if they find what kind of artist they want to be and audience
    they want capture!?! Andrew has a unique voice, but can’t seem to figure it out and he seems to be developing a ‘not so good attitude’ – hopefully, he will let that go and figure it out!?! As for the judges; I absolutely love Ellen and Randy!! I think Kara is playing some kind of role, it seems?? But I really like her and think what she says, is mostly, ‘right on!’ Simon, is just Simon! What can you say?? Over-all bashing the judges is a waste of time! Love the show!!
    Very Entertaining!!:))) Have a Great Day! 🙂

  44. And…I do like Lee! He does remind me a little of David Cook – I think he is just nervous and will figure it out! 🙂

  45. i agree with you kathy!! it makes me sick watching kara all over simon like that. i mean her husband was in the audience at once. i guess he doesnt care. but yeah i almost want to turn it because of her. i love crystal and not only because the others are so bad but she is just GREAT. maybe its because i have the hippiness in me like she does 🙂 this is the worst season yet and I think this should be the last season. I love Ellen and Randy. After Simon is gone next year, i think they should just end it all togheter.

  46. Need to bring back Katelyn Epperly and Lilly Scott……that’s all I’m saying!!! AI has totally hit rock bottom this season!

  47. In my opinion, there was one excellent performance last night, a couple of good performances, and then some awful performances. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t feel half of the talent were worth watching. But this year, there are only a couple of singers that get me excited enough to want more.

    Currently, this is Crystal’s competition to lose. She has a very consistent voice, she makes the song her own, and there are times she gives amazing performances.

    I would love to see Siobhan, Didi, Aaron, Casey and Big Mike raise the bar to the next level and compete with Crystal, but right now it just isn’t happening. Somehow, they have got to help these contestants raise the bar. Maybe AI can provide some vocal assistance and help with the song choice.

  48. Also, I thought Miley was mature beyond her years. I was impressed with her confidence and diction, but she didn’t seem to offer any real criticisms of the contestants.

  49. I have loved Siobhan since the beginning, but as an ADAM Lambert fan, I can see where she is going with her song choice, looks and SCREAM. Adam doesn’t scream, he hits high notes and it is pleasant. Siobhan really only screams… other than that I love her voice and looks and stage presence. I think she needs to figure it out that screaming is not the way to attract attention – she needs to hit the right notes.

    I voted for Crystal last night, we all know who she sounds like, but boy she can sing. I wonder about her ability to sing in the various genres, but so far, she is impressive. Likewise Casey, I have liked him from the start, too. He was good last night, but not knocking us over with his performance, it depends on his “song Choice.”

  50. I agree with much of the above. The reality is this is a competition for vocalists who have music talent. We could all have a favorite style. Keep in mind which of the judges have a music background. The silly way Kara acts is not a reflection on her “music abilities” Ellen is great on the show but lacks any music knowledge other than what she likes the sound of. Simon is just Simon and I think Randy is the best, even with the “dude – dog” terms. I believe the raw natural talent lives in Crystal, Mike and Casy. Yes, this year is a dissabpointment.

  51. I think that the judges definitely have some sort of agenda. They overpraise Lee and underpraise Tim as some sort of rule, no matter what the performances are. I don’t think that Tim is the best performer in the lineup, but I definitely think that he has a nice voice and is comfortable on stage. I hope that he sticks around and he begins to really focus. Didi is my favorite, by far. I like Crystal, but am not seeing a ton of variety from her, she doesn’t really connect with the audience, and IMO has a slight “I don’t want to be here” attitude, but that could be due to her diabetes complications. As far as Siobhan is concerned, she is legitimately weird. Not casting disapproval on that, but there is something definitely awkward about her, almost to the point where it is painful to watch, like a car accident on the side of the road. Her screaming is quickly getting very annoying and old too. She is much like Adam Lambert, except for the fact that Adam was trying to be all theatrical and put on an act. Siobhan is honestly just strange. I love Didi because she has a unique and effortless voice with lots of character and power. She is beautiful and emotional and current.

    About my choice of top five: (in no particular order)

    Michael, Didi, Aaron, Siobhan, Crystal

  52. I am also very disappointed overall in Idol this season. I have watched & voted religiously for years & do so this season too. My top picks are Crystal, Lee, Michael, Casey & Didi(some weeks). Lase nite was by far one of the worst. I didn’t feel Miley Cryus was good mentor choice either. Agree too that Kara isn’t herself this season-almost very fake, overdone stuff w/how she portrays herself w/ Simon. Ugh!!! She’s too talented to behave this way-it’s a shame. One more reason to consider not following next yr. First time I’d ever thought this way about Idol. I’ve voted & loyally watched & kept ongoing journals for years! This really is sad-hope the good, talented few can save this season. We have to have hope & keep voting for our favs!!

  53. So far Crystal has been consistent from week to week and given us a unique spin on her song choice (made the song her own). Siobhan won last week, and would have given Crystal a run for her money if she hadn’t supplied the scream at the end. Aaron has one of the best pure vocals, but hasn’t done a lot with his song choice and creativity. There are a couple of other that could rise up and challenge, but they have to be more consistent from week to week and raise the bar (a lot). Hopefully next week.

  54. My favorite is Siobhan Magnus, by far. It seems like everyone else is either too flat, too sharp, not loud enough, or all of the above. What I like about Siobhan is that she shows no fear, she has a huge range, and although some of her screams are sometimes of key a little, at least she goes for it. Anybody who knows anything about singing can recognize that pretty much anybody can sing like the rest of them, but only a select few can reach Sioban’s level of talent. But knowing the majority of voters, they don’t vote based on talent, obviously because they got rid of Lily over Katie. But that’s just my opinion.

  55. Crystal will win in the final vs. Mike. Now you can watch something else until “So You Think You Can Dance” begins its new season.

  56. Beyond a doubt, the worst year ever. Ellen is just a waste of time. She tries too hard to be funny (she isn’t) her comments on singers ridiculous. She hasn’t a clue. Kara? OMG doesn’t she know songs are subject to interpertation. They do not have to be performed with the writer’ intent. As to talent, what talent? I like Mike and Lee. Can’t stand Crystal, Sibhon and Casy. Why are they considered good singers? Can’t figure it out. It’s time to say good night. Show over.

  57. i was so glad to hear Crystal sing a Janis Joplin song! I have been waiting on that all season and I think the judges have to. I think Crystal sounds alot like Alanis Morrisette when she hits the high notes. I love Alanis so that is even better. She just rocks. Even if Adam Lampber were on this season i would still be voting for Crystal! I cant wait to see what shes going to do next week! She said shes going to change it up and not play with her guitar!

  58. I am curious to see how Crystal does without the guitar. My gut feeling is that she is going to flounder a bit and look very awkward. Just look at her during the interview process…

    Her are my wishes for future guest coaches:

    Kenny Loggins
    Billy Joel
    Michael Buble
    Stevie Nicks
    Robbie Williams

    Thoughts on that?

  59. I am so sorry to say that…i liked Crystal…but i find her Boring now week after week…so sorry

  60. I am so sorry to say that…i liked Crystal…but i find her Boring now week after week…
    so so sorry

  61. Here..from Asia…I am so sorry to say that…i liked Crystal…but i find her Boring now week after week…..

  62. Afraid I have to go with the general concensus.A)lackluster season2)unload KdG she’s guilty of verbal diarrehea and much too hands on Simon.Contrary to several ,I Do like Ellen who seems to have a greater respect of these young peop;les feelings and also not a bad ear. This is supposedly Simon’slast year .I am a bit nervous of the longevity of this show without him.They better pull their socks up .Why not have Adam Lambert as a guest judge? HE’ed be more apealing than Miss Cyrus.
    Thanks for reading

  63. It would not be a great idea to have Adam Lambert on as a guest judge. If you want past contestants, why not pick someone who actually won? I would say that Kelly Clarkson is a safe choice…

  64. Crystal and Casey were the best…I like Shibohn but cannot stand the scream she puts into each song….I do not understand why the judges are so surprised by the lack of talent..they are the ones who put these kids in..I think Paula was the one who could recognize talent…it shows that none of the judges who put them in can tell who is talented or song does not make you a star i.e. Andrew Garcia….not blaming Ellen-I do not beleive she was in on the final ones making it….she came late, so we cannot blame her….but really, these are the best around the country? I have more talented people in my home town of Dallas, PA than they have in LA

  65. The worst one on the whole show is Ryan. He is a terrible host. Overall last night was a flop but I will stay a fan next year if Ryan goes away. My true Idols are Adam Lambert and Susan Boyle.

    I am a 62 year old woman from Boise, Idaho.

  66. I don’t think that Ryan Seacrest is a bad host at all. He has great composure under adverse circumstances and really supports the performers when they need him. He has a great speaking voice and excellent stage presence. I think that the show’s producers are steering the judges in the wrong way though.

    That’s the big issue, in my opinion.

  67. What’s all the fuss about Crystal? Yes she has a nice voice but all her songs sound the same. Booooring:((((( I can listen to a voice like hers by visiting the local metro station any day of the week. Too many Crystals playing their guitars, lost in the far out lands…

  68. I have a feeling that Paige Miles will be the next contestant to go home tonight, according to my predictions.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  69. My top five pick is:

    …So tired of Siobhan screaming…

    TOP Two will be:
    Casey and Crystal

    and my pick for the winner is: Crystal

  70. I really don’t like Paige Miles’ voice. It should have been Didi singing there and also Tim, Alex deserves to in the top 10.

  71. I think Ryan is a great host and perfect for the show. I would love to see Adam Lambert back for a special song this year. He and David Archuletta and Mandisa Hundley are my three all-time favorites…super talented vocalists.
    This year my top 5 are Crystal, Big Mike, Lee Dewyze, Casey James, and Soibhon. (I like Lee quite a bit.) My 6th choice is probably Aaron.
    I do not care for Kara. I suspect that she and Simon have been instructed to flirt with each other. That could be why the husband and the girl friend don’t complain. This show is all about ratings and making money. They do what will make people want to watch, but this time they missed it. Its pretty disgusting… And also, I think the show decides who they want to win and who they want to go, so the judges try to influence voters in that direction. Some good performances they don’t like, and some bad performances they love. Strange???

  72. V O T E – F O R – C R Y S T A L !!!!!!!!!!

    MY TOP 3: (in order)

    I think the X FACTOR will take over
    American Idol.
    I think they had it right the first time when they had only 3 judges, Simon, Paula, & Randy.
    Check out the X FACTOR on youtube.
    Paula does a few shows with simon on there.
    But I guess Paula is consderating getting her own dance show going.
    Well season’s 1-8 on AI were really good, but it’s now going down hill.
    It is the end for American Idol, unless they change it all around for the better.

  73. American Idol 2010 is the worst American Idol ever! I can’t even watch it because I don’t think anybody is worthy of being the American Idol. When the judges said at the beginning that this was one of the best seasons I figured it was just for publicity. The year that Fantasia won American Idol was the best year ever!

  74. I love tim urabn he is the best he is cute and a good singer everyone out there plzzz vote for him i love u tim<33333 u rock my socks<3333

  75. oh god can some one please do something with kara! she such a phony person. acting like she paula. she never will be her. ellen hit the nail on the head last night when she said she seen people go who shouldnt have gone. boy is she right . i like katie and tim they are growing on me. i do hope they vote kara off bring in shaina she be a hit with .

  76. Yeah right! Bring back Lilly Scott and Alex Lambert! I think Lee has better vocals than Casey… Casey has more stage presence though. It also seems that Siobhan is nothing when she doesn’t scream. She should control her screaming singing or else people will get tired hearing her songs.

  77. SERIOUSLY, THIS YEAR SUCKS!! they should just cancel this whole season! what a joke!

    And kara is a loser! she should just do her job and stop being a pain in everyone’s backsides!

  78. I’m not too impressed with any of the contestants. Not really sure I care who wins. I still have Adam Lambert syndrome—almost impossible to have anyone better on AI. What an entertainer!!!! Kara is pretty icky this year. She is so prissy and I guess she’s trying to flirt with Simon, but really doesn’t quite know how to go about it with any maturity. Ellen is adorable and a great judge–so glad she’s there!

  79. This is for sure the WORST year ever.
    This AI show is supposed to be about the contestants, …but, the Judges are playing a game. Kara started flirting with Simon, and sitting next to him, because she does not like Ellen, and did not even talk to her that much like she did the other lady Guest Judges.
    I’m sure some of you know what I’m talkin about. America Idol is not the same.
    They went to the same places to find talent, but…that talent was used up already. They should have went to other states to give others a chance, for those who can’t afford to travel somewhere to audition.
    They should also have limited calls per number to vote, so others can get through that want to also vote. This AI show is a little messed up in certain spots, and now it’s getting worse. This is a really bad year.
    I really thought AMERICAN IDOL was better than that. But…I Guess Not !

  80. What’s the point with Kara acting so trampy with Simon if she WAS told to do that?? Do they REALLY think that helps ratings? They’re getting desperate….it looks so highschool! Ellen’s doing a great job by keeping things light & fun & Ryan’s definitely the best host.

  81. Last night, on almost every review Kara, basically said “I agree with what Ellen said”. Why have Kara, either she should stop acting like she’s had too many wine spritzers and move her chair closer to the center or get off the stage completely. As long as she agrees with Ellen so much, she just prolongs the agony. Also, I wasn’t so sure about Ellen being a judge, but I agree with what some others have said. She brings much needed humor to the show and I agree with her, just as much as I’ve agreed with Simon.

  82. Crystal Rocks!! wants to see her perform without her guitar..can’t wait to see the big plan she have for next week!!

  83. honestly,there are 2 great singers here,and the rest are a notch ot two below.the top singer is crystal,but here nemesis is closing,and closing fast.and that would be siobhan.ok she doesnt have the vocal training others may have,but she
    has other facets she brings.looks,personality,stage presence,star makeover potential.and she can sing.

  84. I would like to see Lee DeWyze sing a Colin James song and Andrew to sing La Bamba. I think they would do awesome jobs.

  85. okay…let’s get this all straight.
    paige so deserved the boot tonight. Tim, Andrew, Didi, and Katie (although not deserving bottom three status) all did pretty badly. They will be the next to go unless they get into the game seriously. Siobhan is a weirdo, but she does well (just don’t personally like her…), Michael and Aaron were just pretty good, but Lee and Crystal…they’re really spectacular. Casey rocks too. Not too great this year…:(

  86. Ellen is really good for the show. She does bring humor to the show. Ellen is trying so hard to be a good Judge on AI, and I think she is improving. Ellen is starting to feel more comfortable at the table. Simon will always be the head guy for a Judge. Randy is a good Judge. Kara is a good for nothin wanna be.
    Kara really gots to go. She is wrecking the meaning of the show. Ryan is perfect for the show. My top favoite is CRYSTAL BOWERSOX.
    ***** V O T E – F O R – C R Y S T A L *****

  87. i am not happy with todays choices on th e show someone has post they need to change things on this show frist get rid of kara, 2 holly wood week, let the fans in on the choice picked like tues and wed they look at all the pictures and we the people vote who shpuld stay and go and on thurs we see who stays and goes the judge can work ed out from our picks. i will still watch the show and still vote, my choice replacement for simon is gene simmons, kara replacement is shania or momma judd and daughter judd?

  88. Crystal is very talented , but to me she is a copycat folk singer – a janis joplin wanna be, lee reminds me of creed – casey just as simon said a cover band is all he can do- arron typical country singer sings through his nose like randy travis- shonobi can scream good- katie to deep a voice and style for her age- mike a luther van wanna be- andrew puts to much of a latin style to anything he sings- and tim shouldnt even be on i seen tons of karaoke performances better than him- the one who truly is differnt and has the most unique voice is Didi- she dont copy no one and her voice is fantastic- Ive listened to all the performances over and over and everytime i do she always sounds great..She is not my fav just because like alot of people they just pic on personality and even race- she justs has the most unique voice of all —So Go Didi

  89. Crystal, wow what can we say? She is a very talented young mom. Why do people keep referring to her as a hippie? I love that she is different and she is not cut out of the same cookie mold as most of the music industry singers. And why does Big Mike always seem to want be the center of attention? He can sing but he can NOT dance! We don’t need another Luther Vandross sound alike. Aaron is young but he has a really good voice and tone. Lee has a great sound too, he would be a great frontman for radio rock like Daughtry.

  90. Not sure what is the deal with Paige, but after her performance on last night she deserves to get the “save” vote from the judges, I think she clearly showed that she has stage pressence and can sing!!! They need to save her.

  91. I vote for crystal Bowersox. She is going to go places, and persue her dreams. Crystal is getting more comfortable on stage, and she is going to put on a show tuesday night. She hinted that she was going to be without her guitar at her next performance. I think she is the next American Idol. She is just very talented, and that girl can sing.

  92. how about Andrew GrAcia?is he is nt good enuff? i thnk he’s special n his voice very unique..wish him success n get the top 5 place…ameennn…

  93. The bottom three, in my opinion are Tim Urban, Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens. The top group is probably Crystal, Siobhan and Didi with Casey and Lee coming up close behind. The next group is Aaron and big Mike.

    After Tim and Andrew are eliminated, the final 7 will be very interesting to watch. Some of the performers are very comfortable on stage and some are scared to death.

    I have a couple of friends that have attended the competition and I have heard a couple of times that the best practice by far is Didi, but by the time the show starts she gets stage fright and her voice cracks and she doesn’t look nearly as polished.

  94. oh god please lets wrap up this AI.I have always loved this show and would EAGERLY await its weekly arrival with at least four favorite singers who won my ;loyalty and devotion. No longer and dont think it will be a must on my future viewing circuit. Its a bit irritating like the “go compare” insurance ad being sung in duet form by KDG and
    ryan Seacrest.


  95. In past years wasn’t there great performers that were mentoring the singers. Myley was the worst singer of the night.

  96. I DEFINITELY agree! Miley doesn’t have that special quality in her voice & talk about “pitchy”! She’d never make it as an AI contestant!

  97. I believe they brought Miley on to get younger people to watch AI. In that regard, I believe it worked. However, I do agree that the contestants need better mentors. This group needs a lot of help.

  98. We love watching American Idol in South Africa. I agree that contestants would rate as good, bad or indifferent. Let us not berate these very brave people, when some/most of the mud-slingers cannot even spell or string a coherent sentence together. Good luck to all!

  99. I could tell there was something special about Crystal when I saw her at the Hollywood auditions. I’m wondering if she can sing other types of music or is limited to Country Folk music. It worth the wait to watch to see her on American Idol each week and it gives the show that extra added interest. A singer like Crystal that is natural and sings from her heart will always be a winner. I like her honest down to earth attitude.
    Like most people I’ve become addicted to her singing and have played back her performances many times. I also enjoy listening to the songs that she has written as a talented song writer.
    I wish you a successful singing career Crystal.

  100. Casey was fantastic last night. He & Crystal are my favorites although I really like Didi, too. But they all have great talent so won’t be disappointed in whoever goes the distance.

  101. I find Ryan quite entertaining. Its comforting to know America really does vote, as it does seem there are some favorites within the judging panel, as we all do. I disagree with the ‘save’ option, which to me negates the entire voting process of the people. Mike does have a voice, but had the lowest score. Life is not always fair. Siobhan does not ‘scream’, rather she has the gusto to go for high notes, higher than most of the others. That is commendable. Kudos to all of them!

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