American Idol 2010 Top 11 Elimination Results

Update: Snark Food breaks down last night’s results show with a great recap.

The Top 11 have sung, you’ve placed your call-in votes, and now all that’s left is to reveal the results. We’re about to find out who will be eliminated tonight on American Idol 2010 and who will move on to the season’s Top 10.

Based on your votes in our Top 11 performance poll I’m seeing the trailing contenders for tonight’s elimination: Paige and Tim with Katie, Andrew, and Michael tied for the 3rd place. Who will it be?! I’d guess Paige.

Join us in the Idol Chat room as we wait to see the big reveal.

American Idol 2010 Top 11 Elimination Results’ Bottom 3:

  • #1 – Paige Miles
  • #2 – Tim Urban
  • #3 – Katie Stevens <-- Ryan reveals she is safe this week.

American Idol 2010 Top 11 Elimination Results:

  • Eliminated: Paige Miles

Simon told Paige that it didn’t matter how she sang at the end of the show, they would not be using the Judges’ Save to keep her another week. Harsh, but honest.

Did America get the vote right this week? Share your opinion!

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.




  1. Paige is not ready for the competitive world of the music industry. Her heart did not seem to be in it for the past few weeks-It is the right choice

  2. i guess Paige deserved another shot as she’s got a great voice. Andrew would have been the one to go this week after contineous boring performances week after week.

  3. Paige had a really nice voice—I guess the larengitis did a number on her vocal cords—only two minoriies left-huh

  4. Yes Edrick..Correct…ANDREW is boring…he acting cute to get votes…i can’t stand his boring voice…

  5. I wish the contestants would start taking some risks and stop giving america those boring performances

  6. Paige’s performance was astonishingly bad and it’s a shame because there is so much potential there. Nevertheless, based on her performance Paige did deserve to leave. Shout out to Big Mike who was on fire last night and was by far the best performer (I think the judges were deliberately being hard on him because he is so obviously talented) – GO BIG MIKE!

  7. For next week – ladies – take a look at Dionne Warwick’s Anyone Who Had a Heart, Janis’ Cry cry baby and Leslie Uggams; guys – look at John Lee Hooker, Taj Majal, Leadbelly, Roy Orbison, grateful dead, Otis Redding, some of the Rolling Stones too.

  8. im actually glad paige went home. i think her performaced last nite was not good at all and i think she was at her bottom.

  9. I can’t believe that the judges didn’t save Paige. She has an incredible voice. Tim should have gone home a long time ago. This is supposed to be a singing contest. Shut your eyes and listen to him sing. If it wasn’t for the teenyboppers with crushes on him, he’d be gone.

  10. America got it so right Paige has not had a moment this whole contest. Based on how bad all of her performances have been she so deserved to go. And why would the judges save someone that has did nothing to earn it this season

  11. cos he is good..Judges just give a harsh on him.. he is not that bad…give him a what he likes to do…thats it

  12. They got it right. She has the look and she can sing, but she has not done well for weeks. Tim may not have sang great, but it wasn’t painful like Paiges last song. I hated that Alex Lambert didn’t make it. I thought he was better thasn at least half of the 12 that did make it. I was hoping they would do like last year and have 13 to start the show.

  13. They sure did, I voted her off last week. Nothing personal. But she should have never made it this far. Who picked these people to compete this year?

  14. Tim Urban or Didi Benami should have been voted off. How could Simon say those horrible things about how not ready Paige Miles is for the big stage when two weeks ago he told her that she was the best female vocalist in the group. Paige Miles did need more self confidence but she was much better than Tim Urban who is so boring and corny and Didi Benami just can’t sing and just kinda sleezy Simon told her that she was no good last night and how she got more votes than Paige or Tim or Katie is bewildering. Paige is so good some recording artist will pick her up remember Jennifer Hudson!


  16. Right now I can tell you that Randy,Ellen,Kara and Simon are bitting their nails ! Did you see the look on their face when she sang her “goodbye-song” .. They were like :What did we just do?! Paige has a great voice and even better than some contestant still in the race.. She just stopped giving the best of her but she definetly should have stayed and she did not earned all the bad critism that the judges gave her.. Thats my opinion

  17. I dont have anything against Tim but if he hadnt sing Hallelujah (wich btw is why I respect him, cause I think its the only song he that he nailed) he would have been out !

  18. Heck yeah! If this would have been a couple of weeks ago, I say no, but her performance last night would not have passed the 1st auditions.

  19. Yeah I know me too last night I was dissapointed but it was not a good nigjt for almost everybody . There was this virus who came a week ago and it totally messed up the voice of many of them so that’s why the performances were poor this week but after seeing Paige’s performance tonight , nobody can say that the girl doesnt have her place there.. Okay she’s out .. Its done , but seriously the girl would have gone far.

  20. To “Be4real”:
    Ya, this is all about race huh? Only 2 “races” left…who are you man and what decade are you from???? Paige is super cute and has potential but the girl CANNOT get over her nerves enough to sing well. Stop trying to make s*** out of nothing and “BE FOR REAL”! I am so sick of skin color influencing the way people view american idol. Or everything else for that matter…peace out.

  21. Tim stinks. He is horrible. I feel the same way that Paige was horrible. She didnt earn her place on American Idol, though she has a good voice. But since she kept singing badly, we cant keep giving her chances. She didnt prove herself

  22. Tim should’ve went home! He is cute and a good guy I am sure…just not a ‘star’ in my book! He will be gone very shortly. I really liked Paige. She was just having a really bad week. Too bad! I will miss her. What a cute girl!

  23. Tim should’ve been the one to go home! He is cute and I am sure a good guy, just not talented the way American Idol needs. Paige was better than he was, just not last night! Too bad! Paige I will miss seeing your beautiful eyes on that stage! 😉

  24. After the results tonight seems to me that the rest remaining have to really sit and think very carefully what to do next and to do it well. These past weeks have been very predictable, still I think Tim will be going soon if not next week but I am really concerned about Andrew who is one of my favorites. I am not certain if someone coaches these guys and “suggests” what to sing or the songs choice are theirs. Andrew PLEASE pick something that suits your style, you are such a good singer 🙁
    One by one will have to be eliminated but at the end my prediction has changed (unfortunately) instead of Andrew I think big Mike will be on the top 3 with Siobhan and Crystal. That is if the teens get back to their senses and start voting for a real star instead of a nice face.
    On the judges side I am concerned about how they are leading the contestants. I feel contradictions all the time between them. Wish Kara kept her mouth closed and her hands on her pockets lol

  25. TIM!!! TIM!! TIM!!! Tim, you had better leave from the screen. You are so annoying with your songs and voice. Paige had some bad luck with health issues and some mistakes but she CAN sing, not TIM!!! He should have been gone long time ago since they tried to get him back. As Simon said that he should have not come back. I totally agree with it. Paige, cuttie, I will miss you. Hope you find a good contract and will be much more successful than Tim or Andrew. They both didn’t deserve a spot!

  26. paige sounded terrible although i do like her was close between her and andrew.

  27. I am so disappointed in the quality of the singers. Most of them are of average ability unfortunately.

  28. i hope casey james makes it to the top 4..he really can sing. Maybe he doesnt prance around the stage as some would prefer if he did. But thats just who he is…great voice, great looks and personality. 🙂

  29. casey james is deserving to be the next american idol. he has amazing voice. he sings well and rock at all. he has a great personality. i love his smiles and eyes….go go go casey…

  30. The right decision was made. Paige can sing but she has no originality. Same goes for Katie Stevens, hope she gets eliminated nect week, she’s simply irritating 🙁

    Tim Urban is not all that bad, so please people, stop writing him off!!!

    Andrew Garcia…eeeeeks!!

    Hope Lee wins this time, now that Alex Lambert is gone !! All the best to Lee!!!

  31. As a viewer from Scotland, I don’t get to vote, but I just don’t understand why Tim, Andrew, Katie and Siobhan (someone please stop her screaming) are there in the first place! Paige should have stuck to rock songs, her voice didn’t suit ballads, but no-one seemed to tell her that. PLEASE AMERICA.. get rid of TIM, he is DREADFUL. Crystal is the best singer but has no personality, same with Casey who is excellent, handsome, but stands like a block of wood. I have loved every series of IDOL, but this is the WORST ever, by a MILE.
    I think it is glaringly obvious Simon is totally fed up with it all now.

  32. I think Lee is the popular one so far and that other guy that Kara DioGuardi seems to love thats always playin the guitar n all… But unlike last yr you can’t really pick a favourite cause there aren’t very many people that stick out like Adam Lambert last yr!!!!!!!

  33. I think America made the wrong decision. I mean, we all know that Paige is really a great singer but the problem with her is the song choices that she makes. If she has chosen the best song for her this week, i am 100% sure she’ll be safe. I also think that America should have given her another chance but that the way life goes. God bless to her and to all the contestants.

  34. I think the best people are Casey James, Mike Lynch, Crystal Bowersox and Lee… But unlike last yr not very many of them stand out like Adam Lambert last yr and what’s up with Siobhan’s screaming, last weeks painted black was painful man!!!!!

  35. Hmmmm… Let me see….

    Crystal is by far the most talented.

    Michael has by far the most personality.

    Screeeeeeching Siobhan seems to be most popular.

    I am glad Paige went. But the girl can sing. I think she got to the point where she realized that she did not want to go out on tour with this bunch of non-performers. Remember, no one turns that bad overnight, and I think that Simon spotted it and tried to comment on it, when he said “she stopped performing”… This was not by accident.

    Crystal will win, because at some point she will develop some personality…

    Lastly, has anyone else noticed that Casey has got absolutely no Rhythm, and can not dance to save his life??

  36. ooops……. lastly , lastly (lol)

    Paige did totally nail her closing song on the show, to prove that she really can sing. So now, I am even more convinced that she sang so poorly on Tuesday on purpose because she no longer wants to be associated with such a poor event. With Simon gone, next year, so goes Idol too!

  37. There is no outstanding talent as a singer this year. We a few good musicians (Casey, Crystal, Lee) but none of them gives us the so called “wow moment”.
    Unfortunately there are simply terrible ones: Aaron “I sing for the housewives ‘cuz they think I’m cute Kelly, Tim Urban, Andrew Garcia, Katie Stevens.

  38. Paige seems like a sweet girl but, based on her last performance, it was time to go. At this point in the competition they cannot afford a “bad” performance. They ALL have to be on top of their game. I commend every one of them. Every journey begins with that first step. They’ve ALL taken that.

  39. Paige did have a bad couple of weeks but she had more potential than many of the final 10.

    Siobhan-the judges have pumped her up to think she can really sing or as they say hit that high note-sounda like a cat in a bag- please let her listen to Minnie Riperton or Mariah Carey to hear what a high note sounds like and it is not what she is doing.

    It will be too funny if Tim wins he can’t sing/dance a lick or Didi who can’t sing either- It will be like when their soul man / Taylor Hicks won- he could not sing or dance too funny.

    Cara is to annoying and agrees with everyone:

  40. Paige can obviously sing, but nerves and poor song choice was her own ending.

    My Top 3 (not in any particular order)
    Aaron (Turn it up) Kelly
    Crystal (No doubt) Bowersox
    Siobhan (Please hit the high notes without screaming) Magnus

    Good also’s
    Casey James
    Katie Stevens
    Michael Lynche
    Didi Benami

    Good bye’s
    Andrew Garcia
    Lee DeWyze
    Tim Urban

    Bring back from the dead
    Alex Lambert

    A.I. Pole. Who left too soon? Lacey, Alex, Lilly or Todrick.
    Lacey 4%
    Alex 89%
    Lilly 7%
    Todrick 2%

  41. This IS the worst Idol season by a mile! About 8 of them should go home, and could do it now. Sad, really. I still remember that nice girl that didn’t make it to the top 24 who was AWESOME. Instead we get Paige. Really?!?!

  42. Even though Andrew still struggle with the song choice,i still feel that he’s got the most unique voice and talent.its just that judges and sudden fame’s confusing at the moment.he’s go the potential to reach the top.and once he signed a contract with full professional recording,i cant imagine how high he’ll fly.Go Go Team Garcia.We love you

  43. Here is what should be done in my opinion at this moment:

    Next week, they should announce the top three (crystal, michael, siobhan/casey) instead of the bottom three and wrap the season in the next 3 weeks because there is no point in wasting the time on mere average talent. Paige, tim, andrew, katie all deserved to go home this week and the others lee, aaron, didi are not going to win anyway lets face it.

    So thats the better thing to do.

    I still cant believe Alex is not there and tim is.

  44. Yes, America got the vote right. I found it odd, however, that Paige sang her exit version so much better than when she competed. I figured the hoarseness of her voice had subsided a bit more in a day’s time. Gee, what a terrible misfortune for her. I believe she has potential for a singing career, however.

  45. Yes, a week or two late with a good singer eliminated before they figured out she wasn’t working out.

  46. I totally agree with Corrie. This season has the worst batch. I don’t really care who leaves next. In fact let’s send 9 of them home and give the title to Crystal who has the most potential. I can’t work out how these got chosen for the top 24 out of thousands who auditioned.again and I’ve said it before, Adam Lambert was so outstanding last year and we have noone like him so its all very very drab.

  47. I thought Paige was lucky to be around this long. It’s going to come down to KC and Boxersox, with the four-eyed Latino as a sleeper.

  48. This season has know real sparks in it for me. I have not yet been to thrilled with the talent this year. I believe the Judges are bit frustrated with the crew too. There is good voices but none has really brought that excitement or become a favorite to me. I can walk away from the TV and feel I haven’t missed a thing. Just how I feel.

  49. I think Simon was a little harsh, although he was honest…I still am surprised that Katie was in the bottom should have been Garcia..either Paige, Garcia or Tim Urban would have been fine…I will not pay to see this summer concert…disappointed in most of the final ten..really only like Crystal and Casey and will not spend that kind of money just to see those two.

  50. I’m still so confused why everything thinks Crystal deserves the title so much- her sound is not current at all. Even if she does win, I would not see people going out to buy her songs because that is not the type of music people listen to. Someone above said she is not one of the top vote getters, and I can understand that because her sound is not connecting with people. I am not a teenager and not basing my opinions on looks, but I think that Lee or Big Mike have the most potential to win- their sound is more contemporary, and I could actually see listening to them beyond AI.

  51. People keep saying that sickness has caused bad voices….I disagree…Tim/Page and Andrew were doing bad before the excuses…these 3 do not belong in the top 10…what were the judges thinking when they picked the top 24 even. I think except a few, they are all bad this year, or at least not deserving of the top 10. So disapointed in IDOL, glad it’s the last year for Simon..hopefully he’ll bring us some better talent w/ a new show. I know of 10 people off hand who have stopped watching idol because of poor performances. I think the only good ones are Crystal, (and I am not sure she’d be the number one if there was better talent like previous years. Big Mike and Siobhan are very good I think.

  52. Yes, the got it right, but why Katie botttom three, for a sixteen year old,she is pretty good.Here in Canada we all like her,do you people in America not hear very well, Andrew is not a good singer and oh my god, Didi is just horrible, she slinks around and really she is no good, get her off the show, seriously, then you have Chrystal who is good but she is no American Idol, there always could be the first hippie for Idol and thats her, carpet and all. weird.

  53. I thought the same thing that Paige sang better last night I actually thought she was singing a different song. To bad she had gotten sick, I think that had an effect on her self esteam and I got the feeling she was expecting to go home and a little releived. The best singers are Lee and Crystal but they are so mellow need to step it up a notch

  54. Right call last night, but not happy with the 10. Lacy and Lily should have not been kicked before Paige. Katie was hanging on a thread, still cannot believe Lily went instead of her or that Tim………..Yeah, the judges are mean as they are trying to weed out people, which should have been Paige, Katie and Tim the weeks before.

  55. The correct person was definitely eliminated last night. Could that song have been much weaker? EVERYONE should get into this competion and step up. The songs have been boring, boring, boring. Will not will with songs we have been hearing the past 2 weeks.

  56. The judges need to have stronger control over elimination of top 24. I think some good people went too soon
    Working in the arts my whole life(and I am pretty old) I can tell you that very often the person who seems to have the right qualities is really lacking some fine sense to raise the performance to the genius level. The show should be looking for the genius level , forget all the silly misleading comments about personality..that is not going to make a strong artist, more likely tabloid fare

  57. Yes, America got it right, Paige had to go. I think the BIG audience and venue got to her and pushed her beyond her capabilities …interesting Top 10 .. my favourites are Crystal, Casey, Michael ..

  58. Paige, unfortunately, had to exit, stage right…but I found it incredibly sad, that in her farewell song, we heard a great voice…nerves, nerves…sigh…

  59. I agree with Tim being the next to go. I am hoping for good performances next week. R&B Soul will be good for most. Should be fun. I think Paige was a really nice young woman but she did not have what it takes. Sad to see her go.

  60. My American Idol was Alex Lambert. There is a petition circulating to get him on the wild card and back in the competition. I believe there are well over 18,000 signatures.

  61. I agree with Paige exit seeming to be verry well-timed. I too think she looked around her and saw the good talent and those with great potential being booted off for the likes of Katie, Tim, even Didi (and I’m going to catch some flack for this) and Garcia, and decided this isn’t working out.

    I mean look at her exit song she rocked that stage and belted out her vocals that Simon claimed she lost. She didn’t even sound that bad when she was sick.

    I really think that if Alex, Lilly or Lacey were still around she would have continued as oppose to this about way she went to leave the show.

  62. No Tim Urban should not be in the 10 ! Lilly should be there. What is wrong with people??

  63. I predict this week crash willbe worse than last week. They voted off the best R&B singer JERMAINE SELLERS.The other male contestant are the worst ever. CRYSTAL BOWERSOX should win but will they vote off the best female singer as well. This year season two best vocal singer was JERMAINE SELLERS and CRYSTAL BOWERSOX the rest of the contestant CANNOT SING OR PERFORM !!!

  64. I feel America got it right this week – YAHOO! I also feel like Tim needs to really step it up or he will be next. Must say – I really liked Paige’s exiting song – too bad she didn’t perform like that when it counted – she could very well still be alive and Tim gone! They won’t let Tim leave I tell ya – they brought him back to the top 24 and need to “prove” they were right.

  65. Yes, I believe that this weeks idol vote off was fair. It was probably close between Paige Miles or Tim Urban. Unless Tim does something very incredible next week, then I believe he will be next to go. I am rooting for Crystal Bowersox and Casey James to go all the way.

  66. je suis leila de tunis j’adore Crystal elle est magnifique et je vote pour elle

  67. Paige is better than Tim, sorry to see her go. Katie (her voice makes me cringe–“a bit pitchy” as the judges say every week–“can’t carry a tune in a bucket” is what they said in my day!), a pretty face but she definitely should have gone instead of Lilly AND before Tim and before Paige. Didi has a voice as does Crystal. Siobhan is the best pick overall for AI.

  68. This is such a disappointing season. I think Simon hit it right on the head when he said he didn’t know why Andrew and Tim were there. I think Paige was better than them. I am not wild about Casey or Crystal as the next idol. I would never pay to go see this group on tour.

  69. I think with the elimination of Paige is a very correct choice. Paige has the ability and an outstanding voice but she is really wrong in her song choice. the other thing i wanted to voice is this years competitors is no way near to last year. Last year competitors were so creative and active. I wish this year was so but too bad.

  70. This season holds no excitement factor for the audience. It hasn’t been as fun or entertaining to watch like in past seasons. The song choices have been so strange and I wonder why the producers aren’t stepping in to help out. Yes, Crystal is good, and Lee, and Casey is a very talented singer and guitar player, but even those three aren’t really fun to watch as they all lack stage presence.

  71. I go for Lee & Sibhan all the way. And yes Katie Stevens should have gone home long time. C’mon America do the right thing by voting for the best and right person for the american idol title.

  72. My guess is that Tim Urban will stay for another week or two. Remember Sanjaya? Voters purposely voted the worst to spite the judges. But I liked him, and am glad that he will be making the tour. On the good side, he is not as arrogant as some of the other finalists.

  73. Tim have to work really hard for his performance next week… if he don’t… he could be in danger elimination…

  74. Yes to Paige – I don’t think she would make it to the top 5. Tim will have to pull out all the stops. Katie – she will not make it to the top 5 – although she has the youngsters votes

  75. I think Tim should have gone. Paige isn’t going to make it, but should have lasted longer than Paige.

    Perhaps there are more ‘female’ voters then ‘male’ voters who aren’t looking at just talent.

  76. Opps…that should read…I think Tim should have gone. Paige isn’t going to make it, but should have lasted longer than TIM.

    Like so many here, I think this years crop is pretty sad. Funny tho, they all were pretty good in the beginning. It seems that they are all not taking chances to ‘stand out’

    I’ll get some flack here..but big Mike, while he has a good voice, it pretty corny at times..I personally would like to see him get ‘humblized’

    AI is looking for ..s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g to get this show on peoples minds, and have simply play the ‘new daddy ‘card too much..

  77. These singers are all amateurs, and they are thrown onto AI’s world stage and expected to perform…I’m an ex-singer, and, believe me, it was still daunting after years of performing…a bad choice of song can be a killer…where is the advice/nurturing? And if one more judge says, Believe in yourself…I’ll scream…they don’t even know who or what sort of performer they are or will be at this stage. Personally, I thought, Alex had the greatest potential. And we all remember, Jennifer Hudson…I rest my case.

  78. People…stop criticizing siobhan for the way she sings.You may not like it but some people do.I love her because of what and who she is and her singing. She’s trained as a soprano but she’ll have adjustments for sure.But I do wish that she won’t win but get into the 2nd place.With that, she’ll have a more substantial album and be more famous.

  79. The whole thing will improve when they pick some better songs.
    The Billboard songs were a disaster.

  80. This is one of the worst seasons ever. Now, I just record the show so I can fast forward to listen to Mike and Crystal. I miss Lily. For the life of me, I can’t understand why Didi was chosen by the judges and how she continues to make the cut. I know she has the girl next door look, but come on…It’s true, this is truly a popularity contest. Simon is so on the mark and I respect him more than any of the other judges. I’ll probably not watch when he leaves. In any case, who ever wins, if they pour enough marketing money into that person they will become a star. As far as Paige is concern, wrong song choices, but I add, remember the former contestants who were voted off and are now bigger than the winners they went up against.

  81. This is merely a glorified karioke contest, always has been, though the judges and producers of the show prefer you not recognize this to be the case. Siobhan is more current than Crystal and has more potential. Crystal sounds to much like Janis Joplin no origionality. Casey then Lee are the best bet for the guys. The singers you should respect are the ones who write their own songs and who have become successful on their own not because of some massive media market juggernaut. Just an opinion.

  82. Hope they will eliminate two next week and save a contestant from the top 24 who was eliminated then. I also hope there was a Immunity(means that he/she wouldn’t be voted off this week) for singing the best of the week or even the whole American Idol till the top 5(My imagination but hope it will come true).And what big plans that Crystal Bowersox said at the top10?

  83. I think that Crystal, Lee and Sibhon are going to go all the way.Crystal is a good singer also. They must choose good song for themselves if they want to stick around….

  84. Tim should have gone. Simon saind he need singing lessons. That has got to be the biggest wakeup call an idol contestant in the top 12 can get. Why are people still voting for him? He can’t sing! Crystal to win!

  85. Tim should have gone. Simon said he need singing lessons. That has got to be the biggest wakeup call an idol contestant in the top 12 can get. Why are people still voting for him? He can’t sing! Crystal to win!

  86. I think America made the right choice this week, but I liked Katelyn and I did not think she should have been voted out. I was very surprised and disappointed. Also, I have to say Kasey James is so cute. I wish I was ten years younger and he was my man. However, I think the next one to go should be Andrew. Sorry, but he just doesn’t seem to be as good now as he was in the first few weeks.

  87. I bet the last two standing will be big Mike and Crystal. I’m rooting for Casey, but I know it’s going to come down to those two.

  88. One more thing, no matter who wins, I’m sure we will definitely hear Crystal, Lee, Casey, Mike, and maybe even Katy on the radio one day. Maybe even Lily and Michelle. Like one of yall said the winner isn’t always the bigger star.

  89. No offence to Rhonda…but what on earth do you ladies see in Casey??? Of course there are guys that I see and think that I’d like to ‘look like’ but Casey sure isn’t one of them..

    I don’t get it???

  90. I think this season was the worst I’ve ever seen like Simon would say its utterly sad there was no real competition and I am a big fan sorry’

  91. also for godsake this is a singing competition not how well you play guitar which again made it somewhat borring sorry I don’t mean to sound rude but I’ve been spoiled to the past seasons.

  92. Katie Stevens has been on for too long she may have a nice voice but she is a horrible singer!!! I mean really i thinkj Simon just has a cruh on her and that’s the only reason she’s still on.

  93. America definately got the result right. I am really disappointed this year with the finalists
    Compared with previous years this is not up to the usual great standard. Can see why Simon feels he is ‘bored ‘ with American Idol.

  94. rhonda, i think cassey is a very good looking man too and sexy,i think john only wish he could look this hottttttttt!

  95. i think crystal thinks she is better than everyone in the world,she can’t communicate,no personality and just boring,siobhan and casey are the best two singers,but even those two will never compare to adam lambert,adam will always be the best singer amercian idol ever had so far.

  96. katie has to go people,she just can’t sing at all,please get this girl packing,it hurts when i here her try to sing.

  97. is ryan secrest and didi benami seeing each other,ryan’s face lights up when didi sings or when he talks to her,he is always grabbing her hand or hugging on her and he is very defenseive if the judges say any thing bad about her ryan and didi keeping a sercet from us,the viewers.

  98. I think Paige wasn’t that good…sorry….Katie is way better.Katie is ok, I guess….I also don’t like Tim that much…Didi,Siobhan and Casey are my faves!!!Crystal ok…not that much…Lasey was also good, she’s a got a sweet personality..:)

  99. Personally, I think Casey, Didi and Siobhan are the best…:) But I don’t think Tim, Paige, Mike and Katie are the worst…no offence….Arron, Lee, Crystal and Andrew are ok..

  100. Is ryan truly single? I think big Mike sounds gud but too aware of himself,crystal is gud but not for the billboards

  101. How can ryan light up when he sees didi, she is not that hot,he/s got the hots for kourtney kardashian, he will definitely be her baby’s step dad.

  102. I think the last two standing will be Casey and Siobhan. That’s my opinion and I’m stickin’ to it!

  103. But,then,I thought Adam was a sure winner.
    I’m usually wrong.
    I thought the #1 Canadian Idol was Mookie!


  105. Yes-

    Andrew Garcia needs to sing some
    R/B- Frankie J- he’d nail it singing Obsession or How to Deal with his guitar

  106. adam lambert hot! hot! hot! he will always be the best in histroy’s time, ilove you adam.thank you to the people who didn’t vote for katie,now i can enjoy watching amercian idol again,she never could sing,so glad to see her go.

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