American Idol 2011: Abrams Rushed to the Hospital & Vegas Round Thoughts

TMZ is reporting that American Idol 2011‘s Casey Abrams was rushed to the hospital last night due to severe stomach pains.  He is currently being seen by doctors and is expected to stay overnight, maybe even longer:

And it gets worse — now that Abrams has made the top 24, he’s scheduled to tape a performance on Friday … along with the rest of the top 12 men. But if Abrams is not well enough to take the stage on Friday, we’re told he will be eliminated from the competition.

Let’s hope this is nothing serious and he is able to perform as scheduled Friday.  Casey is not my favorite in the competition but has proven he deserves to be there.

For me, I thought last night’s episode was pretty good although it was rushed quite a bit.  I’m not a fan of listening to the Beatles’ so it didn’t bother me to see that cut short lol.  We were also introduced to Jimmy Levine who is a bit Simon Cowell-ish in his criticism but a welcome change from all the sweetness we’ve seen so far. 

Stefano Langone and James Durbin sing first and wow!  I thought they did a great job!  There voices sync well together and SPOILER ALERT here, Stefano is IN the top 24 and he is replacing Jacee Bedeaux.  I think this was the right decision because Jacee needs a couple of years to improve and I guarantee this kid will be back!

I’m not crazy about Jacob Lusk.  Don’t get me wrong here now, I think he is talented but Haley Reinhart and Naima Adedpo out sang him during the group round.  He sounds much better when he doesn’t go really high however their harmonies were perfect! 

Tim Halperin and Julie Zorrila were probably my favorites of this round.  They were awesome together!

Train wreck of the night goes once again to Ashley Sullivan who gets married in Vegas.  Wow didn’t see that one coming, lol.  She is eliminated from the competition.

Now we move on to the green mile and all our predictions have come through so far.  I don’t like how the judges drag out telling them if they’ve made it into the top 24.  I mean the, let’s make them think we’re going to say no but really say yes, has been way over done. 

I thought Chris Medina showed a lot of class when they told him no.  Jennifer breaks down when he leaves and even Ryan Seacrest is feeling bad about it.  If they feel so bad why not put him through?  I’d pick him over some of the others but I’m not a judge and my opinion don’t count.  Hopefully he’ll try out again next year.  Let’s see if JLo can get it together and finish out the Green Mile episode tonight. 

Who were your favorites last night and was anyone cut you wanted to see stay?