American Idol 2011: Abrams Rushed to the Hospital & Vegas Round Thoughts

TMZ is reporting that American Idol 2011‘s Casey Abrams was rushed to the hospital last night due to severe stomach pains.  He is currently being seen by doctors and is expected to stay overnight, maybe even longer:

And it gets worse — now that Abrams has made the top 24, he’s scheduled to tape a performance on Friday … along with the rest of the top 12 men. But if Abrams is not well enough to take the stage on Friday, we’re told he will be eliminated from the competition.

Let’s hope this is nothing serious and he is able to perform as scheduled Friday.  Casey is not my favorite in the competition but has proven he deserves to be there.

For me, I thought last night’s episode was pretty good although it was rushed quite a bit.  I’m not a fan of listening to the Beatles’ so it didn’t bother me to see that cut short lol.  We were also introduced to Jimmy Levine who is a bit Simon Cowell-ish in his criticism but a welcome change from all the sweetness we’ve seen so far. 

Stefano Langone and James Durbin sing first and wow!  I thought they did a great job!  There voices sync well together and SPOILER ALERT here, Stefano is IN the top 24 and he is replacing Jacee Bedeaux.  I think this was the right decision because Jacee needs a couple of years to improve and I guarantee this kid will be back!

I’m not crazy about Jacob Lusk.  Don’t get me wrong here now, I think he is talented but Haley Reinhart and Naima Adedpo out sang him during the group round.  He sounds much better when he doesn’t go really high however their harmonies were perfect! 

Tim Halperin and Julie Zorrila were probably my favorites of this round.  They were awesome together!

Train wreck of the night goes once again to Ashley Sullivan who gets married in Vegas.  Wow didn’t see that one coming, lol.  She is eliminated from the competition.

Now we move on to the green mile and all our predictions have come through so far.  I don’t like how the judges drag out telling them if they’ve made it into the top 24.  I mean the, let’s make them think we’re going to say no but really say yes, has been way over done. 

I thought Chris Medina showed a lot of class when they told him no.  Jennifer breaks down when he leaves and even Ryan Seacrest is feeling bad about it.  If they feel so bad why not put him through?  I’d pick him over some of the others but I’m not a judge and my opinion don’t count.  Hopefully he’ll try out again next year.  Let’s see if JLo can get it together and finish out the Green Mile episode tonight. 

Who were your favorites last night and was anyone cut you wanted to see stay?




  1. I hated to see Chris go too. He pulls so many heart strings. What a class act! Hopefully someone in the business will take him under his wing. Another thought I had was wouldn't it be great if Extreme Home Edition took on Chris's situation and gave he and his fiance a home with all the necessary items to REALLY take care of her and make life easier for him? Anybody got connections?

    • I don't, but I do agree with you!

      @Ashli Rae, watching that wedding take place, was like watching a horror movie, with the screeching violins and all!

      • Ashli Rae…..Totally agree with your regarding the Wedding……Sorry to hear about Casey Adams, I hope he's okay for Friday…..Glad that Stefano is in and Jaycee (who I really like and feel he should definitely come back next year) is out. I sure hope this all comes to fruition….

    • Maybe Chris can get on the Extreme Home Edition show and construct a home for his fiance. American Idol Show is all about the singing.

    • My daughter is 7 and wheelchair bound, you have no idea how hard it is for her to live in an ordinary house. Imagine never being able to reach the sink. Some houses we've lived in she can't even get into the bath room. I think it would be awesome for a home to be furnished for Chris and his fiance. In fact I think it would b great for all communities to offer truly accessible housing. Handicapped accessible is more than just a wide door way. You have to live the life to really understand. Great idea, I wish I knew someone.

  2. I thought that Lakesha Lewis deserve a shot. I thought that she out sang most contestants on that show, but not to give her a chance really change my mind on how I view american Idol. They are not looking for talent but rather on how you look. Like she said she will be back and they may have missed thier opportunity just like they did with Jennifer hudson.

    • I do hope that LaKesha Lewis comes back again! I really liked her, she does have an amazing talent!

      • Guess Rubin Studdard was a Stud. It is all about the talent at this time. Remember they only take 12 ladies and she was maybe number 14. Talent goes out the door when you allow people to vote. This is the first time in yearw I have watched the eniter beginning but they are picking the real talent not raw talnet. Sorry as much we all like Jaycee he will not go thru

      • I think the rules should be changed. It should be the top 24 with talent-not 12 girls and 12 guys. Sometimes they just chose just to fill a spot and that's not fair to the ones who do have talent.

      • that's ok he didn't go through sometimes there are better things and with the wild card and if it is true they are letting fans vote in contestant to return if its God's will Jacee will have another shot.I hope they are letting fans vote in the return constestants, because Jacee has my vote, I just feel there is something there, and nerves may of played a part, but he may have time to know how to handle the nerves. If not this kid still has a shot at a a career,but I would love for him to be an Idol, just so he can be out there to show other kids on not givng up on their dream.He's my American Idol.

      • I totally agree with you Anne. Lakesha was robbed! She can out-sing all the other ladies this year. I was shocked when she got cut, I yelled "if she didn't make it through, who's left in the competition?!" I wish her every success …I will buy her album if she ever gets to make one.

  3. I thought James Durbin rocked the house last night with the Beatles! I hope he stays. He has been one of my favorites from day 1.

    I was shocked to see Chris Medina go! I agree with you that if Jennifer was having a hard time telling him no then just let him stay.

    • Jason…totally agree with you about James Durbin.

      I wasn't shocked about Chris……wonderful guy but not a great singer…..just a good singer and this year there are really great singers…….going to be a really tough year to pick the best….

      • Hi Phyllis G.and Rose. I would like to say that just because your favorite doesn't win it's definitely not the end! Look how well Adam is doing!!!! I have heard he is pulling money in right and left!And quite frankly I think he is doing better than if he would have won. There would have been too many constraints put on him if he had won. And that would not have worked with out Adam at all.So we can all keep smiling!! And I am sure we will love the winner whom ever it is. So much talent! Sherry K 🙂

      • Broke my heart, but i hear in the wildcard round they will let fans pick the 10 contestants to return and each judge will pick theirs to round out the 13, I pray Jacee is one of them, he deserves his shot with America voting, I never been stuck on a contestant before, but this kid has something,and I pray if he is given the chance to return, he will bring his voice out and show us what we almost missed. I will always be a fan of Jacee he touch a lot of people in his short camera time, i don't think it's because of his age, it's who he is, Bretts nice guy to love his character as well. It was nice what he said last night when they went back to the holding room, and so true too. To get to the top 40 you had to be good and have something special in your talent.

  4. Love the judges – didn't think I would. Last night was too long and not enough performing. I didn't need to see the wedding – stupid…. who really cares.. the long walk is silly and enough of the dragging out the decision. I want to see more singing so I know who to vote for…. so far I don't know any of them enough.

  5. Oh, I hope we don't lose Casey. I think he has such a unique voice, and love his style! I honestly don't think Chris deserves to move on. Remember Andrew Garcia? Chris seems much the same, inconsistant, starts out a judges fave, then fizzles out. Some of the other hopefuls are WAY better. I also don't think Jaycee should have been in the Top 20. Awesome kid, but he will be trampled by some of the others. Let him grow up a few more years and don't let him get discouraged!!!Sorry Carson didn't make it. He probably wouldn't have won, but his energy and style would have added a lot to the competition! I think this season will be a BIG improvement over the past few years. My last favorite year was the one with war of the Davids. I like many of this years hopefuls, no favorites yet, but kind of hope this year a lady takes it. So, Bring it on kids!!!!!!

    • I really hope that Jacee makes the top 24 list. If for some reason he dosen't the judges gets one pick each for a wild card and at that time he could be back on the show. That is what happen the year Clay Akins was on Idol and he ended up in 2nd place so there is always hope.

      • I read a comment in the spoilers that he was replaced in the final 24 by Stefano Langone – what's up?

      • I don't know how true that is, where do the spoliers get their info.?? The kid can sing and without him there not much talent up there.

    • That wedding was a total waste of time, who really cared what she wore…..I would rather have heard more solo singing then that ridiculous wedding….

      • Phyllis G, Wedding, Boring!!! I did not think Chris's perfomance was that strong. That is why he was let go. How about you?

        Hi Rose.Sherry K. 🙂

      • Hi Sherry K….Totally agree…..I really liked Chris as a person and a man but not strong enough as a singer. In previous years he would have been a shoo-in but not this year….too much talent…

  6. Ashleys wedding was weird and did not belong on AI. This is a singing competition, not a "Say Yes to the Dress Show"…..keep all that nonsense out of the show and concentrate on contestants singing voices..that is why we watch. Was very sad to see Chris leave, though. I thought he was very good..maybe not a winable contestant, but a very good singer.

  7. I agree…It should be top 24 not matter what gender! More than glad to see Ashley go…her wedding was what I expected out of her..however rather not have witnessed it! LOL.

  8. My favorite is still Scotty. Making him sing Beatles was horrible. It was for the rest of the contestants. Beatles don't prove the talent of the singers. Moving from Hollywood to Vegas took out valuable time for the singers to practice. Also the time wasted with Ryan.

    • I heard John Wayne Schultz already was cut. I think he and Scotty are both good, but neither likely to go too far in the Top 20. I think it will be a girls season this year, even though I LOVE some of the guys too! I think the judges tend to choose not so much on talent alone, but also on a variety to make the show more interesting. More variety makes each individual singer stand out better from the others. I’m sure they also consider appearance and how much someones background story will get more votes. I hadn’t heard if they plan to use the wild card this year, but if any are eliminated early–such as Casey-BooHOO–I like him! Then I hope they give Carson another chance. Looks like it will be a tough choice this year!

  9. BORING…sorry to say about AI but the worst two days since the beginning. Want to see and hear singing not see the judges try to make it interest by using the so sad..too bad..just kidding… be glad game way tooooo much. And to Randy …. what's the love of screaming being the best ever on Idol…go back and listen to Kelly, Justin, Fantasia, Adam and of course Carrie. My kids can scream as good as that guy and I want to forget who he is. CASEY is the only one I would pay for a ticket to see in concert.

  10. holy sh’t i REALLY hope casey abrams gets better, fast. he’s by faaarrrrr my favorite guy. on a side note, i decided to download n watch some early seasons of idol (season 3, 4) and MAN it makes you realize just how talented this group this year is. every single one of them is soooooooooooooooooooooo much more talented than in the early seasons.

  11. Ms. Rae, his name is Jimmy Iovine, not Levine.

    (sorry Sandy, didn't mean to put that in your comment)

  12. I was really sad that Carson Higgins was cut so soon, he was so entertaining! I have never watched A.I. before, I am impressed with all of the talent! I would hate to be a judge. Good luck to Casey, man get well, you are the bomb!

    • Karen….No need to get nasty….this is a comment and opinion site…..I really liked Chris Medina but there is so much talent this season and he wasn't as good as he was at his audition. If you were listening to all the other performers you might have realized that….

      Yes, my heart cried for his situation but he is a strong and kind man……just not as good a singer as the top 24.

      • Phyllis G and Rose. I would never leave you out Rose! 🙂 Am I not correct that I heard there were going to be 2 wild cards and the judges were going to pick them out? Have a great week-end! Sherry K. 🙂

  13. i like casey abrams since audition bec. he has his own style and very talented.

    i like thia megia too bec. at 15, she has an amazing voice, that when you hear, you would know it's her. she got her style and will bring out her best when she sings jazz or slow.

    another favorite of mine is lauren turner, at 15 she has a big voice and can belt out. want to hear her more and see how versatile she is.

  14. Did anyone notice AI has another Kanye West in the making.

    Jordan Dorsey seems to think he's some kind of idol already….auditioning others to be in his group? Puhleez…….just go away Jordan. You may be an idol in your own mind, but no way will you win this competition. There are so many others who outshine you on so many levels. Go hang out with Kanye, you two deserve each other. Now excuse me while I go throw up.

  15. Love the show so far. I love all the judges this year, but believe it or not I miss Simon also. He was a butt sometimes but he was always truthfull and thats what it takes to be a good judge. Looking forward to Idle this year !!

  16. The judges blew it when they put Scotty in the top 24 over John Wayne. Wayne didn't forget the words and resort to "humming a few bars". If the reason for not putting John Wayne thru is related to a disqualification, then why can't Idol be upfront with the fans. I was so excited when I heard John Wayne sing that I would have been a consistant viewer. Now I will probably boycot this season. Why lead the fans on thru the tryout phase and then pull something like this. I"ll give next season a shot. Disappointed with the decission makers at Idol.

  17. Excellent talent this 10th season..the best 13 ever to grace this stage at one time!. The voters seem to be on target.. actually judging on the “Talent” of the competitors and not sob stories or non-talent criteria or biases.

    Now, if Jennifer Lopez can maintain her objectivity, and not become another Abdul and stop cutting down and interrupting Randy when he offers his turn at critique of the singers. And hopefully Seacrest won’t renew his sarcasm, combative, and provoking attitude ( he had with Simon) and start it with Randy (which seemed to appear last show)

    The 3 judges are excellent so far, but only if they can remain objective, fair, impartial and professional. Jennifer seems to be getting a little big headed/know it all attitude and needs to return to her previous weeks demeaner.

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