American Idol 2011: Vegas round cut short as Top 24 assembly begins

Julie Zorrilla and Tim Halperin.  Fox photo

I hope no one takes this the wrong way (because I mean it exactly as I say it), but tonight’s “American Idol” might just be the worst two hours I’ve ever seen of the show. First of all it was completely changed from what we were told it was going to be. Then we got an hour of badly edited half performances. Then there’s a quick cut to get the Top 40. Then it ends and the second hour starts complete with opening credits.

I thought surely the second hour will be better since we’ll see more solo performances and the beginnings of the Top 24. I was wrong. It was filled with  more bad editing and really bad judge’s fake outs. You know the whole “We’re really sorry to tell you this …. but …. You’re in the Top 24!” So 2002. And again we saw virtually NO performances. It was terrible. I’m sorry, it was.

I’m going to try to assemble a recap/review based on the jumbled mess that made up tonight’s episode. So bear with me.

When the Vegas round episode began, I thought my biggest complaint of the night was going to be all the kids not knowing who The Beatles are or what songs they sang. OK, enough complaining. I’m just going to review what performances we did see in the Vegas round.

*James Durbin and Stefano Langone, “Get Back.” I thought Stefano was more interesting during this performance. James is starting to irritate me. Enough shrieking.

*Pia Toscano and Karen Rodriguez, “Can’t Buy Me Love.” I thought it was kind of loungey or show choir-y. And, no, that’s not OK, despite what “Glee” might lead you to believe. There’s a time and place for show choir. It’s called HIGH SCHOOL.

*Jacob Lusk, Haley Reinhart, and Naima Adedapo, “The Long and Winding Road.” Haley was sultry, Naima brought power and Jacob was weird. He can sing, yes. But he does a lot of weird things with his voice that I’m not used to hearing.

*Lauren Turner and Jovany Baret0, “Let It Be.” This was one of my favorites based on what little we got to see and hear. Lauren’s voice is amazing.

*Tim Halperin and Julie Zorrilla, “Something.” Another favorite. I’ve been a bit hard on Julie because I haven’t gotten her yet. I got it tonight. She’s good. And so is Tim. Great duo.

*Paul McDonald and Kendra Chantelle, “Blackbird.” This was a decent performance. Paul is definitely unique and music is clearly what he’s meant to do. But he comes off weird, too, like Jacob. He sings with his teeth or something. It’s just odd. And again, I’m still waiting on these people to grow on me. So don’t take my criticisms too seriously. I love his voice, just not his stage presence.

*Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreery and Denise Jackson, “Hello, Goodbye.” Yes! Scotty can sing more than one song! And quite well. I thought he stood out in this group. Yes, even more so than the highly pimped Lauren.

*Casey Abrams and Chris Medina, “A Hard Days Night.” Meh. Those two should’ve never teamed up. That could lead to their downfall.

So that’s pretty much it. Nothing much really to go on. We only saw bits and pieces of each song. Then it’s time to cut the 61 to 40. The most notable contestants cut were Carson Higgins (my favorite guy — boo!), Molly DeWolf, Caleb Hawley, Denise Jackson, Ashley Sullivan (at least she got married while she was there) and Melinda Ademi.

Now we go on to Part Two of tonight’s train wreck. The building of the Top 24 and almost NO footage of the Top 40’s solo performances. So here’s who made it and who didn’t so far:

Naima Adedapo – In

Holly Cavanagh – Out

Lakeisha Lewis – Out

Alex Ryan – Out

Clint Jun Gamboa – In

Haley Reinhart – In

Deandre Brackensick – Out

Paul McDonald – In

Ashton Jones – In

Chris Medina – Out

Yes, you read that right. Chris is out. He was an almost-certain Top 24 and Top 12 contender. No one thought he’d go home due to a judge’s decision. It really is a weird outcome. And it seems as if it wasn’t even a judge’s decisions. I mean, Jennifer Lopez completely broke down over it. It had to be a producer’s decision. So odd. I’m not really bothered by it.

Stay tuned for tomorrow night as the rest of the Top 24 is revealed.




  1. Wow! I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride watching tonight's show from Vegas to Final 24. Then more tomorrow. They aren't showing everyone, again. Boy, J-Lo took it really hard to say No to Chris Medina. I was ever so grateful the got rid of the loopy-doopy Ashley. I really can't believe the quickie nuptial. Oh Brother!!!

  2. Finally figuring out American Idol? Producer decisions from the beginning to the end, not the judges. The winners were picked a loooong time ago. It is not a contest of the best singers in the country. It is a singing show letting us see who the executive producers pick for ratings and then making us think that we are making the final decisions by votes. Come on America…wake up. It is all decided and deeply edited. Hopefully the X Factor will be more real, but I doubt it.

      • Branden…lol…last nights show was very confusing…I am so ready for the final 24 to be picked so we can start hearing all these wonderfully talented contestants sing~!!! For pure entertainment value, I, too was sorry to see Carson Higgins cut… Chris Medina, surely a judge's favorite from day 1 is a remarkable young man and I did think he would go further…but you are right, he and Casey should not have been paired and Chris' solo was not all that great. I wish Chris a lot of success. Looking forward to tonight. Thanks for the re-cap. 🙂

  3. don't forget.

    producers will give the rewards.

    So they choose what they want.

    But I think chris was not so high anyway.

  4. Well I guess I'm happy to know some of the top 24, but I'm really disappointed we didn't get to see all of the Beatles performances! They had 2 hours; they seriously could have fit every group in for at least a minute… UGH! I need more singing and less drama please!

  5. not a fan. first time watcher. Where is the singing??????? Judges are not the only entertainment.

  6. So they kick Chris Medina off and keep Clint Gamboa? That alone is reason enough to not watch this season. BIG FAIL! What a great message AI is sending to everyone…bullying is good, right Clint? I'm done with AI.

    • @tanker .. I agree with you about Clint versus Chris situation, but the power of the people can boot the little stink off the first week, ya' know!!!!

  7. The only reason i'm even keeping up with this season is because i know james from theatre… This show has kind of gone to crap this season. The last season I watched was when Katie Webber was on (she was my dance teacher), and I am so very very disappointed in the whole setup of the show.

  8. Though I'm not a Clint fan, I have to agree with Chris leaving. There can only be 24, and there are a lot to choose from, and his performances were not super amazing. The only person I'm dead set against not moving on is Jordan Dorsey. I'm just hoping it won't be another Season 9, but there are some pretty amazing contestants this year.

  9. I can't believe Chris Medina is out,,,,He can really sing they let Ashley move on the last time but they couldn't let him go through and he is a good singer and a favorite… The judges couldn't stand out for this amazing human being … they did exactly the same the contestant dis to Jesse kick him out from the group …….I hate you Jennifer Lopez

  10. WTF? Okay, unfortunately, after "The Beatles" thing, I saw the judges call forward 7 of them and say they were safe, right?

    Then, with only seconds left, I said something to my roommate, walked to the kitchen, not far and came back and they were down to 39 from 61!

    What happened? What happened from the first seven (7) to be safe? Please recap for me, anyone?

      • well after that some people went home then they went back to hollywood and starting making the top 24 only 5 went in here are the 5 ashten hailey clint namia paul tonight they are going tonight there finishing it up hope it helps

  11. For a singing contest there sure wasn't much singing being aired. It was just talk, talk, talk!! And with all that talking, all I heard was the same rhetoric over and over again. I'm not very happy with this years show so far.

  12. What a huge mistake American Idol made on taking Chris Medina and Holly Cavanagh out of the competition. If Jacob Lusk makes the cut, I seriously will not watch this show again. What a joke on removing the 2 names i mentioned earlier. What a shame on the decisions that were made tonight. Where's Simon Cowell when you need him?!

    • yeah i agree! chris medina should be in the competition. he really can sing. i don't think his voice same with the andrew gracia (from season 9. chris voice is totally different and much better than him.

    • Felt Badly for Chris M. But can understand WHY He was Cut. As for Jacob ? He is probably one of the BEST Singers I have heard since Season 8; With Adam Lambert.

      The gal that went in with Thea sp? I was surprised they cut her; she has tried out several years and gotten oh so far only to be cut. Not really fair. Seriously. For AI To pick such a young girl over an adult that has been to AI more than anyone; it's jsut really sad.

    • they kicked her off in vegas some people were kicked out in vegas and others went in to the next round to sing to have a shot to get in the top 24

  13. i hope Thia makes it !

    also Brett , Jacob &

    Casey .. I love them 🙂

    I also love Clint .. he can

    really sing & i understand

    his part .. that`s it !!

    • Yeah for all of the ones U mentioned; They have all made it to the 24. Go Brett. Gee would like to be a fly on the walls of those who bullied Brett right now.

  14. I'm very disappointed in last nights show. Minimize the drama and show us the singing. That's what I am tuning in to see!! The cuts don't make sense when you haven't seen all of the performances. Ugh!

  15. I wish everyone could have heard Caleb Hawley really sing and play his guitar–Great performer

  16. I agree that Clint should not be in the top 24. He is a good singer, this is true. But. I do not believe that viewers want to see the next AI as an abrasively cruel human being. So why should he be given a slot? Give it to someone who WE want to see have a chance. As far as I am concerned, with him in, it is the top 23.

    • He 'Explained' himself to us; and the Judges. He was Sorry for what had Transpired. If it wasn't from the HEART; Then heck what goes around will come bk. and kick his butt. I would not have chosen Him; because he sounds so much like an Country Crooner. But….It is what it is.

  17. I totally agree! Chris should be in, Clint should be out. The judges keep commenting that this is a "singing" contest. But who wants to see someone like Clint with a recording contract. His attitude is not marketable, therefore neither is his voice. Keep that in mind judges!

    • I agree. I really think the judges "tried" to override all this by asking Clint to explain himself over the Jacee incident….which to me was a big mistake….by attempting to "soften up" Clint by what they felt was damage control they made it worse. They (the judges) know that Clint is going to have a hard time in this competition due to his "abrasive attitude"

      He will definitely not be getting my vote. Would have much rather seen Chris or Carson stay on . jmho 🙂

  18. OMG – Chris Medina got let go. What a mistake? Maybe the producers should be let go. Come on – he could sing – what a voice. Sure pray that some recording outfit out there saw that last night & sign him for a huge record deal. I could see why Jennifer broke down – believe alot of did when this happened. And Chris was such a man about it all too. We all have to be proud of this wonderful man considering all he is doing for his girlfriend. Keep singing Chris – we are supporting you. The producers can fly to the fire hole in the ground. No brainer with them.

  19. Having watched "American Idol" for the first time tonight – it was a broadcast where all contestants were asked to sing Beatles songs – the negative comments about some of the vocals was not justified. It would have been more constructive to sack all the amateur musicians doing the backing which may possibly have resulted in better performances. Was the lead guitar even in tune? With regard to the judges well their comments they were, for the most part unqualified and purely superficial. It is a real shame and a disgrace to the American Nation who gave us Motown and much more fantastic music to see this type of artificial commercialisation and give it the name of "American Idol" What a shame

  20. I seriously wish they would stop with the drama and show us the performances.if I see one more story of a crippled baby in a tornado or volcano I am gonna shoot up someplace! can't they at least put out dvds with all of the performances?

  21. Jennifer Lopez is the word. Hollly Cavanagh could have been the next Carrie Underwood. Holly has great pipes, feeling, tone and pitch. NOT SCRATCHY like the guy judges who ousted her. So she looks innocent? How refreshing.

  22. jennifer lopez is the word. Holly Cavanagh could have been the next Carrie Underwood. Holly has great pipes, great feeling, tone and perfect pitch and was not scratchy. So she looks innocent? How refreshing.

  23. I think they are looking for the “top screecher” rather than the top vocalist with few exceptions. The producers should be fired as they may have ruined the future of American Idol and they were not helped by the three judges either. Who knows about the contests as we didn’t get to see them do much but jump up and down.

    • I agree that all we have now are cookie cutter top screechers (especially among the girls, albeit maybe Lauren is something of an exception – she does have tone). They cut the people who could have brought some diversity, total package appeal, and real singing without sounding like they have a toothepick stuck in their throat. This 24 result is a "same old same old" group that bores me mental. And I have always been an avid AI fan. Not this year. That said, I hope that James Durbin wins for sheer passion and pizazz – James has a beautiful heart and an out of this world voice. James is a phenom! The rest of them are so boring. And yes "God Bless The Child" was great.. but that guy does not cut it on other songs without scatting.

  24. do you remember Mike last year? ok we have Jordan this year-idol's pet..I 'm really not looking forward to put up with this Jordan given extra exposure, making him seem like he's a leader and loved by everyone… oh please.. who can stand him! he should have never been in the top 24

  25. i pitty the guy who married the drama queen not to mention again that the show wasted everyone's time.

    j-low rocks by the way….

    as for the show the new format blows.

  26. I tivo'd everything up to and including the green mile episode. I didn't watch the original airings. It has taken me less than 20 minutes to watch over 5 hours of shows so far. I just fast forward until I see something that looks like someone singing and promptly skip the joke auditions. I can't believe how bad it is this year. It is virtually all inane chatter and almost no singing. I an sooo glad I didn't waste my time watching the original broadcasts.

  27. Have to agree; Too much idol chatter. America wants to see singing, not drama. Jaycee was amazing, may have missed his opportunity as he may lose that beautiful voice when puberty hits.

  28. Go Thia!!!! I hope you get a spot on top 12.

    Chris Medina 🙁 I felt really bad coz you have to leave AI.

  29. hola!! soy enmanuel y opino que american idol a tenido graves errores ya que no me gusto que ayan eliminado a (Hollie Cavanagh).ella es super talentosa,como pudieron eliminarla? creo que ella pudo haber llegado a los 24 finalistas…su voz es demasiado buena y es mejor q otras chicas q si quedaron..que desepcion =( Hollie eres la Mejor…=)

  30. I totally agree that we need more singing and less drama. I also don't want that much time showing indivdual stories such as Ashley's wedding. It was cute but took more time in the program than the singing…which is what I want to see. The green mile was a total disaster and should never be used again. It was painful for everyone. Let's see more singing.

  31. Yep I believe AI Should have SCAPPED The Dumb Wedding in Las Vegas. I didn't DVR It to Watch this out of control gal get hitched.

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