American Idol 2011: Auditions Continue and Lee Dewyze gets Booed

After a surprisingly decent start for our new judges on American Idol 2011, it’s time to look ahead to Milwaukee where many hopefuls waited into the night for a chance to sing in front of Randy, Steven and Jennifer.  Steven Tyler stood out as my new favorite with his sense of humor and borderline perverted tendancies lol.  I hope he keeps on that track in the weeks to come. 

Danny Gokey was on hand in his home town of Milwaukee to sign some autographs and have his picture taken with those trying out.  I’m sure it was great for everyone to see him but for me?  I had enough of him in season 8.  It’s like can we please show some more past contestants who have tried to move into a singing career and failed miserably?  It’s such fun to reminisce about the good ole days.  By the way, Gokey’s next album will be released sometime soon.  I’m not a fan of country music so I doubt I’ll be the first in line. 

Did anyone catch Lee Dewyze play the half time show for the NFC championship Sunday?  It was not a pretty site.  If you were watching at home like most Americans you got to see about a minute of the actual performance which you could barely hear over the booing of the fans.  Apparently there were some major technical difficulties going on.  Almost makes you feel sorry for him.  I said almost but not quite lol. 

Tomorrow night be on the lookout for three of our top 40 finalists and check in with us here and on Facebook for all your American Idol news.