American Idol 2011: Your Top 40 Spoilers

American Idol judges 2011

Once again Joe’s Place has the inside scoop on the rumored list of our Idol contestants for American Idol 2011.  Stop reading now if you don’t want spoilers

Be on the lookout for these contestants as they continue with the auditions this week in Milwaukee and beyond. You can also check out any familiar names we’ve already heard through the first few audition episodes. 

Earlier rumors this season suggested that the Top 40 had already been down-selected to the Top 20. Not the case. Instead, the Top 20 will be picked by the judges sometime in mid February.  This way we’re kept on our toes a little longer, especially considering how early this information was collected.

American Idol 2011 Spoilers: Top 40 Rumors:

Aaron Sanders – made it to the top 50 for American Idol 7. 

Alexander Ryan – auditioned in New Jersey.

Ashthon Ahmirr’ Jones – auditions in Nashville

Brett Loewenstern – we saw him audition last week.

Brittney Mazur – was the former ms outstanding teen

Casey Abrams – from Colorado

Chris Medina – he makes Steven Tyler cry

Clint Jun Gamboa – from Long Beach, CA

Colton Dixon – auditions in Nashville and sings “Hanging by a Moment” by Lifehouse

Deandre “Kamele” Brackensick – There is no info on her

Erin Kelly – we saw her last week in New Orleans

Haley Reinhart – from Illinois

Holly Cavanagh – no info

Jacee Badeaux – the 15 year old from New Orleans audition; he won this years Baton Rouge Idol

Jacob E. Lusk – from Los Angeles

Jerome Bell – auditions in Austin and has been the most featured in the promos

Jessica Cunningham – has tried out 7 times and made it to Hollywood in season 8 and the top 50 in season 9

Jimmie Allen – auditions in Nashville

John Wayne Schulz – 23 years old

Jordan Dorsey – auditioned in New Orleans

Jovany Barreto – auditioned in New Orleans

Julie Zorrilla – from Denver, CO

Karen Rodriguez – no info

Kendra Chantelle Campbell – auditioned in Nashville

Lauren Alaina Suddeth – auditioned in Nashville

Lauren Turner – auditioned in New Orleans; made it to Hollywood in 2004

Lakeisha “Keisha Renee” Lewis – auditioned in Los Angeles

Miss Jackie Wilson – auditioned in Nashville

Naima Adedap – auditioned in Milwaukee

Pia Toscano – made it to Hollywood season 6; auditioned in New Jersey

Paul McDonald – in the band “The Grand Magnolias” auditioned in Nashville

Rachel Zevita – the girl Jennifer said she remembered from season 6; she quits or gets disqualified

Robbie Rosen – auditioned in New Jersey

Scott McCreery – auditioned in Milwaukee

Stefano Langone – no info

Ta-Tynisa Wilson – auditioned in Milwaukee

Thia Megia – was on America’s Got Talent; auditioned in San Francisco

Tim Halperin – from Omaha, NE and Fort Worth, TX

Tiwan Strong – from Racine, WI

It looks like Nashville gets the prize for most contestants in the Top 40.  I wonder if they’re all going to sing country lol.  You can check YouTube and find most of these contestants singing if you want to check them out.  Who is your favorite so far?

Huge thanks to Joe’s Place Blog for once again tracking down this information and generously sharing it with everyone.




  1. Thank you Ashli Rae for the update. AI has been awesome so far. Looking forward to see what this week has to offer. Have a good one. 🙂




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  3. Ashli Rae……Thank you for the great updates. Now I'll follow these singers as they audition (if they showcase them in the auditions!!)

    This really is such a fun show and you and Matt are great with the updates…..

  4. So far Jordan Dorsey and Jaycee Badeaux have been my favorites. The New Orleans night was so much more interesting than the New Jersey night of auditions. I think the judges' chemistry is much improved.

    • I liked Jaycee's voice as well, I had a chance to hear his audition video yesterday!

      Jordan Dorsey, is another contestant who's voice I liked, I listened to his video!

  5. Is Jaycee the 15 year old? If it is, he has the voice!

    I'm pulling for him! Can't wait for the show!

  6. Scott McCreery was my favorite so far.. A good bass voice like that, at 16, is just amazing! His tone was so resonant and the notes were pitch perfect.

    We haven't been shown Pia Toscano yet but she is one to watch. She has a powerhouse alto/mezzo voice and is very gorgeous.

      • Hi again to Phyllis…had to share this…I just pulled up Pia Toscano on U Tube…AMAZING…the competition this year is going to be awesome..I am so so excited… 🙂

    • Phyllis – you're welcome! This does seem to be a good season shaping up. I'm a vocal coach which I guess is obvious by my SN. I miss the days of David Cook's huge, shimmering, resonant and very free voice. Or Kelly's. Hopefully we'll hear some really great voices this year. !!!

  7. Jennifer, Randy and Steven are such a good group! They are are great judges. My favourite (I'm Canadian) so far are Travis that we saw in Nashville and Jerome Bell. I also wanted to mention that American Idol is better than Canadian Idol. Better judges. Go American Idol! Go Lee DeWyze!

  8. happy to see some of my fave singers managed to get to top 40, however terribly disappointed to learn that Adrienne Beasley's name is not on the lsit.. hopefully this spoiler is not true..

  9. rachel zevita is the one from season 6. She sang Get Here for her audition. Simon said "You're all going to hollywood" because she had 3 different styles haha.


    There are some pretty awesome talent..I believe it will be an exceptional year.

    • I guess she didn't make it past Hollywood. Those golden tickets only get you to Hollywood. Then they eliminate singers down to the Top 40. A lot more than 40 tickets are given out.

  11. I liked Lauren Alaina in Nashville and I’m keeping an eye on her. i know her and she's soso good juanita

    • I've heard Lauren sing live, she can do so much better than she did in the audition…very sweet girl too! Go Lauren, Chattanooga is pulling for you!

  12. Thia Mejia's voice is soulful! She looks like the singer of Pyramid, Charice! Awesome talent!

  13. oh! im pulling to theia megia! i know she will make it to top 2..

    i want her and laure alaina to have showdown in the end..

    even without simon..

    american idol is still american idol and the best show ever….

    so bad! how i wish victoria hugens,,travis orlando and brieelle von hugel made it to top 40

    but unfortunately,,they didnt..

    brielle is still the best…

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