American Idol 2011 Milwaukee Auditions Episode Tonight

American Idol returns tonight for another two-hour audition episode when Randy, Jennifer, and Steven go to Milwaukee in search of the 2011 Idol.

After last week’s surprisingly good auditions the Milwaukee Idol hopefuls will have to be out in full force to measure up while Steven will be measuring their skirts!

If you’re in for some spoilers then keep your American Idol 2011 Top 40 list close by so you can check them off as you see them appear. Joe’s Place calls out 23 singers from Milwaukee who move on to Hollywood. 7 of those allegedly make the 40 cut.

Check out the preview video below for tonight’s auditions (poor camera man, that flip to the chest had to hurt) and even a few pics straight from Milwaukee.

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  1. I am soooo ready….Got my Top 40 list so I will be paying attention…..So far, and I know its only the third show, I am totally enjoying this season…..Like Rose A. says……"bring it on"!!!

  2. I agree with Ashli-Rae that Steven Tyler is funny and is an awesome judge so far.. he is even kinda a sexy in a weird kinda way. Looking forward to tonight’s episode.

    • What type of jewlery was she wearing on her had? She had a gold sphere between 3 fingers but it didn't look like a ring.

      • The ring is called a valou 3 cap. My daughter has one. It is a ring, but links on the back side only, so looks like three individual little caps between the fingers. Look it up on google. They're pretty nice.

  3. What was that really funny saying that Steven Tyler said when that really good singer 16 years old sexy country voice…

  4. What was the country guys name who sang first with the really deep voice??? I need to know!! lol

  5. I'm watching Idol, and I was very disappointed about the Union soldier. He could sing, but was not given a chance because of the uniform. That is wrong. Would you reconsider??

  6. The Country Cutie with the sexy voice is Scott McCreery…. I can't wait to see where he goes :o)

  7. @ashlee, can't help ya, I'm still watching it! Just got done with lady that had a leg cramp!! ouch!

  8. The guy that told the story about his Fiance was really great.. He is the man every man should be.. I've not cried that hard in a long time.. I hope he is the next American Idol.. I know he has my vote..

  9. Omg that last guy that sang was great but his story broke my heart. I never watch tv but my wife called me to watch tis and I about fell apart. As a combat medic and working in medicine for the last 34 years this rates as on of the toughest things I have ever seen. Good luck young man. Steven Tyler impressed the heck out of me and I have so much respect for him then I ever had for any man! The heart felt out poor from all the judges was a total shock and i have a new gained respect for Randy steven and Jennifer.

  10. Steven Tyler was so wonderful with the fiance of the last performer and I took notice of this rocker who I knew little about. I am so enjoying Jennifer's imput and soft touch to some of these very bad contestants. A breath of very fresh air for season 11 in 2011. Way to go! Ditto to Thomas and comment#18.

  11. What a show!!!!!! This AI has been such a pleasure to watch. Kudos to Nigel …What a team he put together…..I was so apprehensive at the beginning of this season and now I'm like "who was here before them" Simon who???? I have not thought of him once during the first three shows.

    Last night was unbelievable….I followed my spoiler list and knew ahead of time who was going to make the top 40 and it was fun. I watched it with my 35 year son (1st time watching) and he thoroughly enjoyed it. We both cried at the end with Chris Medina. Every time I looked at his finance, I cried. It was such a sad tragic story and I was soooo happy that Chris had a voice and he wasn't sent to Hollywood because of his story….The judges are fantastic this year. I love all three them. Truly an enjoyable show now….To the people who don't watch anymore because Simon is gone are doing themselves an injustice because the show is so much different and better…..

    Hi to Rose A, Angela, Sherry K and all my AI friends….

    • Hi Phyllis. It was a great show. Absolutely loved it. My heart broke with Chris Medina story…what an amazing young man. He also had an incredible voice. I was so impressed with Steven T.'s genuine display of affection toward the fiance and what he said to her. It was real and depicted him as very sensitive and compassionate. Kudo's to him. Also felt that Scott Dangerfield and Scott Mc Creery, who sang Your Man by Josh Turner and Jerome Bell. Lots of talent last night and I am sure there will be more tonight. Can't wait. Have a great day. 🙂

      • Rose A. I agree with you…Quite a few of the contestants last night are making it to the top 40 and rightfully so…..

        Have a great day and enjoy the show tonight. Lots of good singers out of Nashville tonight…..

  12. Idol has not been very good this year, theres been no one where I was like WOW youre amazing. the judges need to stop letting peoplee through because theyre crying! They judges are way to soft. Simon wouldnt have let that many horrible people though….And Chris wasnt even that good, people love his sob story not his singing. Its like what happned with Danny Gokey people felt bad for him. open your eyes people!!!!!!!!!

    • Brittany….It might be time to change the channel. This panel has a heart and a way to let people down. Simon was great but had no heart!!!

  13. Please remove me from the mailing list as it is plugging up my email. I hit a wrong button! Thank you

    • Sandra, at the bottom of those emails you're getting from subscribing to comments there will be an unsubscribe link. Have you clicked that link?

  14. I Would like to know the name of the song and the artist that originally performed it that was sung by Steve bugoon

    • Man Who Can't Be Moved by the Script…I've been looking all over for it, too, and just found it.

  15. HELP!!! my DVR didnt work for episode 3 in milwaukee 2011 and episode 4 in nashville 2011.Can I find the whole episode online? Post a link if you can. Thanks

  16. American Idol missed the mark on their auditions in Milwaukee. A very talented young singer, Jordyn Kane, didn't make the cut. If you are interested in hearing her, look her up on iTunes, as she has 2 songs published. Take a listen and I think you'll agree with me that she's the next Taylor Swift.

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