American Idol 2011: Auditions Continue and Lee Dewyze gets Booed

After a surprisingly decent start for our new judges on American Idol 2011, it’s time to look ahead to Milwaukee where many hopefuls waited into the night for a chance to sing in front of Randy, Steven and Jennifer.  Steven Tyler stood out as my new favorite with his sense of humor and borderline perverted tendancies lol.  I hope he keeps on that track in the weeks to come. 

Danny Gokey was on hand in his home town of Milwaukee to sign some autographs and have his picture taken with those trying out.  I’m sure it was great for everyone to see him but for me?  I had enough of him in season 8.  It’s like can we please show some more past contestants who have tried to move into a singing career and failed miserably?  It’s such fun to reminisce about the good ole days.  By the way, Gokey’s next album will be released sometime soon.  I’m not a fan of country music so I doubt I’ll be the first in line. 

Did anyone catch Lee Dewyze play the half time show for the NFC championship Sunday?  It was not a pretty site.  If you were watching at home like most Americans you got to see about a minute of the actual performance which you could barely hear over the booing of the fans.  Apparently there were some major technical difficulties going on.  Almost makes you feel sorry for him.  I said almost but not quite lol. 

Tomorrow night be on the lookout for three of our top 40 finalists and check in with us here and on Facebook for all your American Idol news.




  1. I was at the game on Sunday and there was some booing by drunk fans that also booed Cutler and Lovie Smith. Why the dislike for Lee Dewyze? He performed great at the game and the stadium could hear fine – there were lots of cheers also! Curious about the dislike…

  2. For the record Lee Dewyze didn't get booed. The fans were booing at the Packers, their long time rival, who had just returned to the field.

    • Lol! Dream on kiddo…they were booing him big time. There were no rivals returning to the field. There was a lot of time left over for half-time.

  3. It would be nice if you had the facts correct before you post that Lee was booed. Another example of lazy journalism.

    • I think you may have confused this fan site for the Washington Post. This isn't journalism, it's an op-ed piece.

      A performer is on stage. Crowd boos. Some think it's because of DeWyze. Others think it's because of the Packers. Your choice. I even promise not to tell you you're wrong (or lazy).

      • Reminds me of the Spinal Tap bit where the say the crowd was still booing him while we were on…funny stuff! Yeah, let's ignore what is really happening. Chris is a far better singer than Adam right and that's why he won? Many of us will never get over that one! On the business at hand, Steve Tyler is a class act all the way, so left to him, he can carry this and may have to, but J-Lo is a sincere sweetheart and that counts for a lot. It's about opinion anyway right? Were there better singers than Lee D. in that years crop? Yup! But that is my opinion. It will come down to how many undeniable talents get put through for this years festivities if they bother to even show up. 25 million is still a solid fan base,but the dream may be over after this! May the best man wail!

    • At Matt, good job staying poised with your comment! That was tactfully put, I agree that it may have been a combination of both! People hear and see things differently!

      At Ashli Rae, keep stating your opinions because they are valid and interesting to read!

  4. THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO BOOING. A lot of people, different sounds, that's all. People went there to see football, I would anyone even bother to boo a performer even if they wanted to? THIS IS RIDICULOUS. I think one bad video on youtube started the whole thing. Again, the question is like mentioned above: why is the hate? That is really interesting.

    • Read the first comment up above. Someone who says they were at the game says there was booing.

      Is your argument that there was no booing because people would never boo a performer?

  5. The problem also is everybody and their mother can now slap the stuff on the internet for everyone to read and make it look legitimate. I could create a page like that. It's not even a point of view, it's just plain nasty senseless hate. But the sad part, a lot of people who read this don't know any better.

  6. Good Morning…OK…this is about the top 40 on AI…not about whether or not Lee Dewyze got booed. He was so last season !! lol Totally excited about this week. Thank you, Ashli and Matt. 🙂

  7. Wow! This is an AMERICAN IDOL site, and you're dissing the WINNER of SEASON 9??? I pity any new winner if they have to put up with your kind of post-AI press!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!

  8. Wow! Idol tards to the rescue! Dewyze got booed plain and simple. There is no debate about it. The evidence is on YouTube and people who actually went to the game vs those Dewyze fans who pretended too say he got booed big time. People with no Idol connection said he got booed. Some DeWyze fans can't imagine it could happen and dispute it.

  9. Sorry Dirk, I'm not a Dewyze fan, far from it! But I just can't imagine an IDOL site dissing their own winner of Season 9! Not only that, but my spouse was at the game (who is definitely not even an Idol fan at all, and I believe him when HE says Dewyze was not booed, it was the Packers who were booed when they cam on the field! It's just a matter of being awake to what's going on – sorry you missed it!

  10. to all whom think Lee won on American Idol..only need to look at record sales between he and Crystal to see the real winner

  11. Listen, I am one who knows that one fan can buy 25 CD's and give them away. But whatever! If you love Crystal, fine. I don't love either one – but my original point still stands. An Idol site shouldn't be writing articles dissing their own! Very sad state of affairs. Then again, maybe Simon wrote the article!

  12. I hate to tell you this, but Lee was not booed at the game. Don't believe everything you see on You Tube. There was booing when the Packers came back on the field which was coincident with Lee's performance. Don't worry about Lee; he will be fine. You should be more concerned for AI's ratings. It will tank with these judges this year. Why J-Lo? Was Rich Little unavailable?

  13. LOVE LEE



    This years judges have sooo much more compassion then in past years!!

    Loving the show!!!!!!

  14. Only seen the first two episodes(we're a couple of days behind in the UK). so we are seeing the usual mix of incredibly talented vs incredibly misguided contestants. That's not the real news though. The news is that we have have had the chance to see the new judging line up of: Jennifer Lopez, Steve Tyler and Randy Jackson, in action. No Simon Cowell, did it make a difference? To be honest, not a great deal. There was a bit of a false start, with Jen and Steve nervous about rejecting people, after crazy lunatic contestant number 25, they came into their own and started handing out the no's.

  15. I can't imagine anyone wanting to win AI anymore if this "fan site" is any example. I really hope some 15 year old doesn't win – the kid would probably need therapy. Hopefully their parents wouldn't let their child be subjected to something like this.

  16. Did you hear Chicago's pick to do the Natioanal Anthem? It was horrible. The bears fans must be tone deaf. And I agree. Who would want to be an idol when misinformation like this is written.

  17. Dirk-are'nt you someone who posts on "Vote For the Worst"? a site all about its hate for Idol? The only "fantards" on here are jealous "a-hole's" like you who have nothing better to do then diss someone like Lee DeWyze. I am sure you have never even seen him live. A big "whatever".

  18. It doesn't matter if Lee was booed or not. He's still the biggest failure in American Idol history.

      • Dewyze's first album has pretty much tanked. Since being released in mid-November, it has sold a terrible 102,000 copies. Crystal released her album a month later and is beating it, though her sales aren't exactly tearing up the charts. The sales of his album in the first week were not only the worst for any Idol winner in history – it was also worse than any Idol runner-up in history.

        It will take a small miracle for him to turn this around and become a successful artist. Like any Idol winner, he'll have a following somewhere; but at the end of the day, it appears that all of the screaming tweens who handed him the victory have very little interest in him now.

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