American Idol 2011: Austin Brings Cowboys and Clucking Chickens

Last night in Austin, American Idol 2011 got us 50 contestants with golden tickets.  I mean that’s a lot of decent singers from the lone star state!  Not only that but John Wayne returns and a true weirdo clucks and sounds like a real chicken! 

John Wayne Shultz is a true cowboy in every sense of the word and even though I’m not a huge fan of country music I thought he had a good voice and obviously the judges think so too since (SPOILER ALERT) he does make the Top 40.  I wasn’t a fan of the clucking chicken.  I don’t know why she got through to Hollywood.  If there’s one thing I don’t like about our new judges it’s that anyone and everyone gets to go to Hollywood.  I mean you have to really suck not to get a golden ticket.  I thought the cheesy couple from college they showed holding hands and prancing through the grass were good but spare the dramatics of how awesome their relationship is.  I’m tired of producers trying to turn every hopeful into a soap opera story.  I just want to hear them sing! 

Casey Abrams is last to perform and brings a melodica with him.  Please don’t let him use that on stage Nigel!  He can sing ok but not my favorite.  I didn’t think Hollie Cavanagh should have gotten a golden ticket or a second chance.  I mean anyone who cries and pleads gets to sing again which is something I do miss about Simon.  He would have sent her packing in ten seconds but she must improve since she as well as Casey both (SPOILER ALERT) make the Top 40.  

What did you think about the show last night?  Who was your favorite?  I say bring it on Los Angeles!  Can we please have a rocker in the bunch?