American Idol 2011 Austin Auditions Episode Tonight

Update 3: So that apology was probably just a big joke. Check out the video below. Yes, that’s where the clip ends and they go to the intro video. It’s not cut off.

Update 2: Join us in the Idol Chat room to discuss tonight’s show live!

Update: Rumor now has it that the apology at the start of the show will be for Steven Tyler’s behavior last week on the show. If that’s true, then why? Those events happened months ago and could have been easily edited out of the episode. If that’s really the reason behind the producer’s apology, then it’s a publicity stunt. Thoughts?

Catch a deep breath and then get ready for American Idol to hit the road again because tonight marks the half way point through the auditions. For a moment there I thought Idol had finally thinned the auditions down to three weeks, but nope, this will be week three of four and it starts in Austin, Texas.

Unlike the past two weeks, this Wednesday night show will only last an hour so be ready at 8PM for what Idol is billing as “Texas sized talent.” Of course they make sure to say that line with a big girl on-screen (see what they did there?) but can this crew from the Lone Star State outshine what we’ve seen before this season?

Allegedly, eleven of tonight’s hopefuls will eventually make it on to Hollywood while five of those few are expected to be part of the American Idol 2011 Top 40.

Also worth noting that Ryan Seacrest went to Twitter yesterday to announce the producers will be making an apology at the opening of the show. What do you think they should apologize for? Seems kinda late for saying sorry over letting Paula go!

Bonus Update: Did you know you can get free downloads of the songs you’re hearing during the Idol auditions? RealNetworks gives out $10 in free MP3s through Rhapsody just for checking out their free trial of SuperPass (14-day free trial period).

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    • Me too, Angela…(maybe they just want to make sure we are tuned in and giving us all a little teaser)…lol…excited about tonight. Whoo Hoo.!! 🙂

      • Hi Girls,

        I am so excited about this news. I love a surprise……I will desperately be trying to watch the show tonight but if not I can't wait for the weekend so you'll have to fill me in…LOL

        then I'll watch to see the new talent this weekend……..

  1. I think the producers/steven will say sorry for making such a big deal over Lauren Suddeth or Lauren Alaina (not sure) saying she was the winner/the one that they were looking for before the auditions are even over. Who knows what will happen to each contestant when they have to perform/compete in front of a live audience and cameras.

  2. Why would they appoligize for letting Paula go? I wish they'd done it years ago. She was absolutely the worst. new judges are fantastic. Steven Tyler and Jennifer have been great. They are both funny and fun. The atmosphere between the judges is much better than it was last year or several years before.ST and Jen have made me completely forget Simon( although I really liked him), and I did my own memory dump on Paula, Ellen, and the other one. Great start to the season!

    • Why apologize for letting Paula go? Two words: Kara & Ellen. Paula might not have been the best, but look where eliminating her got us.

      Steven Tyler any day over Paula, sure, but the lurch in between was painful.

  3. Regarding apologies one week later and Mr. Tylor in general: The show was pre-recorded and certainly the producers knew exactly what they would be airing. So. . .sorry they misread what their audience would or would not object to? I don't recall anything requiring an apology; however, my husband and I love the addition of the new judges. Steven Tyler is real and really funny!

  4. Oh please……apologize for Steven Tyler's remarks????? He's the only reason we're watching this year. Lighten up. Steven Tyler is Steven Tyler. If he goes or is forced to change, we're done with a capital D. Standing behind you in NH Steve!!!

    • I hear ya Jane, I was not offended in the least. I never gave it a thought until I saw this video, He's a rocker what do they expect. Rock on Steven, Rock on!

    • I totally agree… I was not going to watch and get hooked into AI this year either – until I heard Steven Tyler was a judge! I LOVE HIM and have loved Aerosmith for many many years!

      IF HE GOES – I GO !!!! and you loose!

  5. Leave the guy alone. He is a great addition to the show. Simon was getting "old". Let Steven be Steven…

  6. I think Steven Tyler rocks, he is halarious and great!!!!! to tell him to tone it done is retarded and if they pull him from the show I will stop watching it!!!!

  7. Seriously, I'm so glad that I have the ability to write my thoughts. That segment should have never been aired. On Steven Tyler's behalf, my husband and I watch the show every week. I think if you were to rewind to previous years and see how Simon's behavior was towards the contestants, this remark seemed like childs play. Furthermore, I would bet my last dollar if Simon ever said anything out of line, it would have never been seen by the public. This has caused unnecessary bad publicity toward Steven Tyler, and how very sad for you, as he was the best thing that ever happened to the show.

    • I totally agree, Michelle. The producers should now apologize to Steven. They will lose a significant portion of their audience if they don't just let Steven be himself.

      • So agree, just commented the same thing and was scrolling up to see others and saw yours-Well said 🙂

  8. I didnt hear any apologize tonight. I dont know what you all are talking about lol.

    The show was good!! The judges GREAT!!! I love the chemistry between them and how they talk to people (NOT offending) but being real.

    The couple was good, both of them have their styles but I personally liked the guy better than the girlfriend.

    The blonde girl who sang 2 songs was very good too but my heart still is with Chris Medina. Hope he goes far in the competition.

  9. Excellent show again! I haven't been disappointed with a show yet! My fav. so far is Scott Dangerfield…loved his voice!! Steven Tyler rocks! I absolutely love the judges this year…they are so much better than previous years. I liked Simon, but I'm not missing him at all!

  10. Great show. Only one thing…we are not hearing too many of the so-called Top 40…probably won't until Hollywood week…If you listen to some of the videos on U-Tube, some amazing talents have auditioned and we have not seen all of them. Already have a few favorites and I am sure will probably have more as the auditions progress. Still reserving judgement until I see what Hollywood week has to offer. Love the judges, love the show. Steven Tyler has brought AI up to a new level. Whoo Hoo !!! 🙂

  11. Really can't believe after all the years of episodes and inappropriate comments AI would ding Tyler, actually he seems to be one of the more sensitive judges you have had on the panel compared to others in the past…Just my opinion I'm sure it will fall a deaf ears 🙁

    • Yep yup Gayla! Steven Tyler has actually tamed down thru out the years! He is doing a great job, as are the rest of the judges!! The show is much better!! In my humble opinion!!

  12. actualuly, I dont watch the show sucks with out Paula..and I even miss Simon..

    • I dont miss Paula or Kara and I was surprised at how well Ellen did on the show. Personally I really miss Simon. He was the main reason I watched the show. This season I like how Randy is the one being the most honest in his statements and I am pleasantly surprised with Jennifer and Steven Tyler.

  13. Definitely a publicity stunt and what is the point would be the question. This is not a live show at this point — everything is taped. With technology today, it is the shows fault that anything supposedly offensive is not pre-deleted prior to a public showing. The general public is technology savvy and gets that anything spoken or even acted out can be deleted prior to viewing. This is not the way to get more American Idol viewers. And BTW – Randy, Steven and J-Lo are a good team. It is refreshing to see judges with obvious musical background and experience. Don't mess that up…

  14. I think it was ridiculous that AI tried to

    degrade Steven Tyler tonight. We don't even know what he did? When Simon left we werent going to watch anymore. But Steven is the reason we watch, and I wish that this time you

    would pick a true rock & roller like Steven instead of a LeeDeWyze who has no personality or voice or style. Pick someone like Michael

    Grimm who won Americas Got Talent & has a style

    all his own. We need a good rocker like Daltry

    or Cook.

  15. Steven Tyler is the saving grace for AI. I wasn't going to watch this year until they announced he would be a judge. Let him be!!!!

  16. There was nothing to apologise for – Steven Tyler was great – he was being himself – very funny and heartwarming at the same time. I think the public is seeing who Steven Tyler really is – and we love him!! I've always liked his music, but now after seeing him on the show I am a real fan of Steven Tyler!!

  17. What in the heck was that apology for about Steven Tyler ????????? REDICULOUS. There is NOTHING he did to apologize for. Steven only adds to the show, with his rock-and-roll talents, personality and uniqueness, he works perfectly with J-Lo and the Dawg! This week in Austin, he seemed subdued and less Steven banter was there…. I hope you have not stinted him with that stupid warning ! Bad Bad network !

  18. The apology seemed too much for me..I think Steven Tyler was hilarious before and is the only reason i was watching…I will not watchif he stays subdued…let him be him…isn't that why they chose him…

  19. I thought the apology was hilarious! Take it as it was intended — it was a JOKE, people!!! get a sense of humor!!!!!

  20. I was going to quit watching if Simon would have been back. Getting Tyler was perfect for the show. Let them do their thing so we can enjoy the program.

  21. I LOVE Steven Tyler. He adds soooo much to the show. I was getting so bored with Simon's and Paula's constant bickering. Steven is a breath of fresh air and is hilarious. Go, Steven, go!!!

  22. Then why "Annie" was Steven Tyler so quiet???

    Why when he said read my lips did they go ff camera??? I can take the jokes..from Tyler …He is a wild and crazy Rock n roll icon ..don't hire what ya can't handle…

    • Bingo!! Surely they who hired Steven knew EGGSACTLY what they were getting themselves into?!?!?

  23. I was really doubtful about this years Idol, without Simon I thought it would be boring ,but Steven and Jennifer have totally refreshed this show. I can't wait to watch every week Steven is absolutley, adorable ,funny, sensitve and sexy.Jennifer is a beautiful lady who truley adds alot of class.The tabloids really made her out to be a snob. Oh boy were the wrong she is delightfull .And Randy well he speaks for himself he is great love him to death. Don't change anything about Steven nothing to apoligize for he is real! Ontario/Canada

  24. I usually dont watch this part of Idol. I wait until they eliminate the groups & start on the individual eliminations. I am certain the only reason I watch now is because of the judges. They are awesome. Even Randy, who in the past is the one that got on my nerves. I got sick of hearing him say "Dawg". I think they made a good choice on who they picked for judges.

  25. No matter who the judges are, i'm a HUGE fan of AI, they've managed to capture my full attention every single year, they know how to mix it up every season, always looking for ways to come up with new and improved ideas to keep the show interesting, i expecially love the "idol gives back" segments, some tearjerker moments there fer sure. As for ST an Jlo, they're totally fresh, great choices, out with old, in with the new, and of course keeping Randy, just keeps it comfortable, like your fave pair of jeans, can't wait til Weds! AI makes me happy,cuz it keeps me singing, weather it sounds good or bad….

  26. Who was singing in the background after the boyfriend and girlfriend finished their audition ?

  27. Can someone pleaase tell me what Steven Tyler said. !? I can't find it on the Internet and I didn't watch that night.

  28. This is the first year I have watched the show from the beginning usually I wait tell all the finalist. The reason is because of Steven Tyler, and how Jennifer and Randy all have a good time. Last nites show was boring again because you could tell they couldn't act normal. Especially Steven Tyler, his commments and their laughing and having fun was much more exciting then watching them just sit there and judge. Come on let it be a normal and exciting year. It shows that its not all a script and maybe your ratings would go higher than before. If everyone is gonna sit so stuffy because of some comments by people who complain about everything, then I won't be watching this year and I'm sure I won't be alone. Let it be why change things that were working. Viewer in Iowa

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