American Idol 2011: Austin Brings Cowboys and Clucking Chickens

Last night in Austin, American Idol 2011 got us 50 contestants with golden tickets.  I mean that’s a lot of decent singers from the lone star state!  Not only that but John Wayne returns and a true weirdo clucks and sounds like a real chicken! 

John Wayne Shultz is a true cowboy in every sense of the word and even though I’m not a huge fan of country music I thought he had a good voice and obviously the judges think so too since (SPOILER ALERT) he does make the Top 40.  I wasn’t a fan of the clucking chicken.  I don’t know why she got through to Hollywood.  If there’s one thing I don’t like about our new judges it’s that anyone and everyone gets to go to Hollywood.  I mean you have to really suck not to get a golden ticket.  I thought the cheesy couple from college they showed holding hands and prancing through the grass were good but spare the dramatics of how awesome their relationship is.  I’m tired of producers trying to turn every hopeful into a soap opera story.  I just want to hear them sing! 

Casey Abrams is last to perform and brings a melodica with him.  Please don’t let him use that on stage Nigel!  He can sing ok but not my favorite.  I didn’t think Hollie Cavanagh should have gotten a golden ticket or a second chance.  I mean anyone who cries and pleads gets to sing again which is something I do miss about Simon.  He would have sent her packing in ten seconds but she must improve since she as well as Casey both (SPOILER ALERT) make the Top 40.  

What did you think about the show last night?  Who was your favorite?  I say bring it on Los Angeles!  Can we please have a rocker in the bunch?




  1. I love American Idol and have watched it every year but the new judge is not good for the show.It's a family program and a lot of people are upset with his actions,each week. Thanks and keep up the "great work".

  2. You said it yourself. 50 made it through. Have you seen the crowds? Not '"anyone and everyone" is making it to Hollywood. They are just showing most of them that are making it through. At the same time, the ones they are showing going through make me question the quality of the general population of those crowds because not many of them are wowing me. And how excited is Ryan to have a stalker going to Hollywood? Bwahahahaaa!

    I didn't plan on watching this year, but Steven has kept me on the hook. Sorry, J-Lo. Love ya, but Steven cracks me up and has made me cry. Now let's get out of Texas and find some rockers!

  3. Was a little upset that the opening was an apology for Jake Muck comments but then did not even let us see what he ended up like. Did he make it or not? Was he any good?

  4. The Cowboy …John Wayne Shultz…was pretty good…Sorry, was not really overly impressed with last night's selection of talent…do not think we saw the "really good talent last night…and will not until Hollywood Week.

    Did not find it necessary for the network to make the apology for Steven T.'s "outrageous behavior" at the beginning of the show…and these shows are taped…they could have cut it out if they were afraid of receiving flack about it…I, for one, love Steven T. He, J.Lo and Randy make an awesome team. Pumped up for tonight…bring on some talent…Whoo Hoo. 🙂

    • Hi Rose A., did you like Casey Abrams? He was the last performer! He did the Ray Charles number!

      • Hi Angela. Yes, I did. I got his name wrong…I thought it was Caleb …but found out later that it is Casey. So far, there has really been a wonderful array of talent and we have not even seen all of them yet…wait til Hollywood Week…then the excitement will really start. Whoo Hoo… 🙂

    • I missed the "outrageous behavior" as well as the apology. What did Steven do this time… say/sing "Oh yeah!" while keeping the beat with his hands on the judges' table? Or was it more "outrageous" than that?

      I just love the comments I've been reading for the last few months about this being a family show and that therefore Steven Tyler isn't "fit" to be on AI. I grew up listening to and watching Aerosmith, and I can say with absolute confidence that any "corruption" I've had in my life was NOT due to Steven Tyler. This man has vast talent, experience, and knowledge in the entertainment industry, and created a literal LEGACY for himself that will remain long after he is gone. What better resume could one have for judging and advising musical hopefuls?

  5. PS…As. always…a Big thank you to Ashli Rae for keeping us up to date. I agree with your cvomment about the "cheesy couple". I did think, however, the guy had the better voice…Ah well, what do I know…LOL 🙂

  6. I'ts interesting that the apology did not play in my area. Don't hire Steven Tyler and then expect him not to be Steven Tyler. He is a clown who speaks first and thinks later. However, I think he has a quick wit and is hilarious. I loved the comment about doing pharmaceutical trials. LOL! Anyway, I thought there were some good female voices in addition to John Wayne Shultz but apparently none of them made it to Hollywood. Also, on Oprah yesterday Tyler said the judges do 50 auditions a day which means they don't see anywhere near all of the people who show up. I always wondered how they could see 10,000 people in a day or two.

    • I agree Wanda. Steven T is going to be Steven T. No explanations needed. I think he is wonderful. From what I hear there are several stages that anyone who auditions has to go through. Seeing the actual judges is the last step. They go through several auditions with the Idol staff who weed through the the absolute no's…then it is off to another audition with the producer, director or other powers that be…and if at long last they make that cut…they finally audition for the judges. This is the gist of the information obtained off the site. Have a good one. 🙂

      • That is indeed interesting…So Steven said they see 50 people a day and there are usually 50 golden tickets given out a day. Do they pick all the winners or do the other judges?

        I mean do the math it does not compute. They see the crap people too right, but how many? That ads up to more than 50 people a day. So I’m confused as to who they see and who really does the judging.

  7. Well I wasn't that impressed with the talent last night. I've heard better at other audition locations….But we don't always get to see all the gold ticket winners, so Austin might have some surprises in store for us. The Los Angels auditions should be interesting…I lived in LA for many years in the entertainment business and those people are NUTS!!!!

    • @ enyaface…Thanks. I agree.Maybe I am wrong…probably…but of those that have been passed through that we actually see audition…very few will actually make it through Hollywood week. ( With the exception of perhaps, Chris Medina, Lauren Alaina, Robbie Rosen, Scotty Dangerfield, Scotty McCreery, Jaycee (little chior boy from NOLA) and maybe a few others…the cowboy we saw last night…there will be others that will make it to Hollywood week that we have never even seen….the preverbial "they" are just keeping us interested enough to stay tuned. That is my thought…may be way off base…we will see how it all works out. Love AI this year…the best in a long time. Have a good one. 🙂

  8. I agree that AI needs more rockers! There was a rocker in the bunch last night and his name was Caleb Johnson. Steve Perry and Chris Cornell rolled into one! Too bad we didn't get to see more of his audition but there are some vids of him on youtube.

  9. Ashli Rae…..I am waiting for another Adam L. to appear and that would really rock this season for me. I totally agree with the fact that almost every other contestant goes to Hollywood…Whats up with that??????? But all in all I'm still loving Idol…..

  10. I didn't think I was going to like this year but I have to say I like even more. I like the chemistry with the judges. I like too that they seem to be nicer and not showing sooooo many of the bad singers. I like to back stories. I love the addition of Jennifer & Steven.

  11. I think this season will get AI back on track and gain at least a lot of their lost audience. I like it better too, and also am suprized that with Mr. ST, thre haven't yet been many rockers auditioning or making it through. Maybe there are a few hidden ones we just haven't seen yet. Other TV shows may come and go and try to take the place of AI, but as a fan since first year, it's become kind of a yearly tradtion and something to look forward to every year!

  12. I like America Idol this year, Austin had John Wayne and the talented Janelle Arthur, very wholesome and great voice. I think I am in love with John Wayne!

  13. Be very clear – this show is all about ratings and phone calls. Thats revenue to them. They have done their homework and they know they get more voters from the south and young markets. They are desperate to find the next Justin Bieber or Miley which is why the min age has reduced. If they happen to sing country as well then the votes will roll in (Remeber Chris over Adam Lambert). Sadly the rockers will fall by the wayside but I loved Casey. I also think the new panel is working well. JLO has a great eye for talent and Steve T brings comedic relief but with knowledge of music which Ellen didn't have.

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