American Idol 2011: Dreaded Group Round Not So Terrible

Unlike years past on American Idol, we actually got to see more singing than fights and drama.  Of course there was the occasional mismatched group dynamic but all in all the focus was on the talent.

One important thing to mention is that the top 20 will now be a top 24 the way its been done since season 1.  According to Joe’s Place

“They are still in the process of filming the green mile episode, but an interesting piece of news is that instead of cutting the top 40 to the top 20 – Idol has decided to make it – as in years past – a TOP 24!!!  Wild, no?  So that means with 18 Girls and 22 boys in the top 20 – only 6 girls and 10 boys will be cut..

UPDATE:  It sounds like only 17 girls were in the Green Mile Episode. They are only cutting 5 girls.  Was someone DQed?”

Clint Gamboa looked pretty bad kicking out 15 year old Jaycee.  Lucky for Jaycee, Brett Lowenstern welcomed him with open arms and they sailed through the group round but so did Clint and his group.  It will be interesting to see how all this plays out. 

I don’t get the love for James Durbin.  I mean the guy is trying to come across like a toned down version of Adam Lambert or Steven Tyler but fails miserably in comparison.  Last night it sounded like screeching more than singing to me. 

Chris Medina was awesome as usual as was Lauren Alaina.  Tonight we are back to only an hour thank goodness and get to see the solo performances. 

Who was your favorite last night?