American Idol 2011: Another early fan-favorite cut from Top 24 Season 10

American Idol 2011 Top 24.  Michael Becker photo/FOX

The big “American Idol” news of the night was that early favorite Jacee Badeaux did not make the Top 24. This was news to many, including those who give in to spoilers as he was previously on all the Top 24 Season 10 spoiler lists.

I thought 15 year-old Jacee was sweet and talented but also thought he could mature some more (I’m not even sure his voice has changed yet). But America already loved him and I can’t wait to hear the backlash.

The rest of the episode was better than last night. It still contained very few performances, but it was at least edited and flowed in a way that can be recapped. So let me get to it.

Last night we watched five people make it through and tonight the others made the long walk to judgment.

*Karen Rodriguez. I found it interesting that Idol” decided not to show us her creepy Jennifer Lopez obsession until tonight. I wonder why that was. She’s in.

*Robbie Rosen. Robbie’s smoothly sailed through round after and round and did so again in his final solo performance. It would be the most music we’d hear all night and it was done softly and gently. Robbie can sing. I hope he gets a haircut though. Since he’s in.

*Tatynisa Wilson. They spent a lot of time beating around the bush with her and I’m not sure why. We barely know her. And she’s not that amazing yet. But she’s in.

*Brittany Mazur and Jimmie Allen are lumped together. They’re both out.

*Tim Halperin. He’s another one that we haven’t seen much of yet and I’m not sure why. He’s kind of awesome. And he sang an original song for his final performance. That was risky payoff because he’s in.

*Julie Zorrilla. I was team Julie last night but I’ve talked myself out of it again. I think she’s like the sixth best girl singer. She’s in.

*Scotty McCreery. What a cool guy. What a nice guy. And that voice. I’m not a country guy. At all. But I loved what we saw of his final performance. I can’t wait to see him on the stage next week singing for our votes. He’s in.

*John Wayne Schulz. Can someone please tell me why they act like there can only have ONE country singer on at a time? That’s completely messed it. So since Scotty is in, that means John Wayne is out.

*Jovany Barreto. I don’t see  him and his cocky attitude lasting past next week but he’s in.

*Lauren Turner. In my opinion, She’s the best female singer. Of course she’ll never get that recognition because that’s not who Nigel and company are pimping. Regardless, she’s in. Yay!

*Tiwan Strong and Erin Kelly are quickly lumped together. They’re both out.

*Rachel Zevita. I haven’t really considered Rachel much during this thing but what we saw of her final performance on tonight’s episode kind of pleasantly surprised me. I didn’t know she had it in her. She’s in.

*Kendra Chantelle. I haven’t really reacted to her yet. I could like her or I could not like her. I don’t even know. But she’s in.

*Jordan Dorsey (or as I like to call him King D-bag).I don’t care how well he sings, I do not like him. I will not like him. I will not even try. I thought editing was responsible for me disliking him, but tonight I know that’s not it. His idea of “confident and aggressive,” as he described himself, is not my idea of those two words. Dislike. He’s in.

*Lauren Alaina. She can sing. But I still only put her as the third-best female singer. Sorry. And I hope someone tells her to never wear that “Toddlers & Tiaras” dress again. Ever. She’s 16, not 6. She’s in of course.

*Stefano Langone. Despite earlier spoilers, he’s in.

*Jackie Wilson. I liked her when she first auditioned. Then she kind of disappeared. Then she reappeared tonight and was kind of jerky. She forgot her words during her final performance yet still argued that she shouldn’t have been eliminated. So yeah, she’s out.

*Jacob Lusk. I don’t get this guy. I think he’s talented but I feel like I’ll have to leave the room when he performs. He oversells himself. There’s a difference between not holding back and overdoing it. He overdoes it. He’s in.

*Pia Toscano. Here’s another girl that’s kind of been unjustly sidelined. She’s better than Julie and Lauren Alaina. Luckily American will get to hear that. She’s in.

*James Durbin. Dear James: You are not Adam Lambert. Stop screaming and stop singing the same songs Adam sang. He’s in.

*Casey Abrams. This guy is a freak. But in a good way. I loved his quote tonight. “I’m here to prove that people like me can be sexy,” he said. Maybe if you close your eyes. MAYBE. Seriously though, he’s a talented musician. He might be better suited in a band, but I’m willing to hear what he’s got in the mean time. He’s in.

*Thia Megia and Jessica Cunningham. The final two girls take the walk together. And gee, I wonder who is going to make it through. The 15-year-old we’ve been overexposed with or the girl we’ve NEVER seen until tonight. Thia is in. Jessica is out. Duh.

*Brett Loewenstern, Jacee Badaeux and Colton Dixon. Three strong/popular guys. One spot. They give them the usual “you’re all good,” “you’re all young,” yada yada. Brett is in. Jacee and Colton are out.

My final thoughts

*Why are so many of the guys a-holes? Jordan, Clint, James, Jovany… so hard to like. Can we please trade Jordan and Clint for Jacee and Colton? Colton is incredibly marketable and talented. I think letting him go was a huge mistake. And I was almost confused as to why he was cut. Then I remembered they’re STILL trying to get a girl to win this thing again. Even if they have to fake it.*cough* Jordin Sparks *cough*  And America already loves Jacee so why not keep him around a bit for ratings at least? You’ve made worse decisions. *cough* Jordin Sparks *cough*

*Note to Steven Tyler: If you’re going to insist on doing that ridiculous judge fake out, do it right. Don’t say “I’m sorry to say this but you’re in the Top 24.” That either doesn’t make sense or is offensive. I’m not sure which. Say something like “I’m sorry to say this, but you’re going to have to see us next week.”

*Why didn’t they show Jessica Cunningham more? If she was “the only” rocker they should’ve kept her. Or at least shown us what she was made of. She seemed hilarious too. I loved the double middle fingers and her line about the “American Idol” bubbles. She would’ve been an awesome addition to the Top 24. Presuming she can sing.

See the entire Top 24 here.

What are your thoughts on the Top 24? Anyone have any predictions for a Top 12 yet (I hear it will be a Top 13 with wild cards but I believe nothing this season until it happens!)?