American Idol 2011: Boys Songs Spoilers and Top 24 Thoughts

Thursday night’s Green Mile episode for American Idol 2011 was the most drawn out, God awful two hours I’ve ever sat through for AI.  It was the same thing over and over for each contestant no matter if it was yes or no.  I kept looking at the clock thinking PLEASE LET THIS END!!!  They could have very easily wrapped it up in an hour.

I’m still not believing they picked Scotty McCreery over John Wayne Shultz and it should have been Colton Dixon over Brett and Jacee.  They made the right choice in letting Jacee have another year or two of training because he was not ready for the big stage.  I would have loved to see a rocker in the bunch but this season we get the same type of singer in all the guys.  They either sing way high and scream (James Durbin is the only one with the talent in this group) or it’s the boring slow song type guys.  BIG SIGH HERE!

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Enough of that.  Here’s your American Idol 2011 Top 12 Guys performance order and song choice spoilers for each guy thanks as always to Joe’s Place:

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1. Clint Gamboa: Superstitious – Stevie Wonder

2. Jovany Barreto: I’ll Be – Edward McCain

3. Jordan Dorsey: OMG – Usher

4. Tim Halperin: Streetcorner Symphony/Come on Over – Rob Thomas

5. Brett Loewenstern: Light My Fire – the Doors  **Source Said Very Entertaining

6. James Durbin: You Got Another Thing Comin’  JUDAS Priest ** Source said GREAT Performance

7. Robbie Rosen: In the Arms of An Angel -Sarah MacLachlan

8. Scotty McCreery: Letters From Home – John Michael Montgomery

9. Stefano Langone:  Just The Way You Are -Bruno Mars

10. Paul McDonald – Maggie Mae – Rod Stewart

11. Jacob Lusk: House Is Not A Home – Luther Vandross

12. (Pimp Spot) Casey Abrams: – I Put A Spell On You – CCR – Casey was GREAT!  He got a huge applause and a standing ovation

Who do you think will be our top 5 guys based on these songs?




  1. I think your comments on John Wayne and Scotty McCreery are warranted, however the judges are trying to produce a field of singers with a sound that is not similar to another contestant. Scotty and John Wayne are both country singers, however, Scotty has the voice that makes you wonder how he will do when they are forced to sing songs outside their venue (Elton John, Barry Manilow, etc.). In my opinion Scotty has a very bright future in the singing business and i wish him all the luck in the world.

    • I wonder how long it'll be before we see Scotty step outside his comfort zone as well. Won't be this week with that song choice, and I can't blame him this early on, but yeah, it'll be interesting when he does.

      • I agree….hopefully he will be tested later on in the competition. It will be interesting to hear what kind of range he really has. Of the guys: James Durbin and Casey Abrams are favorites for me so far. Looking forward to another week and the beginning of some real competition on AI. 🙂

      • Rose A and Phyllis G. too. Wasn't Casey Abrams taken to the hospital? I heard that if he could not perform Friday he would be elimainated? Is this true Rose? I am not going to smile! Because that would be a shame. Have a happy week end! Both of you! Your friend Sherry K.

    • Agree, what did you see from Wayne? If you are a singer, very easy to pick from both of them.

      And the answer is only Scotty

    • I can only say that I wish Simon was back….Last Thursday was even more painful than the other past days

      and Randy is becoming a "KNOW-ER ALL" type a judge…I hope that from now on it will get better otherwise I will not be wasting my time……IT'S JUST POOR JUDGING!!

  2. Casey is awesome!! Sure wish Caleb Johnson was still in the running but at least James is there to rock us.

      • Mary/Bev……Me too!!!!!! He will at least make the show fun……Can't wait to see how Jacob sings A house is not a home….For me its to soon to predict but I will be watching and listening with an open mind.

        Hello Sherry K… good to see you on the blog.. Hope all my AI friends had a great weekend. Are we all ready for three nights of Idol? You bet we are!!!!!!

    • yes,yes,yes I agree jordon and clint, what they did is going to come back and bite them in the butt.

  3. Am I mistaken? I thought Casey Abrams was taken to the hospital. And the Doctors said he would have to stay maybe another day or two? It was said if he could not practice, or do his song on Friday he would be eliminated? I mean he is really good and that would be a shame! Sherry K

    • Sounds like Casey healed up and is still part of the competition. Could have been a little embellishment on Idol's part to make Casey's situation worse than it was (certainly wouldn't be the first time they've done it).

      • Sorry! I didn't see this where you said Casey was healed up and still part of the competition!!! That deserves a smile!!

        🙂 🙂 Sherry K

    • I agree with you, I thought for sure that John Wayne was going to be chosen! And yes, there were mostly good choices!

  4. My favorite Singer on American Idol is Scotty. I think that he should win because I love Country singers and he has done good since the start of this season. He is also very cute!!

  5. I agree that Scotty has a unique voice and deserved to make the top 24 – as did Brett – not only is Brett's voice unique but so is his personality. I love his gentle and loving spirit. However, I don't think Jordan Dorsey or Clint Gamboa will get to the top 10 despite their great voices. Personality means a lot to America and both guys treated others poorly during the group auditions and their karma will come back to them. Even if they sing their butts off, I don't think I'll vote for either because being an American Idol is more than just having a great voice. I am upset that neither Jacee or John Wayne or Chris Medina got through instead because I loved their voices AND their personalities. But the judges took the chance for us to vote for them out of our hands. And I mad about that. I also don't think that Ta-Tynisa Wilson should have made it through. Her voice simply isn't that good but I guess she gots the whole image thing going for her because she's obviously got a body. When are the judges and the music biz as a whole gonna figure out that image isn't as important as they think it is to Americans? I think they could've give the spot to that Jessica Cunningham instead. After all, it was her birthday and we need a rocker chick in the mix. But there is an obvious bias in idol towards more R&B type singers. Some people think she was a poor sport for how she handled the rejection but she just expressed her anger like any rocker chick would which actually shows how genuine she is as an artist. Anyway, enough of my venting.


      • I know what you mean, Jordan and Clint both acted very obnoxious during group night! And to think, I actually started to like the two of them! I know it's about singing as other people have commented, but when does being rude qualify as singing?

  6. Ashli, I agree with you about Colton he should have been part of the seasonand his exclusion was a mistake.

    As for John Wanyne, I think that there he should have also made the grade and been included , but also not seein why they could not have had 2 male country based singers any more then you can have 2 pop singer song writers.

  7. Ugghh, I do not agree with all you people about James Durban. Guys, he's NOT nor EVER will be Adam Lambert. He has very little musicality to the way he sings (Adam was an amazing musician)and his screams are so out of tune (Adam was very rarely off key) it drives me nuts. And to think we have to listen to his sob story over and over again for the next few months makes me want to puke.

    And don't get me started on Jordan Dorsey, he sings mediocre at best and he's an uber jerkface.

    I don't think Jacee was ready for the competition, I think it would have been a disfavor to let him through. But Colton should have gone through instead of Brett.

    John Wayne's performances were not really amazing (I did like him, though) and if the producers decided there wasn't room I'm glad they went with Scotty. However, I think he needs to show us that he is more versatile and can expand his horizons a bit.

    I loved all of Casey's performances, he's definitely my #1 for the guys. I haven't decided on the girls yet, there are quite a few good ones. I'm hoping Thia, Haley, Pia, and Naima make it through to top 12.

    • Come on! Adam Lambert is a pro, with a training…. Everyone should be given a fair chance of developing and being more than how they started… I think James will go a long way

    • David……I'm with you. There will never be another Adam. He was so unique and versatile. I could listen to him sing any kind of music.. I did have the pleasure of seeing him in concert. I stood up, sang and danced to his music for 1 1/2. You won't catch me doing that for anybody soon. He was awesome…….but

      with some coaching I think James could be a very good singer……not another Adam…but just a very good singer…..JMHO

    • everyone can have their own opinions but if you watched James Durbin's solo performance prior to the top 24 vote you should notice that he was never out of tune in that song and that one song is what allowed him to make the cut. He won't win but, IMO, that was the 2nd best performace on Idol this year next to Lusk's God Bless the Child.

  8. I agree with David on Durbin. When I saw his audition and heard his first song I began hoping for a reincarnation of Adam. But when he sang dream on in that same audition he completely ruined it and to be honest, he has destroyed every song so far by using his pipes in excess and showing poor "creative" skills with the melodies.

    I'm rooting for Jordan a little bit.

    He's got sharp elbows and is not ashamed of it.

    Jacob is just pure genius and Casey is the unpredictable one so he'll be interesting (although I must say his georgia on my mind performance is a bit overrated; it was fun but he he missed so many notes)

    Is Thia really that good? Her voice kinda annoys me..

    • I totally agree with you about Thia. I didn't think she would make it through the audition phase 1. I think they are forcing her on us because of the other phenom. Who can really sing. Can't remember her name but anyway…I agree. Pretty annoying

  9. My top 5 are

    1. Casey Abrams

    2. Bnrett Loewenstern

    3. James Durbin

    4. Paul McDonald

    5. Jacob Lusk

  10. My faves so far are Casey, Paul, Tim and Scotty. It is trange there aren't more Rockers considering ST being a judge. I think Casey already is leading the pack due to outstanding and unique performances along with the sympathy factor of almost getting eliminated. I don't think Scotty will have to sing anything but his own style–with a voice like that, I don't even think he could! I wouldn't have put him in the possible Top 5 except when you see the others, Scotty will really stand out because he is so different. It won't matter-he's sure to get a record deal no matter where he places! I don't like James Durbin or Clint and I'll be sure to NEVER vote for them, not that it will matter much!

  11. The best singers on Tuesdays night's show will be: Casey Abrams, Jacob Lusk, Robbie Rosen, James Durbin, Tim Halperin….

    • Come on James is not a good singer. He has enormous potential with such an amazing range and power , but dude, he hits so few notes and is so far off the melody I think he might be slightly tone deaf.. Neither should Casey be considered a good singer from what we've seen; though he's got a great voice ans is truly orginal and will be very popular. I think Jovani is one of the best singers although he's a bit boring..

  12. 1. Casey Abrams

    2. for me Chris Medina even though he was eleminated

    3. James Durbin

    4 Scott McCreery

    5. Clint Gamboa

    • I absolutely AGREE with you. I love the great voice of Casey and Chris, and their personalities.

  13. My top 5 for boys:





    Brett or Stefano

    I never liked Robbie, his mouth is too big and he looks like someone from 1970s.

    For girls:




    Julie and Lauren A. annoys me.

    Looks like we will have a guy winner again this season.

  14. Oh, my Casey by a country mile!!!

    I love Tim…from the Arlington/Ft. Worth area

    Robbie would be third

  15. Casey is amazing!!!

    Tim, from Arlington is great as well.

    Robbie would be a distant third

  16. this year guy are so strong is strong than last year…..and my finish top 6 for the top 12 is ~ 🙂







  17. I agree that Ta Tynisa was not so good. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED with the decision not to put Chris Medina through, as usual on Idol, wrong decisions were made by the judges. The public should have had the vote, I,m kinda surprised about that, after all, its not like AI to pass up making $$ from the public vote!! GIVE CHRIS ANOTHER CHANCE !!!

    • Honestly, Chris wasn't that great. Compared to Jakobs singing skills, Pauls originality, Scots deep voice, Caseys performances he's not even worthy to be mentioned. They were probably afraid of putting him through and letting him collect a lot of sympathy votes and ruin the opportunity for other truly talented singers.

      • Do you know WHAT IS AMERICAN IDOL??? IT makes a Idol for American, if American like HIM, HE IS THEIR IDOL!!! Why are you afraid that some talented singers will be cut by Chris's votes? –> If that, they really got talents???

  18. Where is the usual website for American Idol, I cant find it.

    I had been collecting my own AI information since it started.

    Appreciate someone will give the website address.

    • Now he was definitely one of my favorites! I was really heartbroken when he got the boot! Well, there is always next year!

  19. Casey





    Casey is the best of the bunch, Jacob is crazy good but over does it to much. James is the only rocker. Does not have the technical ability of Lambert but has the raw edgy hard rocker quality which i like but probably will not win him the show. looked up some youtubes of him singing Dio, Zepplin, ACDC etc. very good but does need to tone the screaming down. Can't wait to hear if version of Priests "nother thing coming"

    I don't know how Thia got on especially over the rocker chick. Holly should have made it over Thia also, way better singer much more powerful voice.

    • Totally agree about James. I personally would love to see a rocker winning this competition (like it happened with Wes Carr – that clean and intelligent version of Kurt Cobain – winning Australian Idol back in 2008), but I guess we're not ready for it yet. For our teen crowd real rock is probably too deep and complicated – same as classical music used to be for us, if ya know what I mean ;).

      • More complicated? yes .. deeper? what?! Don't get me wrong I love "complicated" metal (if you're not already in to it look up scandinavian bands). Doesn't make it neither deeper nor more meaningful than a simple "midas" touch Timbaland puts into a song. On the more important note I think it's essential that James gets through to get some variety. Even though, as my earlier posts shows, I don't really care much for his "singing" at all.

  20. Matt who are you? James is the best in the group? Can you here pitch? Coz you can scream as high as ye can but it still needs to be in tune you can't just be left with brown skidmarks on your underwear from the screaming and the show would rock if Steven Tyler dies….

  21. from looking at the comments, I'm glad Casey is on the top of 95% of people's list. it's a no brainer. casey is by far the most talented and amazing singer on the show.

    and don't get me started on james durbin. what a joke. the most over rated person i think i've ever seen on idol. how anyone can like him boggles my mind. his singing is like nails on a chalk board.

    also, paul mcdonald is fantastic in my opinion.

    1. casey

    2. paul

    3. jacob

    4. robbie

    5…. clint?

    • What surprises me is is Robbie is on anyone's list. He is mediocre at best. James is like a diamond in the rough to those of us who like the hard rock edge. To each his own… I like the non-polished types but like I said he probably won't win. However it will be fun watching him compete. I am already bored with the Girls. Without Casey and James I doubt I would be watching this year.

  22. 1. Casey

    2. Scotty

    3. James

    4. Stefano

    5. Tim

    About the girls i really only one constestant Thia,she is different from the others, she really unique voices.

    Jacce is love you too

  23. my top 5 (not in order)

    Jacob Lusk

    Casey Abrams

    Clint Gamboa

    Robbie Rosen

    Paul McDonald

    Bring back Deandre brackensick he was amazing D;

  24. My top 5 (in order)

    1. james durbin

    2. Brett Loewenstern

    3. Casey Abrams

    4. Clint Gamboa

    5. stefano langone

  25. I'd like to see CLint, Jovany, and Jordan go home ASAP–do not find anything to like about these 3 at all. Pulling for James Durbin, but hope he will tone the screaming down a little bit. Really like Jacob (tone down the drama!!), Robby, and Paul also. Let's get this going!

  26. I know Stefano Langone and have heard him sing in person. He is not in the top 24 because of his looks or story. As Jennifer Lopez said he is a talented kid!! It is amazing to me that so many of you have made up your minds before many of the top 24 have had a chance to sing a whole song…I look forward to tomorrow night. You will finally see that Stefano is the full package!!!

    • Sasha…I tend to agree with you. We didn't him much from him during the auditions but I got to hear him on the last show and I think he is a sleeper that we have to watch for. I think he has a lot of talent that no one has heard from….I'm looking forward to hearing him sing tomorrow night.

  27. all of these guys should sound great with the songs they have chosen. wildcards could be very interesting. i would guess Jacob for the wildcard

  28. Love the guys this year. Magnificent talent. The girls, sawry… much of a muchness. I hate it when the screech the high notes and right at the top the sound makes that awful yodel – wish they would keep it stable and gentle. I tend to fast forward over most of them, but they're better than last year. I got a shock when they dumped Colton? Hope they bring him back as wild card. Good looking guy, good on the ivories and nice voice.

    Casey Abrams has massive charm appeal. You've gotta love him.

    So glad the sob stories are over over over at last. The growing ups in the hood, the opportunistic sympathy seeking of the bereaved. Please can they just let ppl sing next year – PLEASE no more stories of sadness. EVERYONE has a story. Stop doing it!

  29. love this season but i think that there are some people deserves more than others to go to the top 24 like colton dixon and chris medina so now my favorite is robbie rosen love his voice and humility make's him good person

  30. I'm praying that Chris Medina gets the 13th Wild Card Shot (if there is one). I really think he deserves another shot at it.

  31. Colton Dixon or Chris Medina should be in instead of that jerk jordan dorsey who's so full of himself

    • I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks the way you do. I would have preferred Colton ten times over Jordan. What were they thinking!?

      • I am

        so with you guys on this one too & another one is clint just something about him, sorry if your a fan

    • I totally agree. He is so unlikeable. Chris should have been in his spot. Colton should be in Clints spot. Clint is unlikeable as well. He was so mean to poor little JC it was disgusting that he kicked him out of group week. I would like to vote for ANYONE BUT CLINT.

  32. 5. Brett Loewenstern

    4. Jacob Lusk

    3.Clint Jun gamboa

    2.Casey Abrams

    1. JAMES DURBIN!!!!

  33. 5. Clint Gamboa

    4. Jacob Lusk

    3. Brett Loewenstern

    2. James Durbin

    1. Paul McDonald (perfect song for him)

  34. 5. Brett Loewenstern

    4. Robbie Rosen

    3. James Durbin

    2. Casey Abrams

    1. Scotty McCreery

    • 1. SCOTTY
      2. JACOB
      3. JAMES
      4. STEFANO
      5. CASEY

      Sorry Bret, you are great, but miss my mark by a hair.

      • It is so hard to pick just 5. Paul will be there too even if they have to use a wild card to keep him in.

      • this is my top 5

        1. casey

        2. james

        3. jacob

        4. paul

        5. stefano

        for me i thought jordan was the worst lastnight sorry, but leave usher songs alone

  35. Jovany Barreto singing I'll Be.

    Robbie Rosen singing In The Arms Of An Angel.

    Scotty McCreery singing Letters From Home.

    Stefano Langone singing Just The Way You Are.

    Paul McDonald singing Maggie Mae.

    Jacob Lusk singing House Is Not A Home.

  36. I beleive this is the best Idol in a long time. These guys can actually sing. It's great to want to tune in to Idol again. :o)

  37. I have been watching Idol every year and this is what it's all about! The talent, collectively, is the most entertaining and emotional I have ever experienced. I love the judges, Steven – Jennifer – Randy … You really feel the love for music in all three of them. Casey Abrams — the next American Idol!

  38. 1. Scotty McCreery

    2. Paul McDonald

    3. Jacob Lusk

    4. James Durbin

    5. Casey Abrams

    6. Stefano Langone

  39. Chris madena needs to be the 13th wild card. Bring him back and Paris whatever her last name was. The one that did carry underwood in the auditions.

  40. Scotty is the best i personaly think!!! hes very good and consistant with his vocals!! he is up to date with his songs too! if he doesnt move on in american idol, i think he will get a record deal from a country editor. he is better than some of the country singers now!!

  41. Top 5 will be James Durbin, Scott McCreery, Paul MacDonald, Jacob Lusk & Casey Abrams.

    The other 7 guys are not even in the same category!

      • Jacob Lusk(by far the best vocals) and casey (a talented musician, who has style and singing ability) are my top 2 in the mens cat. Lusk, however,has a voice that only comes along rarely,is already a star and destined to be a superstar.

  42. my top five guys will prabley be diffley robby and james and jacob stefano pual and thouse or my 5 cantistits cumment on my thing thanks

  43. I thought that only five of them were american idol material but two stand out for me and they James Durbin and Jacob Lusk.

  44. 1.James 2.Scotty 3.Paul 4.Jacob 5.Casey

    Wish Chris Medina could've been in the top 12 going into tonight's show…:(

    Then it would've been the top 6 🙂

    ….tuning N tomorrow nite—B there or B square!

  45. 1. Casey Abrams
    2. James Durbin (this time we need the real winner like Adam Lambert)
    3. Paul McDonald
    4. Brett Lowenstern
    5. Jun-Bug

  46. I thought James Durbin did a GREAT, fantastic job! If you look on Youtube & search "guitarmy james durbin" you will see his vids of the past. He sang Led Zeppelin, Dio, AC/DC, etc songs. And if you search "good morning" you will see a video of him onstage in a play tap-dancing!!! He was very very good at it too!!! I hope he does awesome each week like he did this week!!!!!

  47. I love PAUL. And I don't think he should take this race with those kids. He is a rock star already, everything, OASIS style. I love him soooooo much!!!

  48. Top 5 guys:

    1. Scotty McCreery ( I love me some country)

    2. Casey Abrams (He's has a great tone and finally doesn't sound like anyone else)

    3. Paul McDonald (very smooth, me likey!)

    4. James Durbin (he knows what he is doing but like Lambert, does he have to screamn w/ every song?)

    5. Jacob Lusk (I don't care for his over singing but he'll still be in the top 5)

    Wish Brett would have made the top 13 and SOOOO glad that Jordan and Clint are out! EW! EW! EW!

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