American Idol 2011 Finale: What To Expect Next

After last night’s pretty shocking elimination of James Durbin this season’s Top 3 (Haley, Lauren, and Scotty) will set their sights on the American Idol 2011 finale, but they still have a few more steps to go before they get there.

On Friday the Top 3 will fly to their hometown in a private plane where they’ll spend the weekend roaming their old stomping grounds and holding events with fans. On Sunday they’ll close shop and head back to Los Angeles for some very tough work.

Once they’ve returned to the Idol studios the Top 3 will be hard at work on their three songs for the Top 3 performance show. One song will be producer Jimmy Iovine’s selection, one from the judges’ panel, and the third will be a personal selection by the singer’s own hand.

For the very last performance show, which should air Tuesday, May 24, there will be another three songs selected for the vocal duel of the season. First up is the singer’s favorite selection from the whole season. Next will be the choice of Simon Fuller (Idol creator). Lastly will be the song the aspiring artist wants to record if he/she wins.

Then for the American Idol 2011 finale on May 25th we’ll get the results, of course, but also a ton of guest performers and stars. No word on whether or not Steven Tyler or Aerosmith will be on stage though it seems likely it’ll be one or the other. Since the other members of Aerosmith have been keeping Idol at arm’s length and considering Dubrin was just eliminated, maybe this is that big chance for James and Steven Tyler to perform together as promised so many weeks ago.

Are you still excited for the Idol finale? Who do you think will win it all?

Source: WSJ Speakeasy

Artwork credit: Dan D’Addario