American Idol 2011 Results: Top 4 Elimination

Tonight on American Idol 2011 another singer will be sent home while the newly formed Top 3 will be whisked away on planes to their hometowns for a tour de force of screaming fans and photo ops. Nigel tweeted earlier that there were over 70 million votes so we know there are tons of fans out there waiting to meet their favs.

About an hour before the show I saw a commercial for tonight advertising Enrique Iglesias would be on the show along with Steven Tyler but made no mention of Jordin Sparks. Sparks just tweeted that she just finished rehearsing “I Am Woman” though so I guess we get three performances along with the Idol results tonight.

With just four Idol Hopefuls left in the mix it’d be surprising to get a Bottom 3, but maybe we’ll get a Bottom 2 for a little added drama and suspense. Right now I know there’s a lot of expectation for Haley Reinhart to be cut after her Round 1 lashing last night, but I think that might have been exactly what her fans needed to pick up their phones and vote. My elimination prediction: Lauren Alaina.

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Ryan just added that we will also get a performance from Lady Gaga. So that’s two extra performances tonight. Idol needs to work on getting these details out better…

More dates announced for the American Idol 2012 auditions. They’ll have stops in San Diego, Pittsburgh, and Houston in addition to the previous locations.

Instead of a Bottom 3 we’ll get a Top 3. Ryan reveals Lauren is the first to secure a spot in this season’s Top 3. So either James, Scotty, or Haley will be cut. Wow, it seems kinda obvious at this point, right?

Whoa! I did not see this coming. Haley joins Lauren in the Top 3 and either Scotty or James will be sent home tonight! Scotty joins the Top 3 which means…

American Idol 2011 Top 3:

  • #1: Lauren Alaina
  • #2: Haley Reinhart – Whoa!
  • #3: Scotty McCreery

American Idol 2011 Top 4 Elimination Results:

  • Eliminated: James Durbin

Definitely some shocking results. I thought this season was James’ for the taking. I guess not anymore. Do you think Ryan Seacrest jinxed James with that comment last night about Top 4 being the week Chris Daughtry was eliminated?

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

Did America get the vote right this week? Share your thoughts!




    • Letโ€™s see a double elimination and see James and Haley stay!!

      Scotty might be ahead by a nose but Lauren is not going to trounce James just yet thar darlin!

      • Eh? Then you’d want Scotty and Lauren to go… I’m confused. I need a soda.

      • I felt the same way, Northern Guy. I guess this Marie just arrived from a different galaxy..oh my gosh! Look, Haley-haters! Who says Haley is going home again? Suck that up!!! Haley is soooo winning because of her super unique, powerful and beautiful style in singing. Her voice is just soooooo unique that you can easily recognize her on the radio. She’s like my baby Mariah Carey. Haley for the win!!!

        To be honest, I felt bad that James got eliminated because I was actually rooting for Haley-James finale. But oh well, Haley-Lauren finale would also be amaaaazing.

      • OK. Here I go and this is my opinion. What the hell happened to James Durbin? He was at 46% in your poll before he performed that one lousy song. Then he was at 26%. And Lauren was at 12 %. That one song James performed by creed?? I don’t remember the name of the song,or band was not good! But he redeemed his self on his other song. He has been GREAT and CONSISTANT all the rest of the time. Lauren was at 12% on your poll today. She sucks period!!! And she was the first one safe??? I think American Idol is cheating! Scotty will get signed to a country label winner, or not! And Haley is OK. Just OK. That song she sang ” House of the rising Sun.” Was her best song. And her only song worth a darn! I know, I know other people have said they will not watch American Idol again! And then they have watched again. I WILL NOT watch AMERICAN IDOL again unless JAMES DURBIN is signed to a recording label. PERIOD!!! I am out of here and won’t be back to see who wins! Because NONE of them are as good as JAMES DURBIN!! BYE you all. Sherry K (-:

  1. James is going to the finale get over it. It is going to be an interesting show but it will be one of the girls going home and not to the Final 3

  2. Here we gooooooooooooooooooo ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good luck to all
    BUT Randy and JLo should apologize to Haley no matter tonight results.
    I really hope Haley stays she is as many are saying the “dark horse” and if she stays in the final might give us the surprise to win it all, she is a fighter!
    I have posted many times I want James to win but would not mind at all if Haley does, she deserves it, she fought as none other contestant.
    Anyway I would love to see James as this the winner of this season, he has all what it takes to win.
    Probably Lauren will go home but I wouldnยดt mind if Scotty is the one leaving, I just cant connect with him. Last night was his worst.

    • i agree! Haley came shining through with her second performance last night! she deserves to stay eventhough i haven’t liked her from beginning. And i crossed my fingers for “Flat N Boring” Scotty to go home tonight! First he sang a flat boring country no. like he always does, nothing interesting or to looked forward to, then came his second where he tried an upper beat, i’d rather he stick to his slow flat boring self! He sounded n looked stupid trying to be lively on stage! And he didn’t even appreciate Gaga’s advice! Who does he think he is?? Take Haley for example, she took Gaga’s advice and look what she gave us all! > A standing ovation from all 3 judges! Hail Haley!!! i may not liked her, but i still give her my vote to go all the way to the finale with James! GO HOME SCOTTY!!!

      • June, kudos to you. I have to say I have never read such a nice comment from someone who wasn’t a fan of Haley. I wish all posters here were as objective as you.

    • @ Marta: I love your thoughts about the apology. I would like to see that, but I doubt it will ever happen. Hope Nigel chewed out Randy but good. Randy behaved like a complete ass, imo.

  3. The Haley bandwagon has gotten huge lately. Look back at her other performances and she did not do that good on them. I just don’t get the new found appeal for her now.

    • I think she is very talented Wellen and is not a new appeal for her, she is there because she is a great singer and has been on the bottom for wrong reasons not for her singing. People do not like sexy girls, they criticize what she is wearing, how she is moving or what smile she is doing, WRONG!! this is a singing competition and she is a gorgeous girl with a huge talent

    • Haley deserve to win the competition.. she is soooooo good, and all famous singers comments the same.. James, Scotty and Lauren are great too… but Haley have something special… she deserve it

      • She ought to be good; she has had professional training and is the daughter of musicians. That’s why she thinks she knows more than the judges.
        Go home Haley.

      • i agreed about the haley bandwagon. her past performance didnt do anything for me… and they didnt do much for others too seeing that she was in the bottom three for three times in a row. i think she still needs to discover who she is and learn to compose herself while being taking the corrective criticism from the judges.

      • @ Angelica: I think Haley knows exactly who she is. Aren’t you just regurgitating what you have heard the judges say? The same judges who criticized her week after week and then totally focused in on a beating last night?! Please. The judges are a joke. Haley knows more about singing a song than anyone there, including the judges.

        I did not like her rolling her eyes, but I did not mind the soft remark she made back to Randy who was just lashing and lashing out at her. I just hope Nigel puts his feet to the fire for his behavior. That was uncalled for to call 3 out of 4 as tied for being the winner, leaving Haley out because he didn’t like her first song choice and criticized her growling as screaming. (Too much growling, I admit, but she certainly was not screaming.) What is wrong with that man??

    • Marta, it is all a matter of taste, I do not like her voice or style. She is pretty but so is Lauren and Pia was beautiful. People vote what they like, and that is the right reason.

    • I think her sexy growlyness has grown on a few people! I’ve liked her all along.

    • come on people tell me whats going on. i live in the mt. time zone we are not live.

      • Sherry, whats going on is the BEST singer they had left JAMES DURBIN went home. BOOO! Lauren who is a flop was called safe first. Enjoy the rest of this season. I am out of there! Sherry K>

    • Wellen, I find myself shaking my head disagreeing with you a lot, even though I can see you are a smart guy. I have loved ALL of Haley’s performances. I am not a goofy teenager. I am 63 and I just love her bluesy sound. She is terrific. I loved her “Blue” and every single song she has done since–including the scatting with Casey. Highlights for me were “Blue,” “Fallin'”, and of course the 2 where she got standing ovations. Unlike some people who called it mediocre, I also liked “Call Me.”

      I guess you just don’t like that blues sound or her rasp. Because there is absolutely nothing wrong with her vocals or her performances. Never, ever boring, Haley knows how to generate excitement. She is simply outstanding in my opinion.

      • Pup I understand your point. I have enjoyed a lot of her performances too. But where were all of these supporters a couple weeks ago when the same things were being said about her performances. The judges were telling her to watch song choice and that they were confused to who she was musically. Now everyone seems to be on her side since Casey left. It is just something that I noticed lately

    • Because Haley has had the most WOW performances of any of the singers…followed by James.
      Can’t believe he left, what a disappointment. ๐Ÿ™

    • I’m not so sure it’s a recent thing about Haley’s popularity. The top 24 week I figured her as about 9th or 10th best among em all. I thought 6 were excellent that week. 5 guys & Pia were excellent. Haley was one of the ones who were good, but nothing special.

      I can’t recall which happened first, but 2 things happened to make me really start taking notice of her. One was Elton John week. I thought she was the best. I was suprised Randy said that, because he dogged her the week before.

      The other thing that happened wasn’t as obvious. That week that her, Pia, & Thia were standing there together on Results show. Pia & Thia got this polite golf clap when their names were announced. Haley got this ROAR of applause. Something in that lil event made me think that she had something I wasn’t catching. So I started paying more attention to her.

      She’s been the best the last 2 weeks. Four excellent songs yet 2 of em got blasted. She was the best during Elton John week, & I felt 2nd to James in a lot of other weeks.

      I think part of her appeal is her singing. She is extremely good. But part of it is also that she’s getting unfairly shafted by the judges. What’s happening is a lot of people are jumping up to come to her defense.

    • Ha all you Lauren haters!!!!!!! She was absolutely AWESOME when she dang that duet with haley who did not sound good!!!

      • Haley sounded fantastic. Together there’s an actual contest.
        The boys on the other hand are both limited one trick ponies, and cornballs.

      • I agree….Lauren outsang Haley in the duet. She also looked prettier in my opinion.

      • Lauren and Haley’s duet was a double dose of AWESOME!!! They sounded great, looks like they’re very close now.

      • Vb, well, I guess we hear two completely different things. I actually love both the girls and have been fans of them both!

        But, to my mind in that duet, Haley’s voice was clearer and so much more interesting. I’m not sure what was going on when Lauren was singing, but it sounded like there was a triple track of her voice being played. I didn’t get that at all. I didn’t hear her singular voice even once.

      • I am VERY happy for Lauren (but at the same time, quite sad that James is gone). That really surprised me that she was not the one eliminated, even though I’ll admit Lauren stepped up her game–and James didn’t really show anything really new this round. (Lauren sounded to me as if she had some coaching from Haley, what with the growling she added.)

        May I compliment the person who dressed Lauren tonight? FINALLY, someone did it right. Lauren looked very, very good this evening! (Only the 2nd time I have ever liked what she wore.) And her makeup was better, too! She looked polished but not overdone, as she did last night.

        Haley decided to be much more casual this time, and it that look suits her. She really has great legs, and the shorts looked terrific, especially with the pretty modest (not fitted) top. When I saw her wardrobe I wondered if it was her way of showing she was carefree and not worried about the results, whatever they were. What I noticed most about her, though, was her irrepressible smile. It lights up a room!

  4. Haley has a voice that grows on you. Her early performances may not have struck you but as she has dominated lately, many have gone back and realized, wow she is actually really good! Take for instance, her performance of blue. It landed her in the bottom three when, vocally, it was one of the best country performances of the season, and NO more sleepy than anything scotty or lauren has done.

    • Exactly – her rendition of blue was not outdone vocally by ANY Scotty song. Not one.

      • Neither was her Rolling in the Deep, nor her House of the Rising Sun or her I Who Am Nothing. Scotty is a rodeo act compared to Haley. If she goes home tonight it is only because of personal taste not because she wasn’t as good as the others.

  5. Ehh…James sounds pretty good singing country! (is that a country song they are singing?) they sound good together!

    • I have been trying to tell people that Hames can sing country. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Check out a youtube video “James Durbin Black Velvet” (just keyword those 4 words in the you tube search, should get you the video.

  6. Scotty the Alfred E Neuman lookalike is the one who needs to go home, OOPS I mean back to the cover of MAD magazine! YA ALL Remember when he booted out the FAT kid from his group earlier in the comp, NO Heart. Sick of the part Peurto Rican crap with JLO and further more just a little worried why he’s always surrounded by schoolgirls REALLY? Haven’t seen Haley or Lauren singing to or surrounded by SCHOOLBOYS thank god for that, I don’t wanna PEWK!

      • No, Scotty was involved, too. But he apologized, and with sincerity. He said he regretted not having stood up for him; that it was a huge mistake on his part. That is over now, though. No sense in rubbing his nose in it after he apologized (and did not make excuses as Clint did).

  7. Keep hayley! she has the most potential out of all of them and us the most versatile. Scotty?? What me worry?x come on… he looks like he has suffered a stroke the way he droops the mike…Lauren? Get real; can she have any less confidence

  8. NC is waiting for the parade… just can’t see Scotty going home tonight over the other three. He’s in it to win it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I think Lauren is going home and if she does, James and Hayley don’t stand a chance because all her country fan votes will got to Scotty, IMO.

    • It goes both ways. Haley votes will go to James; Lauren votes to Scotty. James wins by a mile.

      • Hi David P. James went home but he is still a winner. Last night was the first time I voted for him.

  10. Finally! Some good eye makeup for the girls! (irrelevant, I know!) Haley sounded great. Lauren’s voice seemed to get lost in the sound system.

    • Or James?? I don’t mind Scotty but really, I don’t see that he is more talented than Haley, and I technically dont “like” Haley.

    • I thought the exact samething. I’m so happy WE were wrong… I forgot to have a little faith ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I think that it will probably be one of the guys cause if it was Haley, they would probably have left lauren to say last because everyone thought it would be either one of them, so I’m guessing one of the boys are probably leaving tonight.

      • Nobody made Haley talk back. Talking back to people who are older than you, more famous than you, and more knowledgeable in the business. What the heck did she do to her teachers and parents?

      • *snorts* I hope her parents and teachers never treated her like Randy and JLo have. How would you react to passive aggressive sabotage?

      • @ angela james… STRONGLY disagree. Steven Tyler is a professional too and said it was great. He also told her to stick to her guns. Tough place for a young kid to be in. She handled herself very well and stood by her decision, that’s all. Who has the judge’s only criticism been directed at?

      • Simon has always blasted anyone who showed disrespect for the people who actually put them on the stage and gave them the opportunity. Simon told Daughtery that he was getting too big for his britches when he showed attitude and kinda rolled his eyes at the judges (ie…over-confident). That was the week that Daughtery was voted off.

      • Simon was never blatantly biased with his criticism towards one person either.

      • Exactly oak. Shes not a child anymore, she should have stuck to her guns. Even if she ends up eliminated tonight, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she end up pulling a Dughtry and out-sells everyone else on the show.

      • Yes Angela…and Daughtry became the most famous artist of the season. Way to put your foot in your mouth, yet again! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • I didn’t say he wasn’t famous, you dip! I voted for Daughtery the whole season. I also have his music in my car. What I said was that Simon didn’t even put up with blatant disrespect for the judges and always called the contestants on it.

  12. Lauren made it! She deserves it! I thought she was outstanding last night…..she’s beautiful and will be very, very successful.

    • And she has a loving, sweet personality to go with that pretty face and voice. You can’t just have half of it, Haley

      • She was terrible last night. If her first song was 10 weeks ago I’d agree. Her second song, objectively speaking, was a wreck AND a bad song choice for her. But I guess Lauren can get away with crappy vocals and a crappy song choice.

      • Maeidaho, I agree with you. I liked Lauren’s vocals and performances last night. My only complaints centered around her makeup and wardrobe.

    • I did see that. I think it’s because now he’s thinking that Hayley is leaving now.

      • Must be. I don’t see another reason for it. I always thought Lauren was his favorite. Guess that audition week wow didn’t last as long as the edits would have us believe.

      • He adores all sorts of really young girls for an old old man. (shiver shiver). And he looks them up and down every time. (baaaaaaaarf)

      • Yes, NG, he does do that. He does have a rep that fits, too. I was wondering if the young blonde in his video was his current “love.” Anybody know?

  13. Holy cow so who goes home??? James or Haley?? Because it doesnt seem possible that Scotty would go home.

  14. Yea Lauren!!!!! This shows that sweetness pays off!!!! Two more nice guys and we have our final trio!!!! Haley is probably freaking out now! Yes!!!!

  15. I think Scotty should be out because he keeps on singing country songs which makes this show now a bit boring. James totally deserves to win it. He is way awesome!

      • Me too! I love your comments, Northern Guy. I can’t watch it until tonight in Australia (it’s only 11am), but I want to be prepared.

    • Spit my dinner all over my keyboard, thanks Northern Guy!

      I’m on the west coast so I have to either get off right now, or go ahead and get the news on this site.

      What should I do?

  16. Well seeing as who is already safe, Lauren, I’m not sure who is going home, though I severely doubt it will be James. I’m really hoping it’s Scotty. He’s a great singer, but his performances have been declining week after week for me. Haley has such a unique voice, she deserves to be in the finale. People are only continuing to vote for Lauren and Scotty because they’re young.

    • I’m scared for Haley here… but if Scotty goes that will be a MASSIVE upset and Lauren will suddenly get a massive fan-base.

      Although I think Lauren *is* a technically better singer than Scotty, I doubt this will happen. But if it does…. WOA BABY!

      • Fortunately, Haley is getting a lot of Jacob’s fans votes, and a live poll said that Scotty had the worst performances in both rounds last night. Look at what happened to Pia. Let’s just pray Haley stays with us.

    • Lauren is young, and she is great that’s why they vote for her… Haley just showed some attitude last night, it’s her fault if she gets eliminated. but it would be better if Scotty leaves

  17. guess haley is goin home… even though she’s my fav of the top 4… but i seriously don’t see the boys goin home

    • Kind of looks it may go that way… ๐Ÿ™
      Oh well. If it does, Haley can make a record for us and we’ll BUY IT!

  18. Oh my gosh…there are children in the audience. Why on earth are the producers letting Lady Gaga wear that? There are also millions of children watching on TV. Although Haley and Lauren sounded great in their opening duet, was that song appropriate for young ears…smoking, blowing some guy’s head off, etc. They allow children to vote but then put this crap on. Remember the old dude without the shirt…..ugh

    • You have a problem with bikinis now are you serious? And the song was about a woman defending her self from a man that had beaten her. You really need to get out more

      • They panned 7 year olds in the front row of the audience at the beginning of the show, idiot.

      • i agree with you angela. it was disgusting what lady Gaga was wearing in the public with children following the show. they should allowed her to wear something like that, it as if she was playing beach volly ball. I turned off my TV when she was performing. do you see anyone else dress on american idol like that before. She should have more respect to the public and when she is doing her thing she wears whatever she wants. i know that will be a big talk tomorrow. she is big freaky crazy.

      • you are the other crazy one. nothing is wrong with bikin. but not suitable for americal idol.

      • 1 I am not an idiot because I don’t freak out over seeing a woman in a bikini and I am positive that those children have seen a woman’s body in a bikini before. You need to be a role model in your house and not depend on others for that. It is sad that your only opinion is on how she dressed. It also makes me wonder what you listen to if you didn’t like that song which is country by the way.

      • Find a new god…you can start with buying a bible…but then you’d have to become a decent human being and I can’t see you EVER doing that…

    • Lady GaGa is nuts!! She always dresses like a Ho. What is happening to America? I mean are the young kids loving Lady GaGa in her freaky outfits? To much emphasis on nasty looking outfits. Jennifer Lopez looked very pretty and sexy too in her outfit for her new song. She didn’t look like a tramp in a bikini! Bikini’s are fine for the beach! But on a show that is on at family time?? No, It was not right!! NASTY! Nigel are you really going for this in front of little kids?? Sherry K.

    • haha chichi, I’m guessing you’re angela’s granddaughter! too bad coz you’ll just get yourselves tired of praying. haley is still not leaving next week coz she’s gonna win this thing!

    • Very Cool…two great, young kids who are always respectful and humble.

      • I hope they record something together after Idol……I would buy it in a heartbeat and I am not a huge Country fan.

    • i tend to think it will be james and scotty..but scotty and lauren should consider a few recordings together…they would sell.

  19. If Haley goes home, she has no one to blame but herself. She needs to get control of her mouth. Simon would have told her she screamed also. He told Adam Lambert that and Adam never acted disrespectful toward the judges. Haley signed her own exit papers…no one made her act rude. You either are or you aren’t.

    • i agree..she needs to grow up and maybe get a voice coach..her voice has issues. screechy, yelling and flat.

      • But she thinks she knows everything and needs no help. She thinks she is perfect already. Disrespecting judges who took her from being unknown, chose her from tens of thousands of contestants, and put her in front of national television is unforgivable. Shows true lack of character.

      • wow… you know, I have been on dozens of forums for dozens of different topics, but I have to say of the thousands of trolls I have run across, angie, you are pretty darn close to the top of the list. LOL. I’m now at the point where I am no longer annoyed, I’m just amazed.

      • kdub, now that my favorite has been voted off, can i vote for you??!!! lol.

    • I would say Angela is the biggest Haley hater here, she has a warped obsessed imagination about Haley! Just doesn’t want her to succeed,
      Miss James hundreds of negative comments about Haley proves that!
      Your’e comments about Haley are nasty to the extreme comparing her to you she has wings (ANGELS). Get over her nice smile that angers you so much!

      • I really want a picture of you now, Angela…like I said before…I will if you will.
        When Haley hits the high notes…she doesn’t even have ONE cavity, haha her smile is absolutely perfect. Not that it has ANYTHING to do with her singing.

      • Hey Devin Lee, I wish you and all the other great people that I have enjoyed all year long would do what I have started doing; IGNORING angela james. I hate to even type her name. I resonded only one time to her post. She is hands down the most hateful and rude person here.

        She is not worthy for you great people to give her any satisfaction with a response to her rants. She is so jealous of Haley she can’t hide it. I don’t even read her posts anymore. When I see her name I just go to the next one. I just read what you all reply.

        I really hated to see James go. He has been my favorit since his audition. I really hope They all three do really good next week. I don’t think the show will be nearly as fun now, but wish them the best of luck.

        James you hold your head high and keep giving it your all. I hope you make millions and you and your family will succeed in all you do.

      • Devin, why on earth would I ever want a picture of you???? Who is the arrogant one?

    • This angela james is nothing but an insecure granny who happens to be sooooo jealous coz Haley looks like the girl who stole her first boyfriend! Oh my gosh angela, keep on dreaming but we’ll still vote for Haley!

      • Read your posts really… realize how ridiculous you are. If you are voting for Haley, now I understand why she is on the top 3. How sad for this country is to have young people like you!

  20. Yes lauren I’m so happy. I can honestly say every contestant is talented. I can’t say who is the worst but, and no need to tell me why I’m wrong, Lauren is my favorite. Just my opinion. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Julio? lol that was not Julio is Enrique.
      Julio is Enriqueยดs father and he is almost 70 years old.

      • Enrique is so HOT!! I THINK I LIKE IT!! Go Enrique! And Yes the old man ( Julio ) is probably 70. duh! Sherry K

    • i know…sorry..i am dumb..i was just thinking how much hotter he was than his father ever was.

    • I saw Julio at his concert many years ago. He was boring. His son has alot more stage presence.

  21. Yay… if Lauren is safe, I guess America could have gotten this one right and send Haley home. The two guys are the more talented of the four, so I am assuming they both will stay. I hope we don’t watch another fiasco tonight!!!

    • naaaah America got it sooooo right that’s why Haley Reinhart is in the top 3!!! Suck it up Gabriela!

      • Haley sucks so badly… I guess by “America” you mean lazy teenagers with unlimited text messaging. Ugh!

  22. There may be an upset tonight…..Country fans may have voted for Lauren instead of Scotty last night thinking he was safe. Then, Haley may have gotten more votes because the judges gave her a hard time……she also may have picked up Jacobs fans.

    This is tough……I really like all 4.

    • “Country fans may have voted for Lauren instead of Scotty last night thinking he was safe.”

      Nyuk nyuk. The old “Pia effect” hey? Maybe…

  23. I was never more happy to be wrong. I thought Lauren was going to go home tonight, and I’m a Lauren fan. My guess is that her fans voted extra hard for her last night after she was in the bottom 2 last week.

  24. It all hinges on how much of a Country demographic they want for the finals.

    Scotty really isn’t going to handle those duets unless they pair him with his genre. They’re not going to want Lauren and Scotty both.

  25. I can’t believe that Lauren is in first…or at all…and I like her. I am nervous for Scotty…Ihope he makes top 3!!!

  26. It’s so stupid that Lauren just got better 2 weeks ago and is still in the competition. She should’ve been gone even before stefano. She do have potential but she should’ve worked it from the beginning. I can’t stand her.

      • Please…..I have an album. so, i know if someone can sing good or not. And no, i’m not miley cyrus because that girl can’t sing either. I’m a previous american idol finalist.

      • Ihatelauren, you don’t know English very well and I doubt that you have an album or were ever on AI other than maybe a failed audition. Maybe you should identify yourself so we’ll know why we should give a crap what you say…

      • Ihatelauren, you don’t know English very well and I doubt that you have an album or were ever on AI other than maybe a failed audition. Maybe you should identify yourself so we’ll know why we should care what you say…


  28. Why does Enrique Iglesias get the good sound system? Why don’t the contestants get good sound when they perform?

  29. I am utterly speechless right now. Lauren is the one that needs to go home! God I’m so angry right now. Seriously.

  30. I think Haley will go home. Although she’s a good singer but the rest is better.. I love Haley but this is her time.. I think of haley and Scotty will go home

  31. if scotty or james goes home..this show gets even more boring..where is simon when you need him?

    • Because Simon wouldn’t have dragged both of them over the coals for corny performances and bad vocals?

  32. They are all good singers…best wishes to all…however i feel Scotty should go…he can’t sing anything else except country songs….James is superbly good entertainer…Lauren too..

  33. Lauren safe!! yeyeeeeeeeee!! i can sleep well tonight .. TQ all americans!! TQ .. keep voting Lauren until final n be a winner this year! Come on guys .. TQ!

      • That’s a nice thing to say about a person u have never met. I can tell your a ticked off Haley fan. Temper temper little one

      • That’s a nice thing to say about a person you have never even met. I can tell your a ticked off Haley fan. Temper temper little one.

      • Why is she a ticked-off Haley fan?! Haley’s fans are very happy at the moment. I am Haley’s #1 fan, tied with a few others, and I am STILL very very happy Lauren is in the top 3…

  34. I wonder if it is Haley going home tonight. They didn’t say anything about this results round being “shocking” or anything like that. And I imagine they would say such a thing if it were Scotty going home – given that he’s never so much as been in the bottom 2.

    • Actually, Nigel twitted that the results would be shocking when he announced that there were 70 million votes cast – ten million more than last week.

    • She looks great!! lost weight too and looks more mature and secure in her performance

      • Whatever happened to subtlety and taste? And what is going on with the no-holds barred thing on AI (with respect to off-the-wall behavior by judges, overly suggestive song lyrics being aired, and overly suggestive moves by the performers being condoned)!! I guess the sponsors (Coke, Ford, etc) go along with this too. I am astonished. Sexiness is fine. But the show reeked of it tonight. Shame on everyone involved.

        Jordin: Horrible song, and a performance with moves that should have been x-rated for this time slot, imo.

        Enrique: The lyrics were WAY too suggestive to be aired on this show. (Side note: Obviously, the man cannot dance. Because he had no moves whatsoever.)

        Lady Gaga: Yeah, I know she’s known for her sex-shock look. Her song and singing was absolutely wonderful, but her outfit and her moves were completely unacceptable in the timeframe for this show. There WERE kids in the audience, as Angela stated. (Hate to agree with her, but she is right on this one).

        Sleazy, sleazy, sleazy.

      • I appreciate the comment Pup. I took a beating for saying something about the inappropriateness of AI during prime time. My kids watched Idol with me since Season 1 when they were in elementary. I would have had to run to the remote and switch as soon as I saw some of this crap.

  35. I was never into Haleys (seemingly) smugness but i actually feel bad for Haley, she is clearly nervous and trying not to show it.

  36. I never liked Haley’s smugness (misread or not) but I actually feel bad for Haley, she is clearly nervous and trying not to show it.

  37. I’m glad Lauren is safe. While she isn’t my favorite, I do think that she deserves to stay. There’s really no doubt in my mind that James will end up winning it. I hope Lauren comes in second. As far as who goes home tonight, so long as it is Haley or Scotty, I don’t care.

      • Why do you want Haley to win? I will admit that she is a good singer, however her tone and attitude irk me.

      • There’s a difference between self confidence in the face of adversity and having a malicious attitude. A HUGE difference. I don’t know why people can’t see that.


  38. Lauren is in…. yawn.. she’s so boring.. Haley’s better for me. She never even had any standing ovations from the judges..

    • Pia and Casey got the standing ovations but they got off already
      Scotty never too but he’ll be the winner

    • James is gonzo. WOWZERS. So the it’s the country kids versus Haley! So how much of the James vote will go towards Haley? How many James fans are Haley Haters? And if they are Haley Haterz, what do they hate more? Haley or Country?

      A lot of people think it was supposed to be between James and Scotty – so SCOTTY could actually pick up a chunk of the James vote.

      So the big question is: can one of these gals upset SCOTTY THE BODY? And who made up that aweful nickname?!?

      Northern Guy

  39. Am I the only one having problems with this board tonight? Replies seem to be getting posted under the wrong comments.

  40. Fellow finalist Lauren Alaina came to Haley’s aid telling E! about the judges criticism, “I wasn’t a happy camper about that.” She added, “That made me a little ill. I’m sorry, but Haley has the best voice on this show and she gets the most criticism. I deserve a lot more criticism than she does. I’m Haley’s No. 1 fan. I listen to her iTunes songs over and over and over.”

    • Oh my gosh, I think I’m gonna cry with that statement… I love you Lauren!!! You are just soooo sweet. Haley-Lauren for the finale!!!

    • You WERE right, Alex. I never would have believed it! I am in total shock. Very, very happy that my girl Haley is in. Happy for Lauren. Very, very sad for James and all his fans. The next thing I want to read is who scooped up James and signed him to a contract.

      So why did AI grab Pia and not offer the same deal to James? He has a much bigger following and so much more talent than the boring one.

  41. Oh, good. An hour in and we’re finding out the second one who’s safe. So I guess Scotty’s going home. Well, he’ll have a career post-Idol I’m sure.

  42. this is not good for the show..something is wrong with the haley voting..she will never be successful..she can’t sing.

    • chichi is there something good you can post?
      every time I read something from you is a bad comment and you are wrong! Haley can sing!!! she is very talented

      • Haley just ousted JAMES and so did LAUREN! The girls are fighting back. When have we had two gals against a guy in the top three? Anyone?


    i do like scotty though. but i LOVE haley!

      • Konrad ~ Agree!!! Look what Fanny said. BIG SIN!What a shame to take Gods name in vain. I have seen some of the most hateful comments this season ever!! Sherry K

      • Anyone who takes Gods name in vain is a lost soul! I feel sorry for you who ever you are. I hate to think where you are going when you leave this world! Watch Josh Turners video ” Don’t go riding on that long black train.” Sherry K

    • If you believe in God you would not be saying a G–
      D–n words. Jesus hates bad language. And to take god’s name in vain is THE WORST CUSSING there is! That is disgusting! If you take God’s name in vain you are not a christian! Sherry K.

  44. So much for a Scotty/James finale. I am hoping that it’s James who moves on this week.

  45. Based entirely on last night, lauren definitely deserves her spot, plus she stuck up for my girl haley. In all honesty, a guy should go home based on performance and vocal ability

  46. Okay, I am now preparing myself a plate of crow! My theory: the criticism backfired and the Haley voters came out full force. I can’t call it between Scotty and James. I am totally SURPRISED.

    • I disagree with you about that. My favorite is Haley, and Lauren’s yet-to-be-artfully-mined vocal talent is going to make her a superstar. (I also like James, too!)

  47. It may be Scotty tonight. James didn’t get too much attention from the judges last night.

  48. I think it will hurt James if he actually wins this. He will not be taken seriously in the “rock” world. No boy who has won has ever really done well after.

  49. America finally got it right Haley and Lauren made it!! Hopefully Scotty is gone. I like him the most behind Haley but he hasn’t changed since week one

  50. I hope its Scotty, he doesn’t need idol to succeed, actually neither does Haley. Oh well I liked James

  51. HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA I SAID HALEY WOULD BE SAFE!!!!! ahhh now i can relax<3 suck it RANDY.

    • Did anyone notice the look on jackass’s face when Ryan called Haley’s name for 2nd chair?
      It was shock followed by disgust… not happy for her at ALL!
      Let’s get his pathetic ass removed from the show.

      • I positively despise that man now. I have never heard anyone so hateful (well, except for Angela).

  52. WHAT THE HELL?????


    Did his supporters not vote because they assumed he’d be safe? That’s INSANE!!!

  53. I don’t understand this vote James was the more entertaining of the 4 and he got eliminated America got it WRONG!!!

  54. I am done for the season, they just lost the life blood of the show. It is not worth watching anymore. Good bye all. Thanks Matt for the awesome forum.

      • Awe Bunny how sweet. Well I guess I could stick around for you if you need a friend 8)

    • I understand how you feel. (I would have felt just as outraged if Haley had been eliminated. But it wouldn’t have been as shocking–given Randy and JLo’s behavior.) James DID pump life into this show. I couldn’t help but love him. I am so wanting to read that his dreams come true with some recording company snapping him up.

  55. Haley beat out James, what a crock. James is a far better singer than that twit Haley. This crap is rigged big time. Haley should have been out weeks ago.

    • It’s another case of Daughtry. They get rid of the best singer. Well James, prove them wrong like Daughtry did.

      • I am so angry! James has been the best entertainer in the whole competition. The two blond twits should have been voted out 10 shows ago. No long watching idol 2011. Too pissed#@#@#$%^%$#@

      • I totally agree with what you are saying John! You hit the nail on the head, Big time!
        When Daughtry went out I had friends who stopped watching the show. Most of them never went back to watching it again. This could happen again.
        I know I’m done for the season. Even though 2011 American Idol was the year of great talent, the final two should of been James and Lauren. Scotty will have a Nashville contract no matter what happens.
        Good Luck to you James, I know you will succeed. You are a true all around entertainer. Now get out in that Rock World and show America that you can be as famous as Daughtry!

    • How can u say it is rigged in Haleys favor over James when the judges glorify James even when he sucks and when Haleys sings talentwise way beyond James ever will the judges only say how horrible she is. Your outta it mind dude

    • Yea Idol is rigged big time. There is no way Haley or Lauren beat James!! He’s a 10 and they are about a 3 on a scale, if even that. But if i had to make a choice it would be Lauren over Haley.

  56. OMG……………….. then who is elimiated…. if scotty is eliminated.. I wont watch american Idol anymore…………………

  57. Is everyone in America online right now? My mac is slow and that never happens

    • Totally! It’s like James was booted off and the server crashed from everyone’s opinions. I had to wait a long time to get back on.

    • me too…I actually thought it was Scotty! my dream of Haley-James in the finale is gone… well, Haley-Lauren for the finale!!!

      • Oh Devin, I really hope they’d be in the top 2. Oh please, Scotty I know you’re a good singer and wish you all the best. You deserve to be one of the country’s top country singers. But boy, you just don’t deserve to be in the top 2 because we have seen like a negligible improvement from you. Please, oh dear, Haley-Lauren for the finale!!!

  58. Well I guess there’s no more interest in that show for me! Really, REALLY, don’t care about what will happen next. The Voice FTW!


  60. show officially sucks. haley couldn’t do james’s laundry. but remember who won last year and the year before? oh right i don’t either.

  61. James’s pitch issues got the better of him. Even though he is a great performer, I think he was off key on the most number of songs out of the 3 remaining.

      • What about Haley? this is the first comment you that failed to bash her, Sill her stalker though!

      • I know!!!! hahaha angela james, suck it up!!! my Haley is soooo winning American Idol. Oh my gosh!!!

    • She did not get more voters than James…she got more votes. That means that the same fanatics voted like maniacs while the civilized humans voted normally for the rest, including James. Unless each of you fanatics buys 100 copies of her CD, her sales will not be good. She does not have that many supporters…just votes from the crazy few. Huge difference. Hear the outpour of disgust that Haley got in over James? Lots of people are pissed at the outcome because more people like Haley than James.

      • There should have been a question mark at the end of the last sentence (as in sarcasm). Why would so many people be angry right now if they all loved Haley so much?

      • Angry? who? Well, I’m a bit disappointed because I was rooting for a Haley-James showdown. I guess some people are angry because they were expecting Lauren/Scotty to be eliminated. But very few were expecting Haley to be the top4. Oh my gosh, angela james, just admit it! You cannot stand against Haley Reinhart’s forces, with me as the leader! haha keep on dreaming, but Haley is just not going home! She’s sooooo winning AI. oh my gosh!!!

        Haley-Lauren for the finale!!!

      • Given your track record so far, Angela, I think I’m safe in stating that your prediction about Haley’s success as a singer will be dead wrong, as well.

  62. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! waaaaahhhh the show is different without james now! i might just stop watching it cuz he was the only good one there. now haley, lauren, and mccreepy are the final 3. UGH WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE VOTING pia, and now james! :'(

  63. Wow did this just happen? He was the only reason I watched this show. Im done now. I dont care who wins. None of the top three deserved it over James. America….. Your plain stupid!!

  64. Whooo-hoooo! Scotty all the way!!!!!!!!!! Can’t believe Haley is in final 3…she has been bottom 3 so many times and the judges have rightfully criticized her for screaming, not connecting w/her song, bad song choice–everything I agree with. Glad Lauren made it through. I LOVE SCOTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • This just showed the Scotty and Lauren fans that they too have to act crazy and vote 200 times a night. When American Idol started with Kelly Clarkson, nobody voted like that. Everyone just picked up the phone and voted once or twice. Ridiculous. Haley will be gone for sure now that Lauren and Scotty’s fans are pissed that she is in the mix with them.

      • you wish. Haley will get James votes and the country kids will split the country vote

      • When Kelly Clarkson won every child over 8 years old didn’t have a cell phone. If they had, Justin would have won.

  65. shame i thought this was James season even i’m a fan of Haley. I think Scotty should go.

    • @CC I agree. I thought James would be in the finale. He should have been. And I was torn between Lauren and Haley as the other finalist. I think Scotty will win….but I don’t think he should. I don’t think he should get that far. He’s fine, he can sing a country song well enough…but the duet today was glaring….he was out done on a country song by a rocker because he holds the mic like it might give him cooties if it gets too close. I don’t know perhaps it’s the one gaga sang with…loosen up. James should have been in this til the end. Happy for Haley to dodge a bullet again. No thanks to RJ. And btw, some of the most unprofessional behavior from a judge ever Randy…thanks for raising the bar on Cowell’s rudeness, guess you got tired of being called soft.

      • “And btw, some of the most unprofessional behavior from a judge ever Randyโ€ฆthanks for raising the bar on Cowellโ€™s rudeness, guess you got tired of being called soft….”

        – if Randy gonna wear Simon’s shirts, I’ll have nightmares for the rest of my life.

  66. The only one I would even consider seeing in concert is James. Scotty is good, but I hate country. My cat makes better music then the girls this year.

  67. I feel so bad for James. Haley should have been the one to go home. Scotty is my favorite, but James was second. I would have been happy if he won over Scotty if it came to that. They guys were way more talented than the girls.

      • The girls didn’t? What the hell? Where does this CRAP come from? What is wrong with you?

  68. OMG!!! I’m never voting again!!! LOL! No way he was the best! Great performer.

  69. Well. Sorry to see James go. I’ll be perfectly for one of the girls to win. All I wanted was for Scotty to get the homecoming hoopla. His career is made, so the girls can shine now.

      • Bunny: Yes and no. My feeling [conspiracy alert] is that the entire trash then praise Haley scenario was to incite voters to rally behind Haley. Also saw a lot of posts objecting to James going first and last instead of the normal rotation. As good as James is, there is little room in the rock echelon for a new wunderkind. And even if there happened to be room, there’s not a lot of money in rock these days. I think they wanted him gone. IMHO they’ve been pushing for Lauren from day one. Country still sells. Sorry for the overlong response.

      • Templar, don’t buy the idea that AI planned this to help Haley get votes AT ALL.

      • Even though I didn’t like the way how Randy and Jlo bit@hing Haley… I think there’s method in their madness. Remember the consecutive weeks of the girls being voted out? Jlo pleading to the viewers that she don’t want any more girls goin’ home. But give credit to the girls, there are peaking at the right time… especially Haley.

  70. James should have been the American Idol. He has so much talent. America has gotten this one wrong. I am officially signing off of Idol now. Adam Lambert should have won, and Crystal Bowersox should have won. If Idol cannot get their voting done so it votes for talent and not the same computer coming in vote after vote.. I think I’ll by Pepsi and Chevrolet. Maybe that’s how the voting will change.

  71. James should have took the whole thing!!!!!!!!! I will never watch the rest of AI it NOMORE!!!!! James you will make it!! Someone will pick u up, BEST OF LUCK!!!

  72. I agree completely with John. It’s rigged. Just like it was with Daughtry and then Adam…It SUCKS.

  73. Once again, Idol voters failed miserably! Scottie hasn’t been good for weeks and should have gone tonight.

  74. Who would have guessed the guys in the bottom 2 and James going home but Lauren and Haley’ fan bases were on fire all week and really pushing hard to get out the vote.

  75. im so sick of this haley hate, im sorry but she deserves to be here and to win. im not suprized that james went home cause yes he is amazing at rock yes but i think thats it, u saw his performances last week, they sucked. haley takes a risk every week, and she’s fantastic, im not being bias, cause i used to hate haley, but she is by far the most improved contestent, james hasent grown at all. haley should win period.

    • You are right in what you are saying, Haley does take risks but I don’t think she’s a very good singer. She always sounds off-beat or screaming.

  76. Scotty is in it to win it! Haley should have been the one to go, not James.

    • Sounds like another busted record usually expect this crap from Angela James! AKO Haleys stalker!

    • They were, but as has been pointed out to me, country is the biggest thing in the U.S. That’s why Scotty held that lead for so long and remains a solid contestant.

      I read an article in Rolling Stone that said country fans are the only ones still buying CDs. Kinda tells you what kind of uphill battle any contestant has who isn’t country.

  77. Ai and the judges or should I say Scotty’s pimps are working hard to keep him thats why they always place him around schoolgirls were most of the votes come from!

  78. Wow. James is gone. Cool…it frees up my time for the rest of the season.

  79. They are all good this year so no one really deserved to go, I thought Scotty may have gone, but because he isnt talented, he is and he will ahve a country career either way, I just dont think he is as versitile as the others.

  80. Before you go complaining abiut James Durbin’s elimination, just remember; he was NOT a perfect preformer. A good one, yes. But perfect? Far from it. With his pitch issues I was shocked (not surprised though) but come on! We still have SCOTTY, bleh. LAUREN (meh) and HALEY REINHART! (we all know she’s amazing)

    Everyone in the top 3 deserved it JUST as much as James Durbin. At the end of the day…. This season is the best. Season. Ever.

    • I understand what you are saying Jamezz. He was a good performer. But, some of the songs that he sang, didn’t need all of the screaming. I’m sure he will have a career after AI.

    • Susan, Please. AI did more pimping for James than any other contestant, EVER. Just like Pia, he didn’t get the vote. James is very talented & he will do great.

  81. So its a genuine super star in the making versus a couple of Country singers. Why is America so obsessed with Country and Western music? It’s basically one melody with different lyrics all of which are cloyingly sentimental. Both Scotty and Lauren seem to be lovely kids with nice voices but will either of them seriously be seen as exceptional talents? I think not. Haley is special and a singer as good as her comes along once in a blue moon. Shame for James who I reckon has a genuine future in a rock band but the past two weeks he has been too hyped up and not focussed enough. His voice has wavered on several occasions and he really should have sung at least one ballad every week.

    • Ian: I wouldn’t say Americans are obsessed with country music. What I would say is that many Americans turn to country music because pop is mindless, auto tuned drivel, rap is vulgar and misogynistic, hip-hop is boring and repetitive. Country, on the other hand has clear and understandable lyrics, tells a good story, deals with family and real life themes and makes sense.

    • Country music rocks that’s why America is obsessed with it. And it’s not one melody with different lyrics.

  82. Oh my gosh!!!! I can totally feel this..Haley Reinhart is soooo winning AI! Take that, angela james and friends! whooooohoooo!!! Me and my friends’ thousands of votes for Haley paid off! well, my guess for the top 2 would be Haley – Lauren.

    Come on, Haley fans!!! I appoint myself as the president of her fans club haha! Let’s all vote for her! Haley for the win!! Oh my gosh!!!

    • I would rather vote for a dying cat, the cat sounds better and has more personality.

      • Yes, Justin Bieber has a talent but I don’t like him as an artist.

        We’re talking about Haley Reinhart here! She’s sooo winning!

    • I’ve been in since she sang Blue. I do feel bad for James, but they will all get something now. They are all known. I am just so happy to have someone I really like in the top 3. Everyone I have loved every year was voted off.

    • iloveHaley….can we really take you seriously when every one of your posts have “Oh my Gosh” over and over? You are obviously a minor….are you failing school with all the time spent on this site? Do you ever study or do homework? Maybe you should clean your room or help your mom instead of appointing yourself president of anything.

      • Oh my Gosh Angela! your answer to everyone better and smarter than you is to call them a minor here, kinda makes you pathetic!

      • angela james, I have tons of A’s so and I do my homeworks like before I even get home! oh my gosh is an expression, just in case you don’t know that! so what if I’m not an old lady like you? I am proud to be young and a die hard fan of Haley Reinhart! Is it wrong to have an idol who’s soooo unique, sweet, confident, honest, and a strong fighter? I wanna be like her when I grow up and I’m sure my friends, schoolmates and millions of other kids out there feel the same way!

  83. Wow! that was a Shock!!! I thought James was the Best….wont be watching this show anymore..the best is gone!

  84. If American Idol opened voting to Canadian, James Durbin never would have been sent home tonight. How can people over look such pure emotion and talent in an artist?? Rather disappointing and unbelievable. How can the American nation not recognize that James Durbin should have won Idol?? Just as disappointing as the night that Pia was sent home. How can it be so difficult to see talent?? Watched American Idol all season and am really disappointed at the outcome. Are American people so jelous of their own that they would rather see their own fail than succeed when they deserve it the most? James Durbin rocks and truly deserved a chance. Could no one see how spectacular his performances where? He put his soul into all he did! Open voting to Canadian viewer and you might just have a more accurate poll. James Durbin all the way. Crazy!!!!!

    • @Andrea – Unfortunately there’s too many teeny boppers involved in the voting… c’mon, they think Justin Bieber has talent! lol!

    • Oh, and by the way, last time I checked Canada was still a part of North America, so you’re just as American as we are by birth.

  85. What a surprise! Haley survives & James goes home.
    Fellow Haley fans: Way to hang turf, just like our girl! Congradulations to all of us & all the others who responded to Jackson’s attack by voting in huge numbers. Thank you… it’s now a better world for me.
    I will miss James. I’m not a metal fan but James goes way beyond that & it will be, by no means, the last we will hear from him.

    • I know fatboy! Haley fans just really united and made sure she won’t be losing American Idol! We all got mad of how Randy sooo criticized her and for that, I’m guessing she got the top votes in this season. And let’s not forget that even Nigel sooooo love Haley’s performances. Oh my gosh, let’s do the same think next week and push Haley to be in the top 2 together with Lauren. Haley for the win!!!

    • No where. Those peeps will not vote anymore because ALL along we were voting for the Idol, now. It doesn’t matter.

      • James fans should show their support by not voting. Reveal your support publicly to James by showing a drop in the # of votes. As a Canadian I was unable to vote but will ahow my support by not be watching the remainder of the season and have already sent comment to AI home page.

      • I think this is a great idea – James fans should not vote! Who cares who wins now.

    • My phone will not be picked up for any of the others ! The votes will go from 70 mil down to about 40 mil, if we all stick together on this one! James you are the real winner!

      • If the total votes really does drop from 70m to 40m, that would suggest that James held 30m votes. If that was the case, James would still be in it to win it. What happened was that James fan base didn’t get out the vote while Haley’s, Lauren’s and Scotty’s fans voted a lot. James does remind me of Adam Lambert because of his showmanship, but Adam has the better voice and even screamed in tune, something James hasn’t conquored yet. Going to be interesting though for the next two weeks. Scotty or a dark horse?

  86. So if James’ fan base leaves or doesn’t vote for Haley we get an all country final

    • Well i can tell you be prepared because alot of James Fans including myself are done . I won’t be picking up the phone for any of the others. The votes will go from 70 million to about 40 million next week. I don’t play that game. There is no one that i would want to win thats left. It’s all on you guys good luck! ” Do you really think you can make us vote us mr cowboy? Well, Yippee ki-yay,mf! lol

      • I know Temp but its discusting! Idol cheats no matter what the phone votes are. I read a huge article last night on Idol. It’s rigged!!! Scotty look out a girl is gonna win this year !

    • Well, as for me – Idon’t care anyways. Makes no difference! Nobody is in I would see as an idol! No way I wouldspend any money on either of 3 left contestants!

  87. Comment deleted and user banned. I also find great humor that this person’s email includes a phrase about “raising an angel.” Quite an angel I’m sure w/ a mouth like that on its parent. – Admin

    • Why do you have to call her names? You should be able to make your point , disagree with the votes and still be respectful. I really don’t understand comments like this.

    • I agree – Its clear to me that most people dont know real talent – James is awesome – clearly outshines both Haley and Lauren!!!

      • I think they set it up for a girl to win. Next week lets all turn off tvs and no voting see how Idol loses viewers. Time to make a stand !!!

  88. I really like Lauren…but I love Scotty. However…I would have liked to have seen a James/Scotty finale. However, I didn’t like the comments James made. What he has done was done before…Adam Lambart. They all need to remember…they aren’t stars yet…but stars in the rough. Go Scotty!!!

    • Because she’s better. It’s pretty simple actually she has had multiple performances that have been deemed some of the top of all time and she is the only one out of these finalist to get a standing Ovation and again she has gotten multiple so yea that’s why she made it over James. Not saying he should have gone I actually wanted A James Haley finally cause Scottys boring and hasn’t changed since his audition and Lauren honestly is years behind the others

  89. I like Haley but i want james and haley get to the final together.. this is wrong.. its exactly just like what happenned with Pia… HALEY FANS don’t stop voting!



  91. I am shocked!!!!!!!!!! Did this really happen?Well now that James is gone I will not watch anymore.

    • I’m with you on this one! Lets all not vote for any of the others and see how many votes get lost. James was the one and Idol has lost it’s best . They made it where 2 girls were left so they can have a female winner this year. All you out there that are mad at this, this show has been rigged for a female to win this year. Time for a boycott against Idol!Scotty look out you will be gone next week because this is a big time set up. You guys will see .

  92. How americans blows my mind……. Let’s see Bush – president …… Lauren and Haley over James….. Can’t wait to hear who wins…… I certainly will not be watching…. I would hope for ability to sell music it will be James #1 and Scotty #2…….

  93. I am so freaking ticked it’s unreal!
    If anyone deserved to win, it was James!
    He’s the ONLY original one. Too many people sound like Lauren and Scotty.
    And what the heck is Haley doing on there?
    She can’t sing worth a freaking crap. I hate her growling, I hate her ugly face, I hate her, period. James was the ONLY good one.
    The others were just there for fluff.
    Screw American Idol.
    I hate it.

    • Ugly comment girl !!! its just a show… And they will sell their music anyways, so just enjoy!

    • Mature, really mature. It’s America’s fault he went home, not Haley’s. What the F did she ever do to you??

  94. I’m in shock, what happened is because of Haley, people stopped to vote for James the best, expecting a final Scotty and James. It is a girls’ final, I do not like. my heart con Scotty.

    • Don’t you DARE blame this on Haley…she already gets blamed for Precious Pia leaving. This is AMERICA’S FAULT! Period.

  95. So sad about your exit James! We loved you more than anyone and know you have a fantastic career ahead of you! Idol was just your stepping stone.

  96. Thank goodness. I won’t have to coax my cat from under the bed when James is screeching.

    • I think James signed his exit papers by trying to sing Journey. Way too big for him and anyone who grew up in the 70’s knows that no one can touch Steve Perry’s voice…perfect in everyway…pitch, volume, and clarity. From someone who still listens to Journey, that song last night just sounded off in some way.

      • only few people can sing like Steve Perry and James wasn’t one of them…

  97. James has been an inspiration to all of those with Asperges/Turettes/autism. He is right: he did work his butt off every single week. I can’t even imagine how hard it was to keep everything under control for him. The best singer never seems to win on Idol. He is in excellent company. He made this season memorable for me.

  98. This is final proof that we have gone insane.
    This shouldn’t have even been close. James was by far the best.

    James had the best voice, best range and was the best performer.

    This is a sad day.

    James, you will go far..We love you.. best of luck.

  99. This is the most stupid part of this show, sent out James was so WRONG!!!! Stupid, idiot, I’m done!!!!

  100. Jamezz – Are you deaf? Haley? C’mon, she must’ve bj’d someone to get where she is…

  101. Sad to see James go. But happy that Haley is still in! Why wonโ€™t that singing Alfred Neuman just DIE? I really wanted a James/Haley, Casey/James, Casey/Haley finale. But it looks like itโ€™s not going to happen. dang it.

    Gosh, how many rednecks are there with phones? Scotty? Pfft.

    • Just can’t believe Scotty won out over James. B-O-R-I-N-G People really want to listen to that drool on the radio? Seriously, The Voice is so much more credible. Check it out…James should’ve won Idol this year. Too bad he didn’t audition for The Voice.

  102. pia was first competition, then Casey and the truth was my favorite and what was james now? when it became removed casey was very horrible because his talent is not very often, I thought that if anyone should have won Debio be james . what a disappointment that of scotty because women just say he is cute and has beautiful eyes but comments from pia, casey, and James were: Wow, that is a talent that comes from the soul. then tell me if is it correct that scotty continue in the competition? (Hey do not say that scotty singing badly, it’s just the only ones left are better than him)

  103. that was a horrible injustice. I won’t be watching the finale now that James has been ousted. Something terribly wrong with that picture.

  104. James should have been the next American Idol. This was an EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!! James has more talent then the other three… Thanks for another disappointing year Idol… signing off now. WE’RE DONE!!! Please check back in a 18-months to see who has sold more records…

  105. all votes from james will go to haley and country votes are divided between scotty and lauren.
    James sorry, you was my seconde favorite. the person who has to make it is HALEY!!
    please vote her

    • Don’t be so sure! A lot of James voters were first time ever voting on this show, because of what he brought in! I would bet that more than 40% of those people will not vote again this season!

      • dont be to much,,,
        more than 40%..?? LMAO

        where is the “40%” voters that you talked about??
        in fact, James has been eliminated,, LOL

  106. No WAY is American Idol sending home who America votes for! The do what they want!

  107. I am just…I don’t…I can’t even think straight. I was resigned to the fact that Lauren or Haley would be leaving. I did NOT see this coming. I really, really, really wanted the girls to be top 3 with JAMES. Who outperforms Scotty in every way. Even though Scotty is technically a better singer than James, James at least sang with a wide range of notes…and he is the best performer of the season. I am so upset…I did NOT want to lose James Durbin tonight…he was the one who really knew how to put on a show!!! We will miss you, James!! Go find your superstardom and SHOW US HOW WRONG WE ALL WERE TO LET YOU GO!!!!
    Love you James!

    • Really? Scotty is “technically” a better singer than James? Are you tone deaf? Scotty has such limited range it’s laughable. How many hayseeds are texting multiple votes for Scotty? I like country music but…not his style of country. Maybe they should create a Country Idol for those who don’t listen to mainstream music.

      • I know, I know Maya…I agree with you! I said that same thing to my mother, James’ number 1 fan…I said that Scotty is a technically better singer than james, but that’s because he stays inside his comfort notes, while James tackled ALL the notes…sure he went pitchy on some but at least he ATTEMPTED THEM!! I have no doubt that if Scotty attempted even half of the notes James rocked, I wouldn’t be saying that technically Scotty is a better singer. Scotty just won’t push himself, and should not be rewarded for that. James should have been rewarded for at least trying and for pushing himself!!

  108. Pink Floyd exposed the nasty side of show biz in the album ‘Wish You Were Here’. This is exactly what we witnessed today! The show is a damn machine that declares its allegiance to ‘American talent’ but in reality HATES an independent stand and cares about talent only to the extent the latter is fully under control of the network. It seems to me that James is JUST TOO TALENTED AND INDEPENDENT for the network. Again!What a disaster for AI! Watched this show this year only because thought a real talent will get through but ALAS, THE POLITICS OF IT ALL. Didn’t kiss asses enough, it seems. Will never watch the show again.

  109. Wow…this pisses me off. Now its almost set to have scotty lauren, when damn sure should have been haley james in the finale. WTF….sooooo mad. If haley doesnt win im forever switching to x factor

    Hate to see James go. Should have been Hayseed packing his bags, but I’m giddy with glee that those conniving dirtbag judges lost their gambit to derail Haley!

    If there is a god, Scotty will be next. He shouldn’t have made it to the top 12.

  111. America you got it WRONG! You have no clue about who should and deserves to win. You continue to vote those who are cute, sing ok and can become sugar-coated, manufactured artists. I can’t vote as I don’t live in the US, but you continue to look at the contestants through rose-coloured glasses.

    You did it when you voted Adam Lamber to come second and his career has taken off way outdoing the winner. You did it when you voted Daughtry off, whose career again far out weighs the winner. You did it when you voted Jennifer Hudson off…

    Problem is that you cannot think outside of the box and you voted because you like the look of someone!

    I will NEVER purchase anything any of the remaining 3 bring out because it’s already out there. The only artist who will have an INTERNATIONAL career will be James Durbin, just like Adam Lambert has had.

    Typical… have no clue! GO JAMES….

  112. No disrepect but Haley can’t sing so y she still on there I mean realli dude!

    • You’re joking? She’s clearly a great vocalist. What are you listening to? The girl is good, dude.

  113. I thought that with Lauren getting the lions share of the country vote Scotty would go home this week but James’ fans let him down this week since the two boys were likely very close in votes this week.

  114. I’m in shock, what happened is because of Haley, people stopped to vote for James the best, expecting a final Scotty and James. It is a girls’ final, I do not like. my heart con Scotty.:(

  115. Although my favorite is Scotty, I cannot believe that Haley got more votes than James!!! The Idol voting system is a complete Joke. I hope that X-factor uses the same format that they use in England, where each vote cost you money. They could donate profits to charity & get a more legitimate vote count. Unfortunately they wonโ€™t because they like to brag about the millions of votes even if they come from a much smaller number of actual individual voters!

  116. No disrepect but Haley can’t sing so why she still on there I mean really dude!

  117. America blame idol they let people vote over and over just so they can say that 70 million people voted. What a joke if people could only vote once, you would have counts of maybe 20 million and that is giving them credit they dont deserve. This was fixed so nigels favorite would stay and the true idol would be sent home. James IS STILL THE AMERICAN IDOL. He has more tallent than the rest. Send Hailey home she must be giving Nigel special behind the camera ———————-. You can put in your own ideas.

  118. Wow…this pisses me off. Now its almost set to have scotty lauren, when da*n sure should have been haley james in the finale. WTF….sooooo mad. If haley doesnt win im forever switching to x factor

    Hate to see James go. Should have been Hayseed packing his bags, but I’m giddy with glee that those conniving dirtbag judges lost their gambit to derail Haley!

    If there is a god, Scotty will be next. He shouldn’t have made it to the top 12.

  120. Wow…this pis**s me off. Now its almost set to have scotty lauren, when da*n sure should have been haley james in the finale. WTF….sooooo mad. If haley doesnt win im forever switching to x factor

  121. Until Americans realise that the voting system in American Idol is wrong, the right person may or may not win. It has to be one vote per person, or three votes on a preferential system.
    How on earth can you call yourself a democratic country with votes rigged by the voters themselves????.

  122. James had the least talent in a very talented bunch, it was as simple as that. And what about an all-girl final? After all that talk about how gals can’t win this show!

    Go Lauren!

  123. James, you had my vote every week– you are the most passionate and dedicated of all the contestants… you deserved to be in the final two and the American Idol… just keep doing what you love… you have a genuine talent and many people who believe in you… and who knows, your loss tonight may even work out to your advantage…. you’re a man of integrity so it will be alright!

  124. Dear God, please teach me to like Haley, I’m so tired of being disappointed in American Idol! Thank you. Amen.

  125. Whoa indeed. Haley and James should’ve been the final 2 (i don’t particularly like his range, but he surely is a very good performer).
    Scotty, except for “Gone” and “That’s all right”, has bored me to near death since the beginning.
    As for Lauren, I find her rather “safe”, instead of plane boring. I don’t appreciate that though. She is a good singer and has great potential, but her teenage insecurities hold her back, a lot (e.g. “Unchained melody”).
    And last but not least, my personal favorite. Nice range, big lungs, stands up for herself (i don’t get why some perceived her as arrogant), consistent (her worst were still better than some of scotty’s or lauren’s best), and if we were to pick the top 5 perfomances of the whole season, haley would easily have 3 in there (e.g. “house of the rising sun”, “piece of my heart”, “benny and the jets”, “i who have nothing”, “rolling in the deep”, “beautiful”, “earth song”, i mean… c’mon!).
    Sorry for the mistakes. It’s not my first language.

  126. Im over with watching american idol this is stupid they always sent the great ones home? Al is done and just boring now wont watch this show anymore!!
    Good luck james on your career

      • P-L-E-A-S-E How can you listen to that? It’s simply boring and generic. Imagine if all the contestants had similar voices singing that twangy drivel.

  127. Farewell to James. I will truly miss you, this made me so sad. Scotty needed to go. James your talent is undeniable and you will prove so to all of America. As for Hailey, I’m glad she is still in the competition to spite Randy. Way to go Hailey. I hope some of James’s votes go to Hailey to help equal out the CMT awards.

    • No. I voted for James week after week. He is a true American Idol. I wlll watch but NOT vote. Scotty is a shoe-in. If he left 10th or 1st he will get a music contact and make it regardless, he has a professional voice.

      • Ms. Lopez, why the tears? Your mantra since the top 12 has always been “Keep the girls.” Well, now you have two girls in the final three that have far less talent than the person eliminated tonight. Do you always cry when you get what you want?

      • Oh man, that would be awesome. I just posted this at the end of the page. Haley would blow them both out of the water. She can do either.

    • I stopped watching American Idol back in season 5 when they sent Chris home.. Now I started watching again and they sent James…. I guess I will be back by 2015…. The good thing is James will be as succesful as Chris

    • I agree James has an undeniable talent and will be successful. I am so disappointed, he is a true performer. Scotty should have gone home. My vote will go to Haily.

  128. Haley made my hounds howl when she sang. The screeching and growling really freaked them out!

    • I agree. Haley is terrible. She uses her growls as a entire sentence, instead of the punctuation mark it should be.
      I’m so bummed about James going home. I will go to his concerts I will buy his music. You watch, Haley will be forgotten by next year!

      • No, I don’t think so. Her fans really like her VOICE and her MUSIC, we don’t dwell on who they are or are not as people. Because who they are doesn’t mean sh*t when it’s their voice on the radio…Haley’s fans will be loyal, wait and see.

  129. I suspect that the people who like Haley so much, are the same type of people who liked Taylor Hicks!!

      • Just wrong. I love Katharine Mcphee. I hated Hicks and Kris Allen and also Paul McDonald. Adam Lambert and Haley are my favorites ever. I also like Kelly and Carrie but not my faves.

      • idiot think about it. Its the same thing that happened to chris daughtry being eliminated and taylor hicks becoming safe. Haley is the worst one out of the 3 though how much i despise scotty’s repetitiveness he has a better voice than her and so does lauren.

  130. Haley, really. She had no business in the top three. James is Already a star, keep “Rocking”.

      • No.James consistantly gave great performances and awesome vocals. It will be a bit boring for sure.

      • This is a sample of Haley’s fan(actics) attitude, even though she was voted to top three they are still extremely rude to other posters who do not agree with the outcome! This will not get you votes from James fans-hope you are thinking about that.
        I would not give my votes to Haley because I think her fans actions leave alot to be desired.

      • Diana, I really don’t understand your animosity towards Haley, I have only seen a few Haley fans that tear down the others, which I assume are teenagers themselves. I have seen more tearing down of Haley on this site and don’t know how you can say that. I feel all should just root for their fav’s and quit the nasty comments directed towards all of them.

        I think the top 4 are all talented. Each have their own weaknesses as well as strengths. Though my favs are Lauren and Haley, I find James to be very talented and entertaining, he will make it for sure, maybe its for the better, who knows who is in the wings to sign him, he is bankable. As for Scotty whether he wins or not, he is heading to Nashville and I am sure he will develop into a great entertainer.

        I just wish people can give an opinion without being making mean and unsubstantiated comments. That is so hurtful to the people who are family and friends of the contestants who may be reading these posts.

        So please here on out why don’t we comment on their talent and presentation and not what we assume the type of person they are or what the look on their face means at any given time. Its just not right.

    • I guess some people can’t stand to hear the truth. Please tell me how many time Haley was in the bottom – I lost count.

  131. I agree with most here. What the heck?! Some of the best left this competition early, Daughtry, Lambert. I will watch but vote no more.

  132. Ther is no way Haley beat out James.Something is defenitely wrong in the voting.James has never even been in the bottom three now all of a sudden he is.People know this is wrong and something should be done about it. Haley has been in the bottom three a few times but James has never been.Go figure. He should be in not her.This ruined my faith in the votes being done correctly. The judges even knew it was wrong by the looks on their faces. I will not be watching this show again because it is not done fairly.Good Luck James cause I’m sure some record company will want to sign you up. You deserve it.

    • I agree 100%. Haley is nothing compared to James. Scotty should win now. If Haley doesn’t go home next week I’m thru and will go to X factor.

      • just kidding..haley’s great…i’m just stupid and deaf to like james durbin..sorry my bad

      • Agree with you all the way, he was my favorite from day one. Will not vote for any of the three who remain.
        I do feel that Jame’s will come out ahead of the game because of his amazing talent & visions, and do agree with you about something being really wrong. Jame’s is BRILLIANT! But now he is free to to get going on his long and prolific career that he has ahead of him.

      • R u 4real,Scotty is boring and repetitive with his country crooning and his laughable demeanor. Scotty, quit and go to CMT

    • There is a way that Haley beat out James. Did you watch? James is out! Haley is in!

      Look, James peaked three weeks ago and hasn’t been at the top of his game since. That’s just how I see it! When Haley scorched the earth with HOTRS — James was toast. She won my votes, as well as many others, from that point on. I was hoping it would be Scotty tonight; I really do admire and respect James’ talent far more then Opie…but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

      Good luck James! I know you had a blast and I’m truly so happy for for all the love you got while competing on AI.

  133. So disappointed! James should have been at least the top three. No longer watching idol. Who cares at this point!

  134. James is good, but he quit amazing us. Look at the career Daughtry has. James has the same thing ahead and he won’t be beholden to AI. He is in great shape.

    • You are right as Daughtry is so successful and my daughter actually met him at one of his concerts and he told her that he was glad he didn’t have to have the Idol ties. He would of had less freedom to do his own thing.

  135. I completely disagree with the voting. How is Haley still there? I live in Chicago, but there’s no way I will celebrate her, because she does not deserve to be in Top 3. James was consistant every week, while Haley was not. She was cocky and gave the judges attitude when they tried to critique her. I hope Scotty or Lauren can win, because they have the talent. I’m sure James will have a recording contract regardless, but I feel bad that he had to be the one sent home. Does anyone else think the final 3 was rigged so there is a better chance for a girl winner?

    • Don’t be ridiculous! James fans just didn’t vote enough. I will miss him but I like Haley, too. I think Scotty will win and make the whole season a waste of time!

      • I agree Cecil… a total waste of time for sure, since we all know Scotty is the winner… Now how will it look knowing everyone in the top 13.. even in the top 24 was better than him??

      • I agree with you Gabby!! I don’t like Haley’s attitude at all!! She comes across being snotty and thinking she deserves something she don’t. Not a fan of her singing either! James has it all!! He’s a true performer and it shows he has a heart. He really feels what he sings!! Haley is just making noise! Don’t really care who wins at this point…I’m from GA and I like Lauren, but she just seems too young. Great voice now that she’s really letting go..but still too young. Scotty is ok, but he kinda comes across a little cocky too. Just my opinion….

    • with over 10 million more votes than last week and jacob lusk voters adding a wild card – no i dont think its rigged, i think a lot of people were voting based on JUST LAST NIGHT PERFORMANCES. if i take a breath (james elimination knocked the wind out of me) and look at just last night, the women really kicked it up a knotch – the costumes, the BEST orchestration on haley’s i who have nothing, and laura’s dramatic opening on the last show of the night all add up to the upset.

      • The Government is not involved on this, come on! The executive producers can do whatever the heck they want to do, we just sit back and hear what they say, but nobody knows for sure how the voting went besides them.

  136. lol in your face Randy Jackson!! well now who cares about the judges’s comments (except for Steven Tyler, I respect the gentleman) this man knows music in and out. he can see talents. Sorry for the other 2 judges, Jennifer is a great performer but not a singer, Randy is a failed producer. Randy can’t see talents thats why he is not a succesfull producer.
    The producers and other singers like these top 3, Sherly Crow has an eye on Scotty now. She is preparing something big for him and Niegel praised Hailey’s performance. Adam Lambert liked her as well. Lauren was praised by Kelly Clarkson. So yeah Jennifer and Randy eat that!!!!

    • you’re right! i won’t be watching anymore, not with Scotty still around! what is america thinking to keep him on the show?? but then again, come to think of it> those past contestants that still stay in the limelight after the show, mostly not winners too! Take Adam Lambert for example > he’s making tremendously well compare to Kris Allen > who is like never even exist al all!? Now i just can’t wait to see what X Factor has to offer

      • Do a little research and see how many former finalists are in Nashville. Carrie, Bo, Bucky, Danny, Kellie P., Melinda, Casey J., Kelly C., etc. Country is where it’s at. Scotty isn’t going away.

  137. Another one joining the ranks of Idol-leavers. James was not my favorite, but last night I had to turn off the volume to get rid of Haley’s grunting and growling. She could be good if she stopped that and all the judges need to step up to the plate like Randy did and say “please stop grunting”. At least they could use the Paula approach and say “you look beautiful tonight and your voice is beautiful, but you would be so much better if you stop grunting and growling into the microphone.” Instead, the judges are too afraid to give honest feedback and any honest feedback or anything perceived as being negative only brings more votes to the person that needs to listen and respond to feedback.

    I hope that Haley wins and hangs a big fat $1 mill contract around their necks for records no one will buy.

    Welcome back Simon and Paula. Lets get some honest talent and some honest feedback back and make it work in the XFactor. AI is done when good performers are penalized because of one honest judges’ feedback.

    • Its funny how you speak for EVERYONE when you say no one will buy it because frankly, I will buy it and I am sure that other people will buy it too. She is in the Top 3 after all!

      • Ok, so that makes 2 CD’s sold… hahahahaha! I hope she wins and the producers lose a lot of money, then they’ll start thinking seriously about changing the voting system so the judges – who actually know about music – have a say on the results outcome. Her voice is annoying and she can’t deliver on stage. She will march her way up and down the stage during a concert and, quite frankly not a lot of people will be able to take that for more than few minutes!

    • I was rooting for James to win but I have voted for Haley since she sing “Blue”, last night I along with my friends voted super hard for her. Not sure if Haley can beat the country voting block but likely to get into the finals if we continue to vote hard.

      • CJ and Dianna You are both right. I will not vote for anyone else because James is the best. I definately will buy his CD and go to his concerts. Best of luck to you James. I love You.

  138. James if you are out there and you are reading any of these, i’m going to miss you . You had my vote from day one. You are a wonderful performer and an amazing singer. Now you can start making it big. Don’t ever give up , you are so talented ! I’m not crossing over to give anyone else your votes because you are so crazy good nothing can compare. Your phone will be ringing soon. Keep your dream alive!

    • Thanks CJ you said exactly what I have been thinking –I’m with you –I’m not giving my votes to anyone else
      I’ll be first in line to buy his cd & see his concerts!


      • Morgan, can’t agree more to your comment! Let’s us all dump American Idol and switch to X Factor with Simon and Paula again! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • June: XFactor is a fall show and finishes before Idol starts. Pretty empty threat. Everyone is going to watch idol next year.

      • this morgan girl is a bit childish, isn’t she? stupid voters? did you vote last night, morgan? if you did then you called yourself stupid??
        bye morgan, we would not miss one of your tinkerbell vote? it would not kill. keep your barbie safe you would not want chuck to come in the middle of the night, would you ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • this morgan girl is a bit childish, isnโ€™t she? stupid voters? did you vote last night, morgan? if you did then you called yourself stupid??
      bye morgan, we would not miss one of your tinkerbell vote? it would not kill. keep your barbie safe you would not want chuck to come in the middle of the night, would you ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Morgan keep your windows close. Like Nathan said, Chucky will come over to your place tonight screaming by your bed singing metal songs with his black electrical guitar. His eyes will roll out for you, his heart will come out of his mouth…just for you, our little morgan

  140. You know what. This is not american idol’s fault. James Durbin fans is pretty much sure that he is safe for the next round. That is why fans of James Durbin they are so relax/confident that he can make it to the final. What about Haley’s fan on the other way, they keep on voting her non stop. That’s the reason why Haley is still on the game and competing for the title. Again James Durbin is the best of them all. This is a vote-to-win competition, the more you vote for your idol the big chances of winning the title..

  141. I cannot believe that James is off the show. He is and was the best. I think something is fishy in the voting, as I called so many times and never could get through for James. We will never watch Idol again. How can you trust them??? I’m sure James will do good on his own, but the point is he is so much better than Haley and Lauren. He was always on top, how could this happen???

  142. Adam Lambert, Siobhan Magnus and Now James Durbin…Real artists don’t win, Generic singers do

  143. Oh! I’m ecstatic for Haley!!! :DD Can’t stop smiling. lol.

    Kinda sad for James tho.

    But all in all I’m really happy for the top 3. :> Especially Haley. I can’t be happier if she makes it to the Top 2 tho. :DD

  144. it means….james is not the best singer! for me hecan perform but quality of the voice nothing!

  145. If you are out there Randy jlo and Tyler i can’t watch the show amymore, to many mistakes with Idol. You guys are great but Idol is beginning to look like a huge setup for a girl to win this year. James should not have gone home tonight.

  146. americans doesn’t have no taste in music at all jamnes derseve to win this hands down scotty should be the one should be send home americans you made a veary big mistake

    • hey dont blame us the americans. ru not americans yourself? come on now! be mature!

  147. Horrible just horrible, seriously it was James durbins to lose. Haley people really Haley better than James not on this planet. As a matter of fact pia toscano is better than both of the girls left.

    • Well said gaelyn thomson! i couldn’t agree more! Americans don’t use their ears to listen, they only know who’s cute and not cute! too bad! Scotty should go but he stayed! just like Kris Allen. Not going anywhere even if he should win in the end. He will disappear from the limelight as soon as the show’s over!

  148. I am extremely sorry to see James voted off. He has been the ONLY one to have consistently good performances every week, and even the judges have stated this fact. I was completely shocked with this weeks results, James has never come in close to the bottom in votes and then all of sudden he is out??? That just doesn’t make sense to me. After this and of course with Pia being voted off as well, I am beginning to wonder how “real” these results are, and from what I have read here I am not the only one!
    To James: Dude you absolutely ROCK!! I really felt that you truly deserved to be the next American Idol!! But even though you didn’t make it to the finale, with your talent and your passion for music you will still have an amazing career, so never quit!!!

    • Sorry but James often sang flat – the judges did him no favours by fawning over his performances when some of them were dreadful.

    • wrong! the judges praise him every week. but in fact, some of his performances were not good at all

  149. Do Haley fans actually listen to her singing, or do they just think she is cute? Can ANYONE compare her to a Leona Lewis, Celine Dion, Mirah Carey or Whitney Houston. I wish her well, but lets get real.

    • How many voice lessons has she had? I suspect Celine Dion, Mirah Carey and the rest you named all had years of training. Give her some slack.

      • Years of training??? Are you kidding?? Read some bios on the above singers. Leona for example, just won the X-Factor in England while working at a Pizza joint

      • I compare Haley to Adele and a bit of Janis Joplin, a bit of Etta James’ style. I am a woman and her looks are not taken into account only her talent.

    • I will take Adele over Leona Lewis, Celine Dion, Mirah Carey or Whitney Houston, granted they are great singers but I love the blues and they are not putting out blues songs but Pop canned music with good vocals now and then.

    • I have listened to Bennie and the Jets 186 times since I purchased it. Along with Blue at 140 etc. She is very addicting artist.

  150. I was totally suprised tonight. I just knew that James and Scotty would be in the top 3 and either Haley or Lauren would be going home. I was really pulling for Lauren and was so relieved when she was first. I just knew it would be Haley; but, then she was named as one of the top 3. I’m assuming that James’ fans didn’t vote as often and probably gave their votes to keep Haley so they could have a James/Haley final. You have to vote!!! I used all my 50 votes last night for Lauren. She sounded great tonight! Her voice overpowered Haley…GO LAUREN!!!!

  151. I thought James’ version of Love Potion #9 was fantastic last night. Haley’s second song was also great. Lauren’s first song rounded out my top 3. Scotty was completely lackluster last night. I didn’t expect him to go but when he was up there with James I figured it had to be Scotty.

    Very surprising. The young girls have thrown support behind the girls, the old folks like Scotty. Oh well, all the bad sports know how we Pia supporters felt.

  152. I am very pleased with the results. Despite the Judges bias, Haley’s fans came thru. Yes! I am really disliking Randy! Now hopefully, she’ll get Durbin’s votes too. I don’t feel sorry for James – he’ll get picked up and continue a recording career.
    Just want to comment on Gaga’s mentoring. She was great finally some good critiques and helpful hints.

    • I was thinking the same thing that Gaga was a great mentor. She seems a very likeable person, though not real fond of her dressing style; but she seemed to really help some of the contestants and gave great advice.

    • I will not give any of my votes to anyone, James in my estimation was the best anf therefore I will not be voting for anyone else

    • I just realized needs some explination. I told you that the judge are afraid to say something to James, however America did. He was just screaming, no vocal there and used to much artifacts. I thank you all the voters that make my point. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Scotty, because I prdict that next round, Lauren is out, then Haley.

      • lauren or scotty has to go home next .their country votes will be divided. i hope it will be lauren and scotty in the final, but i just can’t see it.

  153. Well, I was very surprised! I do not think this show will last much longer. Too bad, I used to love it!! There really is something wrong here! On the up-side, James will be fine!! He will be awesome! He will be on to bigger and better things! (as soon as he gets done with “AI” contract. WE will see a lot of this young man.

  154. All 4 are great singers. So, of course, a great singer had to go. Next week another great one will leave.

  155. What’s all the hate for Haley about? she deserves to be there!

    James was always over the top and never stopped crying… if america couldn’t accept Adam Lambert, what makes all of you think they would accept a metal loving screamer with a tail… don’t get me wrong- James is an amazing artist, but I saw this coming.

    • You made me laugh. I loved it…loud screamer with a tail. That’ the best I’ve heard in a long time.

    • old timers make a phone call
      now they tweet..owners have a preference and clean up after the judges errors..
      votets mumbers not important only to phone co for cash..owners rule.its a scam
      james won hands down…get real!!!

  156. I am so happy that James went just like Casey…because now they both will be able to make the album they want without any artistic interference. If James had won, he would have made some bad pop rock album with Jimmy Iovine…Jimmy himself said that James is better singing pop rock…James’s best performance so far for me was and always will be Judas priest…Hands down….

    Go James and Casey!!!!!

    • Anyone with any real musical sense would know how awesome James’ rendition of “You’ve got another thing comin'” was…personally I thought it was the best performance on AI, ever.

    • I love my track of James Without You. Him singing that song tears my heart out. Its beautiful. I loved James also.

  157. Personally….I think we can thank Randy…he was so miserable to Haley …especially the part about “everyone except Haley won the first round” …I think he got some people pissed off which led to power voting for Haley. Well, good for her! I’m really sad to see James leave, though.



  158. James will still go home a hero! I grew up in the 80s/90s when hair bands and rockers were all over the charts. That was some of the best music ever next to the 70s. You will be missed James! You’re my AI! I will continue to watch but only vote for Haley. Country may take over America but it will not take over me!


  159. Hoping for a girl to win now…not someone coasting on good looks, a deep voice, and a good-Christian boy background.

    Knew when Lauren was safe that James was likely to be eliminated…Haley had way too much drama involved this week to be eliminated. And I wouldn’t be so lucky to have Scotty eliminated.

      • Maybe I would prefer it if he brought something interesting to the songs he sings, instead of singing it like every other male country singer out there.

      • So how about Carrie ? If you don’t like Country,thats fine, but you shouldn’t attack someone for being a good guy

      • I like Carrie…she is versatile and Jesus take the Wheel was a ” real” country song. Scotty is just boring to me.

  160. Folks who don’t like Haley are probably fans of lip synchers like Jenniffer Lopez and the other so called talent that were invited to lip synch on tonight’s show.

    I guess they can rename Thursday nights, Lip Synch night. Hats off to Stephen Tyler for showing a video rather than lowering himself to lip synching on a show where he is judging people who have to actually sing.

    By by, don’t you cry James Urban…
    There are 1000s of people all over America who can sing like James, Lauren and Scotty but weren’t fortunate to be able to find the time to even be able to try out for the show let alone cry about being eliminated after making the top 4.

    Seriously. The best musician went home two weeks ago. Now it comes to who is the best vocalist.

    James went too far with Journey. That’s worse than messing with Michael Jackson. Lauren’s vocals drop off most of the time but she’s cute and gets votes because the judges fail to critique her. Scotty is liked by all the girls but really doesn’t have anything special to offer that 100s of country stars are already doing.

    Haley is sexy and her voice is unique. Whether you like it or not, she is unique. Watch her win the whole thing. The only thing she has going against her is Jennifer, I can’t perform live without lip synching so I never should have been a judge, Lopez’s jealousy and Randy, I can’t help being critical because I am am a jerk, Jackson’s hypocrisy.

    • I surprised to see the lip synching too. And I agree with all that other stuff you said too.

      • What does lip syncing guest have to do with Haley’s ability?? (P.S. I didn’t care for any of the guest either, including Tyler even though I love Aerosmith)


    • leyva: Lauren is exactly an American Idol! She fits the image perfectly. And this is not to say that Scotty & Haley don’t. As long as Haley can keep her remarks to the judges in check, she fits the image as well.

  162. Matt, you are dumb. Ryan said yesterday on the show that we are getting performances from Jordin Sparks, Lady Gaga, and Enrique Iglesias, as well as the debut of Steven Tyler’s new music video. Way to pay attention to American Idol. You should now be fired as the person in charge of this site. Every performance that happened tonight was announced during yesterday’s show.

      • Was I the one that had the Brain Freeze? I was the one who knew who all was performing tonight. Matt was the one with the Brain Freeze

  163. James if you are reading this, I want you to know how much I enjoyed your style, your vocals, and your presentations. I especially enjoyed “victorious”. You can truly sing anything, I will enjoy anything you sing. Further to that, I am done with AI truly and forever. I wish you well and can hardly wait for the cds and music videos. Take to your wings and be the great star you already are.

  164. Sorry to see you go James. You are an inspiration and role model to all people dealing with Tourett Syndrome, Asperger’s Syndrome or any other challenges in their lives. Continue to be a great human being, a wonderful husband and loving daddy. You are an amazing singer, performer and person. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors, knowing this will not be the end, but a brand new beginning.
    Now…. Lauren, go girl!!!!!!

  165. This season may have the best Idols on stage so far but may I say that this is the suckiest of all Idols. Why did I say such?

    The JUDGES! They may be seasoned performers and successful in their own field but they have shown favoritism and it is truly annoying. JLO, Steven & Randy is picking on contestants that they do not feel. They would give praises to contestants even they did bad as long as it is their favorite.

    RESULTS!!! How is it freaking possible that a NON-BOTTOM 3 CONTESTANT GOES HOME! Not mentioning that the person who goes home tonight is the TOTAL PERFORMER and is the only consistent contestant in the show. WTF!?!?! Did America get it wrong again?! Or is American Idol making us believe the unbelievable. Are they revising what America wants?

    I could go on and on ranting about American Idol but I am starting to loose the respect and hate the people that is behind IDOL. Is this the reason why Simon Cowell left? And Paula decided to back down? I hope American Idol shows to the world what really did happen or else they shall be going down the drain!!!

    I SO HATE AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The results are based on the votes. But i agree with how horrible the judges. James may be a phenomenal performer, but his vocals have been off-par lately, he cant control that incredible voice of his.

      • His voice may be off-par lately but you should admit that he is still better than the others in the top 3

      • James was a great performer but was off key the most number of time out of the four of them. I still wished it would have been James/Scotty/Lauren to get the big hometown parade, signs, etc. He deserved all of the hoopla just for being out of the bottom for so long.

    • Why the hell do you hate American idol? People voted more for the others…. People’s choice…What to do? My fav went two weeks ago..

      • I can go on and on ranting about how American Idol sucks now this season. Read blogs in the site. Check surveys regarding other Idols. This will only prove that there are unworthy contestants in the Idol stage.

  166. Well, my hubby reports he will not be watching anymore because the real American Idol is gone. I’m tempted to stop watching and voting but then the worst of the 3 is more likely to win. There is a problem with the voting when so few people can put in unlimited numbers of votes. I will probably finish up the season to support my next favorites. But AI is tainted in my mind now. I will not be back next year if they don’t change the voting process.
    James – I was not a fan the first few weeks (not a heavy metal fan) but you won me over. You are so good. What a voice! And you entertained me. I looked forward to your next performance. I will be looking for your first album. You will have a wonderful career as an artist, of that I have no doubt.

  167. Lets hope scotty goes next week, We will have the first all girl finale since season 3 ๐Ÿ™‚

  168. James, if you read this please know you gave it your all and it showed. You are a TRUE performer. Accept this shocking surprise as God’s will for your life. Absorb it, grieve, and then move forward. Take care brother! My mom and I loved watching you perform. Heavy metal can be a dangerous business. Use this opportunity to work on your vocals, continue to polish yourself and your performance for prime-time, and prepare your family for the limelight. I hope you have a thriving career in the music business in a manner that supports you, your dreams and your family. Thank you for your wonderful, wonderful performances. It was exciting to watch you grow.

  169. I think new 8 million votes (compare to last week)went to Lauren. Haley won some of James Votes.
    At this point I think we have final by girls and what a shame!
    James was ways better than Lauren and Haley. his vote will go to Haley.
    I said it before Jimmy Iovine + Nigel + Randy mess
    They know that every other top6 would have good career except Haley so she should win.
    A criticism + Stand ovation for next performance: Good plan
    Someone will vote Haley because think she don’t deserve criticism and someones impressed by Judges.
    I Couldn’t see James leaving!!!
    Haley is good (not more) but I think from start everthing was suspicious (Pia, Casey and now James elimination). I won’t vote Haley anymore.

    • I think Haley will do best once she starts record because her voice is different than more current singers out there.
      Lauren will have to fight against Kelly C. and Carrie U. for fans and good songs to record.
      Scotty will be up against Josh Turner and other current male stars.
      James maybe need a good band but how many more years can the old rock bands continue to tour. Adam is very good but more glamour rock and hates metal.
      For Haley there is Adele who is based in the UK and a few more R&B singers in the US but a bluesy rock singer will do well in the current market.

  170. It isn’t that surprising to me- James is overrated. During the past few weeks he has been quite pitchy and even though he could sing high notes, those high notes became boring after you have heard them every week since the start of the competition.

    Really, he isn’t that much better than the rest of the top four. In fact, I find his voice to be the most generic and the easiest to be forgotten.

    I know I sound mean, but I do not think that his elimination was comparable to Doughtry’s at all.

  171. A bit sad..i thought james and haley will be at finale..james had some ups and downs, not vocally consistent but he has the heart..he’s alwys singing with passion like haley…so it means haley for the WIN!!!

    • Not vocally consistant? you can say what you want about the judges but even they agre that he has never had a bad week, he was voted the best 4 out of the past 5 weeks, how is that not vocallty consistant?

      • He often has a hard time with hitting the right pitch. He is a great performer and I have really enjoyed watching him, but he was not the best singer, especially the last two weeks. Say what you want about the Top 3, but they all have better control than James.

  172. It isnโ€™t that surprising to me- James is overrated. During the past few weeks he has been quite pitchy and even though he could sing high notes, those high notes became boring after you have heard them every week since the start of the competition.
    Really, he isnโ€™t that much better than the rest of the top four. In fact, I find his voice to be the most generic and the easiest to be forgotten.
    I know I sound mean, but I do not think that his elimination was comparable to Doughtryโ€™s at all.

    • I totally agree with u. his voice lacks personality not like the remaining top 3 that you will know whose voice is singing without looking at the tv.

  173. On one hand, its shocking since James has legions of fans online, but on the other hand he was the weakest pure singer of the top 4 so i can live with it. I’m a little disappointed though, i did think he was finale material.

    I’m not the least bit surprised that Haley is still here. I couldn’t have imagined Jacob’s following going for the other three. Besides, Haley teamed up with Jacob on Beatles week, where they performed “The Long and Winding Road”. Jacob’s fans may have remembered that.

  174. Well, let me try this again. Gaga, is not a “mentor!” She is a copy cat. “here kiddies, my advice, pick your fav artist, then COPY them! umm, i think it is called plagerism. (spelled it wrong, for a reason) I will miss James!

  175. I would love it to be country week next week. Haley would blow them out of the water. She is just as good at country as blues.

      • I agree that Lauren sang Gunpowder and Lead better than Haley, but I really think Haley wasn’t giving it her all. I think she 100% thought she was getting kicked off tonight and it showed. She still gave a good performance, but she wasn’t going for it in that song.

      • I agree. If Lauren sings like she did tonight next week, she will be headed to the finals. She’s putting it together at just the right time.

  176. Very upset about the eliminations tonight I think america got this one wrong.James you are truely amazing and will go very far. Look at Doughtry now and he was eliminated like you. I will be looing to buy your first CD. I wish you well!!!

    • I agree….so very dissapointed. james will go on to make a name for himself…He is a great talent. Looks like Scotty and Lauren’s vote may be split and all of James’ votes just may go to Haley…She just may be the next Idol…James…i wish you well. U were my favorite from day 1..U Rock. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • James, keep rocking!!!! You will do great!
      You were the only one I bought on iTunes, and will support you in the future!

      Love to you and your family.


  178. I think the rating of the show will go down…..James, gud luck man your talent and desire of music is unbelievable….keep it up….

    • I can’t even imagine how boring the finals are going to be with Lauren and Scotty in it. (I won’t know since I won’t be watching)

      After Casey and Paul left, James was the only performance I looked forward to every week.

  179. Haley is a great vocalist, So is James. If there is anyone you all should be hating on right now its scotty. Haley didnt beat out james. Scotty did. Scotty and James were b2

  180. as soon as they said lauren was safe, i said they are sending james home. they put lauren safe first so that people would think haley was leaving. they wanted the WOW factor. they got it. first year watching american idol and my last.

    so everyone who kept saying over and over and over again that it was a conspiracy for james to win so there would be an encore with james and steven…i guess you were wrong.

    it is not haleys fault james went home, it is the voters fault.

    • I agree, voters are making bad choices, and like you this will be my last year watching

      • It’s the second time in 3 season that i can’t understand what happend!!! First time with Adam and now with James. I’m sorry, but yes Scotty have a good voice but he can’t sing any song because it doesn’t fit him, so I think this was my last year even my last episode of american idol, maybe one day America is gonna understand what really talent is about. sorry for James, you deverse to be in the final!!

      • I agree will you Carol. What is surprising is that never in the history of Idol has a rocker ever won. James sung his heart out, I was extremely surprised to see him voted out. This is the last Idol for me, I’m sooo… tired of the country singers winning. I don’t have anything against country music, but to vote one for a winner every year, that’s a bit much.

      • I think they sent Lauren to safety first so she wouldn’t fall apart emotionally.

      • You people need to grow up . this is just a music show that comes on every year. If you don’t like how america votes then don’t watch the show .All the contestants are very good singers, and I hope the best for all of them.

      • Never mind next year I am not watching any more this year I don’t care who wins.

    • secondchance: I disagree. It was a correct assessment that James would be in the finale 2 or 3 weeks ago. However, James changed that agenda when he decided to become to outwardly unpredictable with the media. Just Saying

  181. just goes to show not everything in life is fair,james was awesome,well lauren your the winner i m sure……………….

  182. james is good, haley is good, lauren is good, even scotty is good, so it’s depend on their fan base..

      • Because people want to express their loss and disappointment, – you on the other hand want to dismiss anyone else’ feelings, opinions! Grow up!

  183. “Do you think Ryan Seacrest jinxed James with that comment”

    Are you serious or just making conversation? Really? Superstition plays a role in the results?

  184. it’s rigged, they know who they want to win
    it don’t matter how many of you vote or who you vote for.. Wise up guys

      • Does it cost to vote? I am not in America so can’t vote, but I am always wondering who gets the money when SMS costs more than a standard fee?????

  185. OMG – Not at all a metal lover but James goes home while Haley stays – now THAT is just RIDICULOUS!!!! – He made me want to stop what I was doing each and every time and watch and listen – he definitely should have been there with Scotty and Lauren – Haley should have for sure gone home!!!! TRAVESTY!!!!!

    • I think the reason all the James fans are upset at Haley is because everyone knows that Lauren and Scotty are the chosen ones to be top 3 so the race tonight was between James and Haley. Haley won so they are upset at her if lauren had miraculously been booted and James stayed I don’t think there would have been such anger towards her. I don’t blame them because it is heartbreaking when your favorite is sent home especially if you took time to vote. But, it is not Haley’s fault that she has so many fans that stepped up their voting last night. I loved both James and Haley and cried tonight to see him so emotional but I got mad at the machine that wants a country finale and therefore will be voting even harder for Haley ONLY next week

      • Nottrue. The race was to save either Lauren or Haley. James became collateral damage, sadly.

  186. Now the country vote will be split between Lauren and Scotty. Haley could come out on top. Lauren is just too young. She can’t even handle Ryan asking her questions, I can’t imagine her being the winner and having to do interviews. She’d need some serious coaching.

  187. I am so very sad James went home ๐Ÿ™ never ever expected this result honest ๐Ÿ™
    I wish he will get a huge recording deal and have a wonderful career, he deserves it.
    Now one left for me, Haley you go girl! I hope you win this ๐Ÿ™‚

  188. All four are stars. I was suprised to see that James is not in the final three. He has a bright future.

  189. Oh my god how could America get it so wrong, first Pia, now James. Hello, how could you vote for someone who smiled and laughed when Pia was voted off, has attitude when the judges give her critism! Randy and Jennifer said it right, Steven was thinking of only one thing and it wasn’t about singing. Like idols in the past, James will make it big, and raspy Hailey will be a distant memory.

    • ….Haley has such an ugly attitude…people are sheep they’ll probably vote for her just for that!!!

      • Or maybe we’ll vote for her because we like her voice? The voice is what really matters.

      • Not a Haley fan either. She is too full of herself and does not seem to be a genuine person at all.

    • The trouble is that the music that’s selling is the music Haley (Adele, Joss Stone, James Blunt, etc.) can make, Lauren and Scotty (Country) can make. James and his love of metal are just not in that conversation right now.

  190. james has to work on his pitch before he hits the high notes. It’s really distracting for me when the pitch goes wayward and it seems the high notes are cover-ups for the pitch problem.

  191. I read the comments above, it was said that American Idol will lose its 40% voter just because “James Durbin” eliminated,,
    40%….??? LOL
    dont overdo it..
    where are the “40%” voter that you talked about? why they do not vote for james so many they can??

    please, do not be too excessive, no matter how hard you guys commenting on this forum, it will not make james back.

    james has been eliminated, it is in fact

      • Do you know who the contestants on american idol 10 most visible struggle and its development?
        she is Haley, Haley deserved it

    • wake up, pal! the whole problem is America DID VOTE FOR JAMES, go check with Ryan Seacrest and his boss Nigel Lythgoe, if you don’t believe it. Let them SHOW YOU THE RESULTS OF THE OFFICIAL VOTING! Nigel has earmarked Hailey to win the contest, didn’t you check internet last afternoon when Nigel’s ‘messiah’ picture appeared from nowhere next to Hailey’s? James’s elimination is a sure thing that will get her there. Just think about it if you’ve got what to think with. GRAND SCAM once again! Just what we need in this economy!

  192. The web site called “Vote For The Worse” is recommending HALEY!!! Need I say more?

    • its because haley fans voted for her for the worst for additional votes…. smart tactic.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • VFTW has a very small amount of pull. Their tactics will sometimes work in the beginning of the competition when the votes are dividing among a lot of contestants, but by the time you get down to the last handful VFTW’s ‘power’ is pretty much nil.

      Think about it. 72 millionvotes. Spread among four contestants. VFTW doesn’t have the clout to tip the scales even an inch.

  193. I don’t like James, some may remember my comments about him caterwauling and all, but this did come as a surprise to me. Even a cynic like me could see that someone performed worse than he did last night. Or did the fans get overconfident?

    • Sorry, my note was incomplete. I meant “did the fans get overconfident and did not vote enough?”

      • We voted, Mia, more than in the previous weeks, or ever. I am a professional analyst and did some rough analysis of the votes based on the released data. James had to get either the majority or the second top vote. MINUSCULE PROBABILITY THAT IT WAS NOT ONE OF THOSE. YOU NEED TO ACCEPT THE FACT THAT PRODUCERS OF AI DECIDE WHO WINS, NOT AMERICA. That’s why they have the most convoluted voting system you have ever seen. THEY LIE TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!! God, how I hate to be taken for an imbecile!I hold Nigel Lythgoe personally responsible and will go after him and his cheesy picture if decide to sue!!!

      • That’s why at this point it doesn’t matter who wins and often it’s the runners up who do better post idol.

  194. NO No No not James, He was the best I ever seen since 10 years. I think the voting process will have to be revew, Pia, Casey and now James voted out , incredible…..

    • I think James will go far even without the AI title. He has no reason to regret, he has given his best performance every week and those who appreciate music would know that. Good luck to you future career, James. You are and always will be my season 10 American idol.

  195. James acted to much like Adam Lambert.
    I hope the final is Hailey and Scotty**.
    But why did Pia voted off so early. She was great.
    However, the new judges made the show entertaining this season.

    • What??? You’ve got to be kidding. James was nothing like Adam Lambert! Did you ever see Adam say high to his wife and son? But that’s OK, James will get the career, Steven Tyler will make it happen.

  196. Matt question?
    I tried to post and the page was very very busy and disconnected me several times ๐Ÿ™ None of my posts appear, it doesnยดt matter now anyway I posted lol
    What I hated is that it disconnected me and I could not read all comments ๐Ÿ™

  197. Scotty creeps me, James is good in the crowd, Lauren pauses on high notes and try to grab some air to reach the next high note, and Haley don’t know how to pick songs.. Well, you decide America.. We know James is gone. Who’s next?

    • At this point, who cares. The truth is that often the winner of A.I. gets forgotten and it’s contestants who’ve been prematurely cut who go on to fame. The show used to be so good but in the past two years has become increasingly lame. If it weren’t for the addition of Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, I don’t think the show would have done well this year.

  198. can anyone tell me how come I could not get thru to vote for James…have been voting for him all season, and he is the one going home. That’s BS…Wednesday paper already had Haleys’ Parade route set up and Arlington Park sold tickets to her concert today, how did they know she would be in the top 3. All I can say is James remember Daughtry.

    • Exactly You don’t have to Win this competition to have your Dream James Durbin is Great!

    • Thats what people said when Pia left….Hmmmm possibly they did this on purpose, i also remember text voting for him and did not get the usual text back telling me i voted for him.

      • my husband text voted for scotty and did not get the answer back ‘ but he just kept voting anyway.

    • I’m sure they had to set up all 4 parade routes ahead of time just in case. These things can’t be planned overnight.

      • Thank you Kaitlyn, it is no different than the NCAA finals, they print up the tshirts and hat prior to the game and when the game is done the winners get to give out the shirts/hats and the losers go to a foreign country to be sold or destroyed. So all have to look ahead at what may be. that said, Lauren also had a concert lined up prior to the results show.

  199. So sad to see each week one contestant is leaving from AI but that’s part of the game though. This season top 13 were truly amazing. The most unbelievable thing was when PIA was voted off and now is James. Good thing is Haley survives and no one really knows who will go throughout the FINALE but I never mind they are all winners in their own right and now an i8nstant celebrity. No need to mourn for James Durbin’s fans.

  200. After Pia was cut, the only reason I was still watching A.I. was because of James (and Steven Tyler ;)… however, I’m now done. Honestly, I started disliking this show last year, but when ‘they’ brought in Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez I decided to give it another try. It seems the show is turnig out to be the same dud it was and I will not be watching it again. THE VOICE is so much better!

  201. Wow…this ticks me off. Now its almost set to have scotty lauren, when d*** sure should have been haley james in the finale. WTF….sooooo mad. If haley doesnt win im forever switching to x factor

  202. would it be possible to have 2 girls in the finale?? wow! that is gonna be interesting.. and a girl as the new american idol….

  203. @second chance: You are som right, it is America’s fault that James went home. They were so busy disliking Randy for doing his job that they were going to show him. Lets all vote for Haley, James is safe, he is always at the top. Well, you now have the screaming, growling, little miss attitude, enjoy! The most talented person of the season was just sent home.

    • I agree (although I really liked Pia as well)! I did, however, vote for James. As far as I was/am concerned, who else is there to vote for.. I guess Lauren would be my next pick, though I’m not tuning in anymore. The show’s a total disappointment.

    • Well said Allison, America is too busy slamming Randy and I was jumping for joy. None of the girls should even be left standing right now. It was a guy season all the way and James brought class to the show. Talent no longer sells anymore. Sex does. What a shame. Casey Abrams, Paul MacDonald, Stefano Langone, and Pia Toscano. America kept Haley over these gifted musicians????????

  204. It’s simple folks. Just because the judges promoted Casey and James does not mean that the majority of the American People agreed with them. The sad thing because of their actions, James believed that he was set to be the next AI. James was not my choice but I felt sorry for him when he said that he worked so hard for it. You could tell that he was shocked and thought that he was going to win. I wish him the very best..

    • I feel sad for James, he has over come so much and should feel very proud for coming this far. He will for sure have a contract and we will purchase his music. He is an inspiration. That said, I think the top 4 are pretty evenly ranked. Can’t take the show so serious, just see it as a platform to see new talent develop and gain a following. The rest will come if they are good and don’t let fame go to thier heads. Not into Country Music so much but Scotty really grew on me this season. He will be a superstar. Pure talent. Lauren needs to work on her confidence and Haley will let fame go to her head and will have her struggles as a result. LOVE the addition of S. Tyler and J. Lopez this season, the talent that was identified made for the best season yet.

  205. You guys if you believe James is a winner then continue supporting him not just until posting your comments and hitting another contestants below the belt.

  206. Wow I was surprised to see James go, and he was so sad, it was hard to watch. You could see how bad he wanted to win. But they are all talented this year. I was sad to see Pia go, and its the best thing that could have happened for her. She is signed already. I can’t believe so many on here are so mean. I actually think the girls this year are more talented then the boys. Their ranges are way better. Haley has won me over the last couple weeks, I didn’t care for her until then. She has a beautiful voice when she controls the growels. Loran just has a beautiful clear voice, and when she don’t hold back can sing beautifully. Haley has grown so much and I can see Lauran coming out of her shell as well. I have felt bad for Haley as I think the judges pick on her and let flaws go by with the others. Scotty needs some help, he never gets good advice to improve. He has limited range. I think James was better then Scotty. I would like to see Haley or Lauran win. It really depends on song choice and how bad they want it. I don’t think Haley responded badly to the judges, as she tends to get picked on and I think she was just standing up for herself, when Randy was out of line. He was cruel. I don’t know what you saw but she looked hurt by what they said when she tried so hard. Everyone needs to take a chill pill, and remember even if they don’t win, they still will win, they have a tour to sing in and will get signed anyway if they shine. Good luck to you 3, and pick your songs wisely. God Bless!

  207. Sorry Guts. Haley has the best voice this year. When she picks the right song. I know all you rockers are sad. James is a Great songer and will do well. This year they had great singer. Voters do like the young sings.

    Remember; older people vote as well.

    • Bet your butt we do! And this is the first time in a long while we have someone we can relate to.

  208. I didn’t think this was a real possibility. Lauren is wonderful, but I can’t imagine sitting through Haley and Scotty to hear her. Haley gets more votes for sex appeal than for her voice and other than one exception I’ve not found Scotty’s singing inspired. James doesn’t need AI to give him a hometown party. He will have a hero’s welcome without a doubt. He is a class act, a great performer and a life inspiration to thousands. Make that hundreds of thousands, me included. Thank you James!!!


    I dont mind Lauren or Haley to be with him as the top 2.

    Just cant stand Boring Scott.

    Yes I am a 54yrs old Muslim lady and James is the reason I watch Americon Idol.

    I hope James will have a concert in Singapore someday.

    Judges you should decide on the result not the voters.

  210. Haley and Scotty for the FINAL 2!!! Not Lauren, please! Hope you guys realize that 1) she’s a dose and a half (or more) of kiss ass, 2) she’s a Carrie Underwood wannabe, and 3) she is way too common, no distinct or remarkable personality. America, open your eyes (and yeah, your ears)!

    • You’ve got to be kidding. Your comments are way off base Too common? No personality? She’s sixteen years old. And an amazing singer.

    • Lauren’s voice is a bit generic which allows her to sing most songs well but lacks the it factor right now but maybe in a few years.
      Lauren has limited personality on stage but has a great one off stage, which could be the pressure most likely.
      Lauren voice is good but being so similar to Kelly C. and Carrie U. will not help her standing out once she starts recording and they will get first pick on the good songs.

  211. I am very upset to see James voted off. There is NO WAY any of the other three are better than him. This is all wrong. It sucks.

  212. America did get it wrong tonight. However, that been said, James will be cuttin records with Mr. Tyler. This kid is a gold mine, do you really think that a record label has not already offered. I feel the top 10 are pickins for record labels everywhere. Why Haley made it this far is beyond me. She has 0 humility and has a major attitude when being judged. Well my dear if ya win fasten your seatbelt cause you will be judged for the rest of your life. Haley is not authentic. I won’t be watching this show and neither will any of my friends after this cut.

  213. JAMES JAMES JAMES you are a great singer and a unbealivable performer. I live in Quebec province 6 hours from Quebec city and 9 hours from Montreal. But if you ever perform in one of these cities, I would drive up to see you. I hope this is not the last time we see you. I will miss you. For me, American Idol is no more a singing contest, since the best singers , musician and performer have been voted out, this is incredible. I am sad for you. Good luck

  214. America put Obama in the White House, why do we think this would be any different….America was wrong then and they are certainly wrong now!!!!!!!! James, you have a great career ahead of you. Keep your head held high….You were one of the best of them all….Now you will be able to do the recordings and things you want to do, not be tied into a contract that requires you to do what they want you to do!!!!!!!!!!! I love you James and will anxiously await your next recording!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  215. I quit watching Idol years ago after Daughtry was eliminated and now I remember why I have stayed away. Tonight was a true let down. Now that the rage has passed I have decided to watch one more time just to see if the ratings change. I saw Daughtry in 09 and it was a great show. I just hope I don’t have to wait such a long time to see James perform again. I’m just really up set like I am sure many others are. This is the first season that I voted and I know it will take another extremely talented person to make me vote again

  216. With James gone there is no reason to watch Americon Idol:(

    I hope you will get the luck Jennifer Hudson got. So that you can give your family more especially your kind girlfriend.

    • Exactly! this is terrible, I won’t watch anymore. The three judges should decide who wins instead of stupid, young voters who don’t know about music.

      • “Stupid, young voters” are the people who buy music. Read the charts, metal isn’t selling and James isn’t going to change that.

  217. A week ago Templar predicted a “BloodBath” after the show tonight. And as I’m reading through the posts here I am reminded how smart he is.

    I have been a faithful AI fan from day one. I have stated many many times every week from start to finale, someone will leave. I have also stated & been ridiculed for my thoughts on AI & their image. Image is everything to AI. It has to be, its a business. Any contestant that does not outwardly support the image that they want, will not be an idol.

    Coondog made some very valid points in a prior post about the science of the voting system for idol. Now is he 100% correct? I don’t know. But I do know one thing for sure… The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. And The contestants that are the most edgy & unpredictable are most at risk.

    The critic of Haley is a repeat of seasons past. To gain support & votes for her (the sympathy vote). The standing ovations for her are because IMO, this years judges have a heart & don’t like what they have to do. It is just a repeat of seasons past.

    James is very talented & he will no doubt have a great career. However, this kind of thing happens every year once they are down to 6 or less contestants. There have been many that should have won but didn’t.

    So, do our votes count? We just have to keep voting & cheering on our favs & hope for the best.


    • Very well said Bunny, I think they are all very talented but James was the best performer. I guess he should have been the most boring and then he may have won.

      • It’s just really hard to believe that the one contestant (and the most talented one) who was never in the bottom three was voted out tonight. I truly am suspicious.

      • Even tho there were other good vocalists, James is the only one I’d PAY $ to hear-the ONLY contestant to have the WHOLE PACKAGE-SINGER, ENTERTAINER, PERFORMER. NO ONE holds a candle to James Durbin! I’ve been a FAITHFUL to watch AI but NO MORE! This show has GOT to be rigged…this is a JOKE! The joke is not on James….he will be successful TOMORROW & you final three will wonder what the ?@#* happened!

      • Wellen: IMO, James”s fate became an issue when he walked out on Jimmy & Sheryl. He sealed his fate with the comments after that show. Randy told him during judging, “This is yours to loose”. At that time James became unpredictable & therefore a threat to AI image. It is sad, but nothing new.

    • I think Bunny has a point. However, I would prefer looking at things positively rather than negatively. I would say that of performers of equal or nearly equal talent, as I believe as many as the top 6 to 8 were this year, that the ones who would prove to be garner the most votes would be the ones who perform more popular kinds of music. It is almost a tautology, don’t you think? The ones who prove the most popular are the ones who satisfy the largest number of people. Well, Duh. Country is more popular than metal. Ergo, out goes the metal singer when it comes down to brass tacks.

      • can he perform? was every song great? would u pay to see him? MOST everyone bored me to death and I sure wouldn’t waste my money on them! James Durbin is classed and close to Stephen Tyler…which, by the way, I was hoping to see them ‘duo’ when JAMES DURBIN WON…no one comes close to his talent and I don’t like ‘heavy’ metal. James sang any type song put perform him whether soft or heavy…Simon Cowell needs to get a different game plan. I have ZERO CONFIDENCE in AI!

      • Sorry Haley sucks… James the most talented. Its rigged. They just want a Female winner when we have enough female singers. Obviously since most of them suck. James had never been in the bottom three or anything so its rigged. Its just cause there hasnt been a female winner since Jordin Sparks and it should prove something. Most the females from AI didnt do nothing really.

      • I do not think that American Idol is rigged. If that were true do you think that Taylor Hicks would have won?

      • I’m with you, Toni, AI is RIGGED! Let’s go back to what the judges said, ‘this is a singing contest’, ‘you must be consistent’….I REPEAT- – -NO ONE holds a candle to James Durbin. I have nothing against anyone and wish everyone success, but James DELIVERED EVERY SONG EVERY WEEK. Simon Cowell, let this be the end of AI, please!!!

      • Toni, There you go AGAIN with the Haley sucks. Please just say you can’t stand her or just don’t like her… you don’t even have to explain why. FN let it go.

      • Toni you are so right this show is rigged big time!! Idol we know what you are all about now. The game is over!! You think in 9 years we don’t know whats going on? Just admit you needed a girl to win this year to boost your ratings , but we will have the last laugh!!

    • I’m a huge fan of James – I will never watch AI again. He will sell tickets, he put on a concert every night & truly puts his heart into every song.
      I hope viewers speak out now & show AI this voting system doesn’t work : it doesn’t represent who should be an American idol. Very disappointed! Please speak out & don’t watch this show

      • I agree, Burbank…RIGGED…I’ve even noticed they haven’t published 2 of my comments out of three and i was as nice as any of you who think AI is rigged!


    • YES!!!! GO LAUREN!!! I loved her duet with Haley, their voices meshed so well. Lauren has really impressed me lately, here’s to an all girl finale!

    • Such a lie to the audience should not be tolerated in the United States of America! This country should be an example for everyone else in the world. James’s fans that I know voted all night for him. From all data that we have, his votes were higher than of the rest of them or close to the top one in the worst case scenario. My family and friend gave James a few thousand of votes this year. WE ARE NOT GOING TO EITHER WATCH THE SHOW EVER AGAIN OR VOTE FOR ANYBODY ELSE!!!!! THIS IS A DISGRACE WITH REGARD TO THE BASIC HUMAN VALUES AND A TESTAMENT TO THE FACT THAT THE ‘AMERICAN DREAM’ IS OFFICIALLY DEAD!!!!!!! Trust me, one day somebody is going to close this corrupt joke of a talent show down. NEVER EVER WILL WATCH AI! You guys must think Americans and international fans are complete imbeciles and don’t see all this crude manipulation of public opinion. Here’s a news flash for you: YOU SUCK! – HOSTS, VINDICTIVE PRODUCERS who always say the opposite of what’s going to happen, JUDGES too. Once again convinced that rock is the least manipulated genre of modern music, will be forever Durbin’s fan and lost any remaining shred of respect for AI, Ryan, S Tyler (especially – how much do they pay you, man? and was it really worth it at this time in your life?), J’Lo or Randys or this world. YOU REALLY SUCK,GUYS, what else is there to say?

      • Wow Buns! You really generated some comments. Appreciate the shout out to me. I’ve since ad libbed my own frustrations of the manipulative AI voting system made me explode! I’m impressed with the dialogue you started this page.–You certainly stirred up Marina above! But I give her props also for voicing OUR outrage! But I do hope it’s not really the end of the “American Dream”! (better to just do like others and threaten to boycott AI, thus affecting their ratings by approximately 0.0000001%.!)

      • Coondog, There you are my friend. I’ve been trying to catch you for two days! You run faster than I thought, lol. Yeah, I never thought I would generate such a response, but I try to call it as I see it.

        I just really wanted people to quit being haters & give them some food for thought. So they could form their own opinions with some historical info.

        I do hope the posts slow a bit so you won’t be so hard to find next time. Luv Ya!

      • Well said i hope they shut Idol down! Idol you have a chance to make it right before America shuts you out. Someone needs to find a way to see if they are cheating and doing these kind of things on purpose. We all know Haley and Lauren are no where even close to being as good as James!!! Idol come out of the closet you are hiding in and tell the truth about how your show is a scam!!! Scam! Scam!!!

    • Now that we are all mad about James being gone we should all vote for Lauren , if we are going to have a girl win this year i would rather have Lauren win.

  218. So sad Pia, Casey and now James. This is my last year watching Idol. What were the voters thinking.

    • No kidding Yvonne. I watching X-Factor where he real judges tell the truth. Pia would still be in American Idol if Simon was a judge.

      • Agree. Something needs to change. It should not be that people who have nothing better to do than dial the phone all night determine the winner. I am so sick that James and Casey are gone. Tonight was heartbreaking.

      • It is criminal and I agree, James was the best! I would pay to see James, Pia and Casey but the rest no way!

        How could anyone vote for Haley when she is such a lazy singer that can’t finish her words and sings (if you call it singing) with no feelings. Although, when you see her practically laughing each time someone gets eliminated she has no feelings!!!

      • I agree Joyce.. Its rigged… I tried voting but the lines were busy for James….

      • I voted heavy for Haley this week because I like her style and her itunes are simply the best IMO. She over sings live and the growl comes out too much.
        I admit that Randy really pissed me off and that make be vote even harder this week.

      • Bottom line: James was good at a less popular form of music, ocassionally sang sharp and frequently shrieked. Please note that the habitual shrieking cost Adam Lambert the title which his talent deserved. The moral: don’t shriek in every song if you want to win AI.

      • Totally agree. This should be the end of the road of AI. I didn’t care who will this competition since Pia’s gone… Now, it’s really a joke…

      • Sorry, but Simon would have been honest as said ‘entertain’ don’t just stand there and ‘strike a pose’.

      • Toni i think it’s rigger too. I was reading that Idol could be rigged. Idol you suck!! You ratings will go down!!! You will not see 70 million votes this week!! And i believe the phone companys are lieing too . How do we know that Haley does not having someone helping her from the phone cpmpany , they would know how to cheat.

    • Let me ask you guys: Did you vote for James last night? James’ fans should have hit redial 100 or more times each and if you weren’t doing that then you are the reason he is gone. That is the way voting works people. You gotta vote for your fav or two favs.

      • Yes, it is that simple. You have to vote for your favorite. I voted online and phone at the same time.

      • that is a dumb*#% way to vote. AI needs an adjustment…maybe a total DELIVERY

    • I’ve run to my tv for years for AI but I pray Simon Cowell stops this bed of hypocrisy!

      • Why do you think that Simon’s presence would have changed this year’s outcome? He did not vote on the final 12 or 13. Just being crude and rude to contestants did not have an adverse effect on the contestant’s votes. It was just entertaining to people who enjoy seeing young people’s dreams crushed. How would you like Simon to judge you in public?

  219. The judges have consistently been overkind to Lauren.
    Lauren has been treated very gently and the judges have been part of this Lauren Lives thing. I hope they are happy. I was lookin forward to the James, Scotty, Casey finale. JLO wanted a girl in and JLO got 2 girls now, hope she is happy. Now i will vote only for Haley who has a really great voice but is not idol material.
    But the idol material thing doesn’t matter. I wanted Adam Lambert who was the closest thing to an idol i have ever seen in that season. But no, we had to have a cupcake win that one too. So, Haley you are my new cupcake idol. I really wanted to see James win because i found his story the most interesting and his performances the most entertaining. I hate Metal but i liked everything about him. Haley is my choice now. I agree that the girls were happy to see James go. But thats honest competition. I expect that. Scotty will have a great career in CWM and AI better do something about eliminating voting fraud. Go Haley!!!

    • I agree with most of what you say, except I don’t like Haley. I am a singer, trained in Broadway, Jazz, and classical music. I thought James was by far the best singer.
      I almost bought my tickets for the tour. I don’t know that I want to now. If Haley wins, I don’t think I can stomach it. She was my least favorite of the top 11.

      • @c2sky: I am a trained music purchaser. And I love Haley’s voice. It is a bluesy style, so it’s no wonder, with your background, that you do not care for it. Send your tickets to me. I’ll take them and smile through every single song Haley sings.

      • I feel that the judges were soft this season, but not to Haley and thats why she has my vote. She was almost eliminated in hollywood and she fought back to make in in the top 12. Even in the top 12 she was in the bottom almost half the time but she made it through and every week she got bashed by Randy then Jlo started so if anything shes been getting the real votes. I like the ones who over comes. She also to me has the strongest voice and most unique. I believe scotty and lauren got this far because of there country back ground. Country music is bigger than I thought.

    • After James and Scotty song tonite everyone heard another side of James. He should have done country all a long he would have beat pretty boy hands down. I think that one of the girls will win. Next week it’s time for pretty boy to go home .

    • I also wanted Adam Lambert to win but maybe it is better not to win so that you can negociate your own contract.

      • YES, i wanted Adam to win and i wanted James to win…no one can touch them…and i DARE to say TYLER COULDN’T!
        i call that UNIQUE TALENT. SIMON, please get a new plan for America!

    • c2sky: I appreciate your education and experience, however, music, like all forms of art, may well be technically proficient, but commercially unsuccessful. My father, a country performer and my son, a jazz, pop and classical performer and composer who was trained at Berklee are examples of this rule. It does not matter how well something is done if people don’t buy it. I suspect that the top 6 will be commercially successful. Haley is no exception. She was IMO the weakest of the top six until the House of the Rising Sun. That rendition and that of I, Who Have Nothing completely changed my mind. And, frankly, if you can objectively listen to those performances and not agree that the young lady deserves her spot in the top three, I suggest that you ask for a refund for some of the money you spent on your education. If that sounds harsh, it is because I do not think that there is a snowball’s chance that you do not agree that she belongs – after such an objective hearing.

    • My reply is Bull*@?% Why would you even watch when you know it’s rigged? Isn’ JLo a true actress-she even cried when James was sent home. BUT don’t you know she is happy ‘the girls’ are left…Simon, please, deliver us and get us some reputable entertainment.

      • You are simply a sore loser, Jeanne. If things do not go your way, then the rest of the world is against you. Hopefully, you are very young and will grow out of it. If you are not very young, then hopefully you will realize that the world is not conspiring against you, but is simply not driven by your wants and desires.

    • I stopped voting since Thia got eliminated. But for the final three, I’m gonna vote for Haley.

  220. Omg. I totally thought that it was gonna be Haley. I really want Scotty or Lauren to win so I was actually scare when I saw how good James was doing. This is sooooo surprising to me. (almost as surprising when it was pia and not stephano)

    • Why does everyone like scotty so much? Ya he has a nice tone but really I like see if he can hit big notes. I want to see if he can end a song with a vibrato that last longer than a fart. At least Laureen is trying to do those things.

    • SURPRISED? did you not hear Ryan say Wed. nite to ‘vote, don’t let it be like Daughtery’? I SMELLED A FISH…someone FAVORED was going to be sent home. I IMMEDIATELY THOUGHT SCOTTIE OR JAMES. Hello, America, AI is RIGGED BUT i don’ guess they will publish this either. AI has NO RESPECT…THIS ISN’T AMERICA!

      • He was simply telling people to vote for their favorites because one of the most successful losers of AI had lost late in the game. One can see conspiracies everywhere you know. The man on the grassy knoll, remember?

      • jeanne trump: I beg to differ. AI is not rigged. It is manipulated by smoke & mirrors.

      • I did hear that too!!! OMG! Idol is rigged!!!! Have your girl Idol but you know James should have been the winner!!! Also when Ryan was sitting next to James and James told him he got hit in the eye by his girl it made his eyes water , then Ryan said to James save that for later. Go look back you guys you will hear that!

  221. James should still be there. Haley should be gone. I will not watch this show again. Pia, Casey, James no way Haley should be in the top 3. James is awesome and will be ok but i know this was a tuff pill to swallow. He sang rings around Haley. American Idol has lost a viewer.

    • I completley agree, haley should have been gone the first time she was in the bottom 3

      • I really thought the final would be James/Scottie. I can’t underatnd why James went home, he’s got the voice and stage presence. Baffled and I this is my first/last Idol season.

      • This show needs some way to LIMIT the number of times someone can vote – tonight is another example. People felt Haley was mistreated last night, so they showed Randy and Jennifer what they thought. I personally agreed with their assessment of Haley’s first song choice last night and it wasn’t sang that well. On the 2nd, I agreed again – she did great. And I like Haley – I personally voted over 25 times for her last week….case in point (LIMIT the amount of votes per phone #.) James in NO way deserved to be the one to go home tonight – but the bright point is that hopefully he will do well, like Daughtry. Scotty would make regardless. Lauren – not sure. But Haley, as much as I like her, is NOT going to be American Idol material (and the fact that she can’t take criticism well will not fare well for her in the business if she does get the Sympathy Votes to put her on top.) I am thankful that The Voice has come along — “that” is a good show – Idol has lost it — 70 million votes…yeah – it is rigged and flawed and everyone knows it.

      • I agree that the votes should be limited. Dancing with the stars keeps getting better every year. They limit the number of votes.

      • I agree about the voting. Dancing with the Stars seems to have the right formula. If I am recalling it correctly, I even like the process in So You Think You Can Dance, better than AI’s. I’m okay with popular voting. I just do not like stuffing the ballot box.

        I also agree with the assessment of Haley last night. She had the worst and the best performances of the night. Last week she was only saved from doing the same by Jacob’s first performance which was truly, truly sad on so many levels. Maybe Haley is the little girl with the curl. You know, when she is bad she is very bad, but when she is good, she is very, very good indeed.

    • yes, yes n yes!!! Haley should hv ben sent home! what a disaster this year’s AI is!

    • I’M With u N.O. but they aren’t posting any of my comments…RIGGED….

    • I told my husband tonight that I dont know if I will watch AI anymore. James was the best this season. From the first day, I told everyone ,he was going to win. I really think that something isnt right here. It needs to be fixed or AI is doomed.

      • LET’S PRAY it’s DOOMED because it surely needs to be…isn’ it ODD how the ones ‘kicked off’ become successful. James will be grabbed for his talent and he knows in his heart he gave it his all. JLO is a hypocrite. She was for the girls all along and she got it. From the BEGINNING I said the guys were FAR better than the girls. Why does she want to favor girls when the guys are BETTER? GO HOME, JLO, U R A BEATCH!

      • I agree with you Jeanne. If something does not go the way I want it to, I want the ones against me to die. No, now that I think about it, I don’t. Never did, even when I was 8.

  222. I’m in shock, I can not believe this Iwill not see this program anymore they truly ruined it
    Of the 3 remaining only as a singer I like; Haley. I hope she wins and if not all be a fraud. Although I do not care because I will not see it more.
    I’m in shock

    • I’m with you, Tina. This was my first and last year watching this show. I’ve read somewhere that 6 out of the last 10 Idol winners have had country roots and sadly it will be 7 out of 11 now. If that’s what this show will always comes down to, no thank you. I think I’ll try Simon’s new show and stick with the Voice.

      • I am with you, I am not watching anymore. James was the best! He was the most versatile and entertaining.

        No more AI for me. I’m out.

    • All of you who say that you will never watch AI again because of this bad result remind me of people who say that they will never try love again after their hearts are broken. Now, AI does not make the world go around and is not necessary to make life worth living like love, but one bad experience with either should not make one miss out on the wonderful experiences that it may offer in the future (e.g. other James Durbins can be heard and seen perform for several weeks – where is the downside?).

  223. Feel so sad..How come it was James?! The girls should sent home first!
    Good luck,James..u’re gonna be like Chris Daughtry or Adam Lambert who leaves the winner in dust..

      • I agree and as others have stated I will not be watching for the rest of the season – too disappointed. I guess image is everything.

      • I agree. I will watch sports center with my hubby on ESPN before I watch another week of AI disappointment.

      • I agree I will not be watching the rest of the show either James and Pia were the two best singers on there,
        just can’t figure out what people are hearing that i’m not.And I hope James will rock on ahead of the rest.Love you James You The MAN

    • James you will be doing the best out of all the others and think of it this way, You don’t have to fly all over and do all these talk shows. You can sign with someone now. You will be making millions soon! Good luck James!

    • I Totally Agree….!!

      No More American Idol for me…
      i don’t care who’s gonna win

    • Agree, seems like AI is not the forum for rock/alternative. But it sells! Rock on James!!!! We will come to your concerts so hurry up and sign a deal. We will not come to the AI tour though. Done with that gig.

      • yes, i will pay to see James and I don’t give a freakin’ ’bout what happens now on AI. GONE. LET IT DIE, SIMON…TOO MANY IRATE RIGHT NOW AFTER TONIGHT. What’s next for America?

    • I totally agree Ray. James will come out on top like Daughtry. I was NOT IMPRESSED with the girls this year but Lauren. (rigged they are not publishing my comments…1 out of p’bly 9….

    • THAT is the truth….the girls should be sent home before James!

      oh i know u aren’t going to publish this either, AI….screw u

      • Idol needs to come clean with all the cheating they do. Come clean Idol!!! I hope who ever owns Idol is reading this! You need to be fair!!! You know you had every intention letting a girl win this year, so don’t lie about it. The phone votes mean nothing!!! You also know that James was the real deal!!! James you rock !!!

  224. please, do not be too excessive, no matter how hard you guys commenting on this forum, it will not make james back.

    james has been eliminated, it is in fact

      • Chill dude, Yes it is a fact that james is eliminated, but just saying that “you’re not gonna watch idol anymore” , it doesnt make james go back, Don’t Worry, James Will shine, You’ll see

  225. History just repeated itself. Back in season 5 of American Idol, everyone expected Chris Daughtry and Katharine McPhee to be in the finale with Chris expected to win it all. When the top 4 results rolled around, Chris Daughtry and Katharine McPhee were in the bottom 2 and Chris was sent home.

    This season of American Idol, everyone expected a finale with James Durbin and Scotty McCreery with James as the favorite to win. Well, tonight in the top 4 results show, James and Scotty landed in the bottom two and James was sent home. (Ok, it wasn’t announced that James and Scotty were the bottom two, but they were the two people standing there when the elimination was being announced)

    Wow. That’s kinda creepy how similar those two stories are. Two make things even weirder, both James and Chris were rockers on American Idol. But don’t worry James, if your story turns out like Daughtry’s, I think everything will be alright. Regardless of who wins this year, it’s your music that I will be listening to and its you who’s going to be famous. Winning Idol isn’t everything. It’s only the icing on the cake. I could name off several American Idol losers that have made a huge name for themselves.

    • Adam: IMO; It has nothing to do with Rock vs Country. James became unpredictable & Chris was a rebel. David Archuleta’s dad was a total pain to AI, and on & on & on.

  226. I am DONE with American Idol now. America has ZERO IDEA what talent is. James was the winner from DAY ONE. I am not even interested in who is the winner now.. these 3 are B O R I N G compared to James. And they can’t sing like he can. He has amazing range and pipes. Not to mention he’s just such a likeable person. I will miss seeing him every week and will miss hearing his new songs so I can download them and listen to them all week until I can get more. I hope he makes a record REALLY SOON so I can buy it and support him again. James, you deserved the win. It is a travesty that you got voted off. I ONLY way I’m going to feel better about this if I hear news of a record deal TGMORROW. I miss you already, James.

  227. This elimination was ridiculous. In the words of one of the judges – “There’s something wrong with the world today, I don’t know what it is. Something’s wrong with our eyes.”

      • No something is wrong with allowing hundreds of votes per person. That did not happen in the earlier seasons before the texting/on-line voting. The number of votes truly did mean those were almost the number of people voting. Now, a person wins because they had fewer supporters but more votes because they never stop dialing/texting. Letting anyone vote 100 times is not a true test on who America voted for. Older people and people at work can’t do that kind of voting for 2 hours straight. If everyone gets one vote, we will see exactly who got the most real votes.

  228. P.S. if Haley wins i will never buy anything she sings and her attitude will limit her.

      • I stopped watching after Paul was voted off, america does not vote for talent for what ever reason. The whole idol thing sucks, I didnt watch any of it last season, i will not bother in the future either

      • It’s rigged big time. Look up Idol is rigged and you will see. AT and T is one big Scam with Idol backing them. They need a girl to win this year. James was in first place almost the whole time.

  229. now there is no point for watching american idol because james was the best on this show. This show depended on james.. in my opinion Haley should have been the one who should have left.. anyone with me?

    if you are you shouldnt vote for haley!

    • Haley really should have left, you know shes a good singer and all but she doesnt cut it for me, she screams way to much. James just seems a better candidate for american idol then she was. im really depressed with americas decision.. ๐Ÿ™

    • Agree totally with you – not giving anyone my votes!! Something is wrong here!!!

  230. Sad to see James go. He was a sweet kid with just the right amount of edge. Scotty is a sweet kid, too, but hasn’t been the most exciting performer. One-trick pony, for sure. I don’t know what Lauren is doing in the top three. She’s obviously been a judge favorite from the word go. Also a very sweet girl but nothing to write home about. Lousy song choice for her in Round 2 last night, as well.

    Haley’s my girl. She’s got bite, gravity and sang both Gaga’s and Adele’s songs better than the original artists. Not dissin’ on Gaga- who forgot to get dressed, tonight, before she went on stage- or Adele- who is an amazing, breath-nabbing talent. It’s just that Haley is *that* good. It’s a given that J. Lopez and R. Jackson will tear into her performances but I don’t think it makes a shred of difference. The girl is pure magic, and she’s worked to get there. She’s not the same performer she was at the beginning of the season. She’s leagues ahead. Her growth has been tremendous and her stage presence is beginning to equal those amazing, textured pipes. I haven’t heard this kind of raw spellbinding on a female vocalist since Stevie Nicks. The girl has got it in spades.

    She’s far more interesting to watch perform than most of the chorizo-packaged product they squeeze on the stage backed by mechanized vocals- yawn- and ‘special’ effects. Let’s bring some dignity and authenticity to the table. Finally, for the record, Haley’s song choice in round one last night worked. And I think the judges who were down on it figured that out quick and changed their (auto) tune by next round.

    All for now. Thanks for the forum.

    • I loved Haileys second song but the HATE in her eyes … you can just tell this girl has an EVIl spirit!

      • after James is gone why the h&#* would you watch the rigged show? Simon has greener pastures…let’s leave AI

  231. What?! I never expected James to go home?! I thought it would be one of the girls. But I guess not! I’m extremely shocked on this. I think I’m not gonna watch the next season anymore.

  232. For a season that got the best talent the best singers were voted off. What a boring final this is going to be.
    Adam came second in 2k9 and Chris took the title singing through the side of his mouth. Where is Chris these days? Also what is happening to Lee the winner in 2k10? The tradition continues so let us see who does well and who simply fades in to obscurity.

  233. lol dont you think you guys are a little harsh on Morgan? She might be this 12 years old little girl and she is probably crying to tears right now while she is holding up her banana chocolate cupcake.

  234. Why this show has no place for the rockstar??? Pop yes (Kelly, Lee,etc), blues( Taylor Hicks), country (Carry). Why Adam, Daughtry and James not won it?? What are they thinking about? James is the most talented, the greatest performance ever on this show. i don’t care with this show anymore.. :p. So sad!

    • Who is “they”? Did you vote? How much?
      It’s a contest. It is not life and death. Even if my fav gets voted off, I will still watch it. They all have talent, have worked very hard and have given it their best. I’m not into hating on anybody for trying. If most of the voters don’t agree with me, I’m not going to start pouting and claim I’ll never watch again!

      • Oh yes it’s not about life and death. It’s just about “TURN OFF YOUR TV, WHEN THIS SHOW STARTED”. that’s it! ๐Ÿ™‚
        If i do that, it will not give some big effects on the show, isn’t it? don’t worry! LOL

      • Exactly. When Casey went home I didn’t stop watching. Look what I would have missed!

      • i don’t know what was goinng on. I think contestant like Pia, Casey and James should fill the top three spot ๐Ÿ™

    • America voted for a diva want to be. No they did not get this right. AI is so over.

      • I agree and with AT and T backing them, we don’t have a chance. It’s one big lie!

    • totally agree. Hailey deserve NOTHING. She is the worst talent on this show now!!

  235. I just cannot believe it!! You’ve got to be kidding me. James is an entertainer and oozed talent.

  236. James is the best and should win just like crystal bowersox was best last year and should have won. I’m not watching it anymore. Terribly disappointing.

  237. Can’t watch Idol anymore!!! James was the winner in my eyes and I’m sure a lot of others. America got it so wrong!!!!! But the positive side is the fact that he will have a career in music – look at Chris Doherty. So chin up James – we will be hearing from you big time.

    • Yea Judy i agree with you. James will do better than any of these other kids anyway!! I think someone is cheating giving Haley votes ! She has been in the bottom 4 times, something is not right!!! Idol we are onto you!!

  238. I think all the real singers have now been eliminated. No longer interested in who wins this year.

  239. America you got it so wrong you have eliminated the wrong person.James you are unreal

    • Why is it that each year when idol gets a really really talented singer that the either get voted off towards the end or loose in the finale?I am from Australia and I love to watch idol but each year you guys get it wrong bring it in that us Aussies can vote I’m sure the outcome would be much different.

  240. Anyone who knows music knows that the results tonight were based on anything but musical talent. James can deliver any song, any style and is a true performer. He is the only one that can use his pure emotion and still deliver a top notch performance. Randy should keep some of his comments to a minimum – the kiss of death for James was his prediction three weeks ago that james would win. Did James’s fans become complacent as a result? Did the other idol fans become more determined to prove Randy wrong? The remaining three weeks hold no interest for me at all.

    • No its Rigged… Because there hasnt been any girl winners for awhile… People were complaining they couldnt vote for haley it would vote for “3” leaving haley with few votes. so it should be Lauren, Scotty, James. Plus Haley cant sing a note to save her life.

  241. James leaving leaves a big gap in the genres. Haley and Lauren don’t strike me as being able to really fill that void and Scotty got a piece of criticism from JLo last night to add the final piece to concert Scotty. B4 tonight I thought he’d need to find a dance piece but now he could pick a rock&roll piece. Now the ? Is would James voter vote for him if he did that?

  242. James leaving leaves a big gap in the genres. Haley and Lauren don’t strike me as being able to really fill that void and Scotty got a piece of criticism from JLo last night to add the final piece to concert Scotty. B4 tonight I thought he’d need to find a dance piece but he could pick a rock&roll piece. Now the ? Is would James voter vote for him if he did that?

  243. Come on James Voters! Help Scotty to win so it wont be a girl to win! Vote For Scotty!!

  244. I and my family try to be really impartial, but we’ve always thought that in the case of AI originality should be stressed. After all we have good singers around the world. What’s the use of revealing one more good singer? To do what you want with your voice is for few – that’s what we’ve always loved about Robert Plant -, and that’s what Haley has. The other three ones (at least those 3) are great singers, but that makes her unique and makes her combine with what in our opinion the aim of AI should be.

    • I agree totally that Haley is unique. Come on America, don’t get so uptight! James will do well. If you say you are not going to watch AI anymore you were obviously watching it for the wrong reasons. It is entertainment, imagine if you had stopped watching after the first elimination, you would have missed alot of fun!

  245. Here is an idea: Bring back the “losers” from recent years (Durbin, Lambert, Daughtry…) to compete against the winners (I would list them but I can’t remember their names). It would be a great show–at least half of it. I’m very bummed about James being gone. Maybe they will bring him back to do his duet with Tyler. That might get me to watch again.

    • I suggested below that Steven Tyler should create a new show – American Roch Idol – and get Lambert, James and other rockers back for a real competition a la rock and roll… yeahhhhhh

  246. This show will be boring without James. I expect him to be in the final at least with Scotty or Haley. The judge really had been super duper nice to Lauren.
    This is disappointing. I’m not watching this show anymore. Not being harsh but, Lauren is NOT an idol. She’s too predictable.