American Idol 2011: Top 4 results show recap – James Durbin exit a shocker

America was shocked Thursday night when “American Idol” favorite James Durbin did not make the coveted Top 3. Most fans expected one of the remaining female contestants to go but for the first time since Season 6, there are two girls in the Top 3.

So your Top 3 is Lauren Alaina, Haley Reinhart and Scotty McCreery.

I was a bit shocked that James was eliminated. I was pretty sure it would be Lauren, but I never really thought it would be Haley. Speaking of Haley, this couldn’t have played out any better for her. Had Lauren gone home, she’d never have made it into the Top 2. But since James was sent packing, she’s almost certainly going to make the Top 2.

Here’s why: Next week Scotty and Lauren will probably split the country vote and Haley will get all the votes from the voters who aren’t country fans (if for no other reason than they have no other options), propelling her into the finale. It’s a pretty simple thought. Who of the country teens will join her? Scotty. A Haley vs. Scotty finale. Who would’ve thought. That just sounds so weird.

I had grown to like James, but it’s not the end for him. Remember, as Ryan Seacrest pointed out, Chris Daughtry went home in fourth place as well. And he’s been a huge success.

Earlier in the episode the guys opened the show with a lackluster country duet. I  did enjoy watching their interaction with the crowd, but I didn’t like the song or their version of it. The girls were much better with their “Gunpowder and Lace” duet. I found it hilarious that Haley had to sing all the “risque” lyrics.

Ryan then reveals the Top 3 stools and pretty quickly sends Lauren to safety first. At that moment, I knew James was done. That’s followed by a canned performance by Lady Gaga and a terrible performance by Enrique Iglesias.

Then we get Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks back on the Idol stage. At some point between her season and now, she transformed into a bad Beyonce impersonator. Then we get judge Steven Tyler’s new solo video. And I only have three words to say about that: stick with Aerosmith.

It’s time again for results. Ryan mentions that most of the talk this season has been about the guys, yet two of the Top 3 are girls, meaning Haley is safe. The shock on Scotty’s and James’ faces spoke volumes to me. They acted as if they were completely untouchable. I’ve never seen such an obvious display of crushed cockiness. Their reactions kind of left a bad taste in my mouth.

Then Ryan reveals that Scotty gets the final spot in the Top 3. And please take note that not one time did Ryan say the guys were the Bottom 2, so don’t presume Scotty had fewer votes than the girls.

I’m not even going to get into my thoughts on James’ reaction and statement, because I don’t want death threats. Let’s just leave it at this: I liked James’ performances and he is going to be fine. His fans will be fine when he puts out his album. Just be sure to be there to support him.

What are your thoughts on the shocking elimination?





      • Haley; if this is the singer…..who’d U sleep with to get this far? I mean…The PRODUCER of the show is Tweeting for/about U? To what get more votes? Not Really Fair don’t U think.
        Sleeping/Sexing your way to the top….
        In about ten or so years U will look bk and regret it all.

      • Kelly I only sleep with myself, oooh, take it back, I was sleeping with my mommy when I was under two year old.

      • @Kelly…you mean Nigel? I will definitely be bigger than him. I’m not sure whehter he can have chance to hold my candles.

      • Hahahahahahaha, yeah right “Haley Reinhart” hahahaha I bet this is the “real” one!!! Oh that is too funny!

      • If you are really Haley Reinheart you need to read what Kelly S S said! I think she hit the bulls eye right in the middle!! I mean she has your number! If you are actually Haley Reinhart ~ We will definitely NOT MISS YOU!! Sherry K.

    • I totaly agreed. I live in finaland and i still watch the show but not anymore.. I was so sure that James was going to win but no. Well… Americans are stupid you can’t do anything with it… (nothing personal to any of you) =/

    • I know what U mean Kathy!!! it was an Shocker for me too. Although….if these kids look at it ‘CORRECTLY’ Not too many of the ones tht made it to the finish are making albums these days; Kelly Clarkson; and the blonde chic R the ONLY ones I’ve heard that WON 1ST PLC. That R actually putting out the records or CD’S. So CHEER UP Our MAN James D. AND Jacob; You’ll be MUCH BIGGER and BETTER Than who ever wins this Damn Political Contest. Promise U!!!!! Much Love, and Prayers to You both.

    • Kathy your comment is fine Kelly SS is that what you do to go places in life! you pathetic Sl.T.

      • Brick, You are calling Kelly S S a sl.T.What do you call your self? dude what kind of person calles her a
        Sl.T.? Makes me wonder what you are? Hang in there Kelly S. S. Smile Love and prayers to you too Kelly S. S. 🙂 Sherry K

    • Good riiiiiiiiidus get off chat then we could care less whose gonna watch and who isnt

    • Branden, I am glad you said that about James! It makes me feel a LOT Better!!! You are so right about Daughtry!! He is doing great. And I agree someone will sing up James also!! So It’s not all bad. I will be watching the computer and the news to see WHEN JAMES is signed!! I am sorry, But I really don’t care who wins now. Scotty will be signed to a country label win, or not! I think Haley will win. But It could be a shocker again. I never dreamed Lauren would be called safe first. I am gone for this season. good luck to you Branden! You have done a good job as a commentator. Especially with all of the hateful comments. Smile and enjoy the rest of this season Branden! Sherry K

  1. I can not believe that James is not in the top 3. He has consistently been awesome and I always look forward to his performances. I don’t even know if I will watch any more. James should have been the next American Idol.

  2. i was wishing for a james-haley finale. but i’m glad it wasn’t haley who was eliminated… despite randy’s efforts to get her eliminated since day one. let’s face it. she might not be the best performer but she has the best vocals. lauren doesn’t even come close. james would have made her work for her money!

    good luck james! for all it’s worth, i think you are better than adam lambert.

    • I was also hoping for a Durbin-Reinhart finale. I’m beginning to think that this season has been rigged. The really good performers/singers/vocals have been eliminated. And, it’s only Haley left.

      • Rigged my ASS You people whose singers have been eliminated are ridiculous. Jelos as all

      • Totally agree Haley does not sing that well. I agree all 3 are talented but Haley will NEVER win the Idol crown

    • Lauren outsang Haley by miles in their duet last nite It was very obvious

      • Anyone besides me notice that Lauren looked a lot sleeker in the clothes she wore for the duet? She needs to ditch the pageant look and dress more tailored. It suits her.

    • Another disappointing season….I don’t think America will ever get it right….ALL my votes now will go to Haley, Unless you want a Bumpkin Country Idol,vote for HALEY…. otherwise another boring winner…..

      I know James will do fine, its really not the point….Everyone is bashing Randy for his criticizm if Haley…He might have just given her the title and I sure hope so….Too bad James wasn’t in the bottom two last week, he could have cried and got all the sympathy votes….

      James beats to his own drummer and I applaud him for that…He will have a career, of that I am sure….It just would have been nice to have an exciting finale….

      James fans vote for Haley if you want a decent finale other wise its country bumpkin season!!!!!!!!!

  3. It has to be rigged. James is by far the most talented of the four. Really, do you think all of a sudden James is the bottom. Has he ever been there. I will NEVER watch American Idol again. A true American Idol should be the best with only one vote per person. James, I am 67 years old and I can’t want for your CD to come out I will be one of the first to buy it for me and and grandkids.

    • gma, for the first time since the beginning of this show, I think it’s completely clear that the show isn’t rigged. James was pimped beyond belief ALL SEASON. Why would they suddenly decide to send him home over Haley who they all clearly hate? It doesn’t make sense.

      Contestants always suddenly fall into the bottom for the first time during the Top 4 and Top 3. Chris Daughtry went home in Top 4, Melinda Doolittle and Danny Gokey went home in Top 3. None of them had ever been in the bottom either. When it gets to this point, it happens.

      • Brandon,
        it is because Idol is going where the money is and that is country. If they put James in the top 3 it is much harder to believe he doesn’t make the finale. This way Haley will go home next week and no one will bat an eye and they will have thier country finale. Mark my words! It will be a Lauren Scotty finale and I would not be suprised to see Lauren win because they want another Carrie Underwood even though Lauren is no where near Carries level. It’s all about the money and they will not let a measly vote get in the way of that.

      • I think it will be a Haley/Scotty fanale and Scotty winning hands down no dought

      • Hawk, I said the exact same thing to my mom about Lauren winning… It does seem as though they’re grooming her for something big

      • So Branden, yo, like dude, alright dawg… you sound like one of the judges. What was your take on James’s reaction and statement? I’ve been a fan of James all season, and I was disappointed to see him leave. However, I was hoping for a more dignified exit. I thought Lauren was the one who cries when she doesn’t get her way.

      • Branden…I would not say it was rigged but I have been watching AI since day 1… just seems that when the judges bash a contestant, the voters go all out for them…..I want Haley to win now, she was my 2nd choice. She was in the bottom 3 quite a few times, last week Lauren was in the bottom 2 and now out of left field James is going home….Were all the voters sleeping the last two weeks and woke up just in time to vote for Lauren & Haley….????

      • Oh..ya..AI pimped both Casey & James so much, america sent both of them packing earlier than they were supposed to!

    • Hi Gma, maybe you are right that James was the best but AI only collecting all vote from all people, like Obama, who likes him? But when the vote was out we have no choice but to accept it

    • Bah it’s not rigged. When you allow multiple votes people are voting up to 600 times at least. It has nothing to do with popularity or democracy. They should really charge allow one vote per ip and/or email address

      • even with auto redial you could’t get 600 votes. I call my votes in every week and I could never get that many.

      • 600 votes is easy when you’re speed dialing on both phones, UNLIMITED POWER texting AND voting online from every family member’s FB accounts!

    • I don’t think this was rigged. After the show last night, I was sure either Lauren or James was leaving. Drama with Haley=packing in more votes for Haley. Without the whole JLo/Randy drama, most likely Haley would have gone home.
      Scotty has an insanely large country fan base…and remember, the majority of Fox viewers are Republican…country singers always had an edge.

      That, and to be completely objective, I’m a James fan, but I thought Lauren did the best last night. So she probably got the majority of the first time viewer vote…

      • GMA – Highly doubt it’s rigged, it’s based on votes, and it’s a numbers game. If you have Lauren’s brother text voting 200 plus times in an hour, does James have fans doing the same? Remember Sanjaya? The Stern show rallied listeners to disrupt/expose the voting process, and the true watchers, rose up and move votes to the strong singers. Overall – doesn’t matter.. it’s entertainment.. watch it or change the channel.

    • I love Haley voice. She should win it. I though James should be in the top 2 and Scotty was not good last night. He should have went home

  4. i cant believe that lauren is still in there and james is eliminated!

    but im still happy cause haley is still there!
    so the votes will split to 3 of them!

    when james is gone

    who will you vote of the 3?

      • You gotta be kidding me…. why is Haley still there?? She clearly cannot sing & needs to go home… she should have been eliminated…. ii hate american idol & will not watch it again GO SCOTTY OR LAUREN!!! I HOPE ONE OF THEM WIN IT(:

      • Hey Chris, hate is a strong word. THis world need plenty of LOVE, not hate. Don’t you think GaGa Lady cannot sing? I would like Scotty and Laren to win. Bur it is totlly depending on Idol viewers. Kudos to them!!!

      • Scotty McCreery will get my vote most likely although I usually vote honestly on whose was best that night BUT most of the time it went to Scotty with a few times I voted Lauren

      • If you are really the Haley Reinhart the singer you need to keep off of this message board. What are you doing? VOTING FOR YOUR SELF? Sherry K

      • You know what Sherry K, I think “Haley Reingart” is posting in here and voting for herself. That will be the only logical explanation as of why she is still on the competition… Hahahahahaha.

    • it’s haley, haley, haley or scotty, scotty, scotty, I am SICK oF both OF THEM!!!! Darn Country Singers; They HAVE a Show like IDOL for C.S. Why didn’t SCOTTY Go There?! Haley will loose her voice in say a few years; She doesn’t sing from her gut; she sings from only her Throat. Will wipe out your vocal chords singing that way!!! Lauren; I like She needs some maturing with life, and her Voice; but at least THE GIRL SINGS FROM HER GUT!! And NOT her THROAT. She is sweet and down to earth too. She did a heck of a job last night.

      • I agree with the Haley singing it was not good and I can see her losing voice over her growling all the time but honestly I think scotty will take the win I do adore Lauren also but if it came down to them 2 it would be Scotty as the best voice.

    • Can’t even vote so no one…wow can’t believe James is gone this is CRAZY!!!!!!! For what its worth he wont go home empty handed, that Im sure of

  5. I am so sorry about James’s elimination tonight. I know how hurt and angry his fans are as I would also be if haley was sent home. I really enjoyed watching him perform also. In my opinion he and Haley were the most original even though all top4 are good. James has so much to look forward to. He will have time to be with his girl and baby and he will have a great musical career. Also, he really only misses one idol week(next week) because he will be back for the finale when the top 10 usually perform. I look forward to hearing about all his future successes:)

    • I agree with Joy. People tend to forget that not winning the whole thing is not the end of the world, as proven by Daughtry, Kelly Pickler, Clay Aiken, Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson, Pia Toscano (who is currently recording her studio album). Whatever happens, I guarandamntee he’ll be able to provide for his family no problem

  6. Speaking of James reaction to his loss. Don’t get me wrong I did like James, but to me at first it sounded like he was blaming his fans..I quess it was the untouchable shock it couldn’t be him. He will still do very well. Good Luck to Him. and Go Haley.

    • I was shock too, but it’s good I’m stil in the game, GO HALEY GO!!!

      • Is Haley realy commenting on here? I thought this blog was only for the fans.

      • Plez You know thats not Hley Its a child with nothing to do last night The Idols can not even get on a computer while competing

      • GodandLove, If that is the real Haley Reinhart the producer needs to get her off of here. It is only for the fans to vote! And if it is really her she has a big head. I think it is just someone inpersonating her. Lets hope so! Yuk only a looser would either impersonate her. Or if it’s really her that is just disgusting! Sherry K.

      • I wish this was the real Haley, I wish I could tell her: YOU SUCK! Get an attitude check and respect the judges!

  7. I’m in shock! James was perfect on every performance. Scotty is a one-trick-pony. Haley is hot and cold. I’m putting my money on Lauren, but she seems so young.

  8. I’m so shocked at tonight’s results! I was very sure that James would stay in the top 3, but then this happens! Wow… I mean, at this point, it’s sad to see any one of them go, but I do not think James deserved to go at all. Sure, he screams in his songs a lot, but the songs call for it, and it’s good screaming. He really has stage presence, he knows how to make it exciting and entertaining for the audience. He can sing like a rock star, and he could also slow it down and sing beautifully. I don’t understand how this guy did not get enough votes.

    Personally, I think Scotty should’ve gone based on his second performance yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, Scotty’s great, a very likable young man with a great voice, but I just think it’s unfair to send James home instead of Scotty, especially bearing their performances in mind. But I guess this happens sometimes in American Idol, and all we could do is wish James the best. I never watched the season with daughtry in it, so I was shocked when I heard that he didn’t make the finals, I always assumed that he was at least runner up b/c of how successful and popular he is now. So it is possible to have a great singing career without winning it all. I hope all the contestants who are talented will go on that path.

    Now, let’s hope the three contestants remaining will bring out the best in them and give us a great show!

  9. Ok, so you wont touch James reaction and statement, and I totally understand…..however, I am not at risk, so I will do it for you. And before I do, let me say ahead of time I actually like james…that being said; his departure was classless. This is what happens when you let ego take hold. James was likable because he was humble….but in the past few weeks that has faded. Yeah, there is no denying his talent…he will do fine…but his final comments (which I was glad he was able to cut short once he realized what he was saying) rang similar to Jacobs “look in the mirror” comments. Not quite as bad, but he coulda handled it better. But as I said before, I do like him, and i look forward to his promising career. Lauren? hmmm….by far the least amount of growth, but she is still good…very young, and I am sure she will have many oppertunities (sp?) in the future. AI? No. Scotty? Great country singer…probably needs to get that ego under control, but all in all he will do fine. But his lack of diversity kinda makes him undeserving of a top 3 spot. Still, he is good at what he does. Haley? hahaha….love this womans honesty, spirit and take no sh*% attitude. By far the most growth as the weeks went by, and topped with her never give up determination, she will go very far in music regardless of the results of the show. Hell, they all will. But she is my favorite, so perhaps I am a bit biased. Flame on…lol

      • Thanks. I got a lot of flak from my girlfriend for suggesting anything negative about James, and in his defense I can’t imagine how hard it is to have dreams of winning crushed like that when so close to seeing them realized..but I gotta call it like I see it.

      • Agreed. I mean I really liked James. I like all of the Top 4. But when I call it as I see it, people here go crazy and want me dead. It’s pretty ridiculous.

      • Die Brandon for agreeing …lol I’m just kidding, I am glad he reeled in his good bye also. He did bring a freshness into the show this year no matter how much he was compared to Lambert. I will never get over how he did Love Potion last night. That was truly how you make a song yours.

    • Sotty has it all! He has the voice and the entertainment that you need to be a star, and he is it!!!!!!!!! His voice is great and his personality is what you need to make it a go, and it should be him!!! It’s like he already is the ONE!!!! He is so entertaining and sounds great. Like the judges say, it is like we are watching SCOTTY’S concert and then some…. Go Scotty Go!!!!!

      • Branden, I cannot understand how you let all of these mean people get to you. Come on now dude! Just scroll past them and ignore them! They don’t hate you!!! They are just trolls.You do ever bit as good as Matt! Hold your head high and make the comments you want to. I have read them as I told you before and they are spot on!! Take care Branden! It’s almost over. God will get you through
        it. Don’t take it personally what people say to you! They are just poor sports. I personally agree with most of what you say.And no one really wants to kill you! And no one should say “Die Branden to you! Even if it’s just a joke ! WHAT POOR TASTE! Consider the source where it’s coming from! Have a GREAT week end Branden. Sherry K

    • next will be scotty, then lauren, haley (me) will stand last, vote for haley my belove fans.

      • I hope your’e a juvenile who truly supports Haley and needs a real identity and hopefully not another Haley saboteur!

      • Scotty has the voice, talent, and that special something that runs that stage that knowone else has. Hailey is good but I feel she will not make it in the end. You can only growl so much and that will get old. The songs will sound the same. Scotty has many different talents! Let’s not forget about Lauren she is got that special something about her that is a keeper too!

      • Branden we seem to have a Haley here or not what do you think? I think not.

      • Cathryn, I can tell you 100 percent from the IP address that is NOT Haley Reinhart. Haley was not in Texas last night, she was in California.

    • The only “classless” person in the competition is Haley. Reacting like a spoiled brat every time she was bottom 3 or every time she was criticized by the judges. James was in shock, like the majority of viewers because he was consistently great. And I cannot imagine how humiliated he must have felt looking to the right side and seeing Lauren and Haley there… IT WAS OUTRAGEOUS! I hope the Haley phenomenon doesn’t repeat itself in any show. Someone that starts singing so poorly and so HORRIBLY that, whenever she sings a “little better” she WOWS everybody. She didn’t even deserve to be top 10, and now she is on the top 3. Heck, I understand James shock. And, all of you defending Haley’s attitude last night shouldn’t be so hard on James attitude tonight.

      • Gabriela. Humiliated?..yes shocked..the only one that has had thier share of humiliation is Haley she earned her top 3

      • Thank-You again Branden for telling us that is not Haley Reinhart. That is disgusting for someone to try to pretend to be her. And she can say that is not what she, or he is doing. But it is what they are doing! THAT STUFF SHOULDN’T EVEN BE ON THERE!
        Bye, Sherry K

    • Dallas I agree and I did notice James stopped himself. I think he’ll go far.

      • No doubt in my mind the young man will be a huge success..he is that good, but then again, all of these guys are this year. It has been an amazing year for talent on AI, and despite the drama with poor judging, age showing through and pimping/sabotaging, I have enjoyed it immensely. I wish all of the contestants the best of luck. But my votes go to Haley now.

    • here’s my flame…my lighter is flicked on in recognition of your well thought and written comment. Go Haley and Lauren, in that order…although I don’t dislike Scotty (he is the MOST likeable Idol contestant).

  10. I’m done. American Idol sucks.
    How in heavens name did James get voted off. He was definitely the outstanding singer/performer….with more talent than the other 3 put together.
    James–we will be hearing/seeing you long after the other 3 fade into oblivion. Your future career is just beginning. Wishing you many years of success.

    • I hear you! I bet Simon is extremely happy, his show will do so much better now that Idol voters have shown a total disregard for real talent this year. Go X Factor!

  11. Branden this is for you and you only. I watched the elimination over and over again, because I like to look at people, persons reactions. Scotty at no time seemed like he was untouchable. Actually he looked thrilled for the girls. He look at Ryan and said WOW, but that was because he was happy I believe. Really watch the replay. When Lauren and then Haley made it, it was Scotty that gave out the biggest hugs and smiles, not James. Then when it came down to him and James, I believe he felt bad about it, it was written all over his face and also don’t remember which writer that was on scene said Steve, Lauren and Haley after the show were trying to convience Scotty he deserved to be there. Please if you don’t like Scotty that is fine but don’t say that he appeared to be arrogant by being untouchable. I truely believe he thought that James should be there.

    • Dawn, PLEASE don’t presume I dislike Scotty. If I went back and added up all the grades/ratings I’ve given this season, I’m pretty sure Scotty would come out on top. SO please don’t put words into my mouth (so to speak). I liked that entire Top 4. I’m just doing a job here.

      • I realize that but you did make a presumption that seemed to be a bit cynical. You have done a great job all season and I thank you for that. This is the first time I ever blogged and it was a good experience on this site. But, I have to admit, your comments were a bit troubling. But thanks for taking the time to comment.

      • WHY can’t youpeople get it in your hard heads that Branden is just doing his JOB???? I mean if you don’t like what he says you don’t have to be ugly to him. He has a right to his opinion too. And once again it is his job. so leave him alone.
        Sherry K

    • Scotty deserves to be where he is right now and he will be the American Idol winner he is by far the best can sing, can entertain and is very comfortable on stage ALso Scotty cried after James sang his last song and Scotty has NEVER let this go to his head as Haley has done. Very Obvious Haley thinks shes won this and its gona be real intesteing to watch and listen to her bad attitude when she gets booted. Shes such a bad sport and it shows already

  12. What this really proves is that Haley has more friends with unlimited Texting with AT&T. Nothing more. If I didn’t want to see Haley lose so much, I’d stop watching for the season. Every week, I’m thinking.. this is the week the boot the one that can’t sing. She reminds me of Tim Urban from last year. At least Tim was funny.

    James should have won the whole thing.

    • please do remember that haley was in the bottom 3 (four freaking times). And james was never in the bottom. So tell me about the unlimited texting with AT&T. Its illogical, Terry.

      However,I would have liked a Haley-James finale. That would’ve been great. But please don’t compare oranges to apple. Haley is way better than Tim Urban. Come on!

  13. I was also shocked; but I predict the final two will be Scotty and Lauren; Lauren has really blossomed since last week; I think she has finally developed self confidence, and she is so cute and natural.

    • I agree with you. They are both great! I think in american Idol, that they should pick a male and female. And my pick would be Scotty and Lauren. I like country, but I listen more to rock. But one thing I have to say is that Scotty and Lauren have that voice, that special something that would make it in the music industry. I feel Haley wouldn’t last real long.

  14. Scotty sucks and so does Lauren but mass voting allows them to stay. They won’t sell many CDs unless the same people who are voting buy mass CDs. This would put it all in perspective

    • Maybe they should make us vote via itunes sales! That would be a hoot 😛

    • Yah, right on. scotty next. lauren next next. haley last (and winner).

      • It should be scotty, he has that special something that I feel knowone can beat!

      • I am just excited as————— well excited. Garner Hometown, Scotty coming this Saturday, cant wait to see him and Garner Town is already exploding here. Scotty-Wait till u see whats going on here for u Saturday- Its amazing GARNER LOVES SCOTTY

    • Hey Now! I don’t care for Scotty either; But that said….He will sell TONS of Country CD’S. No Doubt There. Just Hate Seeing Country Singers in AI When There is another comp. on TV That they can go too. And Think here a min. folks, James didn’t just want to SING….He NEEDED that Bloody Job!! He has a Family to support; remember FAMILIES?! Insurances, Food, Transpo, Clothes, Etc; He was Doing this NOT JUST FOR HIMSELF; He was Doing this FOR HIS FAMILY!!!! American’s BITCH about having to SUPPORT Us Poor Folks; but when it comes to someone TRYING Their GUTS OUT to have a Decent JOB; SUPPORT; For Their Family AMERICA STILL VOTES THEM OUT?!! MORONS!!!!

      • So U are saying we should support his family hes the one that made the choice get real glad hes gone waaaaaaaaaaaa

      • Kelly, so by your logic we should just find a down on their luck person and support them by buying tickets to see them and Cds to listen to them because they need the money?

  15. I cannot believe James was eliminated, and I know he is going to be successful, but I cannot watch American Idol anymore. Haley couldn’t have cared less, if she could have done it, she would have been doing cart wheels of happiness because James will no longer be there. She is too cocky for her own good,and hopefully she learns to take advice, or in the long run, it may effect her success. Her heads just a bit too big, if you know what I mean. James, you keep rockin’ we’ll be here for you ALL THE WAY!!!! love ya!! 🙂

    • U R an IDIOT JAKE!!! James is a bit more maturer than the other 3. He PUTS ON A HELL of a SHOW!! He OWNED the STAGE!! I didnt say WE ALL Should buy his tickets; see his shows, etc; because he was poor! U MORON! I said HE Seemed to CARE abit MORE; Tht He had MORE AT STAKE then the other 3. Its really COOL to no there R folks out there with Talent; and the LOVE of FAMILY TOO!!

  16. As Stevie Tyler would say “This is Crazy Bad”. Sammy Hagar , Ian Gillan , Michael Sweet, do love him and I myself think he is outstanding and would welcome, James Durbins vocals anytime on my stage .
    Outstanding vocals!!!! Thank you James for a great job. And I truly wish you the best john Seal

  17. Also I think a lot of people are voting for the best performance of the night, not their favorite singer.It’s not always a true fan base. I thought Haley’s performance last night of “I Who Have Nothing” was beautiful, but you have to admit the strings are what made the song so great.

    • Speaking of HALEY…..I would Like to APOLIGIZE for the mean things I said; Typed here about her. I was just SO THROWN OFF By the Producer Nigel Tweeting for everyone HE Knows to vote for her; Just ’cause HE SAID TOO and NOT For the Music She Performed. I still think its abit odd…. but hand NO RIGHT to say the UGULY Things I did type here about her. I am Sorry.

  18. James will be really successful after this. I mean, not all the grand champs of AI are unforgettable… some of the eliminated ones “last longer” compared to them. At least here in Manila, I think? :)) James should just really not forget to be grounded. He knows he’s good but he has to acknowledge that he’s not “all that” YET and that he’s still just getting there. He still has a lot to take up.

    Anyway, this just means that they all have a big chance of winning and they must not underestimate their fellow competitors. I mean, even if some are clearly “better” in terms of musicality, we shouldn’t forget that their musicality and performance are not the only things that matter, for now at least. WOO!

    I’m not so thrilled anymore with watching AI though. I’ll be waiting for the next season! :))

  19. James will make it to the top anyway. He is great and we will hear from him again. I will not be voting the rest of the season because my favorite is gone now.

  20. James I hope you read this your performances every week were outstanding. Remember what Zack Wylde said that you sang your ass off!!! You put your heart and soul in every song. You and Stevie made the show this year. Good Luck to you. Linda

  21. Perfect summary Branden of the Elimination Round, on all phases of duets, performances and results reactions. I was still a little scared for Haley after Lauren was safe–you figured James was gone at that point.

    Well, I had predicted many hours before the show–page 4 #16 of Branden’s Recap–that if Lauren didn’t go, it would be James. I knew they were pimping him so hard because they were scared for his numbers (also explains Randy and JLo’s producer-induced trashing of Haley). So, my only real shock after Lauren was safe is that they didn’t do the Haley/James loser out duo as I also predicted. Took the drama out like you implied, since we knew Scotty was safe. Guess they didn’t have the heart to string James along with Haley. He knew he was dead in the water (his face) as soon as Haley was sent to safety. But, he had that same look earlier in the show, and I started thinking then that he’d been told ahead of time to spare his shock–Did anyone else have that same sense?

    I posted almost the same as you on a reply on my prediction page noted earlier (though the website seems to be taking forever to post it) regards Haley is almost guaranteed the Final 2 for the same reasons you state. Should be with Scotty unless there’s a major twist between Scotty/Lauren fans.

    • Coondog..Told ya..Lauren will win this year…. Haley might be the next one..I am not sure….Guess we will have to watch next week’s Country Idol….

    • Coondog, I was listening for your howls of joy last night when the results were announced. I’m glad for you and your chosen contestant. I’m not so much a fan of anyone in particular because that ended for me in Season 6. But I am a fan of the show and how things play out. If anything else, this show is a small sampling of humanity in general–how people react to other people, authority, and reactions to being disappointed when something they want is denied. If any one thing is to blame, it is the voting method to make it more fair. The top 4 contestants were so good this year I would rather that all 4 had a homecoming celebration and then a double elimination for the final. I don’t know when the judges’ save opportunity is closed so maybe that could not have happened. I do think that going home as a celebrity is something all of them were looking forward to.

      • Ha,ha. Thanks Giselle, nice take on the ‘sampling of humanity’. you’re right.

        @Gautham–yeah, it’s hard to predict at this point, though it seems that Haley is a lock for Top Two with either Scotty or Lauren. Casey gets so much face time now, it’s like he’s still on the show!

      • hey..about Casey getting face time..

        When you’re awesome…you’re awesome…

    • Coondoggie, I miss you buddy. I posted a somewhat long comment on Matt’s post last night (Bloodfest post). I believe it is on page 6 or 7 where I referrenced your AI scientific voting analysis. Go Lauren!

      • @Bunny, I’ll be hunting that post up. Good to catch up with you. I commented elsewhere that a lot of the “regulars” are getting lost in the great influx of bloggers. Fun, though. but time-consuming!

  22. I guess Haley would be the next American Idol for the year 2011. Keep on going Haley..,Never mind what ever critic you do received from them particularly Randy..,Just remain be humble with contrite heart..,The Bible said with your humbleness who ever put you down..our “GOD the FATHER” in heaven will left you up. You wanna bit.., you would be my American Idol 2011..

    GOD be with you….Good luck…

    Why not sing Barbarra Streisand piece just a suggestion only

    It’s me from the Philippines


  23. I really looked forward to see what James would do each week. Haley or Scotty needed to be the two bottom ones here. Lauren and James did a great job at both rounds, whereas Haley… Well, we know how that went…. And Scotty’ s second song was no big talent. Also, I did not like Haley’s attitude when the judges provided feedback for the first round…very bitter results and once again proof that America voted very wrong.

    • Lauren’s 2nd round was way worse than anything Haley has done all season. The judges weren’t trying to give feedback (except maybe JLo which she didn’t have a problem with). Randy was trying to crack her open like some kind of nut and was successful. Do you really think Scotty or James wouldn’t have said anything? Lauren would have died on the spot.

    • I think ALL the singers have sometime or another had a bad moment. Not a damn one of them have been flawless Now with that said my vote is for Scotty because being honest he is the real talent here and remember he is only 17 years old. Lauren she is also good. Lauren out did Haley by far last night in the duet very noticeable but Scotty hes the best

  24. i don’t like lauren at all..pessimistic. james is way better than her but it was him who was sent home. this year’s results are very weird. REALLY.! first there’s no pia, and now there’s no james? at least haley and scotty are still in. oh well.

      • i do, too. as long as branden still puts out his blogs. branden dude, you are this season’s simon cowell! good job!!!!

      • if you don’t realize what happened tonight one of the greatest singers on Idol departed……..

      • I already told Brandon on prevoius week where do we send the request for him to be a judge. He is the best

      • @Branden, first off I have to say cudos for a great blog. You & I have very similar tastes in terms who we liked & who wasn’t our cup of tea, and I’m talking about freakingly similar preferences. Now to the point… My favourite for this season had always been James & was really shocked that he went (as I did when my season 5 favourite Chris Daughtry was sent packing). In fact, only once has a favourite of mine won the whole thing, i.e. David Cook. However, like you, I will still watch the show to see how it pans out and will continue to do so if there is a next season cos we’ll all have favourites by then. Keep up the good work & forget about the haters. I’m positive you have a lot more likers

        In case you’re wondering, Bo Bice, Adam Lambert & Crystal Bowersox had all been my favourites in their respective seasons. Didn’t have a favourite when Jordin Sparks won cos none really stood out for my liking. (And yet I still watched it till the end)

      • Oh I will watch Idol and I will comment every day until this is over but I am pushing for Haley big time now…..A big thanks to Randy because now Haley will get all of James’ votes…….People love the underdog and she is, so lets all vote for Haley!!!!!!!!!

        Like Adam sold out in Vegas so will James…..

      • thanks snakebite! We do seem to have very similar tastes! David Cook is my only favorite to ever win Idol. Of course I didn’t watch Season 1, but I imagine I would’ve rooted for Kelly Clarkson.

  25. How sad to see James gone really, he had all to be on the top and I feel so unfair that didn´t happen. I know now Lauren will win, Steven Tyler predicted it in her audition.
    Horrible final 3, Boring Scotty, crying baby Lauren and the only one that has a chance is Haley but she gets butchered by Randy and JLo. James was always on top of every poll this is so sick 🙁
    I am not saying I wont see the end of this season but I am very disappointed on tonight results.

    • Marta, I know you’re very upset. I hate when people’s favorites go home. But this seriously isn’t a horrible Bottom 3. I’m very objective because my favorite went home weeks ago.

      • obviously you are not very objective because the reality speaks for its self James Durbin was the most consistent contestant in the history of American Idol

      • Linda, not that I’d ever be able to claim who the most consistent contestant in Idol history is because I don’t have vote records or top or bottom 3 records (congrats on however you got all those records) but if I were to just guess, I’d have to disagree and say that maybe David Cook was more consistent than James.

      • No, my hubby has had 4 gold albums and 10 top ten songs that are still playing to this day….get a grip and no to David Cook

      • Branden…..If you remember the David Cook finale between David A and David C. Simon told David A. after his performance that he took the night. The judges tend to turn off the voters when they praise a contestant too much….According to the judges Adam L. had it sewed up…..He didn’t win either…..This seems to be a pattern……JMHO

    • Branden thank you 🙂 you are always so kind to me 🙂 Who was your favorite? I never knew!

      • snakebite and Shana, you’re both right. I liked Pia the best as far as vocals go, but I loved Paul’s showmanship and thought he’d be fun as hell to hang out with.

      • That was my finale prediction: Paul vs Pia. I didn’t like Jacob as a whole but I could never deny his vocal ability. Casey is an amazing musician and James was not only a great entertainer but he has a good voice as well. Considering that teen population is likely to vote compulsively, I was expecting to see Scotty and/or Lauren on the top 5, and quite honestly, non of them have performed really poorly on any week this season. The have been either great, good or okay; but never horrible. My biggest shock is to see Haley on the top 3 and all of the 5 contestants I mentioned at the beginning gone!

  26. I’m shocked that James lasted this long~ his voice is just not in the same league as his competitors. And I disagree that Lauren will go next. That girl has major star potential, and I think she’s going to show America that “YES~ a GIRL can still win American Idol!”

      • I’m sorry, but I disagree. I have many (many!) country albums with truly great voices and Scotty’s just doesn’t cut it. Admittedly he has a nice voice but IMO he is not going to hit true stardom within the country music industry – he just doesn’t have anything fresh to add to the genre. I have been impressed by Haley over the last couple of weeks, but apart from her ‘growl’ her voice is fairly generic. I think Lauren has true raw talent, she is the most natural out of all of the contestants. She has shown her immaturity and insecurity (she’s a 16 y.o. girl being criticised by millions! – you show me someone who hasn’t got a lot of confidence in the first place doing any better). Because she has depths which are still to be untapped, whether she wins or not, THIS girl who hasn’t reached her potential yet, will hit it big. She just needs the right people behind her. My pick is Haley/Lauren finale.

        Someone said that Haley will be in final two cos the country vote will be split between Scotty and Lauren, but what about the Scotty being in cos the girl vote is split? Each and everyone of these people should be proud of themselves whatever the winner.

    • America didn’t vote him out, they just voted their favorites in. It’s a simple formula. I’m not saying America knows what they’re doing, but don’t take it personally. James is better off not winning. Not many winners have been all that successful.

      • Brandon: James was the most consistant contestant every single song that he performed was outstanding and any person with music knowledge knows better than you

      • Lynda, why are you acting like a child? I’m presuming you’re a grown woman since your husband is a top-selling artist.

      • thats a insult and by the way he is also a national certified judge … and who is acting like a child here??? because it is not us…reality is reality

      • Hey Linda, why are you keep attacking Braden as he’s NOT the one who sent James Packing & grow up! This is just a reality show! You never know who’s the “real” winner after the show!

      • first of all you dont know who you are talking to I have been performing for over 32 yrs and was one of the original Dead End Kids for starters… How much musical knowlegdge do you have and one of the top 50 guitar players in the world so I suggest you grow up or chill out

      • I think Linda’s got us now. After all, her husband is “a national certified judge” . . .?!

      • Linda… Seriously, one of the original Dead End Kids? If you are (which i strongly doubt), shouldn’t you really be dead? Cos I’m all 14 have passed away. Seriously Linda?

      • Linda… when you mentioned one of the top 50 guitarists in the world, who are you referring to? It can’t be you since I’m assuming you’re a woman and the top 50 guitarists are all men. Could it be your so-called husband? I find it hard to believe that one of the top 50 guitarists in the world is also a national certified judge. There’s a chance that i may be wrong though… but i think it’s more likely that you’re a sad, sad person

      • Branden…..I now totally agree with you….I love your column and respect your comments….I truly love this site….Thanks Matt and Branden for a great season. Matt you can find me on The Voice site and Big Brothers….Thanks again guys…

      • Branden is Right!! James will get signed up to a recording label just like THE AMAZING ADAM LAMBERT! So there is no use being upset that James is gone. Just keep an eye OUT FOR HIS record deal! AND it is true that not many of the idol winners have not had that much success. Carrie Underwood has done wonderful. She has a great voice. And Daughtry who should have won, but didn’t is doing great! Simon and Randy’s mouths both dropped open when Daughty was booted out! GO JAMES. YOU ROCK ON! Sherry K 🙂

    • Oh well, I forgive you…you just forgot to take your medicine this morning! LOL!

  27. Ask America or American Idol to do a recount or put James Durbin back in……………

      • @Haley Reinhart: Wow! I can’t believe I’m chatting with Haley! I’m so glad you made it through! But, most of all I’m glad you came up with the Pill Idea to get Linda Seal off Branden’s back! What with that cure for crazy folk, and your next below answers to the phone and online problems (pay the electric bill) YOU could truly be the most Amazing American Idol of all time!

      • Linda get on life U aint nobody neither is your husband And for you dumbasses that are believing this please Just ignore the immature remarks and fakeness If you and hubby are so important why u on a chat DUHHHHH

      • @sofaralong, I’m only 7 (in Dog years). The question I have–Did YOU think I thought that was the real Haley?! If you did, send me your electrical bill, and I’ll pay it!

      • Not that anyone believed it (I really hope no one did), but according to the IP address there was no way that was Haley. Ha.

      • Well Branden… some people believed it was really her… I don’t know whether to cry or to laugh about that. It’s a sad thing, some people live in their own little planet 🙁

  28. I too was shocked by tonights results.I tried for 2hrs to vote on my at&t phone .I could not get through.sure makes me wonder about how many others
    were unable to vote. May have changed tonights results.

    • Has ATT terminated your contract? Did you check your iPhone battery? or has the communication tower not be paying the electric bill?

      • haley i give you alot of credit get some sleep and rest your voice and then kick butt

  29. since james, my favorite, is gone… i’ll put all my votes to haley.. she’s now my idol.. i don’t like country music… maybe scotty can hang on for the 2nd place… but i’m rooting for Haley to win this thing!!!!!!

    • Thank you sir! Please persuade your family and friends to vote for me!

      • Yall are so funny thinking you are chatting to Haley. Well here haley YOu suck and you are going home next get some sleep And your so fake quit pretending to be a playboy u have no bod although I am not talking to haley HAHA

  30. since james, my favorite, is gone… i’ll put all my votes to haley.. she’s now my idol.. i don’t like country music… maybe scotty can hang on for the 2nd place… but i’m rooting for Haley to win this thing!!!!!! you go girl!

    • Thank you ma’am! Please persuade your family and friends to vote for me! (BTW, I have the thought that you and brutal_jaw are couples.)

  31. As a Scotty fan = I’m glad he’s in the top 3 – but for James to be sent home is a total shocker!!! Haley should have went home but I guess it’s tine for a female to win!!!!!
    Having Lady Gag Gag on this show was a total mistake – she is DISGUSTING – A PIECE OF TRASH!!!!

    • Touche!!!!!!!! we at least didnt vote her ???typo???? on the show….consultant OMG

    • Hey granny, I’m with you. Wish peace in you. Why you don’t like me?

      BTW, if you don’t like GaGa Lady, that’s perfectly fine. But don’t bad-mouth her. She is a talented and achieved true musician. I lkie her a lot. Peace!

      • Bedtime little girl and hopefully a good nights sleep will help you wake up to yourself! Haley Reinhart imposter get a real TAG!

    • GrammyS, I agree with you about Lady GaGa. She is a total mess. Why they let he come on TV at family time with little kids watching in that BIKINI was DISGUSTING-AND YES A PIECE OF TRASH.
      Sherry K.

  32. im a big fan of james, im so heart broken when i knew that james was eliminated

  33. Not only should they figure out a voting format that limits the number of votes someone can send in, but they should completely do away with the judges after holly old week and have Jimmy and other experts help them BEHIND THE SCENES, so there is absolutely no voter influence coming from judges. The excessive praise for James all season probably gave him a sense of invincibility, which on that stage who wouldn’t feel that way? Also, the constant praise may have caused his fans to also think he had it in the bag… So they don’t vote as often. This show will likely die once Simon and Paula return with X Factor without major modifications. Thoughts?

    • i would go for Haley this time since my favorite James is eliminated..I’m so surprised that Lauren is part of the TOP 3…i wish Haley will win..

  34. I too was shocked, always thought it would come down to James and Scotty not that I don’t like the girls ( though Haley was starting to wear on me her voice got raspier and wasn’t pretty anymore… someone I couldn’t hear for long) Lauren in my view is better can sing anything. JAMES IS MY BOY ! poor thing I almost cried he was so disappointed.HE WILL MAKE IT BIG! HE HAS A BIG FAN IN ME! I won’t watch Idol after tonight for me the season is over… good luck Scotty I hope you win.

  35. This smells as bad as the air in Los Angeles, Haley must be sucking some big shot’s junk to squeeze her way this far.

      • BRANDEN said that is not Haley Rhinehart on the show talking!! He can tell by he IP address. So it is NOT THE HALEY RHINEHART. Someone trying to adct like her! I am sure that girl doesn’t have time to sit and chat with the people watching hour upon hour! NO WAY!! Sherry K.

    • That’s what everyone says when their fave loses…but you’ll be back, it can’t be helped. Idol is addiction!

  36. i was shocked! i thought he will make it to the top 2.. i hope haley will go home next week.. i don’t like her.. because scotty and lauren is a perfect match! they don’t scream ang growl but just simple.. please vote lauren.. i still want her to be in the top 2

  37. I am done with this show. It is a popularity contest pure and simple. Clearly not about TALENT. I kept coming back but too many inconsistencies and now I AM OVER IT! American Idol = farce.

  38. Ai is pushing country music down our throats this season and not for the first time either! SERIOUSLY HALEY will need all the VOTES she can get, or she will be the next JAMES who was AWESOME! No Country singer has gone home yet and the way they promote SCOTTY to the schoolgirl masses is to get him over the line.

    • I am not a teenager nor a little girl and I vote for Scotty Just because some of u dont like Country doesnt mean he cant sing he is by far the best of the ones left and will get my vote

  39. James should have won, it was amazing that America got it soooo wrong. I think I am done with this show

  40. OMG! you gotta be serious…there is noone left to watch…James should have won and Casey should have been next. Haley may have good vocals but she has no idea how to tame it down and stop growling through an entire song. Randy was totally correct on her and holy crap attitude…..we have a word for that type of person…b—-h who thinks she’s a diva…… you have a lot to learn my dear! and who are you to lip off Jennifer and Randy who are extremely successful….. already thinks she’s too good……i wouldn’t buy anything of yours…..Lauren you are a total sweetheart and will get there… you improve every time and i know you will get better and better every time…Scotty…not a huge fan only because i’m not a lover of country music but you have the voice and the heart…you’ll be putting out a record soon enough! i don’t know who i’d vote for. Probably Lauren…..NOT haley…… James still won…….i won’t watch again……..

  41. Dallas while I am with you 100%, I think your comment was short. James comment was completely out of place. He meant to said he was the best. But I am not going to blame him for believing that, it was the judges fault. The Lack of criticism did not allow him to grow as an artist. If he think he is soo good why he came to IA. He should has done it by itself.
    Besides, how he fix it was worst. “he has done things never seem before.” Hello did he watch AI last year, somebody needs to let him know he is a Lambert wanna be.
    Glad he is not in the show……. I know his fan will forget about him soon

    • U R an Idiot!!! He I’m sure has tried to m8 it on his own; But with an loving wife and Child how can ANYONE do this without some HELP! AI was there; He tried out; HE WON the Judges Over as well has Half of the World. He has STAGE PRESESE SP? U have to act like U OWN the STAGE; and HE DID. Because He has the BLOODY TALENT. Boy! Some of U folks are DUMB AS A ROCK!!

  42. I am so disappointed with Idol this year. too many talented people went home, Pia, Casey and now James. Haley doesn’t deserve to be there with her cocky attitude. I hope Scotty or Lauren win. NOT HALEY!

    • It proved that Americans loooove “her cocky attitude” afterall…lol!

    • I Agree! Scotty and Lauren are both great! I think they should pick one male and one female artist, and I don’t think it should be Haley! But I do think that Scotty should win it! He seems to have it all!

      • i agree. i hope scottie wins it. he is really good.haley she is ok. but scottie is better. he deserve it. he sing from the heart and soul.

    • @barbz…..totally agree with you…Haley doesnt deserve to stay….Bad Attitude…Haley sucks

    • It’s a lucky thing you probably don’t have half the talent that Haley does. Or, you would have to put up with people like yourself.
      Haley “deserves” to be there just as much as any of them. And where do you get off telling us that she doesn’t?
      If she got enogh botes to stay in the competition, she obviously deserves to be there.

      • That’d be “votes”not botes. . . .
        Go ahead and mock me!
        I’m still convinced that the two best voices are the two girls. And I think that would be the best finale for the show.
        And the only true competiton left. ♥

    • I hope he Scotty wins..<333 And yeah Haley doesn't deserve to win..

    • I notice that it is ladies who have a problem with Haley. jealousy is a terrible thing let’s see she is beautiful a great singer and will now have a great career.I predict her in the top with Scotty and then who knows

      • Well said! I am not jealous of someone so arrogant and with an annoying voice. I didn’t like Jacob either, and I am not jealous of him. Get real people!

      • The ladies are not jealous of Haley…the ladies are used to gorgeous girls/women with fantastic bodies singing and acting…get real! They just don’t get the voice!

    • Thats not cocky thats just like when you fight your parents for being unfair. Criticize Haley just show you a cocky person who likes to, well, hate and criticize. Go get a life pls.

    • He has the judges RANDY and JLO backing so he’s a real chance unfortunately!

      • All the judges said that James was the best one every week since the beginning. So I don’t think judges backing has anything to do with who has a chance or not.

  43. James is by far the best talent I’ve ever seen on Idol. We love him. Steven intimated he would sing with James. I hope Steven follows through.

    • Lame comment! Most Haley supporters back her and don’t bother knocking other performers like you do.

      • So many Haley knockers but it seems you don’t talk about or support anyone else! Thats why we think jealousy is what you really have here.

      • You want critics on the other performers? Here you go, Haley SUCKS, Scotty sounds to much like dozens of other country singers I’ve heard, and Lauren is to afraid to perform at her best. The only one who has the total package just got voted off.

      • Well u just said it yourself Scotty sounds like a performer Now that should tell us whose should win and who will win!!!! GO SCOTTY

    • why do you blame your failure (with not send enough vote for your fave) to another contestant….

      you sucks cristina…..

    • Neither of the two girls that are in the top 3 were the most talented of the bunch. Pia and Thia were both much better singers than either Haley or Lauren. I don’t think either Haley or Lauren suck, but they’re just not the best this season had to offer.

  44. I really liked James, he was definately the best performer. Singer no.

    I am glad that Hailey is still going though. A lot of talk about her attitude. Well from the way I’ve seen the judges operate this season, I was glad to see her stand up for herself.

    Definately the worst judging season ever. Randy it’s time to go home.

    • Oh! I certainly agree about the judging, so lame! Bring Simon Cowell back!!!

      As for Haley, she doesn’t perform as consistent as her boring voice does. Its muffled all the time and too much growling like some hungry dog. Then again, one positive point, she did do pretty well for a couple of the numbers which in turn kept her in the game but overall, she really doesn’t perform like a star.

    • Randy is the only one judge that is true to his comments if it were up to JLO and Steven everyone was always good PLZZZ

  45. I agree with your article though I have been thinking since day one that it will be Lauren and Scotty in the finale with Scotty wining the whole thing. We have yet to see a young male country star win this show or in the country business that has become huge. I am convinced he is going to win. I LOVE Haley and think she is the best out of the girls. Lauren REALLY needs to step up her game this coming week. She could have put way more into the Martina performance than she did. IDK!! I am honestly thinking it will be Lauren/Scotty but I have been thinking every week Haley was gone. I was shocked that James went tonight and that is only because of the judges critique on her.

    • I mean I was shocked that James went only because of the judges critique on Haley the previous night.

    • Bye-bye James! We wish you the best.
      And much bettertimes in your future life.
      Anothertwo weeks, everyone willbe going home. You are no more aloser that any one of them.
      Has no one else noticed how much Haley has improved since the start? Scotty has come miles too. Lauren had such a strong voice since the beginning that it’s hard to see that she’s improved. Can anyone tell me what next week’s theme is going to be? thanks

      • Yes, Haley went from MEDIOCRE to just FINE. She still sucks, but she sucks less than when she started. Is that what the show is about? HELL NO!

  46. I love Scotty. I think he should win. I do not like Haley at all. and something about Lauren makes me mad.

    • The best of the three is Scotty, then Lauren and… oh well, I don’t even know why she is still there, but Haley SERIOUSLY need to go the hell away!

  47. Haley can sing. She just can’t sell it. There’s no emotion there — it’s an act. With James there was true emotion. Oh, and FUN! Yes! He had Fun! He seemed to pay attention to the words he was singing and felt what he was singing. With Haley, she’s just reading lines. There was no emotion. She’s just breezin’ you. She needs to go.

      • DID you listen to her sing House of the Rising Sun! Best by far!It is why she is where she is it is called talent.

    • if your opinion is true, so why are there many poeple buying her itune..?

      • House of the rising sun WAS THE ONLY song she sang good! Period!! The rest of Haley’s songs sucked! BIG TIME! Sherry K.

  48. JAMES gone……!!!

    i’m not watching American Idol anymore…
    hope and pray that either Scotty or Lauren will WIN..
    Haley SUCKS…Bad Attitude…

    • Yeah she should just let the judges kick her to the ground! thank god Steve had the gonads to support her from the over the top critisism!

      • I am proud that Haley stood up for herself against Randy’s usual put down of her performance. And Steve Tyler, hats off to you for not being afraid to voice your own viewpoint.

        And I have to wonder that if any of those who seem to claim Haley has a so called “Bad Attitude” … Are saying the same thing about James, reaction when he found out he was in the bottom for the first time. That was deplorable.

  49. Scotty looks like Howdy Doody and has no range. He’ll sell millions of records but it’ll be boring, bible belt crap. Lauren is a fat chick with 3 inches of makeup and too much attitude. She’ll fade quickly. Hailey is great and might have a decent career. She’s so so much improvement during the show that she might go very far in her career.

    James is awesome! Too many AI voters are morons. He needs a voice coach to tame the pitchiness… but his energy and showmanship might make him a superstar. I love the rocker in him. At least James is free to sign his own record contract and make his kind of music.

    • Who cares what he looks like hes great fantastic and you are jealous over him. hes a cutie to me and billions of other so howdy doodie must be handsome I am also not a teenager or a little girl I am 50 and love him!!!!!

  50. I don’t understand why James have to leave.” He was such a total performer”. Unlike Scotty, he’s boring & always sings country songs.

  51. Brandon I’m still up waiting for your post (I hate it when you take so long to post it) and for some reason it felt empty. Your comment tonight while truth, looks timid and lack of insights Don’t be scare if people want to kill you, sometimes is good to have someone tell them the truth.

    • I agree dooer. He was a performer n got sympathy votes, too much screechn. N I swear he flubbed the words on the journey song. Haleys voice is unreal.

    • Gina Thanks for telling Branden to not be scared of the trolls and morons! I tell him the same thing. TO SAY WHAT HE THINKS!! And just scroll past the morons! Branden does a good job! I don’t know why he lets the trolls bother him at all! Sherry K.

  52. So here’s how it went for me tonight. I was confident that both James and Scotty were safe. I was hoping that Lauren would go home but scared to death that Haley would. So my roommate gets a call from his parents who are a timezone ahead of us and while he makes sure I don’t know who goes home, he tells me I will not happy. So I think Haley is out the door for sure, especially when Lauren is the first one sent to the golden chairs.

    Then we go through this grueling episode with a bunch of weird performances. Gaga’s song? I still don’t like how Haley sang the song, but I think she actually did a better job than Gaga at singing it. And Gaga was singing it while almost naked with bright yellow hair, which was very disturbing. Then Enrique Iglesias let the crowd sing the whole song for him. That was dumb. Then Jordin Sparks comes on. Yes that was a good performance vocally and I could see that new song being huge, but that ain’t the Jordin Sparks I remember. I don’t like the Beyonce version of Jordin very much at all. Lastly Steven Tyler’s video. Why? Don’t get that one.

    So after sitting through all that, we finally get the results and I was stunned when they sent Haley to the golden chairs second. Happy for her, for sure, but I did not expect to see Scotty and James standing there when Ryan was announcing who is going home. Then to see James go home was so… well… uh…. I don’t know. I was dumbfounded. Kinda angry at first. But then de ja vu started screaming in my face. This is season 5 all over again. I mentioned it in my post last night, but I didn’t actually think it would happen. Poor James.

    But yet what this week has re-taught me is that winning American Idol doesn’t mean a whole lot in the big picture. What means a whole lot is the exposure. If you are a freakishly talented singer, all that you need to do to get fame from American Idol is to make a good run. If you make it to the top 5 or top 10 on the show, you got yourself the exposure you need. You’ve opened the door for yourself. And if you are an amazing signer that America falls in love with, you’ll have a great career, regardless of if you actually win or not. Such is the case with James. He is an amazing singer and is the next in line of the rising rock stars that have come from American Idol and had lots of success. He’s in the same category as Daughtry, David Cook, and Adam Lambert. That’s pretty good company. I look forward to his album and to listening to him on my iPod and the radio, so all is well with me.

    This top 3 will be interesting to watch. It will be weird not seeing James there, especially when he deserved it a lot more than Lauren, who I don’t think belongs in the top 3 at all. And I like the idea of the two country singers fighting for votes, thus opening the door to Haley in the finale. I had hoped that she would’ve made it to the finale but didn’t think she would and now the door is wide open and saying that she is going to be in the finale is a realistic statement and not just a dream. When Ryan will be announcing this year’s winner, Haley will actually be standing right next to him. Weird. Lauren should go home next week. A Scotty – Haley finale is what we are looking at. Didn’t see that one come at all. This certainly has been one crazy ride this season.

    • Well, if James is deserving more than Lauren, Pia is deserving more than Haley. Lauren and Haley are deserving more than Scotty… so HALEY and LAUREN for finale

      • NO WAY!! Scotty deserves to WIN THIS COMPETITION!! He deserves to be in the top 2. But I’m not sure who i want from Haley or Lauren. I don’t want Scotty to stay alone with Lauren. Because Lauren might rape Scotty. and i don’t want that to happen.. SCOTTY DESERVES TO WIN THIS WHOLE COMPETITION!! Vote for him <333

    • rock and all that screaming isn’t in popular mainstream music nowadays. probably only rock enthusiasts and bar people listen to that. james really wasn’t fit to win american idol. i’m not so sure if people would buy an album full of screeching and heavy sounds too..

      • Of the remaining contestants, Scotty is the only one with a real future in music. Lauren is only slightly above average and just isn’t going anywhere and Haley is an average singer with good looks. I honestly couldn’t even say what kind of album Haley would put out.

        If I was going to put my money into producing an album, I’d back Scotty. And I don’t even like country music.

      • @joe: really? scotty has a very short range. all his songs will sound the same. lauren and haley can sing all kinds of songs and have rich, distinct, unique, and sweet voices. 🙂

    • Adam…I agree with you pretty much. I don’t think Lauren belongs there and she has been a favorite of mine from the beginning. I am not a Haley fan but I give her credit where it is due. I think it just might be a Haley/Scotty finale.
      As for Stephen, Jordan, JLo…and the other one…I would have rather seen the idols sing…and Gaga…made me gag! She doesn’t belong on a stage with so many young kids in the audience. What a freak!

  53. I cannot believe James was eliminated.
    It’s unfair to send James home instead of Haley,she should’ve gone long time ago.
    What’s going on with you, America?
    Proud to be Canadian

  54. Haley can sing she has a great voice and way up there with the best. Scotty to is brill. so sorry for James but he will do well he’s great.

  55. James leaving was the biggest crock of @#*#! He is bar far the best Talent that Idol has ever had. Haley should have gone a long time ago and even though Scotty has a nice voice, he doesnt even come close to what James has to offer. Voters should have taken into account all the weeks performances and James should have won this years Idol. I wonèt even watch the rest of the season, cause no one else deserves the title. Very dissappointed and disgusted with the results. Shame on those who keep Haley in!!!

    • i’m not into rock music….but clearly JAMES is by far the most talented…great singer and performer…!!! he should have WON this season
      of all the girls this season….PIA is by far have the great vocals…!!

      WINNER…..either Scotty or Lauren..!!!!!
      Haley SUCKS…..!!!!!!!!

      • I agree with you Philippines!!!!!!

        Haley SUCKS!!!
        I neither like Scotty or Lauren
        but i hope that anyone of them will WIN

      • i’m from the philippines too and i don’t share the same thoguhts with you.. james was a great performer, yeah, maybe bec of all those stage effects the producers let him have? but vocally?.. there were so many others who were better than him. if he does make an album, it’d be probably rock, and only a minority listen to rock now… so i’m guessing it’d be a flop.

      • Philippines says it all!!!
        James is the greatest of all the boys
        Pia is greatest of all the girls
        and Haley SUCKS!!!!!!!

      • @LILY……..”if he does make an album, it’d be probably rock, and only a minority listen to rock now… so i’m guessing it’d be a flop”

        as i stated above “I’m not into ROCK Music” but i don’t see ROCK as a Flop. DAUGHTRY sells way much better compare to Winner Taylor Hicks and runner-up Katharine McPhee.
        James is into Rock Genre so what else would you think he would be recording in his album……common sense lily!

    • I dont speak for all singaporeans

      but i do agree with Canada, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea

      Haley Sucks!!!!!!!!!!

    • .5/10 It’s obvious you are the same person. .5 points for trying, though.

      • I’m from Thailand & i greatly agree with canada,taiwan,korea,philippines & singapore

        @David P. = i dont know about you! but is it very impossible for different persons/nationality from various parts of the world to have the same thoughts & opinions on the same subject matter?

    • Man it really trully suckS.

      I’m takin a slow boat to China and back just to miss the rest of the show.

      • Yessir – why don’t i join you on that boat and we can havea jolly sucky time.

        Blow me doble down!!!!!

      • Hey what school you from man!
        Learn to spell properly.

        That really sucks…

  56. I don’t think James elimination is a complete shock. It’s just about timing. He won’t win the competition. I knew that. He just can’t get out of Adam Lambert shadow. People will always compare those two. And Lambert is better for sure. So,if Lambert couldn’t win the show, neither could James. In the end of the day, Lambert sells more records than James could.

    I know it sounds evil but I take this elimination as karma for the judges (except Steven Tyler). They were unfair toward Hayley yesterday. And show a lot that they’re rooting for James. The judges don’t suppose to take sides but it’s crystal clear they want Hayley gone. But, James is now. Ha! How’s that? Karma rocks! 😉

  57. Have watched Idol every year since season 2 and have had my ups and downs, as has every one. I think this season showcased the most talented (overall)bunch ever for which I congratulate the judges. All top four are great talents and will have a chance at the big prize.
    I was not surprised to see Haley make it as she is, by far, the most improved, has a great voice and stage presence, she could win it all. Scotty and Lauren will have great country careers with there youth and talent; they should form a duet, amazing. James is very good but never improved and as far as his reactions and tears are concerned I believe it is a result of his medical condition, it certainly is not arrogance, he is a great individual and will do well in his field. My biggest disappointed this season was when Pia got voted off and there was no save available, the judges jumped the gun. I also feel two judges in the last few shows really dissed Haley, the one thing they could not say is that she was pitchy, but her talent overcame it all and rose to the top. My prediction, as it has been for the last six weeks, Haley wins it all. The comeback kid with attitude and grit. 72 million votes says it all!
    Can’t wait for next week.

    • Hey Bill, nice post on all. You beat me to the punch on James; I was just getting ready to post a defense of him–NOT because he’s my favorite (Haley is), but I respect his talent and his feelings. So, following in what you said about his Asperger’s, emotions, and not intentionally going over the top with his comments–my thoughts:

      James deserves a pass for his emotions for at least 3 reasons: 1. He has Aspergers which I’m hearing kind of magnifies emotions, 2. He’s such a talented, FEARLESS performer, and 3. I found his HONEST emotions refreshing–He didn’t do it from an arrogant standpoint. It was what he was actually feeling–sorrow, regret, etc. and he answered Ryan’s question with true feelings that were uncluttered by the polished “stage answers” we normally expect from near-winners.

      To any one that didn’t follow the show close enough, it could look arrogant and self centered, but I (and anyone that follows Coondog knows how cynical and nasty I can be!) truly think we just “felt” (saw and heard) the heart wrenching emotions from an honest, hard working, disappointed guy.

      Regrets to all the James fans, but as others have stated, it’s not that sad because we really had a great Final Four. I’d rather have had James in Top 3 with Lauren and Haley (even though I realize Scotty is still the top vote getter, I think he’s number 4, maybe number 3 talent wise).

  58. I think James came off a little awkwardly at the end because of his autism, not because of his ego. He’s a really emotional guy, and I think the autism (Asbergers to be precise) causes him to express himself differently than we might expect. In case you didn’t notice he was doing stuff like that all season. Anyway, its totally unbelievable that he would be voted off considering how talented he is, but if past results are any indication maybe its better not to win. And Haley sucks! Get a clue America!

    • jaykun: James was not voted off. He just simply wasn’t voted on. just saying

  59. No one enjoys the elimination of their favorite singer, and my heart goes out to James, his family and fans. He was completely committed, as a singer and showman, and he will be missed. But we must remember at this stage of the game each contestant appeals to massive amounts of fans, and only 1 out of 3 or 4 actually vote, so no matter which singer lost, the outcry would be the same.
    Remember its just an “elimination reality show” and more than likely James, along with the rest of them have recording contracts lined up down the road.
    Congratulations to Scotty, Haley, and Lauren, But remember, there can only be ONE!
    On a separate note; I am completely appalled by American Idol’s participation in promoting a half dressed “Lady Gaga”, an Enrique Iglesias suggestive song, “Baby I like it”, a Jordin Sparks slinky diddy about “what a woman really is”, and Stephen Tyler’s sexual explicative about “love”.I’m not an ultra-conservative, but then again I’m not 9yrs old either.
    American Idol has a responsibility to framework a singing competition around “basic family values” when promoting a contest that appeals to millions of young children and teens. And their abandonment of that responsibility to display what I saw tonight was offensive and seriously irresponsible on their part. Again, I am not a prude, but you promote yourself as a “family show”, then expose young people to this!
    In the future, I expect something more professional from you regarding acceptable Standards and Practices.
    I’m just say’n

    • I’m all for people expressing themselves and their art or w/e but Lady Gaga was pretty tasteless, I’m almost not sure if she knew that would be played for an American Idol audience. Then again her performance last year she made the camera folks earn their money trying to censor her not so covered behind.

    • You are 100% right about the performances. They were horrible, repulsive, and I don’t care how old you are. Those performances should have been on pay TV…I wouldn’t let the kids watch the show…what a shame…What are the producers thinking…I thought JLo’s was tasteless and these were worse. I still can’t figure out what Gaga was doing. I thought she had to go to the bathroom or maybe had a leg cramp. As for James’s comment…yes, he has his affliction but don’t make excuses for this… People do learn to control themselves and what they say. He nost likely has been thinking this and it came out. I think these kids forget they aren’s stars yet but are on there way. He should not have said those things…sorry!

      • Whats wrong with James saying out his real feelings ang thoughts? We all expect the contestants to express themselves not saying what we want to hear. And accept it Gaga is talented and passionate with her OWN style and no one can tell her to do anyone else You know nothing about them to criticize them like that they represent America today. And personally i think you are trying too hard to act as a mature.

    • Right on DB. It is a family show,and should be conducted as one,this is not Vegas. But got to admit all the (youngesters are talented) and I wish them the best. But James will do fine he is a fighter. But emotions are something we all have,some more than others.But to cry in front of all those people makes you feel like at least you got their attention even if were too late.But James has a career and even tho I did not like his kind of music he is GOOD!

  60. Just goes to show the votes don’t count. James leaving doesn’t make any sense. Not to mention the judges didn’t even go on stage like they did with Pia and Casey. Whats up with that. They acted like they weren’t shocked. Probably lost alot of viewers. Baby Boomers were all into James. I am hoping it didn’t have anything to do with his disability. It really looked bad that as good as he was, and as hard as he worked, it was just business as usual when Ryan said see you next week and that was it. James should have gone to the finals. I guess the producers didn’t think so! No reason to continue watching anymore. Big Mistake!!!!!!!

    • Were you watching the same show I was? Business as usual? Really?

      J-Lo looked totally shell shocked. She was crying and just standing there with her mouth hanging open unable to say anything at all.

      However, imho, the judges are largely to blame. There was such an outcry and backlash from 2 of the judges treated Haley that I believe a HUGE amount of James supporters voted for Haley for 2 hours and forgot about their favorite. This is also why there were a record number of votes – the way the judges treated Haley.

      All of you who say she sucks are so totally biased against one of the greatest forms of music in history that it isn’t funny.

      Haley’s second song last night was absolutely amazing. She sent chills down my spine with that performance.

      There is not ONE person from the final four who “suck” as some of you mental midgets claim.

      On another topic I absolutely LOVED the duet the 2 girls did tonight. Lauren actually rocked it again. Listen again to there performance and see if you can’t hear Lauren doing Black Velvet? I would so totally love to see that.

      Branden I agree with your reasoning – we will likely see Scotty/Haley in the final. After her recent improvements lately I would not be at all surprised to see Lauren/Haley instead though.

  61. WTH is going on in here?… i mean c’mon We all know that Haley doesn’t deserve to stay in this competition. She is not a very strong contestant… And about Lauren, She always says she is not good and it and bla bla bla…And is always i think the judges feel sympathy for her.. I hate how Lauren acts.. I don’t want her to go to the Top 2 with Scotty. Because of how the votes are going, I’m not sure if Scotty would also go to the Top 2, James left, Pia left, So we all don’t know how the eliminations will go.. Anyone can go now. But what i know is.. AMERICA DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO VOTE!!! Haley and Lauren DOESN’T DESERVE THIS!! Scotty is here to WIN IT!! C’mon SCOTTY YOU HAVE TO WIN!! PEOPLE IF YOU DON’T VOTE FOR SCOTTY. I WILL CURSE YOU ALL!!!! O.O Thanks for reading my comment ^__^.. And sorry i know I’m weird but this is just my opinion.

    • haley doesn’t deserve to win because she’s not “strong” and lauren doesn’t deserve to win because she’s “insecure”? what kind of basis is that? SCOTTY does not deserve to win because he does not try as hard, majority of his voters vote for his looks, he never tries to step out of his comfort zone, and his range isn’t that good. better basis?

      • WTH is wrong with you?.. I just told you my opinion. and Scotty can sing very well..

      • actually scotty is very good. it may appear he isn’t trying too hard simply because he is the most natural. he is having fun and it shows.

  62. James and Scotty will still be the commercial successes. So James will be the next Daughtry. American Idol needs to even the playing field by limiting the number of times that someone can vote like DWTS!

  63. Casey and James were my favorites. I would not be watching anymore except Haley won me over. James is better off now he can get a record deal and do his thing. Idol wants a country finale cause there is more money in country. I am pretty convinced now the voting is just a formality and Idol picks who they think will make them more money. I would not be suprised at a Lauren Scotty Finale. Interesting how lauren was bottom 2 last week and this week according to dial idol she was ahead of James and Haley second only to Scotty. Are you telling me Jacobs gospel fans voted for her this time?

  64. I strongly agree, Haley should have gone home a long time ago.She can’t freakn sing; trust they will send her packing next week.

    • Haha, I suppose you are either deaf, or tone-deaf. It’s okay, I’m sure you can have that condition looked into.

      Haley is an exceptionally talented singer, if you had any knowledge of music, you would know that.

      • I have a great deal of knowledge of music, and she yells and growls more than she sings. If she even attempts to sing one of the songs that Pia, Lauren, Thia or even Naima sang (like summertime) it will be a horrible disaster. She has a limited vocal range and her stage presence is a joke.

      • Lauren is better than Haley period! Haley’s voice is even annoying when she speaks, that deep-sore throat kind of voice is just HORRIBLE.

  65. I dont understand why you are all so anti hayley personally she is my fave, i now find the other 2 boring, if you was getting slammed each week for amazing performance i think you would get abit angry! Out of the remaining three she has worked he most tobe there and derserved that spot alot more than the other 2

    • i don’t think she’s vocally ready though.. she’s still a bit shaky. but better than scotty i guess

      • But Smilely! Can you say any of them are ready? They all need the time, coaching, guidance, backing, maturing,necessary to succeed.
        Not to mention, some really decent new songs to sing! Of the three remaining, Scotty seems to have the weakest voice, Hopefull, he will age well.
        If you put Scotty next to Lauren’s powerful voice in the final. Scotty’s doomed!! All you Haley haters and Scotty lovers, should be careful for what you wish! If Haley goes, I think Scotty is finished too.
        Bless them all!

      • you’re right 🙂 the 2 girls have very powerful voices and i want them to be in the finale ^^

    • yes .. and that’s the reason why the show eliminate one contestant per week..
      because they give time to improve for evryone

  66. And James Doesn’t Deserve to go home.. I thought the judges have a safe. Can’t they save James?? They should!! Randy, Steven,Jennifer SAVE JAMES!! or leave the safe to save Scotty when he goes to the bottom!!

    • and you don’t know how to leave a comment. They used their save back in the top 11 to keep Casey around – and we see where that got us.

  67. Politics, intrigue, drama, that is what the show is about. I don’t think the artist would accept us all ripping our hearts out over each others postings though. But I also think they are protected too.
    You might have a good theory about the dumping on Haley and the backlash of voters causing James elimination. Dial Idol charting had James and Haley neck and neck for third place. that just might make Haley get into the finale and I will be willing to bet my uncles left toe it might be a Haley- Lauren runoff.

  68. James. Good-luck with your life! We all know you will have a great future ahead of you! We loved your voice and how you perform! I support Scotty but I knew that you deserved to win this more than him! YOU DESERVE TO WIN THE WHOLE COMPETITION James! Sad to see you leave T__T We will miss you! <333

  69. haley should have gone a long time ago. she is so full of hereself and acts like she’s got it in the bag.her behavior last night totally turned us off.and she’s not even the winner yet.james, pia and the others are far more talented and didn’t show such arrogance onstage and most especially to the judges

  70. And now. Scotty Your Here To WIN IT NOW! Hope You win Scotty <333

    • Scotty can sing o’rite but doesn’t know how to interact with the audience. LAUREN is the THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL!!!!

  71. They are all good and someone had to go. James? As much as I’ll miss him and as good as he is, he was not one of the top two singers on the stage and it caught up with him. I looked at Dial Idol this AM and was surprised to see him in third place — Haley was fourth. I’m not a Lauren fan but have to acknowledge she was very good this week. I agree with an earlier post saying Lauren and Scotty will split the country vote next week thereby increasing Haley’s odds of making the final. I predict a Haley and Lauren final. Scotty is pleasant to listen to but doesn’t have the range or stage presence to assure a spot in the finals. Lauren could blow it and let Scotty in the finals — hell, any of them could blow it and let the others in. Next Wednesday and Thursday night are going to be big. Rock on James…

  72. Lauren & Haley for finale! Haley dont deserve but i pick this top 2 only becuz lauren will get all of scottys votes & win!! I Love U Lauren!

  73. Yah, but overall the first session of yesterday show was not that good. But the judges just praised and praised three of them while saying to Haley ‘that sucks’ (ok, not exact words).

    What about Lauren’s unchained melody when she escaped the highest note? Or when Jacob screaming not in tune? They ain’t say a thing. God, I miss Simon.

    • Yeah, I miss Simon. Although I am glad that Jennifer Lopez gave the show a breathe of fresh air. At least she is beautiful to watch and her comments are relevant. The only word Steven Tyler knows is “beautiful” and its the only word that he uses many times in each episode. I am surprised he has enough vocabulary for a whole book. Anyone count the number of times he used it in his book????

      • you kidding? The guy created some new vocabulary on his own during his comments which sometimes I have no idea what he’s saying.

      • I don’t like any of the judges.

        Jennifer never seems to know what to say and just fills dead air with saying “really, really” 100 times.

        Randy is just an ass, and his “in it to win it” phrase is tired and old.

        Tyler just doesn’t really bash anyone or say anything to add to the show.

  74. Year after year, americans keep getting it wrong. American Idol is getting boring to watch. You have just lost my vote! James should have been the winner. Then again, he will probably make it better without winning the title like all the others that end up more successful than the winners except for the few eg, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood. All the other winners just faded away instantly.

  75. Here’s my prediction…
    This is the third week in a row that I’ve made an accurate call…
    James is gone… he had heart but often sang sharp…
    Scotty is next… boring… safe… Karaoke… where’s Simon when you need him???
    Lauren and Haley will be in the final… Lauren can’t hold a candle to Haley yet she has an amazing voice.
    My call is Haley to win it, Lauren runner up. Everyone gets a phat recording contract and live happily ever after.
    The End!!

  76. So every week we have jealous, old biddies, claiming they do not like Haley’s so called “Bad Attitude”. So are they saying the same thing about James, after his deplorable reaction to being in the bottom three for the first time this week? I wonder how James would react if he ever faced what Haley had to endure from Randy on each and every week. And I wonder how James would react, if he was consistently in the bottom 3, like Haley once was. James reaction gives me a new found respect for the toughness of Haley.

  77. Omg. This is BS, James did not deserve to go home. I really thought Luaren or Scotty were going home amd that the finals would be Haley (my fav) and James:(. This show is gnna be totaly boring with Scotty and Luaren.

  78. What a crappy show American Idol has become to be! I wonder, who is “America”? Who are the power voters? How old is the “America” that decides the future of the Idol contestants? Do they know what holding a note is? Or what is the difference between harmony and melody? Do they know what stage management is? Do they look at the body language of the contestants while they sing? Or they just watch who the pretty girl/boy is, who was funny during the Ford video or who has a bitchy attitude they identify with??? For the past few result shows, every time Ryan says: America voted… I wish I was not American for that very moment in time! It’s embarrassing!

    • Then stop watching it, though I will miss your horribly twisted and cynical sense of humor Gabs 😉

      • I did stop the recurring recording schedule from my DVR. And I will be on the road in a week again so, I will not watch the finale. Not that I care, I am just in shock tonight!

      • And I will miss you too crazy Haley lover! I’m glad we never talk on the phone, I had a cold last week and sounded like Haley… you’ve fallen for me for sure 🙂
        Hehehehe 🙂

  79. Scotty’s boring, Lauren’s inexperience and too fat, so I guess, if I had to vote out of these 3, it would be Haley, if only she could be more consistent with her song choice and her performance.

    • hmm.. i agree about scotty.. but your comment about lauren… aren’t they all inexperienced? none of them really had any serious singing experiences, but they all have great voices. and fat.. you just proved how some people vote based on appearance. 🙁

    • Yes, I know. Every single poll showed that. Kind of fishy, but then again… so are some of those online polls 🙁

  80. At best James was a good cover tune singer. I’m surprised he lasted so long in the competition. Scotty should have been sent packing long time ago. The musical artist in the competition is Haley with lauren being a close second. Haley will win it and well deserved. America gets it right. Pia James are good singers. But this Haley girl does Rock,Jazz,Blues,Country and Pop.She really is the whole package. She will be this years AI and will definitely have the best career

    • Agreed. He struck me as a cover band singer. Last night, after just the first few seconds of his 1st performance, I couldn’t help but feel that it was just the same old, and he had peaked a couple weeks back.

      • Sorry but this comment coming from an obvious Naima-fan doesn´t make sense 🙂 Naima was not able to deliver even one decent cover ..

      • I’m from israel.. I think that James is the best preformer ever in American idol. He should be number one!!! Steve said that he will sing with James if he will win.. And now I won’t see that.. Such a same

  81. Shocking!!!!!!!

    With jacob and casey’s Elimination.

    American Idol never looks messy than this.

  82. It was indeed a shocking news! Thought James and Lauren will be the top 2… Haley should be eliminated- she croacks, ha!ha!

    • It was really a shocking result! with the performances last night, I really thought that james and lauren will battle the final round…and you’re right Haley does really croacks…her first song was a mess, as what randy jackson thought…James or Lauren should be American Idol…

  83. I don’t know about all of you but when I tried (for 3 hours) to vote for James it was busy the whole time. Yet he went home tonight. Whats up with that? I really want Hailey to go home. Her attitude makes me not want to watch her.

    • I agree with you Sherry…I don’t know whom Hailey is sleeping with on the show but she really bites big time and should have been gone a long long time ago..Every week I think she is gone because every week when she sings, she reminds of a dog in heat and howling at the moon. Plus as she mentioned she has this werid and awkward attitude. James was one of the best but now he is gone too. I won’t watch it anymore this season because it isn’t worth it.

      • That is just plain mean to say. You know nothing about this young lady and you spew this ugliness. I guess you at one time slept your way to somewhere and are now tranversing your past to a young girl you don’t even know. What a bitter, envious, jealous person you must be.

  84. I dont understand what was so shocking about the elimination tonight. I thought James bombed on both of his songs last night. The high pitch squealing was way over the top. His rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing” was just karaoke except for the squealing which seemed out of place and not needed. It didn’t add anything to the performance or the song. He had a couple of good performances and one great performance throughout the season but so did everyone else. And his comments after he was eliminated made me feel a lot better about him going home. He needed something to humble him. He actually thought he had it in the bag and he was better than everyone else. He as much as said it. I blame the judges for blowing his head up like that. They praised him beyond belief, even when it wasn’t warranted. And I am really happy that the one they chose to pick on (Haley) is still in it and WILL win it!!! Just my two cents worth. That’s about all I have to say about that! Good luck to the 3 remaining contestants.

  85. American Idol 2011 is now a crappy show. James is the one who deserve to win. Please bring back Simon Cowell next season. Haley and Scotty both sucks!

    • Well said, cristina…bring back simon cowell…haley and acotty does not deserve the top 2 spots…

    • agree with you, cristina…it seems that the show is becoming to be a big joke…american idol should think of bringing back simon cowell on the show…

  86. James is the best contestant ever on AI — a fantastic performer who truly connects with his audience, shares genuine emotions when he sings and has a versatile and superb voice. That Lauren and Scotty, both way too immature and inexperienced, are in the final 3 instead of James is a sad reflection of the conservative nature of the American population today. James: please keep going with your music career — I’ll buy all your CDs and go to your concerts, and I’ll make sure my friends do the same!

    • James was not the best ever, Adam has a better voice and also puts on a good show if a bit canned at times but James was the most exciting ever possibly and the one I looked forward to see what they would do, in that was he was the best. Adam is also 7yrs old and hates metal so James could do very well yet.

  87. The best one in the show would always be Casey, but I think everyone in this season has their own uniqueness. So basically most of them deserves to win. I love Haley’s kind of music. Lauren has a clear and strong voice but always sings just like the original singer did. Scotty… I still don’t understand how to enjoy his music.. sorry,, but at least he pushed it hard by singing those up-tempo songs. I don’t really care if Haley couldn’t win this thing, I just want to watch her performances again and again. So.. good luck on voting for your favourites, everybody.

  88. I am PIA fan from Australia. My second favourite is Haley. Agree that Haley (if she had some brains) should have been more gracious. But u could see that while Haley was singing that JLO was boiling. Why? Because JlO’s model says that Haley should have sang a popuar song. Hallo!!!! Haley is the artist on stage and she has shown that she can sing varioust tyoes of music. So she is being true to herself. Isn’t this what these kids have been told all along? JLO was being a bitch and Randy was even worse! I found their criticism unfounded, biased and cruel. Totally unwarranted. So much for impartiality. Good on Tylesr for speaking up.

    • right on, jonh…JLo is so much a hypocrite that her allegedly positive comments after Haley’s second song was so fake that it was obvious she was trying to save face after her previous attack on Haley…am tired of seeing her…i wonder if she can sing live any better than Haley…JLo’s performance last week was obviously canned and all she had to do was lip-sync it…makes me want to quit watching AI…not because of the contestants but because of her…

  89. What the hell is wrong with american voters. They are all bunch of idiots to send James home. grrr.

  90. I will not be watching this year’s A.I. finale. Sending James home is the biggest mistake of the idiots voters. Haley and Scotty both can go to hell.

    • That’s a bad thing to say about them.. They didn’t do anything to you.. They are not at fault!!! How old are you anyway !!!

      • This is america…Susan can express how she feels you are expressing your feelings. I’m sure Susan didn’t mean it in the way you are taking it..she is expressing her disappointment..oh by the way, I do go to church but I dont pass judgement onto others that express how they feel..

    • Me too..I’ll stop watching A.I. I really hate Scotty and Lauren, esp their stupid smile when facing the judges!

      • Hey prettywoman, Guess what? I bet ur not pretty. and your just jealous of scotty and lauren. coz their smiles are pretty. unlike urs. your smile sucks

      • Most of the previous comments make me laugh…they are simple minded. The comments blame the contestants for being in the top 3. America voted. Keep up with what is going on and don’t act so shocked. You could see James slipping…and Haley pulling ahead. They were all so close the entire time. Out of the top, some one good had to go home. I am glad it wasn’t Scotty…I think he is great. I like Lauren as well…. but, who knew who would end up in the top 3.

  91. James is the best contestant this season. Look at Chris Daughtry, he was eliminated same time on his A.I. season, and look where he is now. If Haley or Scotty win, no one will buy their album and concert, duh.

    • Jerk. My friends and classmates are now forming a group for Haley. We are soooooooooo…excited for her first release new album. You can join Randy Jackson as dawgs.

      • Susan… I completely agree with you. The only positive here is that James will not have an AI contract holding him back. He will be picked up. He was the best on the show from day one. He WILL rock on, just like Daughtry 🙂

  92. I’m from the Philippines. I love A.I., but now I hate watching it because James was sent home. Haley sucks and hopefully will go home next week. But really she shouldn’t even be in the top 13. duh.

    • hoy olivia..

      wag ka na ng umepal dyan sa AI,
      mag nilis ka na nga ng kubeta
      baka abutan ka ng amo mag bayad ka na ng utang mo>>>American idol yan..hindi “”TAWAG NG TANGHALAN” yan…bhuwhahha

  93. Scotty is too cocky and arrogant. He doesn’t deserve to win, it should be James Durbin. Scotty is too broing and sounds like an idiot. A.I. is now a bunch of joke.

    • Hey.. he’s not cocky nor arrogant.. he actually cried when James was eliminated.. You don’t know anything about him.. So don’t even judge him like that !!!

      • V
        What are you the nice police..I keep reading comments were you keep getting onto people about how they feel. If it bothers you that much don’t read this site…you express how you feel..How old are you?

    • Watch body language…Scotty isn’t arogant…he is a very humble kid. As for James…his final comments…as did Jacob’s were uncalled for. He did not do anything new on Idol…Adam Lambart had already done it all. Now, that is being a little arrogant.

  94. Haley should be the one sent home, not James. She is such a bi__h. Who cares now about the finale, without James, the finale will get the lowest rating EVER. plus Scotty should see a doctor about straightening his neck.

    • Anyone notice you do not see Haley fans calling hr competitors silly, uncalled for names. I am not saying all of James fans are as immature as Shirley seems. But, it sure seems like many of them are.

  95. It still amazes me after 10 seasons – TEN – that the voting criteria hasn’t changed. Based on the judges critique, solid performances week after week, and let’s not hotter he can sing, I was sure it would vome down to James & Scotty. We all know Scotty has a huge career ahead of him. I thought James would take it.

  96. I am a huge AI and James Fan. We see the show televised on Sudays in South Africa, but I just had to know this morning who had been eliminated. I was shocked to read about James being voted out. He is such a gorgeous and genuine young man and a fantastic artist. I now really hope Scotty wins this competition. Or Lauren. Hailey has adopted a “whatever – I know better” attitude which does not fit the profile of an Idol.

  97. Sorry I have to question the validity of the vote count. I check all the polls on the net that I could find and not one had Durbin below any other contestant. Most was Durbin 1st and McDreary 2nd. I also have to note that in the past weeks the poll on this website has been pretty much in line with the vote (exception Pia).

      • Only losers can’t accept defeat guys. James is already a winner cause he had shown all over the world what he really got. His singing career had just started so just make it sure you are all there to continue supporting him. This online polls clearly doesn’t validate the result of the the actual voting system. For you to know, it’s not only America who can vote for the online polls. I for instance from the Philippines can participate for the online polls. it simply means that it has no bearing at all. Use the comma, question mark, exclamation point or best if period.

      • I don’t think the vast majority bothers volting on the online polls. The one here at Lauren at only 15% with James in the lead. I don’t think the voting is rigged. I do think the judges comments intice or upset voters into voting.

      • ELIAHKO – I am in the tPhilippines No one is a loser who and your premise makes no sense!! Any way I applaud all the kids who made it that far. No one is a loser who makes it as far as the top 10 in that competition. However looking back on all performances it is sad to see someone eliminated who has always been at the top of the heap. If the polls mean nothing then why have them??? The country you are in has no effect on the quality of talent in the competition!!

    • You should read the other blogs then much of the internet was pissed off enough at the judges to pickup the phone to vote for Haley.
      I have always have voted for Haley but this week I went into over drive voting, along with many others who normally don’t vote.

    • if you look at the number of votes in the polls they are actually really low. obviously there are alot more people voting on the show than are on these sites.

  98. ahahaa…datz life here on earth….but i love country tunes.simple, meaningful and sincere lyrics….dats country. I’m from the Philippines and we love country”,) Go scotty and laureen. God Bless!

    • ahahaha…tanga!
      kaw lang ata ang may gusto ng country
      music haley at james dapat ung final 2..
      ang panget ni scotty!

  99. Going into this week I thought the top 3 should be Haley, James and Scotty. And that Lauren was a definite notch below the other 3 as far as talent went. But, Lauren came on strong this week. So, good for her that she is still there. I am a Haley fan, but you will not hear me ever put down any of the top 4. As they are all good, if you ask me. Come to think of it, I seldom see a Haley fan putting anyone else down. Maybe as a group, we are just a bit more mature than some of James fans. Good luck to the entire top 3 and James as well.

    • Yeahh.. I mean I have a fav but I don’t put anyone else down.. Is it their fault that they got through.. No.. So please.. let’s just move on without having to put down on any of these contestants…

  100. That is how it works. James is not destined to be an AI winner. Period. Let’s not argue, for all the things happened around us has its own reason. May be God had prepared something better for James. So good luck to all of their career.

    • I think better things will come his way. He won’t have an AI contract holding him down. Rock on James.

  101. For the first time, I didn’t see the cockiness on Scotty’s face tonight. In fact, he looked a bit scared when Ryan announced two girls were safe. And that was priceless moment to me. This kid has been cocky and arrogant which I never liked. But most teen girls have been voting for him based on his look. Come on guys, this is a singing competition, not a beauty contest. It was sad to see James got eliminated tonight.
    With the remaining top 3, i would like to see the 2 gals in the finale as the last few seasons, there have been only guys in the finale. I think it will be a good fight between Lauren and Haley.

    • Johnny..just remember that many voters that aren’t 16 ar voting for Scotty because of his singing voice. It isn’t mature yet and he has a lot to learn about how to use it but he…like CU…with be a CM star…

    • Yes ofcourse! I wanna marry your bro. But before that i have to dump Casey. LOL. Just kidding. Casey is the love of my life. I love him more than anyone else <3 so i'm sorry i cannot marry your bro. And i love you too <3

      • Does Casey know about the midnight “coonhunting” me and you do 3 times a week, and that I’m the one that taught you all about “howling and growling”?!

  102. I really like James and now that he was eliminated…I hate to watch AI…and see who gonna win this year.

  103. This is the first season I have watched AI and will probably be the last. The voting is skewed and it is not to the advantage of the contestants or their dreams. I read above where one guy couldn’t get through on the phone lines and what is this 200 votes per person online? I think it is an injustice to allow these kids to dream as they do and then have a messed up voting system. As far as James is concerned… he was the ONLY one with the diversity in his voice and the electricity on the stage to hold a crowd continuously through a music career. I have NO clue what is wrong with America these days, but I would have loved to see some REAL rock come back, however, I was able to find the positive in the negative. James is too good for an AI contract. Now nothing can hold him back. He WILL be picked up and he will ROCK on and I WILL be buying his CDs. ROCK ON JAMES!! XOXO.

    • you can only vote fifty times online any more and they don’t count. you can text or call as many times as you want for two hours.

  104. you are all missing the point. Scotty is the only original singer who excels all the time. His perfomances are heartfelt and he tells a story. How did you feel about the september 11 song? You must be heartless not to have felt anything .!he is mature beyond his years and very likable ! Simon cowell has acknowledged that he is the only original ! James’s last perfomances were not goo. Cowell would have said. ,predictable: !

  105. I was so sure James had it all wrapped up, because he sang well with different songs. and could work the stage and didn’t seem to have any fear. I hated to see him leave. But think he has a career ahead of him. Just keep working on and don’t give up. My feeling was to have James and Scotty in the finally. So I was kinda bummed out today. Yes the grils sing well but I thought the boy all did better this year. I think all the american idol singers were pretty darn this year, teaching them to use the ear wire and working with background makes the music sound better.

  106. to olivia of philippines

    hoy olivia, wag ka umepal dyan sa AI,
    mag linis ka na ng kubeta..magagalit ang amo mo sayo..mag bayad ka na din utang mo!

    • shame on you james tralala. your comments do not add to any conversation and should be struck off from this page.

  107. That’s shocking. James should be in it to win it. He has the passion, the energy and he has shown his will and endeavor to win all. so sad

  108. Dears,

    i was watching the final four last night, as for me Hailey did a great an amazing jobs , J-lo was really unfair and really mean with her judging against the sweet girl that was singing amazingly, randy on the other side pushed it more to the edge , as if both of them wanted to vote her out , the truth and the words of Steven Taylor gave her the boost to come back up on the stage and kills the judges, that is when the fake act of J-lo to stand up and applauded to her to show there is no hatred what so ever, randy also did the same thing with his comments , but tonight America should the judges that they are mistaken and Hailey is in it to win it ( quoted from randy ) . i have no clue why J-lo has something against this girl but it is obvious

    sorry but American idol was made to has the best voices and that deserves to win, not for the judges to choose who to keep and who to set of , i wished if James stayed cause he was one of the best but the voting decided.


    • The judges always says the truth. and they will say their own opinion. So back off.. and also i don’t think Haley Deserves to go this far. Pia is supposed to stay here. lol.

  109. James Durbin will have a greater chance to be a successful artist than the rest of the contestants. Eventhough he did not get the AI title, he will receive his millions ten thousand folds because of his unique style. There is always a better reason for his not being an AI. God will not give him what he cannot accomplish. James, you are the best performer in this AI 2011 season!

  110. Branden, you are an idiot. Who are you? You have a whole lot of no good to say about everyone but Haley. I can clearly see you were about to open a can of ignorance by saying you didn’t want death threats by saying what you really think about James. Why say anything at all if you can’t be nice about everyone? Very disappointed I clicked on this when all I wanted was to see the clip of James talking after his elimination, I wanted to share it with friends who were otherwise engaged in things that couldn’t be postponed. God help you, and those who had nothing to good to say about ALL of them. They are all good! I can sing, I just can’t remember songs like they do, or melodies unless I am singing with someone. I can not and will not criticize.

    • Nancy, I agree your comment totally. I was really disappointed to realize how Branden had no clue what kind of feelings James had to go through in his mind at the time of his elimination. And it makes me sorry how some people, like Branden, feel free to make nasty comment on someone, who has just been very vulnerable and also showed earlier, that controlling emotions under presssure is not his strength. But I’m sure Branden’s comment here will be “I’m just doing my work” as if it justifies everything. (Sorry my english, I don’t know if that was understandable :))

  111. This is why the rest if the world is scared of the USA! Scotty does his “Yay we killed Osama Bin Laden!” song and every man and his american dog votes for him … SAD AMERICA!!!

    • Get a grip…the song has been sung before and it is an amazing song…listen to the words and think my friend.

    • Coming from Europe I have to admit I was NOT happy to hear that the US forces killed Osama same time knowing that his followers have threatened to blow a nuclear bomd in Europe if something happens with Osama .. kind of had the feeling that USA couldn’t care less what happens to us 🙁

  112. 2 years in a row thats enough not watching any more the girls should of gone 1st

  113. I am not totally not shock when Jame eliminated.

    His screaming everyweek was annoying.

    • Well he sings nice. And i think he really deserved to win it since he NAILS IT every WEEK!

    • His screaming might be annoying for some, but your comment annoys everyone…. and you are not even speaking

  114. Haley will need all the votes she can get for this weeks performance, country music is getting the most support and sending the best performers home!

    • I cant help but bevieve that the judgeing was worked out to save Haley I know some of James fans were going to change their votrs to Haley because there was such a boo hoo about her attitude when Jacksun didnt say she aced a song. Everyon thought she was being picked on. So she won out that round. Hope she is happy now so people will stop catering to her

  115. I’m so dissapointed that James had to leave the competition, he was definitely the best. Always a great show and his voice is unique. I think that Scotty should sing something else sometimes, not always country, that’s so boring. Lauren is amazing, she’s so young and she reminds me of Kelly Clarckson. But haley is absolutely the best, when she sang “house of the rising sun” i almost cried, it was so amazing performance! Her voice is so strong and her self-confidence is admirable. I hope that Haley wins ! xoxo

  116. James was the biggest fake from all the seasons of Idol, and thank god I dont have to see the stupid tail on him any more. James will be forgotten by next week and can go back to a garage band singer which is all he is capable of. Go Haley!!!!!

  117. Well I don’t think I deserve to win this… Let Scotty McCreery win… Please vote for Scotty McCreery…All my fans. Vote for Scotty McCreery. He deserves to win it. Not me. So please Vote For Him! <33 Thanks to all my fans.

  118. Aww Scotty Your Still there!!!!!! Yes. All my fans vote for him.. He is my boyfriend 😉 I Lvove him. and i have a major crush on Him 😉 i do..

    • If you think Scotty Sucks. That means YOU suck. shut up loser. You can’t even sing.

      • CALM DOWN don’t insult people based on their opinions cuz not everybody is going to agree with you MissR

    • Alan Jackson probably got drunk and went to bed after hearing Scooty Doo butcher his great song…Scooby Scooty Doo where are you,,,,hopefully home soon!!!

  119. Hey guys. I can’t stay in the competition now. I don’t deserve this. Please Don’t vote for me. And i have a confession to all my fans. I Love Casey and we are dating 😀 … I Love You Casey. I love you all my fans. and thanks for the support. but this time. Plz don’t vote for me. Thanks. Much Love <3

    • Ok im out of the closet and going home to sleep with Gomer Pyle so dont vote for me….

  120. America sucked this season with their votes!!!!
    first Casey but the judges saved him
    then Pia
    then again Casey
    and now James
    i mean, whats up with you people? what does this stupid Lauren have better than James???

    • lauren and james both have incredible voices. but you only the incredibility of james’ voice when he starts to scream while lauren doesn’t need to scream. her normal range voice is sweet and rich enough. what more her higher notes!:)

    • The Haley attitude as we have all come to know it…Listen, being in the busines..attitudes all already an issue in Hollywood. So okay AMerica let’s vote to add another mouthy one to the city of Angels. Come on..voices not the test any longer, as Branden pointed out. And the judges, it’s the whole package to be judged on… now that package deserves the vote on who performs that whole package. Appreciate where you are. Give us the whole picture, not week after week of the same gruffy stuff…attitude is a BIG part of tht PICTURE! If you can’t take criticism from 3 stardom judges (she didn’t even listen to Lady GAGA, did it Haley’s way, of course) Then we will be voting for an egotistical one hit wonder. What a waste of a season if you ever even voted for her. We saw this coming. ATTITUDE all the way. Give the vote to the pure matter who they be. Don’t waste another season of American Idol. And stop wearing rose colored glasses, sexy and pretty means nothing….if your the consumer!

  121. Wow, I don’t believe it… James gets elimated. This is a big shock. I have also said Scotty to win, but didn’t expected James to go so soon. James you still have a dream and you are living proof of it, just continue in your music and have fun with it.

  122. In many way being in 4th is better than coming in 2nd, since being in the final 2 comes with longer term management contract for 15% of earnings with no guarantee of a recording contract.
    Being first is the best but 4th place maybe 2nd best place overall.

  123. Now Lauren is the only contestant with a humble and nice attitude even though she is eccentric at least she’s not like Scotty with his cocky smile or Haley who ignores the judge’s advice. James was really humble, he had a kid, and a tragic story so everybody should have liked him.

    • She doesnt ignore anything she just simply fights for what she thinks is right . Isnt that what we are told do these days, lol. Plus this is an idol contest not a singing-because-you-have-a-tragic-story-and-a-kid contest. I like James as he gave really truly amazing performances but its good for him to just stop there and com back to take care of his family now.

  124. I thought James will be the winner.
    Kinda shock but that’s life ! ( sighs )

    Now Im rooting for Lauren.
    Hope she will win this 🙂

    • Face it idol fans! As Brandon pointed out at this point they all have great talent and phenominal voices. The breaking point is who can go outside the box, mix it up and leave their comfort zone to become that all around singer we WILL enjoy hearing daily on the radio, whether it be country or pop (jazz/blues contemporary is virtually out-dated as Casey, voted off, had his niche but that niche was NOT what america wanted.) Haley has a good voice but her raspy chords are and have been overkill. I mean come one Haley “every song”. As Stephen says, country or not Lauren’s voice is PURE…no grasping for the “New Orleans Blues”, she’s a natural. Haley on the other hand has to reach deep into her soul to breathe reach gruff. And as far as all the country votes going to Scotty, well, there are just as many male country voters out there as female. So do not be surprised if the great Randy Jackson’s predictions come true and Haley crumbles during next weeks performance. I am betting my money on it.
      P.S. Sorry your predictions weren’t right Branden, but you’ve done a pretty darn goood job so far. At this point I have no favorites..I am just looking at variety of performance…the artist who is standing his ground and the one who is willing to take advice from the professional judges. NOT the one who is so arrogant she believes she will win by doing it her way and her way only..i.e. Haley! Was a Haley fan, but the more I learn about her arrogant personality, the more I dislike her and would NEVER listen to her on my radio…EVER!!

      • Obviously you know nothing about vocals and talent.. If you dislike Haley, change the channel.

      • I agree, I was a Haley fan until she acted like a real ass. The comments were made to help her and were on target because they felt she was not doing herself any favors by her song choices. Instead of taking them in the spirit with which they were offered she reacted like a spoiled brat. Go Scotty…

      • mmmm I’m not sure… I’m tired of hearing artist like Lauren and Scotty on the radio… they have excellents voices… but Haley is different… her essence and style is different.. thats what American and the world needs… Scotty always sings the same kind of songs… thats boring.. When I heard them I got no goosebumps.. with Haleys is different.. we can understand the song meaning just by listening her tones.. is my opinion.. the three are greats.. but I’ll spend my vote on Haley.. she is the one I want to hear on the radio. 😀

      • i dont think haley has a bad attitude..being judgmental is not good especially if you dont know the person well..what i know is haley can win this contest..she is unique, a great performer and not a plastic…

      • “phenominal voices” hahahahahahahahaha! This comment just shows how low American Idol standards are now.

    • What “attitude” of Haley’s is everyone talking about? She finally responded to the judges after weeks of being criticized for things that others weren’t. Is there something she’s done beyond that? She’s always smiling and upbeat and I like her.

      • I feel they got just what they wanted – everyone to vote for Haley because they “felt sorry for her” and the REAL talent voted off. America is just a pawn in this whole thing – that is, if the “votes” count at all, which I am not sure about anymore!!

      • If by ‘they’ you mean the AI producers, then you’re kidding yourself if you think they wanted Haley for the top 3. Haley got through despite them, which I think is amazing.

      • yeah but Seacrest likes Haley because he always calls her name out of the bottom three first and Tyler seems to like everybody

  125. Haley your voice is beautiful.. How you sing is very… mmmm what can i say? Sexeh? 😉 You wcwn look Sexeh 😉 now i know why casey has a crush on ya 😉

  126. Not gonna bother commenting or arguing with anyone. What’s important is that Haley made it to the top 3 and I can’t be anymore happier :D! People who can’t stop bad mouthing Haley are too shocked about how loyal her fans are. We don’t care if Haley wasn’t a forerunner, because she definitely is one now! Haley for the win! Your bashing won’t change how we feel, because we know she deserves it! So curse her as much as you want, but in the end she’s gonna win and your faves are gonna lose :). Should’ve been Scotty though not James.

      • It’s because she’s actually TALENTED and VERSATILE. Not saying James wasn’t, but Scotty is definitely NOT versatile. There’s no need to be jealous that us Haley fans voted more than the James fans, because we both are on the same side and we both appreciate talent and versatility. Hopefully James fans will be redeemed when Scotty leaves next week :D.

    • yes…by all means, bash her if you want…just don’t use the “F”

  127. I can’t understand the hate on James for what he said after being eliminated. My memory of it isn’t that great but I don’t recall anything that should offend anyone. I don’t agree with you people. This elimination is about as wrong as Pia’s, no matter what anyone thinks.

    That said, Scotty is probably my next choice. And I will keep hoping for Haley to go home.

    • Haley will be going home soon. Hopefully next round-All U fans get ready to start bad mouthing Scoootty and Lauren cause thats excatly what you will do-You will be just as cocky and bad attitude as your so-called singer Haley. She’ll never make it to the Idol with her attitude

    • Well I didn’t see this coming.I thought for sure Haley was a gone(she should have been gone long ago)but as usual America got it wrong. But this has been one of those seasons when the best get the ax and the least talented go on . But then most of us realize “it not a talent contest, it’s a popularity contest”.. But one good thing is for sure both James and Pia will be making mega bucks very soon. As for who is left, I know some will get PO’d about this, Haley is the worst of the three but because its a “popularity contest” she may win it all but by no means is she the best. With all the talent there was in this years contestants for these three to be where they are is beyond a miracle. I like both Scotty and Lauren for who they are and both have a gift that most will never know but as THE AMERICAN IDOL I don’t see it . But I blame the outcome on the judges poor job. You can’t always love the contestants and end up with the top tier of singers. If Simon was still one of the judges there would have been a different result, I thought Simon was total jerk but at least he could judge talent. I’ll probably watch the rest of this season but my interest will only be seeing Haley getting cut next but then again it’s not a talent contest as we’ve seen so far.

      • Bill – you don’t like Haley – but she has a strong following and there are a great many others who won’t share your view. Scotty is very lucky to have come so far – he has impressed on very few occasions – but he’s a great lad and a country boy who will gather a huge fanbase. Lauren’s first song last week was just amazing – I’m not a country fan – but that was beautifully sung. Then there’s James – who screeched his way off the show with a poor song choice. And finally Haley – a girl who attracts a great deal of vitriol and who does tend to pick some poor songs…….. but when she does pick a good one, it is usually show-stopping. So there you go – some people do like the girl……

      • Agree with you 100% Bill. Lame finale with any two of the final three – apologies to diehard Haley fans, but she’s not better than Pia and James. I think I’ll stop watching because it doesn’t matter who wins this season after Pia and James are gone – the winner will suck, spoken from someone who truly hates country music. I also take comfort in knowing that Pia and James will have fantastic careers – more than likely better than the winner this season, whomever that shall be. But Bill, I couldn’t have written your comment better.

      • I guess that is the problem with the pia and james fans. quiters! they all keep saying they are going to stop watching and be done with AI. Even if my pick from the beginning (haley) gets voted off I will still be sportsman enough to cheer on the others. They are both great kids after all with a lot of courage to go out there with little experience and entertain 40 million +viewers like ourselves.

      • a joke to the losing “team james” I guess. everyone knew what the voting deal is and it had been the same for everyone. should’ve voted more

    • Jay: I’m not sure that it is really anything that James said after he was eliminated. It was most definately what he implied. “I’ve done things on this stage that no one has ever done before”. The attitude implies that he felt he was better than everyone else. Just saying

  128. I don’t want to watch American idol any more since James Durbin got voted off. What’s wrong with America?

    • James,s fans who felt sorry for poor Haley and instead of voting for Jamess as usual they voted for Haley. Hope you are all happy,you fell in the trap and set up

      • @secondchance: I left some info for you through Devin Lee on Matt’s newest post (I keep missing you and Pup and Bunny and others’ posts, and not sure who has the energy to scan back for my Replies or not). Sorry to see James go, but at this stage the Shocker is kind of whenever anyone leaves.

    • Remember Chris Daughtry left at this point to and he is doing famously… as will James.

      • I guess most americans like one dimensional singers. James has it all voice creative and stage presence. Not only can can he scream high notes but he can actually sing at that range. A rare talent for sure. So I guess its between the safe country culture. Scotty will do well and blend with a lot of the same in that genre. Lauren can with time and experience shine on that scene. Haley better get used to critique because left to her own accord she will flop with maybe a song or two to her credit. She needs strong direction. James IS the whole package. Canada

    • I agree with you. James Durbin was the one to win the competition!!!!! He performed each week great!. In my heart he is the winner!! I hope he will have a great career because he deserve it! We love you James!!!!

    • Of course you will watch. You want to know who beat your pick.

      Even as it stands now, 66% of the remaining cast will go home, but they will be far from losers. Actually, the two that go home will have a better chance at a career. They are all going on tour, but the Idol gets tied up in contracts.

  129. Haley should win the whole thing…based on her incredible version of House of the Rising Sun it was the best performance of maybe any season.Also she is a really sexy beautiful and gifted. I like the top 3 America got it right … James got on my nerves a screamer more than a singer.The judges screwed up when they saved Casey….they should have kept it for Pia!

      • pia would of won..oh wait haleys sexual thats what keeps her in! ignorant people!

      • pia was sexy and wore tight dresses that showed every curve. are you ignorant for liking her?
        and yes…she would’ve won if she wasn’t voted off…oh wait, so would’ve james, paul, casey, stephano….

    • You’re right..Pia/Haley final should be interesting..I stopped watching after Pia’s elimination and read about the results here

    • Pia first, now James. That’s okay, great careers they have, remember that! I’m waiting to hear about which record label James will be signed to in the next few days. It will happen like it happened to Pia – because truly talented people get signed quickly while mediocre ones fade into the background.

  130. I think I am one of the only people in America that said during the AUDITIONS that Haley was going to be a dark horse. I predicted her back then to be in the final 4. Looks like I was right and now it appears she has a 50/50 shot at winning the whole thing (even though I think “Scotty the Body” still has too much pull with the teenage girls for that to happen.)

    Sad to see James go — he was probably my favorite with Haley coming in a close second. I really liked the fact that he was a metal dude who brought something to Idol no one has dared (Judas Priest, are you kidding? I thought hell would freeze over first.) Hopefully Idol has more hard rock/metal guys in the future — the world is lacking good rock music right now, as it’s practically dead.

    I really like Lauren too, I think the girl has a big future in the country biz. Seriously, she is going to rival Underwood one of these days (she is only 16, remember that.) I am just not a huge country fan, but I definitely respect her talent.

    Scotty will win, most likely. That’s fine, he is definitely talented at what he does, but he is probably the least versatile of the final 4. I have to admit, though, he has grown on me some in the past 2-3 weeks. I especially liked his jab at Lady Gaga (anyone else notice that?)

    Haley has an attitude problem (she looks like she wants to kill the judges when they criticize her), but at the same time a lot of musicians have attitude problems so I can’t hold that against her. She is hot and has a great raspy voice. I am going to pull for her from here on out since James is gone.

    • Why pull for someone with an attitue like that- The voice isnt enuf to win either. Singing along with Lauren last nite you could definately hear Lauren was the better singer By far. With that being said my vote is still going for Scotty. His voice is by far the best left with no dought whatsoever.

      • i definitely agree! his music is my cup of tea. his voice soothes my nerves, no screaming and growling. awesome kid!

      • I agree, Lauren sang better in that song. I also think Haley thought 100% that she was getting kicked off that night and it affected her performance – she still did good, but it wasn’t enough to wow. She was performing but there was a lack of energy there that I hope will come back next week.

      • I totally agree with both of you. I hated it for James I really did, he nailed every performance every time he got on stage. But Scotty has been my pick from the beginning with Lauren second. Both of them have the humbliness about them. And neither of them have not once tried to argue back with the judges. That to me shows maturity.

      • They’ve had no reason to speak to the judges because the judges have been treating them with kid gloves ALL SEASON, even when they deserved to get a more pointed critique.

    • Attitude problem? She worked her tail off and scratched and clawed her way to survival. That is the American spirit; always has been. Oh, I forgot — she’s female. My bad.

      • This, totally.

        Poor girl refuses to lay down and die for the producers and gets slammed for it.

    • Yes, I noticed the jab at the obviously slutty, watch me while I am showing you what I will look like when I orally entertain all the men of the world one at a time performance. What a slut!

  131. Scotty really bothered me last night as he look at Ryan and continued to say “wow” like those 2 were already in the top 2 for the finale. I agree that it left a bad taste for Scotty whom I have always liked. This Haley versus james thing is ridiculous. Were there that many people that thought Lauren should have been in the top 3 over James or how about Scotty. I think the real surprise is Lauren is in the top 3! Yes she is talented and a great singer but not as great as James, Haley, and Scotty. I lost a lot of respect for Scotty last night.

    • What the heck r u talking about?? Scotty cried last nite at the end when James was singing his last song U r so wacko– James did deserve to go He screams when he sings and was so off key

      • You should read carefully before you comment weewobbles.. Jenny clearly stated when Haley was announced to be safe, Scotty was like “seriously? wow” as if he was confident he’d be in the final 2 with James. Sure he cried later on, everyone gets emotional when someone leaves. But what he said at THAT moment is very arrogant of him. Looks like he’s the one with the attitude problem not Haley.

      • Guess we will have stupid blobs like . There is nothing wrong in Scottys actions. You lost respect for Scutty. A trouble maker like you has no tespect for anyone

      • Scotty probably said wow when Hayley was told she was safe because he knew James did not deserve to be in the bottom 2 at all not necessarily because he thought he should have been safe. Hayley is not that good, her first song was terrible and you can tell that because the judges actually said something bad about her which they never did all year, Hayley wins all her votes because of her looks and in my opinion Lauren has a better voice than Hayley. James was by far the best one on the show and really got screwed over.

      • scotty growing u the way he did probably said ‘seriously,wow’ cause he probably thought she was eliminated for mouthing off to the judges.

      • he probably said wow because everyone thought that James would be safe so if I was to read Scotty’s mind I would be thinking…darn, guess that mean’s it’s me going home.

    • Look…these are kids. They, like us, had expectations about who they thought was safe and who was in danger. That does not an attitude problem make. I wish everybody would let their singing be the criteria for voting; allow for some performance value, too. But, attitude, based upon what?

      The Lauren and Haley duet was fantastic. Every duet Haley has been in was great. Only the first Lauren/Scotty duet compares; all other duets on the show were pretty bad. There’s a reason for that —

    • I went and watched that part again, Scotty was happy for Haley. I also noticed she had already walked away as it hit him he or James would be going home. I would have said whoa (not wow) too thinking about it. If it were me I would have been scared, Scotty is a humble young man. He cried when James left so did Lauren, but Haley was all smiles.

      • Oooh… I think you are confusing American Idol with that other show… True Beauty.

      • Not true – it didn’t show on camera but people who were AT the show reported that Haley was crying when James was sent home.

        I know someone with a face like Haley’s. Even when they’re sad or confused or angry they look like they’re smiling because that’s how their mouth is shaped. Frankly, I think people see Haley’s face and project emotions onto her that aren’t there.

      • Really? Scotty cried? perhaps that was the first time..he was always smiling when everyone else got eliminated..

    • you never got it right he did not say wow wow you need to listen better you just upset cause haley never go voted off i will still vote for scotty and laura.but we will see what happens next wk

    • @secondchance…sorry for James early exiting, I know he is your True AI. Probably you were heartbroken, you cried, you even not get good sleep last night. Please be cheer up and James will be a money-machine in the business.
      I am huge Haley’s fan. Now you can put your AI enthusiasm to Haley and enjoy rest of the show.
      To be honest, my interpretation of Scotty’s “WOW” is that he was so suuprised that James was in the bottom two. He did not think James was leaving instead of himself out. You can see his hugging James after announcement. We have to admit that Scotty is true character and role model for the youngsters.
      Sorry again for your idol losing.

      • awww thank you haley fever. that is so nice of you. there is a bright side to this…i am not wishing my life away anymore hoping for wednesdays to come really quick.

  132. I am changing my name to CarolAnn since there is another Carol on here and I want it to be known that I am the one that adores Scotty…Have a good day…catch you all later for some lively debate.

  133. me and my family will not be watching the rest of this show for this and maybe next season cuz the voting system suks… i saw in the comments that someone said that its not fair for these amazingly talented young artists, (james) have their dreams crushed just cuz an idiotic voting system? wow. top 3 this season SHOULD HAVE BEEN, James, Pia, and Casey…. that is my two cents

    -james fan for ever

    • Dreams crushed? Because of voting? What about the poor judging? Remember Pia was critiqued for not moving, when she clearly was among the top 3 or 4 vocalists of the top 13. James’ dreams weren’t crushed — he has had plenty of exposure. He’ll either make it or he won’t now —

    • I’d hardly say his dreams are ‘crushed’…he wll most likely have a big fat contract waiting for him after the show.

    • James got pimped because some of his votes went to pity party Haley from his fans

      • Pity party? Wow. That is wrong on so many levels. You must live under a bridge.

      • I think Scotty came closer than many realize to going home instead of James last night. The girls and women are the majority voters and they wanted the girls to have the hometown visit.

      • Hey Bunny, I finally caught you again. Hope I’m not too late–different sleep patterns. Saw your “Blood Bath” long post, and commented there. good post.

        I’m kind of like G-man, fading out and just enjoying the finish of the show, reading a lot of bloggers, fewer comments–unless I have to repost my AI Voting Science on a more live blog time since I always seem to post during a dead time (like now!)

    • @big James fan…why you don’t grow up. Ashton is my first favorite among top 13. after she was voted off,I was still enjoying the show and Jacob is my second favorite. After he was voted off, I was still enjoying the show and Haley is my last favorite. I will vote for her to the final. Pleas cheer up and vote for Haley. You can still show your loyalty to James to buy his CDs in the future.He will be a true artist w/o doubt.

  134. Watching Scotty with his cocky simile while James is scared to death makes me sick. Scotty should have gone home and James should have won the whole thing.

    • so if James is scared to death what did you want Scotty to do burst out in tears rather a brave smile i would think or is this just sour grapes

    • See? Can we stop now, with all the reading into smiles when results are announced? Haley’s taken flack for such stupidity, and now Scotty. Be mature and realize you are upset because you lost a favorite and somebody else is smiling for whatever reason. People can smile out of support, you know. These kids have become friends, and they’ll all be out on tour this Summer together.

    • Another hate starter You make me sick. Scotty thought his time was over. Get it atraight or shut up

    • Uhmmm… He smiled… I bet you’ve smiled too at some point in your life… I really don’t get what you’re trying to say… on a separate note I did like James the most but the rest are fine too

  135. Scotty my baby you will be the last one standing on that stage THE WINNER OF IDOLS you will have my vote 100%

    • Mine too, anneke!! Scotty all the way…..I will be voting (every way posssible) for the full 2 hours for my fav……

  136. I was shocked that James was voted off. I feel like it should have been Scotty. Don’t get me wrong, Scotty is good, but I feel James was better. My vote went for Haley. She has a awesome voice. I hope she win’s.
    Best wishes to you James. I know that you will have a great singing career.

  137. being scared to death is lack of confidence in himself What did you want Scotty to do break down in tears to get your sympathy he dont need that he is brave and always has a smile on his face no matter what i have the biggest respect for this young man so keep the cattish remarks to youself sour grapes

    • What did you want Scotty to do break down in tears to get your sympathy he dont need that he is brave and always has a smile on his face no matter what…

      Funny. You could seamlessly replace ‘Scotty’ with ‘Haley’ there, but I notice on Scotty those are acceptable qualities while on Haley they get her raked over the coals. Funny how that works.

      (not a personal attack on you, just a general observation!)

  138. I think it was wrong that james durbin was sent home he was never in the bottom three but thats okay i will never whatch american idol again

  139. Too bad for James, he was probably the singer most people would have gone to see in a show.

    The problem: the voting system, nothing else I’am convinced. The judges, who are more qualified that any of the fans, should have a 30% ”weighing” mixed with the american votes.


    • Noëlla, my girlfriend, agrees with the poor voting system and says she will not watch the remaining events.


    • No way. The judges say what the producers and the record company wants them to say. I don’t trust American Idol at all with that scenario.

      …then again, if you want that set up, check out the Voice. I actually like the judges on that show.

  140. I believe that the judges are to blame for this whole feasco every week since the beginning they have done nothing to set these kids straight not of them ever did anything wrong all were in it to win it and so on not one of them wanted to be the bad judge, doing the job they were hired to do judge in an unbias way, critique when nessacery and honestly tell them when it was just a plain bad preformance. The judges had their fav and built up the contestants so high that when we did vote them off it was a shock. (Example Ryan asked judges the after Wednesday’s performaces, who do they think will win they all said not in so many words that they thought James would win I think that they screwed James. Sorry to say this but it just shows that America is tired of being told what to do and just prove to the judges that they are the one that choose the next AI. I think we as voters would have come up with a good one without so much bais for the judges. After all that I love Scotty’s voice and hate to tell you my 70 yr old mother is staying on the phone for 2 hours pushing redial for scotty so it is not just young teens, It might just be an older crowd that is voting.

    • yah, i totally agree with you. more people now likes pure music, no growling and screaming 🙂

      • I agree, I am from the old school, when I listen to a song I want to be able to understand the words, not a bunch of screaming or growling. I am a Scotty and Lauren fan. Mainly Scotty. But face it all 13 of these kids will more than likely have a good career. I was shocked that James left because he was an excellent singer, versatile and a great performer, but I am not a rock fan, but boy that guy could sing anything. The only song that Hailey sang that I can honestly say that I liked was “House of the Rising Son” But people don’t have any right to fuss about who goes home if we aren’t on that phone voting, voting, voting. Just like the little 80 yr old woman mentioned above. People mention attitudes, that is all part of their personality, and the voters doesn’t like arrogant, smart mouth people, we have to put up with it out here in the real world to make a living, we sure don’t need it on TV. Scotty has always had a smile on his face, so if comeone misconstrued his smile, this is sad. I missed Scotty saying that when Hailey was sent to safety, but it was a shock to everyone. So it was a simple reaction to a shock, not an attitude. GO SCOTTY, you can sure bet that this old woman will be sitting up voting for two hours next week.

  141. It is quite evident this week that Steven Tyler did not draw in as many rock viewers as they had hoped. In the past, rock fans simply did not what Idol because it wasn’t their cup of tea. If you are a die hard rock fan, you don’t want to have to sit through all the other stuff just to hear one song. They should have a Country Idol, a Pop Idol, and a Rock Idol. Then the rockers would tune in!!!

  142. Nothing surprises me, as usual America got it wrong AGAIN not once but many times!

  143. I’m done with this show. In my opinion, the finale should’ve been Pia and James. Too many little girls with unlimited texting privileges are voting. Scotty is insanely boring. And did anyone notice the smirk on Haley’s face when it was announced James was going home? She is very full of herself. Lauren won’t even attempt to hit the big notes. What is wrong with people?

    • MS. I totally agree with you. Haley has the worst attitude of any American Idol contestant. She gets mad at the judges when they critique her, and always has that smirk on her face when someone goes home. I can’t wait to see her face next week when she goes home.

      • First off, she cried when James got sent home.

        And after the thing where Randy threw her under the bus again (“it’s a tie! …between James, Scotty and Lauren.”), Haley left the stage in tears and JLo shrugged.

        Go look up the reports from people who were there that night. Should be illuminating.

      • I read that too and Nigel was all over Randy after Haley left the stage saying he when to far on Haley.
        Also from some of the leaks coming out, Haley may have gotten the most votes this week. Many people were truly pissed at Randy enough to vote for the first time this year and in massive numbers.

      • LOL. You guys think Randy was “too hard” on Haley? You have really short memories; remember a judge by the name of Simon Cowell and his scathing remarks?

      • It’s not that Randy was too hard on Haley, it’s that he and the other judges have ONLY been hard on Haley and given the other three a free pass even when they faltered. Context, bb. It matters.

    • Seriously?!?!?! Can you imagine what Simon would have said to any of them? Damn sure those 3 wouldn’t be in the Top 3. Haley needs to take her “I can’t take critique” attitude and go home. And for those who said that she was the only one that was being criticized, well duhh..if the judges do not thind she performing well, of course they are going to tell her!

  144. james bit the dust but not to worry. somewhere out there is a band for him. haley is dynamic. lauren is a sweetheart and scotty is adorable. they will all work. all three could win. haley should. she’s adam’s favorite!!

    • p.s. what is randy jackson’s problem with haley?? he’s always on her case, much moreso than the other contestants. and didn’t you all feel that the judges were pushing just a little too hard for james??

  145. Cogradulations to everyone , but realy sorry for james he was the best , the hero , the good guy. fan from Canada WE LOVE YOU JAMESxxxxxxxxxxooooo

  146. a very dis appointed result, james durbin is the best, he never been on the bottom 3, i do wanna watch american idol from now on, i really dont like haley, she has a bad attitude, i hate haley….so much!!!!!!!

    • JMO This was set up for Haley after her attitude was every where Some of James fans stated they felt sorry for Haley and was going to vote for her taking votes from James Hope they are Happy

  147. James Durbin will have a much stronger career than any of the 3 finalists. Talent always wins out …

    • I agree, even though I am a Scotty fan, that boy can sing, his career will take off like Adam Lambert’s did. I certainly didn’t like Adam, but look where is he today. James will be bigger and better. Go James

  148. What a shame to see a talent like James go home,He should have been the American Idol,all of the top four have talent but how many people will buy a cd of Haley’s? James will have a good future in music,he just needs some vocal training. Don’t really care who
    wins now,still think there is something fishy about the votes couldn’t get through on his line Wed.

  149. I don’t care about anybody’s attitude. I just care about performance. And James and Haley both know how to perform. Scotty is back in the 1950s with an imag ethat doesn’t match his voice. Lauren is a sweetie but three years too young to carry the sass. Bring back Simon Cowell!

  150. i am hoping it would be a Lauren Vs. Haley or Scotty Vs. Lauren in the finale.. i agree with Branden that its weird to have Haley and Scotty in the finale.. it really weird to have that happen..

    Two girls in the finale singing different genres will be exciting.. as exciting as two country singers battle it out for the title..

    hmmmm.. what ya guys think??

  151. Congrats to Haley and our best wishes goes out to James future,We are sorry to see you go instead of Scotty!unbelievable!!
    From personal point of view.Come what may,whoever received the highes votes at the finale.
    Haley and James will be recognize and remembered by us as the best top4 American Idols for these season.

  152. People tend to forget that not winning the whole thing is not the end of the world, as proven by Daughtry, Kelly Pickler, Clay Aiken, Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson, Pia Toscano (who is currently recording her studio album). Whatever happens, I guarandamntee he’ll be able to provide for his family no problem. Wasn’t that the main reason he auditioned in the first place?

  153. Can’t believe it, more to say not worth it, end of Idol for me, the judges failed James big time, Randy and Jennifer given the young country singer high praise for two songs with no lyrics what so ever or words to the song. Go back and listen too the songs, about as good as who let the Dogs out. And Tyler no respect man, whether he told James if he won he’d get up an sing with him, RESPECT says do it, James Rock on, you were number one, if I had the money I would back you big time….Last but not least one word for all of this, JOKE….

    • Glen how about u will be the next american idol? im sure a lot or millions of people will critized u too….joke joke joke….

      • I agree completley. James and Tyler duet. They are all great at times but none as consistant or as creative as James. Without consistancy the audiences will eat u alive. Anything the judges dished out will seem tame.

  154. the thing is with hailey is that shes a amazing singer..america loves her thats why they vote for HAILEY REINHART

  155. I will NOT watch the rest of the season! I’m very disappointed in the results last night..I am sooo mad! James is one of the most talented and emotionally tied singer up there! I just wonder exactly how much our votes do count..I know Ryan made a comment on the show after they sang on Wednesday of “don’t forget, this is the week Daughtry left”! Did he know already what the outcome was going to be?! I was a die hard Idol watcher mainly to watch James and what he’s gonna do that’s all changed and I’m done. I don’t think the remaining Idols compare with talent..they’ve had too many ups and downs so I don’t care who wins anymore.

    • I’m with u but will watch just in case they slip in a mutch wanted Tyler Durbin duet. C’mon Steven the deal wasn’t written in stone. Just do it. Announce and ratings will soar.

  156. Last night’s injustice to James did me in for the season. Lauren is too immature to handle the big time. Hailey has a beautiful voice but I don’t find her likable and would not buy her albums. I hope Scotty wins but I won’t be watching the finale without James in it.

  157. Such dribble from you all! Sorry to see James go, but Haley deserves the final – great singer – Lauren is a great singer but needs more maturity. Scotty is simply a one horse show but will have a great career.
    Haley as American Idol 2011.

  158. I’m so sad to see James gone too (he’s my 2nd favourite), but c’mon do you have to blame it on Haley? Some are even calling her names. If you don’t want your favourite to go…. VOTE!!!!

    • I think James was EVERYONE’S second favorite. That’s why so many people are pissed.

      But it’s also why he went home. ‘Second favorite’ may mean he’s really popular across genres, but that does zip to keep you on the show when everyone’s voting for their first favorite.

      • I totally agree with you, this is the best I’ve heard it said. James was everybody’s second favorite he was my second favorite.

        you always see people saying it should be Haley/James, Scotty/James, Lauren/James, James was always their pick in the Final, but not necessarily the winner.

        I feel that the out of the top five
        that Lauren has the best chance to make it big (not because I think she’s the best, but because she seems more versatile than the the rest.

        Jacob – Gospel, Luther Vandros – style not really gonna sell that much.

        James – Metal, Rock – will sell decently, but died in the 80’s

        Haley – Blues, maybe some crossover Top 40 – don’t really see her selling that many records. (sorry Haley fans I just think she’s to one dimensional)

        Scotty – Country – See him selling alot of record, but again like Haley to One Dimensional

        Lauren – Country, Crossover – This is where Lauren can make it big she’s got the Country sound, and can also sell in the Pop, Top 40, ala Shania Twain (not that I think she’s the next Shania Twain) she could be.

  159. Go Haley! That girl has mad skills and I’m glad she has risen to the challenge. Randy Jackson, whom has bashed her week after week, can go suck rocks! She may or may not be voted out next week, but she has been a fighter from the beginning. For the first time ever, I have downloaded tunes from the show and you know what, they have all be sung by Haley!!! Go out and kick some butt, girl. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t!!!

  160. Wow! So many people are not going to follow American Idol anymore.


  161. james is eliminated, but in my heart you are the winner and all of your fans will support you to go to the top once again will be waiting(^o^)/.

  162. James durbin left. this is just bull. he should be the winner this year. i thought the final was between him and Haley. I hope Haley wins and not Scoty. SCoty doesnt need to win. he will have a career even if he doesnt win.

  163. I think this years idols was rather confusing and the judges need some backbone….. personally I think out of the contestants that was left Lauren was the most talented but is yet to give us that IT performance….. as for the James to much screaming and not enough singing… he will have allot of followers just like Adam but will then disapear…… I think Haily is good but not great as many make her out to be… I dont agree with Randy though or maybe that is just his way of getting people to vote for her as critism draws attention and not the good things. Scotty will be a great country singer and will be around for very long….. But I will start listening to his music when I go on retirement…… Scotty is good for a late Sunday afternoon when you are busy dozing away….. That being said I think Haley will win…. it was always gonna be a girl….

  164. UUUGGGHHHHH I can’t believe it, the winner was voted off. Look, I know Scotty is cute, but annoying. There are enough country guys on the radio for crying out loud. Another Carrie? OK I love Lauren, but again we have enough country girls too. I guess I will have to be satisfied with Haley, she gets better every week, and left with no metal faves, I will be voting for the girl that can do anything.

  165. If you don’t want your favourite to go… vote vote……… action speaks louder than words…hahahahha GO haley………

  166. “Voting” is a complete farce! I have known this for a few years now, and yet I continue to hope I am wrong. I don’t think any votes count because it is predetermined who is going to win!!!!!!!!!!

    • mmm I’m not sure of that.. If you were right Pia and James would be in the show.. I think that the fans are waiting the others to vote for there favorite.. but is not that easy

  167. What I liked about last night’s show: seeing Lady Gaga who is mad but so talented; seeing a very self-effacing young kid with a great voice go through, well done Lauren; seeing a very talented singer in Haley breaking through all the vitriol and coming out on top: seeing the look on James’s and Scotty’s face when Haley was picked #2 – that was naked arrogance shining through there boys; and seeing James being brought down a little bit after getting just a little bit too stage cocky. Oh and Branden, I thought Steven showed James just far behind he really is……James brought something different to Idol – but he is quite a way behind the real stars.

    What I didn’t like about the show: an absolutely appalling performance from Enrique Iglesias – if you must lypsynch, at least do it well; a very poor Jordan Sparks performance – come on, as someone else said, when did you become a second-rate Beyonce; I didn’t like the Scotty and James cockiness – they were so sure that one of the girls was going; and I am sorry that James couldn’t go with a lot more dignity and a much better song – he just screeched his way off the show like fingernails on a chalkboard. I can forgive him the first given his difficulties but why oh why pick that song to finish with. He could have chosen “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” and got his going out duet with Steven. What a shame……..

  168. Watch “The Voice” which is a great show on NBC on Tuesday nights!!! American Idol is a joke!!!!!!!!!!

  169. Haley Needs to Go!!!!!!! Her attitude is aweful when given constructive critisism, she just has an aweful attitude…She thinks her S_ _ _, doesn’t stink, but I’ve got news for he…..

    HALEY GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I have never felt compelled to write on any of these walls or posts but I couldn’t bite my tongue any longer.

      I do not think for one minute that Haley feels that she is superior in any way, shape or form. For at least the last 2 weeks, not one contestant received any criticisms regarding their song choice, their performance, their anything – other than Haley – yet she is consistently in key, on pitch and edgy. I liked James – I was hoping for a James / Haley finale – but do not for one minute think she has an “attitude”. The judges have been so unfair in their criticisms – whilst not everyone of her performances have been fantastic, you could never accuse her of being boring.

      Good luck to all that remain and good luck to James – he impressed me tonight with how he held it together when so upset – a difficult thing with his condition.

      • I think all need to stop picking on Haley like they are in High School. Haley is not my pick for Idol but she has a fantastic voice and I think she will go far. Good Luck Haley!

    • I agree, Haley, GO HOME. She does think she’s a diva and you are right, she isn’t. She never will be. She can’t take the heat. Heck the teanagers can take the constructive criticism better then her. I like her in the beginning but over the weeks she really thinks she has become something she isn’t, an American Idol and an entertainer!

      • yes ur right the other teenagers have really taken that non existant criticism very well….

      • Give me a break Haley has taken the criticism throughout, lauren cried first time she got criticized. Give me a break, Wednesday was the first time Haley ever defended herself, normally she would just smile and walk away. this time she deserved to defend herself as Randy went over the line multiple times. I think Haley is a class act and would like to see a Haley Lauren finale.

    • All girl final!!! You go girls!!!

      The girls — both of ’em — are the two most improved. They listened and learned. The guys really have never changed.

      Many think the “country” vote will be split a James’ fans will vote for Haley. From what I’m reading below and in other places, James’s fans are so bummed they’ll quit watching or quit voting.

      My wish: those who vote, vote for the person they think is more talented, not just because they like or dislike a certain style.

      • D’accord avec vous easycharlie……Beau travail les filles…… Vraiment un beau spectacle American Idole 2001……

      • jamesa and scotty thought they could cruise into the finals. scottys second song was pathetic. scotty should have been sent home. He never challenged himself. James was awesome

      • I find it hard to stay quiet while you call people names for liking any particular contestant. Arrogant?
        I’m tempted to return the complement, but I’m too busy feeling superior to you!

      • tf…Is that short for terminal flatulence? Your comment stinks. Get a life. A professional singer needs to have a spine. They need to get up on stage and perform flawlessly despite cat calls, negative bottom feeders, adversity etc.Haley has the whole package…incredible vocal range, looks,variety in her ability (she can sing anything), a huge and still growing fan base that all adore her, and a background of pure Chicago Blues in a musical family…she was practically born on stage. She is a wholesome, lovely young lady that dares to speak her mind if pushed into a corner or thrown under a bus. She loves to sing…she exudes happiness when she’s up on stage singing her heart out. I think she is an awesome role model. The Haley Haters are going to eat a whole lot of crow when she wins this thing and rises the top of the charts. Its been an awesome run and the dark horse Haley is pulling away like Secretariat.

      • Haley will do great if she can ever put more than 1 good performance in a row together. Otherwise she will be a one hit wonder horse.

    • Apparently you did not see the reaction that both James and Scotty had to the announcement of Haley being safe. They both thought they were safe and had this contest already won….no different to Haley’s reaction to the judges. Haley’s a fighter. She had been knocked down by the judges and then given standing ovations. I completely understand her frustration and perhaps her “attitude” is warranted!!

      • you dont fight back with blabbering about how you are wronged in a contest, you sing! it shows the character within you. too bad for haley and haley fans, character is hard to come by.

    • I wonder how Lauren and Scotty would act if they were given Constructive criticism for once so stfu tweeny

    • Are you calling the criticism Randy gave her on Wednesday night constructive? That was in no way constructive, it was an attack. There is a way to tell someone those things without making it sound like an attack.

    • Go HOME Haley, ur crapping attititude is why a good singer left last night. You baby s**t isn’t going to work much longer!

  170. what has happened to james? He is always the contestant that brings the house down and he was eliminated !!! Do you think the three remaining ones could elicit reactions that almost always followed his performances?

    • Each and every announcement last night became a surprise and a shock. Many people thought Lauren would be gone, and being the first ‘saved’ put everyone on the edge of their seats. So then everyone thought that Haley would be gone, and when she was ‘saved’ the tension really grew thick, because many expected an all-male finale. When Scotty was announced as the third going through to the next round, America should have gasped and wondered “What went wrong?” James Durbin will be fine. How many of the previous 9 seasons of idol contestants have gone on to great careers without winning? And how many of the winners do you hear much of now other than Carrie Underwood? Jennifer Hudson was eliminated in 7th place, and Chris Daughtry in 4th place (are you listening James). Season 8 with Adam Lambert won by Kris Who?? I’m 66 years old (a few years older than Steven Tyler) and I thought that James Durbin was a great talent. Scotty will have a great career in Nashville if that’s what he chooses to do, as likely will Lauren. Haley will also do well. This was a year of great talent not just one outstanding individual. And much more thrilling to watch than last season …. Lee Who??

      • I am 65 years old and Crapman you are right, as we speak Nashville music row are getting the contract ready for Scotty. Nashville see in Scotty all the old country music artist, and some new one in him. I see every time he sings. As for James he really thought he had it in the bag, that is why he took it so hard. Thanks to the judges, they had him really thinking he would be in the finale, every week they did this to him. Haley I love her she is a good singer, and she is more mature than Lauren, she will not have to worry because Nashville might pick her up too.

      • I’m 56 and you hit the proverbial nail on the head. James created his own stage performances can sing at those high notes, not just scream as everyone puts it and can take old songs and make them new again and most important be very consistant. So I’m stumped as to what it takes be an american idol. And Steven Tyler should still do the anticipated duet. That being said it has been a high talent year.

    • Honestly – look at James’ choice of songs on Wed.. yes he can sing, I thought he did well. He wasn’t as good as silky smooth Steve Perry, that was clear. The Second song, he worked it, but it didn’t wow me. Maybe it’s simply, he didn’t do as much as the fan’s favorites who do vote.. he came a long way tho…

  171. i am very happy that haley is still there..alot of people misunderstood her attitude..if u r in the situation like haley, where the judges would pull you down over and over, is it bad to express or say what you feel? is sarcastic if haley will smile all the time while the judges (especially randy) criticize her unfairly..for me HALEY FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!

      • can Steven Tyler? doesn’t make them less talented or a lesser person who pretends that they are so much better than people who actually use the “F” word. omg…did she say the “F” word…she is just terrible…blah, blah, blah!!!

      • She says it all the time… didn’t know that she was trying to be like Tyler!

    • ….and the Haley haters would say that if Haley had no comments back to the judges and just smiled….it would be construed the same way…..attitude and that her * don’t stink…….Well look where it all got her… the top 3.

    • Right. What if your competition is completely out of tune, screeching and wailing, and they are called “emotionally perfect” while your song choice is criticized for not being popular and for not “knowing who you are” (whatever that means), all in a “singing competition?” I guarantee a lot of people would have something to say about it.

      In a sporting event, if a referee appears unfair, we EXPECT the coaches to protest. It has a long tradition in baseball. Politically, people who have been treated unfairly have taken to the streets, and they’ve been made heroes by subsequent generations. Haley is an AMERICAN IDOL doing things the AMERICAN WAY.

  172. I like Scotty but James was the reason to watch the show this season. No reason to watch the next two weeks.

    • I agree with Susan. James always brought the house down and now there is no reason to watch the rest of Idol. The three that are left are just boring and do the same thing all the time!

    • agreed! James performances always outshined the others by far! I couldn’t wait to see what he would do next. Now I can’t wait to purchase his first release!!

      • The best is gone no reson to watch the show. JAMES your not finish you just started I know there is a great future for you good luck..

  173. Well, I was mad and not going to watch anymore, but I will stay and vote for Lauren! James has nothing to worry about…He is a star, and will be. I think Haley was a brat and can’t accept criticism.

    • i feel bad because james was voted off..but c’mon dont be so judgemental to don’t even know her personally…

      • if a person can show that much of a tantrum on stage, what will she do off stage?

      • yeah well she is gett constant critism while the others constant praise, wouldnt u be a bit frustrated?

    • Can’t accept criticism? Are you kidding me? She handled being called out far better than anyone I have ever seen on live TV. The closest she came to showing being upset was when she told Randy “yes I heard you…” Please! She has been the classiest thing on this show in a long time! Go Haley, that’s one of the reasons I voted for her, cool stuff.

    • @cathyr is right…haley is an amazing singer and perfomer..what randy did to her was really evryone cannot judge haley for what happened..she’s just a human being..STILL I WILL VOTE FOR HER!!!!!!! GO HALEY..=)

  174. Here’s how it has to go:
    1.Lauren Alaina
    2.Haley Reinhart
    3.Scotty MCCREEPY

    • never gunna happen. although i would like to see scotty go next week. a girl finale would be great to see!

    • Armond,I agree with your ratings with Scotty on the bottom. I think N\ the next week could be the last simple week, all we have to do is vote Scotty off and that will leave nothing but real talent..
      ‘course some may choose to disagree, but try to do it without name calling, put-downs, and other childish remarks.
      If we all liked the same thing, there’d only be us’ no you or me!!

  175. When EP Nigel tweeted in favor of Haley and then Haley is in the top 3, seriously? Proves my thoughts who really picks the winners! Until the phone votes are audited and sealed, I’ll never believe the votes matter…Nigel must have gotten mucho denero for James’ contract! Just saying

    • Didn’t Nigel tweet that AFTER voting was already done? Which means he was reacting to the fact that Haley had already made it into the top 3.

    • I think Nigel was told that Haley was getting massive votes and that is why he twittered that out. If the buzz on the other sites and internet are right Haley may have gotten the most votes this week, in part due to angry at Randy.

  176. Haley should win this season. Part of being an American Idol is being Sexy, I am sorry to say it, but an Idol is someone to look up to and a country where a majority is overweight can use someone to look up to. If you think otherwise than like Jacob (I sing through my nose) Lusk said, “look in the mirror”

    With that said Haley should sing, “oh darling” with Casey playing his giant standup bass. Not only would this be a huge moment and give her some of Casey’s votes; but to me this would clinch her the championship. Scotty will have the biggest career but hes a one trick poney and not everyone like his tricks (and hes crazy eyes for that matter)

    James and Haley were supposed to get to the final tops.

    • what? it because its past your bed time and youre still watching tv. dont blame it on scotty you freak.

      • i agree scotty is too boring for top 3. in my opinion (apart from a FEW older ppl who will probably hate me for saying this) it is all little girls voting their ass off in that 2 hours for him because to them he is the next justin beiber. ive come to terms that this isnt a singing contest as much as a popularity contest.

      • I don’t understand either why they say he is boring. Is it because he isn’t like alot of these young boys now days with their pants on the ground hats cocked in every direction and with all the attitude to go with it. Those two things there stereotype individuals just like you are saying this young man is boring why because he has a clean cut hair cut, he loves Jesus and talks to him daily. He chooses not to take part in certain things that this world offers. I’m sorry but I don’t see boring at all.

  178. I HATE James is gone! I think the system is rigged and very disappointed in the results.

    • The fact he’s gone convinced me the system is NOT rigged. He was pimped every week from the beginning. Hulk Hogan, the guitar wizard for Heavy Metal, the lack of any credible, objective judging of his performances (“emotionally perfect” was way over the top and makes the bias so obvious), the “leak” of his singing “Don’t Stop” this week, the bookending of the show this week with him (1st and Last?!?!) — as soon as Nigel knew it didn’t work, he started tweeting to backpedal and get behind Haley.

  179. Surprised on James, yes, but any one of them could have gone… but hey, no rock lead man really makes it to #1 with those strong vocals, Adam, Daughtry, James, all had the pipes.. and no I don’t put Dave Cook in the group.

    As for the show, the guy’s duet was interesting; look I even like James doing country, was interesting slant. Girls were very good, enjoyed that.. best part was that both groups harmonized very nicely..

    Lady Ga Ga, hated the video and non-live thing, but whatever.. that’s truly the first time I heard a decent vocal from LGG. If you ignore the show stuff, Madonna bras and stuff.. it wasn’t a bad song..

    Enrique – I had to fast forward.. that was really poor.

    Jordan Sparks, well, clearly she is going after her direct competition’s style, since her other fluffy stuff was so so at best..

    Tyler’s song, again, video.. I prefer live music.. song was ok at best. I prefer the Aerosmith way, and people who didn’t live the 70’s, like my older brothers, will never realize how cool that band was and how much they shaped music.

    James gone.. well, best of luck James..

    • she did resemble a Madonna style huh…Modonna was cooler in my opinion though. guess cause I grew up watching her so I am partial to her over Gaga.

  180. scotty should have gone home based on this weeks performances. It’s a major loss for this season not to have James Durbin rocking it out in the finale. I never saw that coming – even though his voice has never been my favourite I can’t deny he brought the most entertainment to the stage. Now I’ll hva e to listen to Lauren and Scotty – both great of course – but just ever so dreary! conservative and boring. I can’t take an all country finale so if that happens I’ll be switching the TV off for the duration. Still – I can hold out for Haley – I had her down as the best from the beginning and I’m glad to see she’s through after this week’s usual dissing from the judges. If she makes the right song choices she could win this.

    • I agree on the performance part.. but you don’t HAVE to listen to them..(wink wink)

  181. I wanted Haley to go, but thought it would be Lauren. It never crossed my mind that either James or Scotty would be in jeopardy. So much for an all guys’ final. Although I’m sure that there James was not eliminated for the lack of one or two votes, I am also sure that there were far too many viewers who, like me, thought James was a “lock” for te finals and didn’t need our votes. A lesson that we should have learned rom Daughtry.

    Maybe it’s time for a voting change at American Idol to one similar to ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. A system where there is a limit on the number of votes per phone number. Although DWTS 30-minute limit after the show is too short for those of us who record the program to watch later without commercials.

  182. honestly, Haley was a brat. and i don’t think that being an idol should be sexy. most of the money making idols were known for their voice and not all won the top prize. the point is, Haley really didn’t bring anything awesome or new in the game. and you can bet your bottom dollar, she will soon be forgotten when all the dust has settled down.

  183. I use to like haley, but no anymore, her first performance was AWFULL , and has a terrible attitude. i’m a James fan, please lets vote for Lauren and Scotty

  184. im glad James went home. i dont really like his scretching sound so annoying you cant even play some of his music in a car especially if you have a baby with you. the baby will end up flying to the roof. i already had the feeling james wont make it after pia has gone. james felt safe after pia sent home but should not be too sure. haha

    • i was kinda hoping for a pia vs. lauren standoff .. oh well .. so much for talents right?

      • This is what i was hoping. They have incredible voices. Liked both of them from the beginning.

  185. I appreciate Haley’s courage in this competition.. But I didn’t understand the standing ‘O she got. Jorden Sparks did way better than Haley on ” I who have nothing”….

    • Personally.. I think the standing O, was the over the top attempt to save face of the judges, who clearly was overly harsh on the prior comments. It seems rather transparent.. A comment like JLO, “That’s why we are hard on you..” Please, harsh comments didn’t have anything to do with how she sang the second song. Overall I agree with you.. Standing O was rather odd

      • Actually, the standing O was hypocritical for two of judges & particularly for the one psasht!

      • If you notice on the rewatch, only JLo stood up at first, then Steven. Once those two were up, then Randy stood up.

        But I don’t think it matters much – the crowd was up on their feet long before any of the judges. 🙂

  186. James and Scotty doing country. I couldnt even hear James’s voice. I thought it was Scotty singing the whole time. It is because James’s voice has no personality. Its so hard to recognize that its him singing if youre not looking at the tv. That was a good elimination IMHO.

    • seems like u got something personal against James, if u gonna be a crtic, do it constructively

    • Because it isn’t James’ style.. but you could hear James.. clearly.. it’s distint when Scotty songs and when James sings

    • i wasnt a fan of james either really. i thought he had a great personality but i think he wow’d long ago an then stopped growing. his performances became predictable and with the judges praising him for subpar vocals masked my lots of flashy props and things like that he may have stopped trying to bring the vocals he used to bring.

  187. Scotty is the one should eliminated!!! not anyone else but him!!!! from the very beginning!!!

  188. I am really tired of saying a vote does not make you a star. Only 25% of voters should count toward the overall performers . It was Pia now it is James, these two should be in the top 3!! Haley? perhaps her little hometown vote until they fall asleep because she is not idol material in terms of real talent. James ur a millions of Americans idol. you overcame alot of obstacles. Your are the best!!! Cant wait to buy your CD. A title does not define u, U R James Durbin

  189. This went just how I voted. Sorry some are surprised, I was glad to see the voting machine work. One note…was that Steven Tyler’s daughter getting naked on the bed there (I know it wasn’t but come on Steven, a twenty year old??) That really creeped me out.

    • No it wasn’t his daughter Liv.. but the producer of the video, did one smart thing, there is no frame with the 60+ Tyler is with the 20 something, but it’s inferred.. Overall noticed that also tho..

      • I don’t want to see 2 60+ year olds anyway…sorry! I don’t really want to see a 20 year old’s either but if I had to pick between the two…lol

  190. The AI voting system has claimed another casualty: James & everyone is complaining about the system. I think it sucks, too. But rather than just complain, being a man who desires justice & a problem solver, I think I have found a solution & it’s really simple:
    Vote for whoever you want to see go home that week for any reason you choose & vote as many times as you want. (the Haley haters would really love this, wouldn’t they?)
    There are many plusses in this for everyone:
    First: AT&T will still make lots of money.
    2nd: AI will still have it’s vote tally to promote.
    3rd: It may be more accurate in reflecting that week’s opinions.
    4th: The judges would be more likely to give critics, good & bad.
    And lastly: It would eliminate the disasters like last night… James leaving instead of Scotty, Casey instead of Jacob & Pia instead of anyone else. It’s. too late for this season but might save the show next year.

    BRANDAN & MATT: What do you think? Can’t we agree SOMETHING should be done about this? You guys are in a position to promote this, right? If you like the concept then ‘make it so’.

    • No major voting changing for next year per the producers a couple of week ago. If the ratings drop enough next year then maybe.

      I think James and Scotty were fairly close in the voting this week and have easily been Scotty going home. The women and girls seems to want both girls to get the hometown visit, last week both fan bases were pushing very hard to get out the vote to the point of trash talk wars on many sites.

      • They aren’t interested in fairness, because people keep watching in big numbers. When ratings go down, votes go down, and they they either ditch the show or change.

    • Why does everyone want to blame Scotty for
      James leaving. Guess he will go home sooner or later,but cut some slack and next time put your fingers where your votes want to go and stop blaming others,for not voting the way you want. By hating Scotty,will make people vote for him to get even with all of you telling him where and when to go.All in good time, only two more shows.Come on and vote and be disappointed if you do not win.that is what the rest of us do.Big part of life,being dissapointed.But it does not leave any of handicapped to the point we can not move forward. All three (Kids) are good.

  191. This just goes to show that America doesn’t always pick the most talented. It wasn’t hard to see who had the most this season and they both got voted off early. The top 2 should have been Pia and James. I like Scotty and Lauren but really America this is a TALENT show not a personality show.Speaking of personality Haley doesn’t have the best one and she certainly does not have the most talent. so, goooooo Scotty and Lauren.

  192. If Haley is Eliminated, a “ALL COUNTRY GENRA” finale will happen.. isn’t that kinda boring?

  193. I was very pissed that James didn’t make it through lastnight. He had my vote all season long and certainly the most entertaining performances. Scotty (not even old enough to be called Scott) covers songs that lack originality and if he attempts to move around on stage while singing, he looks ridiculous (his prissy arm movements and creepy expressions). Based on talent, he should have gone home before James. I get annoyed with Lauren’s immaturity and her baby like cooing when she talks. This isn’t a high school talent show. Haley got the votes…SHOCK SHOCK…because she actually has gotten a whole mess of new fans over the last couple of weeks. Picking her apart won’t change that…that young woman can beautifully and her looks complete the package. Back off Haley Haters, the south is not gonna do it again! Haley for the win!!!

  194. One of the keys to becoming a star is in the studio.
    Haley is far better in the studio than live while Scotty is good live but not very good so far recording.
    Lauren is good in studio but flaws in her singing are clearly noticeable while are covered live by the music and backup singers I guess.

    To be blunt Haley is the only one I would let record of the top 4, maybe after the summer tour or even next year for the others.

  195. I Can’t Believe that my THREE Favorites From Day One are Still There!!!!! Lauren, Haley & Scotty r da main reason why i watched the show…And Pia too but she’s gone…Best Of Luck u Guys!!!!! I’m ur biggest Fan!!!! I’d Love 4 any of em 2 Win…Preferably a Girl due to the fact dat its been a Long time!!!! But Nah da One Best Dude (Who’s Never Pitchy) & Da Most Awesome Girls Who always kept me awake, throughout da show…I appreciate Every1 who’s voted thank u soso much!!!! America’z Got it Rite!!!!! Finally!!!! Love u All 4 Voting!!!! Mwah!!!!

  196. Whatever we all thought of the vote and elimination, I couldn’t help but remember the joy-filled, grateful exit of Casey! He knew how to go off in style. I appreciate that more and more.

  197. James was the best overall talent of the year. Pia should have been in the finale with James. It is too bad that someone with this much talent who was never in the bottom three has to go home on their first time there. The judges used their save too early this year on Casey. Now it is Lauren’s to loose. Haley should not go to the finale. Her voice is unique but she definitely is not the best overall talent. Remember to vote for the best talent not just for the genre they sing. James will go on and will have some great number one hits.

  198. There will always be disappointments in any of the various reality show competitions. I felt Pia had the purest voice, was very frustrated when she was booted before Jacob, Stefano, Paul and Casey…but it is a popularity contest where people are allowed multiple votes by phone/internet. When that is a factor, the real vote will be tilted. If people voted just one time only…you could have a more honest result. The problem with that for the various shows and certainly AI, it is more impressive for the producers of the show to say “With a nationwide vote of 70 million votes…” than to say “A nationwide vote of 19 Million votes cast….”. If 25-29 million viewers is an accurate number…what percent does actually vote only one time?
    An “All Country Finale” is not something that would surprise me. It is not my ideal finale…but when you look at demographics…and if you are being honest…the Country fan base is so very very loyal.
    Lest we forget…two words…Carrie Underwood.

  199. James being voted off is ridiculous. Just…wrong.

    There was not a single contestant in the Top 24 who would go from singing “Living For the City” to “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” to “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” to “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” (A freaking girl group song!) to “Uprising” to…”Love Potion #9.” Period. Stop. Now, I’ve liked both James and Scotty since the beginning, but Scotty couldn’t do the the variety of songs James did – and what’s more, he wouldn’t even try to. He only does country, remember?

    Or, to put it another way: Think of all the songs James has sung. Now, think of all the songs Scotty has sung.
    Now, imagine James singing the songs Scotty’s done. Not too difficult, right? I mean, he’s not a country guy, but he can sing country songs.

    Okay. NOW, imagine Scotty singing James’ songs. You can’t. What’s more, Scotty WOULD NOT EVEN ATTEMPT to sing the songs James does because they AREN’T COUNTRY.

    Don’t get me wrong; like I said, I like Scotty. But this is AMERICAN Idol, not SOUTHEASTERN US Idol. And James basically sang rings around Scotty, even when he was crying.

    This is exactly the way I felt in November 2004. I just want to go to bed and wake up tomorrow and this was just all some horrible nightmare.


    So very, very wrong.

  200. I cant believe James went home. Now thats some BS when it should have been Haley. I mean she was smiling the whole time while Lauren and Scotty looked sad. She doesnt deserve to win and even though im not country, I hope Scotty or Lauren win!!!!

  201. First thing… James deserved to go home. I have been a James fan this whole season, but he didn’t give the performances he needed to. I am a huge classic rock fan and have listened to the classic songs James has chosen throughout the season, literally hundreds of times (and I know he hasn’t done all classics). His version of don’t stop believing by journey did not do the song justice. I couldn’t believe, of all people, Randy praised James’ performance on that song. Steve Perry sang it sooo much cleaner and smoother. James tends to get a bit winey, and this song was no exception. James’ tone also just does not compare to the flawless tone of Steve Perry. His other performance was just ‘ok’ for me, and combined with the shaky performance last week he needed to go home. Oh and by the way his Muse rendition a few weeks back did not give them justice either for the same reasons. Ok, now on to Haley… Is constructive criticism a good thing? Yes it is. Do people have the right to defend themselves if the constructive criticism is not 100% correct and not all “constructive”? Absolutely without a doubt yes! Haley did nothing wrong, she was obviously very upset and almost in tears and just defended herself against Randy. Haley made that Michael Jackson song her own and, yes, she did get a little screamy, but it didn’t bother me and definitely should not have gotten that response from the judges(Mostly Randy). I said earlier, James didn’t do some songs justice, well I don’t think you can say the same for Haley because she made the song a “Haley” song and didn’t try to take it where the legendary Michael could take it. I think if she would have tried to do this then she would have flopped and would have not done the song justice. James, on the other hand tried to hang with Steve Perry and he just can’t do that quite yet, but has the potential to reach that level maybe some day. Haley’s reaction to the judges did NOT come from her being a “diva” or because she thinks her “S*** don’t stink”. The reaction came from emotions, she had just got done singing an emotional song and one near and dear to her heart and then the judges shot her down when it was undeserved. Good for her that she fought back and didn’t just ball up in a corner and take it. She made that song her own and the judges didn’t even recognize this at all. Just another mistake on the judges part, not a surprise at all. As for Scotty and Lauren, I think their first performances were awesome. Scotty’s second was good as well, but Laurens second i did not care for. The beginning was fine, but she lost me when the song went into hyper speed. I just didn’t like the arrangement of that song at all, which probably was not Lauren’s fault. I expect to see a Haley and Scotty finale, and I hope Haley wins it all. I already know Scotty is gonna get a huge Country record deal no matter where he places. I have just grown to really like Haley.

  202. I have never thought Haley is a good singer and do not understand the popualrity. She is a pretty girl but her personality is a little more on the nasty side not the nice side. Maybe that is the attraction along with her growling.I think the Idolhaters must be voting her through to show that American Idol is a joke, I don’t understand the voting. I have watched faithfully American Idol every season but afraid this will be my last if Hailey wins. I don’t believe she will sell records.

  203. I think it’s funny the only thing everyone has against Haley because she stood up to the unfair criticism If I was a judge Lauren would have been balling of the stage along time ago but the Judges can’t be mean to kids hence Scotty 17 and Lauren 16 but Haley has been taking their crap week after week and no one else has I will vote Haley all the way

  204. I think James lost due to arrogance! He would have done well to replay Adam Lambert’s exit. Now Adam was a class act! James didn’t know how to exit gracefully! He has always lacked humility! This flaw became more evident with each succeeding week. No one likes a braggart! Lady Gaga is a mess! She pushed the limit last night; her behavior and dress (or lack of it) bordered on pornography. I also whinced at Steven Tyler’s video. He’s 62 years old for goodness sakes! His video portrayed the longings of a “dirty old man!” Alas, Haley has been elegant and professional through the entire season; who ever says she can’t take criticism must be a relative of James! Week after week in the bottom three gave her a great strength that she displayed week after week! You go girl!

    • Yes. James DIDN’T know how to exit gracefully Carol, you’re absolutely correct.

      It’s called AUTISM. He doesn’t know how to do a lot of things gracefully.

      • James would have made a great American Idol, He suffers with disability’s has a lovey wife and child he is devoted to. Young Americans could look up to him.
        🙁 sorry to see you go!!

        I have read the comments and the majority liked James and thought Haley should of gone home. I am puzzled, if this is the way we think why is she there and James is gone???
        Sometimes I think AI is fixed,

        Did anyone else have a hard time getting thru on the phone lines last week? I couldn’t vote as much as I wanted too. If James is a result like Dougherty then more power to him!! Knock them out James, see you in stardom!!!!! I will go to your concert!! 🙂

      • are you trying to vote via telephone rather than internet? I had no problem voting on the AI website! rather easily actually. AI isn’t rigged…his fans just like the others didn’t vote enough. Everyone knows the deal with voting and act like it is a surprise every week. It is fair…the person with the least amount of votes leaves. Sorry your AI got booted. fans should’ve been more diligent in their voting efforts

      • I agree, it’s called autism…but he is capable of accepting what comes his way. If he can perform and reasong out these productions…he should be able to be gracious. James believed he was the winner already…possibly lead to believe that for so many reasons we ahve all stated…but I did not like his tone with America’s votes. Uncalled for.

    • i think she ment more that he wasnt very modest about his exit. he seemed shocked and then he gloated about himself.

      • wouldn’t you be if you never got bad comments from the Judges and week after week told you should win it all.
        Of course he was shocked. I felt so bad for him, if you understood what he has to go thru each day with teritz and autism you would not be judging him.

        GOOD LUCK JAMES 🙂 keep fighting for all American with disabilities!!!!!!

      • It seemed to me that he just really wanted it that bad. he didn’t want to just get a recording contract..he wanted to be the season 10 american idol. I respect his passion for that!

    • i loved james exit, i thought it was awesome how he threw his leather to the audience. a true rock n roller.

  205. Hailey’s attitude turns me against her….she is truly a Diva…..go Scotty and Lauren. Hope one of them wins…..but, not sure they will

    • sometimes u need to be a diva to get thru the stress of stardom 🙂 i think shes doing everything right so far

  206. James gone? I have no interest in the Finale. Sorry, America got this one wrong.
    I detest unfairness. Kris Allen over Adam Lambert? gosh, the voting system on AI is so flawed.

    • Really I agree there is something wrong with the voting!!!! Kris Allen who? we have heard about Adam Lambert all over the place. Again America voted for the non personality drab winner PLEASE don’t let it happen again!!

  207. I read it was said here yesterday that:
    “Or maybe something crazy will happen and James will leave. Nah. It’ll be Lauren or Haley.”

    and I agreed with you… and now I really am shocked that James went home… Gosh!

    AI voters, hat’s up with that?!?!?

  208. Well have you seen her facebook page,she has not even posted anything until March 23 (Haley).And only one post,if you look at all the others they posted quite a bit and James uploaded pics of his family to his.So what is her excuse for not talking to you,her fans? So it should be Scotty and Lauren in the finale.We have to vote like crazy for Scotty and Lauren,so someone with talent and a good personality actually wins American Idol.Why not call it Teen Idol,because the teens are voting more than they should be allowed to.

    • I agree the teens are voting but they are the ones who will be looking for a good role model and Lauren or Scotty both have it. Haley can’t talk with out using the “F” word that is bad, come on the world is watching and she has a gutter mouth!!!! We don’t need another Kris or Lee, yea Lee could sing but American Idol??? never saw him on anything again like the other contestants in the past! So Vote for the best all round person Scotty or Lauren. except next week vote for both to knock Haley out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Haley can’t talk with out using the “F” word

        …seriously? What show are you watching?

      • Yep, I think the producer should advice Haley to mind her language. Ryan once told her to guard her mouth.. hope she’s working on that

    • haley is actually doing a lot of talking on twitter to her fans and thanking them and talking to them.

    • Not everyone uses Facebook anymore. Check her twitter before you start making assumptions.

  209. I am shocked about last night!!! What the h*** happened. It should of been James, Scotty and Lauren in the bottom 3. The last two weeks all 3 had great comments on both songs. HELLO Haley only sang one song good, if you can even say that. I agree with everyone Haley has a terrible attitude. She is all about ME ME ME, Casey watch out you don’t want to be stuck with that b****! she will bring you down!!! I am so upset next week the Scotty and Lauren fans have to vote twice as much for both of them, to knock Haley out. I personally would not go see her in concert, just like I wouldn’t go see Jordon Sparks, what is wrong with these girls, loose a few pounds and think they are all that, come on!!!! I agree with who ever said she was trying to be a wanabe “Beyonce”!!!! It was bad. I have been a Lauren and Scotty fan since the beginning but I really thought James was going to win it. He never got bad comments from the judges, he would of made a really good American Idol. Look America do we really want our kids looking up to an American “Idol” with a ronchy mouth, come on. Haley should have gone home weeks ago, Casey should be where she is. If James was never in the bottom 3 why is he going home?????
    GOOD LUCK JAMES!!!!! You will be a huge success!!!!! you have a lovely voice, we will miss you on stage next week. So bummed out!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Good luck James.. I think the judges were so busy with pimping you and forgot to give you the feedback you needed! That’s why you had to leave before Haley!

  210. When a person being a lot hated, this is so strong that start campaign pro that person. It`s happening with Haley. All worlds who see this show vote her by to protest the partiality from the JLo and Rand. However, they are doing yours jobs. Who sells more cd`s? The lollypop rock pop gay (James Durbin), of course. He sing the more comprehensive rhythmic all world, he is a young boy, handsome, sing well and charismatic. The American teen ager will buy your cd in absolutely. All you played very bad. Spoke bad from Haley. She is an amazing singer, but your rhythm and vocal is not popular, she is a truly diva. Top four was amazing, but you did not must talk bad about Haley`s abilities vocals, it is not true. Was the shame, James out. Fault from yours who does not play.

    • Um what?
      James isn’t gay…do you watch the show at all? Did you not see his fiancee and son?

      • I’m sorry, I mean say guy. I still learn Inglish. I talk and think in portuguese.

  211. Just goes to show — You can’t predict what the public will do. I think that the girls got all of Jacob’s votes and people were mad that Haley was treated so badly so they poured their “rock” votes on her, thinking all the while that James was totally safe.

    One person who posted on here yesterday said that she/he always voted for the best overall performer of the night. I wish people could be that objective instead of just picking their favorite and slamming them with votes.

    The “general public” are not voice experts or in the music world. Therefore, it does kind of turn into just a popularity contest. I think the judges should still have part of the vote in the final weeks with maybe a different guest judge each week. Maybe that would bring some impartiality to the contest.

    I think Scotty has the best chance of winning, except for the fact that guys have won the last three years. “The public” may want a change.

    It is still a great year, in spite of the shocking outcome some weeks. Some wonderfully talented kids have gotten some good opportunities and have entertained us. I always hate to see it end and anticipate the next season!

  212. scotty’s voice is AWFUL!
    his voice was like cookie monster’s voice coming from an old well 50 feet below!

    I was expecting scotty to go home last night,

    • Awful it is not, even though I’m not into country, he does well like it or not. I wouldn’t mind singing like that if it would get me a fan base like his.
      It has to be OK for James, nothing he can do about it.
      When the program doesn’t go the way people want it to doesn’t mean the remaining performers aren’t good. Doesn’t mean the departing performer isn’t good either.
      It goes on, and so can they, with a jump start that most never get.
      Just gotta make the best of it.
      All I can say is the final three are pretty darn good. Can’t wait for the next show. Pick a new one to pull for if you have to. How can you hate any of them unless you’re just a bad loser. Heck, you didn’t even lose!

    • That’s right you have to make the best of every situation. Obviously you failed to hear the positive commenting that Sheryl Crow made for that young man. And I should say she should know what she’s talking about seeing how she has such a successful career herself. Not only her but Jimmy Lovine. Everybody just needs to quit being haters. And look at what kind of talent has come thru this season.

    • i wish i could bash the other three, i might feel better. lol. but i have grown to love all of them.
      but i still wanted james to win with everything in me.

      • That’s nice…I liked the final 4 as well…but I do want Scotty to win..he has been my favorite all season.

  213. I will NEVER NEVER watch american idol again! James did not deserve to go home! It just shows me that your votes dont matter. This show is fixed!!!!

    • I also think the show is fixed….they want scotty to be the next Justin Beiber ….

      • I am not sure they want him to win. I knod of thought they were pulling for James… Now, I think they want Lauren. We shall see.

    • Or perhaps everyone else’s fans voted harder? All 4 singers are talented. No one truly deserves to go home.

    • Hey Brandi, Haley is still on the show. You could watch her. Anyway thanks for tuning in this year. Byebye, see you next year.

    • I tried voting Wednesday and couldn’t get through and I tried on several different phones so I figured James was solid with votes. Yes, I had the right number and I have always voted for James and been able to get through.

    • I voted at least 50 times…no idea how many, but it was plenty (I’ll find out when the wireless bill comes, OUCH). All for James.

      Same as with anything else, no matter who I vote for, the right people never win. 🙁

    • u are absolutely right this show is definitely fixed!!James desrves to win the title w/all the performances he gaves and the vocal..its sooo obvious that this show is not worth watching when all the best ones gets eliminated? who will believe the show anymore?? you ae fooling people w/your fixed shows!!!!! we should all sto watching this show they invite well know judges for what??? they are all decorations,props to keep the show rating!!! sorry,but people are not stupid enough to believe such craps!!!! no more James no more watching idols for us!!!! American idol you sucks!!!!

    • i believe they set it up for haley to win. i think randys terrible lashes to haley was fake. i think him and jlo did it so that america would get outraged and vote for haley.

  214. I think the reason so many have a distaste about Haley is her acting like she wasnt humble ..every time some one got voted off ..she was always in the background smirking and smiling and unmoved..where as all the other contestants seemed visibly upset or sad for their fellow always seemed with Haley that she was trying to contain her laughter and smiles ..I think many people picked up on this ..therefore saw her as cold or arrogant ..she does sing well ..but she doesnt connect emotionally ..and that is always the mark of an amazing talent ..I loved James & Lauren more and I dont hate Haley ..but truly I believe thats the reason for the distaste for her .

    • Some people are more comfortable crying and being openly sad in public and on camera. And she’s obviously going to have mixed feelings about her own success and her friend’s departure.

      • C’mon people all those kids were laughing and smiling last night when James went. Not because they are emotionally flat or ” bad” people …it’s called happiness. They made it to top 3. I so sick of the same rhetoric about Haley.

    • Im just saying that people saw this ..and thats why they dont like Haley she doesnt emotionally connect with the audience ..she can sing awesome ..all she wants ..but if she doesnt emotionally connect to the public ..she wont go very far..Im just going on what Ive read from people who dont like her ..thats the common reasoning behind there dislike of her ..I also said I think she sings very well ..but she never once moved me ..or touched me with her performances ..for me she came off as stiff and trying to force emotion ..and I really loved her in the beginning too ..but I just cant help but enjoy and appreciate more the ones who move me emotionally when they sing ..even if their voice isnt 100% perfect every single time some of the worlds greatest Artists voices arent perfectly pure ..Neil Young..Bob Dylan ..but they sing from the heart ..This isnt rhetoric I am only stating an opinion..and I hope for the best for all of them !

    • I agree. Haley never looks sad for others’ loss. She has some weird smirk on her face that just turns me off. That and the awful growling that she does. I’m so sad to see James voted off. I voted as many times as I could, until the AI site couldn’t take any more hits.

      • I second this. I became to grow being Haley’s fan after her I Have Nothing song though, she nailed it… But – something in her personality turns me off. She is pretty much self-oriented and doesn;t care of others much, and I think many people pick this up.
        I was voting for Haley though on Wed., but it was SAD to watch james go. I totally adored him as a singer and a person, and though he was safe…

    • i noticed that too!! everytime someones get eliminated she seems very happy and squirking at her own!! shes a big jokes look at her face her teeth too big for her face!!! i hate the show for keeping her ,SHES A BIG JOKE!!

  215. Hey everyone, the way I see it, the biggest problem this year is the over-the-top talent we are seeing in all these final contestants! The best EVER in the 10 years I’ve watched. Amazing maturity shown by these 15, 16, 17 year old “kids”! If they can continue to hold on to that after AI, they will all do great. I think Haley appears to have the least family support and maybe that’s why she is such a fiesty little fighter. Maybe she’s had to stand up for herself? I am a big Casey fan and agree with a previous post that he went out with the MOST CLASS ever! James has been a special inspiration to all those with the difficulties he has had to overcome. Who knows if the vote is “fixed” or not but regardless, we have surely enjoyed watching the show this year!! Not at all interested nor planning on watching the Simon & Paula antics on the “British X F” show! I’ll just wait for AI next year!

    • I love the “conspiracy” notion of fixed votes. It’s called momentum and a lot of fans wait till close to the end to really start voting. Haley has become a fast mover whether anyone likes it or not.
      She has picked it up while the others have maintained. Lauren made a strong move to catch second gear but I think Haley has passed them while they were still looking in the mirror.
      No matter who wins it, it’s the best top 11 I think they’ve ever had.
      Now that James is out I wonder who Rando will pull for next?

    • Thank you for this comment. I appreciate your mature and objective perspective. Maturity is somewhat lacking in these comments.

    • Hey Sandi, thanks for your generous and thoughtful comments. Thanks for tuning in this year. If you change your mind, you can still watch Haley. Bye see you next year.

    • I don’t know, they may have talent, but the best ever? What about Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry. These last three don’t compare to the likes of them and others who have shined on American Idol over the years. Don’t buy into the softie judges’ hype. In my opinion, thisis not the best year ever!

  216. I honestly do not expect this result, I wanted a final Scotty and James. My favorite is Scotty, but ,will be a final girls, what a shame, I like listening to Scotty, not where they get that he’s boring to me seems to always bring something new, I think it tastes, I am latinamerica and I think his unique voice, I simpatisa James great work!! I hope to see Scotty in the final. And I think Haley is not a good singer, the drama around she is pu it in the Top 3.

      • he could win but do u think he will be famous as James???? even James didnt win the title hes now a star at his own..damn w/those tile its just a title it doesnt means you will be famous?? i think James will create a big name for him rather than the winners!!!!!

  217. You know I find it interesting that the two youngest contestants have never once showed their anger or argued back to the judges for their citics. They both accepted them and tried their best to apply what they were being told. However, when being criticed week after week like Hayley you see the anger manifesting up in her to the point this week she really showed it not only in her expressions but verbally arguing with the judges. It’s funny how the two youngest show much more repore and maturity, I commend them on that. Besides it should not take making someone angry thru criticism to make them do what should come so naturally. I hate that James left he was really good.

    • I find it interesting that taking criticism without responding is a quality in an individual. Maybe that is why people become subjects to rulers and just accept everything dished out to them because it comes from someone in “authority”. If that is the case we should have turned in the Tea Party culprits during the Revolutionary Days.

      These guys aren’t judges anymore. They can’t vote anyone off. So why is it that lame and I mean lame commentary by Rando, be taken lightly when you just sang you behind off?

      Brave girl in my opinion. She’s got gutts and can play on my team any day. At least she won’t cow and back down when the sh** hits the fan.

      • Well Put,
        Its nice reading open minded comments
        here instead of bitterness.I earned more respect for her for standing up.this was not a one time deal with Randy and Jen,
        and critical comments are helpful but
        not when you criticize only one person.
        “3 way tie for first” except Haley,
        what a joke. I feel bad for James,
        but don’t blame Hailey or conspiracy,
        instead blame soft judging.If they were tougher and honest,everybody would have stepped it up a bit.Jen looks silly now with her “james set the bar” comment.Randy saying James would be the winner,come on Judges!
        Tyler was a big softie but at least he was fair.All the picking on Haley ended up making her better,and guess what,she still does what she wants and
        is not judges putty.Thankfully,America saw this and voted with what they saw,not what Randy and Jen said.In my
        humble opinion,Lauren is in real trouble from softie judging.Fell in love with her and her voice from day 1
        but she hardly does any interesting songs and never takes any risks.Plus,she really fell apart las week in the bottom 2.If she gets voted off its going to be really messy.

      • Exactly the point I made on here yesterday… She has something to her… a backbone and strong personality. At least we know she won’t fall apart in the music industry the first time someone says something negative. Lauren can’t handle the bottom 2 without tears, what is she going to do when plastered all over a magazine with something nasty printed?

    • Ummmm….what show are you watching? When have these younger contestants received any harsh criticisms? Lauren was even praised one week when she hid a bad note because “at least she tried”. Give me a break.

      • yep, 100% correct. The worst was Paul butchering the Johnny Cash song.
        Who smiles during “Folsom Prison Blues”?
        I was ready to stop watching because
        of them praising a silly performance.
        But i will watch on because the talent
        level is one of the best ever.

    • The good side of Haley’s “attitude” is her anger made her to perform the best renditions in the season. Honestly Haley hasno attitude at all. She was just tired of to be singled out and being picked on constantly. GO Haley Girl,

      • Bottom line- I could not believe how disrespectful the judges were to Haley on Wednesday night i.e. “Three way tie comment- nobody deserved to hear that even if you think she is stuck up! I’m a professional singer and I would be extremely angry if I was in Haley’s shoes that night. I think she said something like “Ok- I got it!” as if to impl