American Idol 2011 Goes To Hollywood A Little Early This Week

Earlier in January, American Idol released its 2011 schedule showing auditions would run a full four (four!) weeks again this season. That would have wrapped up auditions this Thursday and then on to Hollywood next week. Not anymore.

Thankfully this Wednesday’s episode, the San Francisco visit, will be the last stop on the judges’ audition tour. Of course you’ll have to sit through 2-hours (yes, they’re back to 2-hours this Wednesday) of potentially painful Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars covers, but after that we’re finally going to Hollywood!

If you take a peek at’s TV schedule they show both nights of American Idol this week as Hollywood week episodes, but we know that isn’t accurate. Whether Thursday night’s episode is a honest to goodness Hollywood week episode is still unknown. Maybe we’ll end up with clip show transitioning us from auditions to eliminations. We’ll soon know, but as long as we don’t have to sit through another Los Angeles quality show then I’ll be happy.

Are you ready for Hollywood or not quite prepared to let go of the stadiums full of Idol hopefuls and screeching renditions that should have never been attempted?