American Idol 2011: JLo Asks Randy Who?

Jennifer Lopez - American IdolIt sounds like you can’t spell diva without J-L-O. The latest American Idol 2011 gossip has it that Jennifer Lopez is grating with Randy Jackson and not Ryan Seacrest as alleged over the past week of the final audition rounds.

PopEater reports that JLo keeps forgetting the name of that guy, you know, yeah him, Randy Jackson:

“It’s so embarrassing that Jennifer keeps goofing Randy’s name,” one TV insider tells me. “If it’s not about Jen then forget about it. Poor Randy has a hard enough time getting noticed sitting next to dominating Simon and eccentric Paula but at least they both knew who he was. Sitting next to Jennifer he might as well be invisible.”

“It was funny at first but now no one is laughing,” a source tells me. “But the best part about it is, JLo has made it clear everyone must remember to call her Jen.”

It’s hard to tell how much of these feuding reports are just PR generated stunts to draw attention to Lopez and American Idol overall as it approaches its January 2011 premiere. What do you think? Real drama or made for the news reel?