American Idol 2011 Premiere Episode Tonight On FOX

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Here. We. Go! Tonight at 8PM on FOX is the American Idol 2011 premiere episode that we’ve all been waiting eight months to see since last season’s finale.

Simon may be gone, but will he be missed? Of course! But we’re about to see if the new power duo of Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler can calm the nervous twitches of loyal viewers for whom American Idol is synonymous with Simon Cowell.

Randy and Ryan will ease the transition as we get our first glimpse of a judges panel featuring new faces and more importantly, new voices in front of that panel.

We’ll get a full two hours tonight of Idol hopefuls coming to New Jersey to do their best in hopes of earning a golden ticket to Hollywood. Just one night later on Thursday we’ll be treated to another two hours of American Idol when the judges head south for New Orleans so don’t wander too far away. We’ve got the full American Idol schedule for 2011 through early March to see what’s coming up.

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