American Idol 2011 Premiere Countdown

Hey all you American Idol fans!  Tomorrow is the premiere of the number one show on television and I’m actually looking forward to seeing all the changes we have in store for us.  After last season’s train wreck things can only get better especially with executive producer Nigel Lythgoe back on the scene.

Nigel produced the first seven seasons of Idol and made the show into the power house we all came to love.  Season 8 was probably the best but only because we had the talented Adam Lambert to cheer for.  Season 9 was the lowest rated ever and with concerts being canceled and album sales plummeting it was obvious someone was going to have to step in and completely do a makeover and that’s what Nigel has attempted with American Idol Season 10.

The first major change was to get rid of Ellen and Kara.  I had high hopes for Ellen last year but in all honesty she had NO business being a judge.  I wasn’t sure about the hiring of Jennifer Lopez at first because we’ve all heard about her diva attitude but the things I’ve been reading give me some hope.  She’s supposedly running things from the judges chair and giving some excellent feedback and criticism.  Steven Tyler is taking on the role of Paula from the reports I’ve seen and that has to be some great comedy for all us viewers at home.  I think with these two additions and everyone’s favorite “dawg” Randy Jackson, we have something to look forward to as far as the judges go.

The big question is who is going to be mean like Simon Cowell?  I hear it’s Universal Records chairman Jimmy Iovine who will mentor the kids each week and turn them into someone worthy of signing a label.  Nigel describes him as “the type of guy that can stand there, look you in the eyes when he’s heard your CD, and throw it in the bin and say, ‘Not good enough!'”  Sounds good to me, lol.  The kids need someone tough so bring it on Jimmy! 

The most important American Idol 2011 change in my opinion is the music.  They’re doing away with the karaoke nights of singing the oldies and letting the singers stick with their particular genre and work with mega star producers who will work with them to make their music radio worthy for today.  How’s that for “relevant”?  I can’t wait!

What are you most looking forward to this season?




  1. AI, has gotten my attention a long time ago! I am so happy, that tomorrow will be the big debut for season 10!

  2. Welcome back Ashli Rae. Nice column…..I totally agree with you. A change is coming and this time I think its for the better, especially the music part of it…..I am really geared up for the new season and hope for all our sakes its not disappointing.

    I really can't wait to get into Season 10, talk to you all on Thursday.

  3. I think it's going to be a awesome year for Idol!!! The changes sound great although with the kids being nervous and all I hope they can handle it all at once.

  4. I am looking forward to seeing how all the changes will affect the show. A little disappointed that the age requirement was lowered, which means more teeny-bopper votes to contend with. They never seem to judge on talent, only looks. Remember Tim Urban?

  5. Wow that means no more singers like Justin Bieber lol. No I think the age is not low enough. It should be 14 like it's going to be on other shows. After all it's fans like Justin Bieber's who are buying the cd's.

  6. Hey Phyllis! Thanks for the welcome back!

    I think we should give the new changes and judges a chance. I think Jimmy Lovine is really going to add something great and the music should be much better.

  7. Ashli Rae…..I am definitely looking forward to the changes and I really think that the music change and Jimmy Lovine as a mentor will definitely be a plus……May be some day they will even change the voting!!!!!

  8. I will surely miss Simon. He wasn't mean, just truthful. Jennifer Lopez is fine. I don't care for Randy or Stephen. Not sure I will watch the propgram much.

  9. I am looking forward to everything about AI. I think the addition of JLO is my favorite new change. I have always thought her to be the one "Star," that I have followed her career and thought how proud her parents must be. She is a role model that never lets you down.

    I will be voting each week. Can't wait!

  10. I watch it last year and it loss my interest I'm watching it again these year and I'm hoping it better I've watch it since it first started hope it keps my interest this time. will miss simon like him a lot because he was honest. but will see how the new AI goes.

  11. I am looking forward to American idol. But I hope it will not disappoint me too much with all the changes. Of course, I've always dislike Simon Cowell and his dogmatic attitudes that often wish I could just grab through the TV and punch his lights out. Anyway, I hope with the fresh new looks, faces, and songs. I will cheer for Idol again. I just wish it was not on at the some time as Live to Dance. Why do you people do that? Geez!!! I guess I will just have to flip before and forth. And see which one will keep my interests. By the way, I hope you all will ditch all the stupid bleeper of singers. It is getting rather tiresome. A few is fine but not most of the show. I rather see more results of who the winners are for this season.

  12. My favorite judge right now is Wild Man Steven Tyler because you never know what is coming out of his mouth lol but you can look at him and see the wheels turning in his mind right before he says something funny. Love him!

  13. Let the talent flow….and the judges judge. Each judge will have something to contribute, thats why they where asked to be on the show. I am glad that they are not doing oldies or the contestant doing their favorite songs.Talent is what each contestant has to perform…THEIR TALENT

  14. Honestly, please NO JUstin Bieber types kids or I'm gone after 10 years. That being said, please have the one and only Adam Lambert back at some point Please!!! Yours rating will go sky high then. I want you to succeed , believe me My friends and family know how I love this show!!!

  15. I'm so looking for to this season because of Steven Tyler.I haven't watch much of the show the past 3 years, but you can bet your last dollar I'll be watching every episode. I love his honesty and 'just go with life flow'. He is perfect for this job with all his experience.

  16. I don't want the contestants to only sing new songs, I like the cover song aspect. It helps us, non professional public to know how the contestants are doing. I like the judges, can't wait!!

  17. I can't wait to see if Steven Tyler tells everyone that he is from Yonkers, NY, and not Boston, Mass

  18. Wow!!! J.Lo is NO diva, but she should be. Just a very hard working woman, and great wife and mother!! We are so excited to have her. The best in the lot, with arrogant male judges, Steven Tyler looks like a cross-dresser, the rest take a back seat to down-to-earth J. Lo.


  19. Well, I am very pleasantly surprised how much I am enjoying the new judges. They are really fun and so consider to the singers that are not that good but give them "E" for effort.

    I love the new show and will definately be watching.

  20. Love the new judges, do not miss SIMON's

    sarcasism and insults at all. I'll be watching every night. Thanks

  21. The judges were good…The show was great…very entertaining. Steven Tyler is great. I was suprised and impressed. The young man that spent a long time in a wheel chair as a child (Robbie) has talent. 🙂

  22. Tyler was Hilarious with the 16 yr.old girl from N.Car., the 1 that me impressed singing waitress. Simon,Ellen won't be missed.

  23. All I can say is "YAHOO". I was very impressed with the new judges, I liked the way they opened the show, I didn't think about Simon once last night. Steven T, Jennifer L. and Randy did a very nice job. I don't get carried away by these auditions because to me 90% of the time you really never get to see the really, really good singers until you get to the elimination rounds but I was very impressed and thoroughly enjoyed the new judges last night. The only criticism I had and it was really an observation is that Randy was pretty quiet compared to Steven & J.Lo but you knew he was there. I just loved it!!!!!!

    • I agree Phyllis, I was waiting for Randy's voice to show up! It did a little, but not enough, he could have been biding his time!

      • I disagree Randy is well Randy and I think he is great! He isn't loud or need a lot of attention like the other two. But he knows great talent thats what I love about him. I thought Steven was so funny and I didn't know Jennifer was so nice. Great combination!!!!!

      • I did not mention, whether he was or was not great! He just seemed to be more subdued, than what I remember about him in the past!!

      • Randy more subdued-you know you posted it lol. Randy has always been quiet and thats what I like about him. He knows talent. They are all doing a great job.

      • Yeah, I know I posted that word, if you do not know the meaning look it up! It has more than one meaning LOL!

        And as far as Randy being quiet, what show are you watching? Last season, Randy was far from quiet, during auditions and the live show!! Not only did he have a voice, he laughed at several contestants while they were singing! Quiet, yeah right, give me a break!

      • I don't count laughing sorry.

        I have been watching the show since 2005 and Randy has always been quiet unlike Paula, Simon, Ellen, Kara, Steven, & Jennifer.

        Since you don't get my point I'll spell it out for ya I don't agree with you.

      • Yes, Angela and Jean — you're both right about Randy. He is one cool dawg and comes out of his shell from time to time. I remember how he and Simon used to argue over many of the contestants at the beginning about 7 or 8 years ago, but I believe the producers told them to knock it off after a few times of that. Problem I saw was mostly Simon at the time. And everyone know how Simon is sometimes and always.

      • Reply to Matthew D.

        I agree. And I didn't know about the producers telling them to knock it off. Thanks

    • Yeah, again, what's your point? So you do not agree with me, did I ever say you had to agree with me? You are the one who keep trying to be convincing!!!

      You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine, and if you do not like my opinion(s), or what I have to say, so what!!!! Hope I spelled that out enough for ya!!!!

    • Thank you Matthew, that was all I attempted to say, Randy's voice has shown up from time to time!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  24. I love the judges!!! but I have to see if anyone else noticed something really funny on the first episode… Steven was saying to Randy that he was being mean, he said no wonder they call you dog… then he started barking and sounded just the lion in The Wizard of Oz when the lion was trying to be brave!!! did anyone else notice that???

  25. So your point is what? What are you disagreeing about? Was there any mention about him not being Randy?

    • You are right…Randy is Randy…although, this year I do not think a "Yo, Dwag" has come out of his mouth once. To me, Randy keeps it real and I believe that this year, being the only remaining judge, it is as if he is trying to find his way…really like Steven T and Jennifer…they make a great addition. I for one will continue to watch and enjoy being entertained. 🙂

  26. Yes, Rose A., your right about that one. But give him time and he will be back to his "Yo Dawg". It is only the beginning of a new season and he seems to be feeling his way around being the top dawg on the judge's panel. He still one cool dude and know how to spot a great talent. I have hope that this season is going to be more diverse then ever with some of the underdogs that seems to be overlooked at times.

    • Right…and I thought too, that Randy may be giving Steven and Jennifer the spotlight and let them be showcased while he takes somewhat of a back seat…Like I said…Randy is Randy. I like him. I really think the mix of judges works well. I am also looking forward to seeing and hearing some diverse talent. Still way too early to tell….and for some reason I tend to embrace the "underdog"…always have…just me. 🙂

    • Like I said earlier, Randy may be biding his time! But as for the contestants, what would be helpful are all the judges remarks!!!

      • Yes, I agree too that Randy is bidding some time to feel his way with the other judges and his contestants. I do recall in the past that Randy get on a personal level whenever he start to use words like 'hey dawg' and so on when he likes their music and arrangement. I can't wait to see these judges on the more personal level with these contestants when the group is down to the top 12 or 10. That is when I will be excited and start to predict who are going and staying. For the past, three or so years I seems to have picked out who were going to get the top 5. It almost scary for me sometimes.

  27. I’m looking forward to the auditions, i really enjoy seeing people sing an seeing people sing that think they are good AN really they aren’t so good TO EVERYONE else only to themself’s in there room ALL ALONE at home.. “lol” i sooooooo love american idol i can hardly wait each year for the seanson to start. i love all the american idol staff/judges. i really love and enjoy the judges they are awesome “high five” to them, to everyone of them.. <3 stephanie c 🙂 peace*love*happines to the world 🙂

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