American Idol 2011: **Spoilers** Contestants With A Golden Ticket

Hey there everyone!  We are two months from the debut of our new 2011 judges panel for the new season of American Idol.  As always rumored Hollywood-bound contestants names are being leaked on the web and thanks to Joe’s Place we now have a few of these names for American Idol 2011 complete with Facebook, MySpace and some YouTube videos. 

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Rumored American Idol 2011 Golden Ticket holders:

Ace Gilliam

Ashthon Ahmirr’ Jones

(Jonathan) Blake White

Brandon Parsons

  • He won the AI Experience in Disney, FL

Caleb Hawley

Chelsea Sorrell

Ciara Farrow

Christina Morelli

Danielle Pease

Danny Pate 

Eryn Kelly

Heather Todd

(Miss) Jackie Wilson

Jalen Harris

Jessa Yantz

Joe Lemieux

Kate Anderson

Kayleigh Goldsworthy

Megan Pflueger

Nicole Pennington

Raion Ramsey

Rebecca Rose Ryder

Rebecca Rosiere

Sarina Joi Crowe

Scott Grimes

Symphony Howlett

I’ll continue to update this list until we have the unofficial Top 20 contestants so keep checking back.