American Idol 2011 Premiere This Week

Ready or not, here comes the American Idol 2011 premiere this Wednesday, January 19th at 8PM on FOX. New judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler will join returning judge Randy Jackson and host Ryan Seacrest when they set out across the country in search of the season 10 American Idol!

This first week will present back to back nights of American Idol auditions starting on Wednesday with New York and New Jersey auditions while Thursday will take us to New Orleans. Undoubtedly the first three weeks of audition episodes will be filled with those oh-so-awful hopefuls, but we’ll also start seeing those singers who snag golden tickets. If you’re in the mood for some Idol spoilers then be sure to take a peak at the list of rumors on who made it to Hollywood.

With so many changes in store we’re expecting this season to feel like a whole new Idol experience and hopefully it’ll be a good one! What are you most looking forward to with the premiere of American Idol 2011 this week?




  1. Can’t wait to see this season of American Idol with the new judges. I know it’s going to rock!

  2. I agree, Angela. Looking forward to a GREAT new season. And, as always, so appreciative to Matt for keeping us informed on all the latest. Thank you. 🙂

  3. @Rose & Angela…..I agree with both of you. This Season has been so anticipated that I hope all this hype really pays off. I am going into this season very optimistic. Lets get the show on the road…….

    *Matt….Thank you so much for all the updates during the off season…..Its been fun conversing with all my Idol friends….

  4. I am going through withdrawals from not watching American Idol. Before I could always count on watching the reruns but they haven't had those on for a while. I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE AMERICAN IDOL AGAIN YEAH!!!

  5. I've watched AI from day one…. thinking this year will be a flop/// hated when Paula left now with Simon gone …. I can't see it surviving! I hope I am wrong! Wed & Thurs will determine whether or not I will continue watching it ever again!

  6. I am addicted to American Idol…gotta have my AI fix. I'm anxious to see JoLo, Steve and Randy and mustn't forget Ryan. They are going to be great!

  7. @Patty…ah…another positive thinker. It will be a great new season…So looking forward to it.

    @Phyllis…Yes, the little one and "Grammie" dance and sing and act silly around the house all the time… 🙂

  8. Can't wait to see the NEW American Idol. Rumor has it that they have some really good talent.


  9. It will be strange to watch idol without Simon, but I luv Tyler so it should be interesting. Can't wait.

  10. @Phyllis, here's hoping the hype will pay off!!

    @Rose, the potty dance was my favorite with my two daughters, and I tell them to wait until they're moms! Wait one minute, then I will be a grandma!! LOL!!

  11. American Idol will be GREAT. Like the saying goes…don't judge a book by it's cover.

    This is my tenth year also and it will be wonderful to see it be the best.

    The talent and judges have a job to do and I am betting on them to be GREAT.

  12. Hello everyone specially blackgirl,Phyllis G. (Las Vegas), Matt and Ashley. New season new expectations. Hopefully we will all have lots of fun and HEALTHY comments haha

    Good luck to all the contestants and lets bet who will be the favorite :))))

    See you around all

  13. @ Angela…Ha Ha Ha…too funny. Now…back to AI…I did read where Jimmy Lovine, Universal Records chairman, is joining "Idol" as an in-house mentor to whip the Season 10 kids into label-signing shape. He has been described by Nigel as a "music czar". This should prove to be very interesting. Makes me think that AI will really be focusing on not only "marketable " talent but quality talent. It's all good. Looking forward to a great season. Have a good one. 🙂

  14. @Marta…….so nice to see you back on the site. We are all anticipating a great season. Should be fun discussing the pros and cons of the new Season and judges…..

    @Blackgirl…..Ditto….great to see you back too.

    @Patty, Rose Angela, Sherry K, etc, etc, etc…..We are all Idol Addicts and we love it…

    Because of the three hours difference here, I will talk to you all on Thursday. You all know me motor mouth I always have something to say..LOLLOLLOL….

  15. I hear you Phyllis…I am the one (mea culpa) that jumped the gun last year not taking into account the time difference. Talk to you on Thursday !!!!! 🙂

  16. @Rose…You are so sweet. Nobody ruined anything for me because I don't go on the site until the next morning and I don't allow anyone in the house to go on the computer and tell me anything…..They are gearing up for Idol Season already…..No computers on result nights….LOL

    I love going on site the next day and reading all the comments…..I totally enjoy it…and then I put my 2 cents in….:-)

  17. @Phyllis and Rose, unfortunately I will not be able to watch the elimination round, so I will be looking forward to reading all of the comments! I know there will be many different opinions, but that's what makes this site very interesting and enjoyable to read!

  18. So good to see familar names on this site again and some new names. I feel this is one of the better sites in that I do not find a lot of negative comments. As a retired therapist I go by the old adage of "being able to agree to disagree" . Looking forward to some interesting and upbeat dicussions. 🙂

  19. Here's where American Idol will "Draw the line" with Steve Tyler "Back in the Saddle". Long time Aerosmith fan (since the 70's). Good luck Steve. Can't wait to watch.

  20. "Uncle Salty" and his "Toys in the Attic" will bring American Idol great ratings to keep the train rolling all night long. You go Steve. Your the best at what you do.

  21. I have been a loyal fan since the start of this show.This years start was dreadful. Why let several awful singers in a row through?

    The show is doomed. No good comments and all the judges are doing is sucking up.

    Yipes Fox. I loved that show and now won't tune in.:( looking for something else to do-watching paint dry would be more entertaining.Woe is me.

  22. i luv the new judges lol( i know thats not spelled right?!) but i love how ther are excepting people from the real world not just the face's from the world of what they are made up to be hope it all works out for the best being judged from the best of all times for true!!!

  23. It seems to me that once again the opening few shows (this is based on the opening show) chose to only show black contestants briefly and usually just the bad ones!! The few they showed that are going to Hollywood were shown very briefly and with very little air time of them singing or glimpse of their personality. Hmmm? Is this a formula or coincidence? Seems to happen alot guys!!

  24. This panel won me over! Richard Tyler took me by complete surprise, and I now adore him. His comments were charming, accurate, and the right amount restrained. He teased pretty young girl contestants, while also employing fatherly boundaries. Lopez was sweeter than I had expected, and she definitely has a problem saying "NO". But Jackson doesn't, as he brings loser auditions to a halt.

    There's only one thing wrong. I sense trouble within the panel. It seemed as if Jennifer and Steven have no connection. I think Jennifer is accustomed to claiming the #1 spot. But for me, Steven Tyler, as an IDOL judge, is more intriguing. All in all, I think it's a winner panel, but I need to see them interconnect.

    Another good change this season is not having the sight-seeing tours. The show seems to be focused on drawing emotional TV viewers. And the surrounding scenery just doesn't bring me to tears.

    Beryl Shaw –

  25. Jennifer Lopez really did so much better than any of the other women judges. It was a pleasure to see a lady who could speak and had poise.

  26. I think this season is going to be great!Can't wait to see Steven and Jennifer.Randy you still are the dog!

  27. Lovr American idol, but think one way to make it better in the beginning is after all contestants are in hollywood, american idol should have voting on 3 spots to fill by the public, not the judges. In the past seasons, some og the best performers or future stars were not passed on, as others were that never should have been there. If there are 30 spots for example, let judges fill 27 and vote in from public 3 stars, see if the people are right in the end over the judges!

    Love Paris already, great story and can really sing, she gets my vote.


  29. Long term fan of A.I. I've watched both nights this past week and love, love, love Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez on the panel. Impressed with character they have added. Will continue to watch. Thanks A.I. for the hard work you put in finding the two brilliant new judges!

  30. I used to watch your show every wk. But nolonger. your new judge Steven Tylor has been makeing very unrespectful sexual comeets to several of the young ladies auditioning on the show. This is NOT what i want to see. They are there to sing NOT for him to remark on their bodies like he has been. You need to put a stop to this now. My childern will not be allowed viewing the show till you do.

  31. After watching tonights show I have a new found LOVE for Steven Tyler.I always liked him and his band but I never really thought about him as a person,tonight when he bent down and kissed the young girl in the wheelchair,and told her her boyfriend sang so well because he was singing his songs for her,my heart melted,what a wonderfull thing to say.Steven you now have a new admirer.I love this season,they are great together..Simon Who????

    • Martha, I agree. The story touched my heart but when Steven kneeled down and said that…he also touched my heart. That personal side of him, to me, came so naturally. Chris Medina, the contestant really does have some talent. Steven T. is the Man… 🙂

  32. Jennifer and Steven are great additions. Steven is such a respectful guy even to some pretty unreasonable people, the professional I expected. I'd only heard about Jennifer from tabloid garbage and didn't expect her to be such a sweetheart. What an outstanding choice she is, much like Paula. The Milwaukee show was very good.

  33. I have watched AI since it began, love the show. The addition of Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez was a stroke of GENIUS. I thought I would miss Simon but…Not so much!!!!

  34. Hi American Idol
    I liveing in very far from you and i watch your Program too hard.i very love you but now watch your season 10.thanks for your best program.

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