American Idol 2011: Thoughts As Hollywood Week Begins

There are no changes to the format as Hollywood Hell Week begins on American Idol 2011.  We still have the same gushing Seacrest saying something about epic journeys and dreams tested.  I think they use the same blurbs each year so he doesn’t have to repeat them over and over.  One thing was different, though: the number of hopefuls doubled.  I’m sure that has something to do with Lopez not being able to say no.  Even last night she was seen saying, “I hate this!”  It was Randy who delivered the “talent is better than ever” line and Steven hoping they did their homework.  I’m not sure what kind of homework needed to be done, but OK, Steven, I hope they did it just for you.

The contestants come in ten at a time as in years past. They get one chance to sing for the judges who then immediately let them know if they’re through or not.  We get a repeat of the same sad stories we heard during the auditions and watch as some jump for joy and others leave in tears. 

Brett Lowenstern sings first and sounds off to the kids who used to bully him.  Dude, I hope those years of therapy paid off for you because you have a great voice.  He sails through to the next round.  James Durbin was a shoe-in for the next round. Even though Paris made it, I didn’t think she was all that good.  Chris Medina, another favorite of mine with the only back story this season I actually cared about, was sent through as well. 

Day Two brought us the two couples we saw during the audition round.  Rob and Chelsee who are broken up are rooming with the cheesy couple who are so in love.  They get through but when Nick and Jacqueline sing, it’s clear she has the better voice and Nick is sent home.  He begs for another chance and sings on his way out with Randy yelling no the whole time.  Get a grip, give her a kiss and get out. 

I’m not a fan of people singing the same songs they did for their auditions.  The judges may not remember, but us folks at home sure do and we need to see what else you can do, so hopefully for the next round we get that.  Oh right, the dreaded group auditions are coming right up.  This should bring a lot of drama to the idol stage.  Looking forward to next week!

Who stood out to you last night?