American Idol 2011: Top 10 Worst moments

Yesterday I gave you my “American Idol” 2011 Top 10 Moments, which featured some of the best performances and most shocking moments. And our readers requested I compiled my Top 10 Worst Moments list. So here it is. Warning: this is a “Worst” list so don’t be surprised if you’re offended in any way (and I won’t argue with you in the comments).

10. Karen Rodriguez sings “I Could Fall in Love.” Karen was obsessed with Selena and unfortunately for her, it got her cut from the show pretty early. She just couldn’t quite get in the zone.

9. Casey Abrams sings “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Casey screamed and acted angry during most of his performances, but this one was the worst. He had some great moments, but this was not one of them.

8. Jacob Lusk sings “No Air.” Not only was this a terrible performance, it was terrible timing. If Jacob wanted to break into the Top 3, this was not the song to sing. I mean who sings a duet alone on “American Idol” anyway? Bad idea.

7. Clint Jun Gamboa’s attitude. There’s a reason why such a great singer couldn’t break the Top 12. Hopefully he realizes why. And I don’t want to hear an “it was editing” defenses. When he wasn’t being mean to contestants, he was being cocky and arrogant.Voters couldn’t forget him kicking out sweet young singer Jacee Badeaux.

6. Julie Zorilla sings “Break Away.” Julie seemed like she’d end up being a front runner, but I think this bad performance sealed her fate, knocking her out just shy of making the Top 12.

5. The eliminations of  pre-Top 13 contenders Jacee Badaeux, Colton Dixon, Brett Lowerenstern and Robbie Rosen. This season could have been a whole lot different with these great singers. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to get in on the judges’ and producer’s pimp-fest in time. At least Jacee and Colton get another shot next season. Brett and Robbie, sadly, were wasted on the Top 24.

4. Randy Jackson. From his obvious insecurities with the new judges to his CONSTANT name drops to his uneven critiques to his obsession with getting Haley Reinhart off the show, Randy was a complete tool this season. He’s so annoying, he warrants that run-on sentence. Why is he the only original judge remaining?

3. Naima Adedapo sings “What’s Love Got To Do With It.” Naima was a good performer but not the best singer. She really showed that with this performance. I can’t believe she wasn’t immediately eliminated after it. From my original review: “She got off to a bad start then stayed flat during most of the song. I don’t even know what key she was trying to sing in.”

2. Jordan Dorsey sings “OMG.” That was the worst performance of the entire season. Bad vocals, bad dancing, bad, bad, bad. On top of that, Jordan had a seemingly bad attitude. He caught a lot of flack for his very diva manners during Hollywood week. Attitude matters when America votes. Future Idols, remember that.

1. The results shows. From group numbers to countless minutes of filler, they seemed to be more painful this season than ever. They really need to cut the results shows down to 30 minutes.There were a few decent results shows. But ONLY a FEW. By far, it was the worst part of the season.