American Idol 2011 Top 3 Perform Tonight

Tonight’s Top 3 performances on American Idol 2011 stands likely to be a pretty great show. After endless weeks of forcing square pegs through round holes the remaining singers will be taking on hand picked songs from the judges, Jimmy Iovine, and their own tastes. It’s hard to imagine this not being better than what we’ve been watching. What? You liked Young Blood and Love Potion No. 9?

So far we know one of the three songs each of the performers will do based on the judges’ assignments. Lauren will cover “I Hope You Dance.” Haley has “You Oughta Know.” Scotty takes on “She Believes In Me.” I’m looking forward to how they clean up Haley’s assignment considering it gets a little racy in parts. Last year Crystal Bowersox performed the song with Alanis Morissette which included such rewrites as “would she go down with you to the theatre?” Oh would she? To catch a matinée? Discount prices? What a bad girl! As long as it ends with the judges telling Haley the song choice wasn’t right then our night will be complete.

Now for the other two songs we don’t know anything for sure yet, but Branden put together an excellent list for this week’s “sing this, not that” with 2 songs for each.

Scotty’s own pick could be “Your Man” if he’s not saving his babylockthemdoors for the finale. Lauren could always go back to the treasure chest of her Miley mixtape if she wants to dig real deep shallow. And for Haley, I’m going to use up all three of my wishes and ask for another round of “Earth Song” dedicated especially to Randy and JLo. If she does that I might finally root for her and her balls of steel.

What do you want to her your favorite sing tonight on American Idol?

Update: Haley’s parents have spilled the beans. According to the parental units, Haley will also be singing “Rhiannon” from Fleetwood Mac and “What Should Never Be” by Led Zeppelin. Thanks for readers Ronhep and Jo for sharing the tip.

Update 2: FOX has expanded tonight’s show to 2 hours according to its main site. If you go to its Press site it still says 90 mins. So I’m guessing we are indeed going to get 20 minutes of singing and 100 minutes of filler and commercials. Awesome-O.